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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Discipleship1, 738:which he gives to the members of his group or Ashram is rightly warranted and whether, as a result,Discipleship1, 738:is that the Master has to protect the larger Ashram as a whole from the reaction of those who areDiscipleship1, 739:intentions - and endeavor to resign from the Ashram or group. This they can only do exoterically,Discipleship1, 739:from some unit in its midst. The members of an Ashram and accepted disciples are always engaged inDiscipleship1, 740:be a disciple does not mean that all within the Ashram are upon the same rung of the ladder ofDiscipleship1, 740:of the ladder of evolution. It is not so. An Ashram is composed of all degrees, ranging from thatDiscipleship1, 742:must exist a correlation between the chela, the Ashram in which he is working and the Master. ThisDiscipleship1, 742:(such as the Master at the center of any Ashram) to distant places, to many planes and into manyDiscipleship1, 743:thus: [743] The Master * The Soul * * The Ashram * The Disciple An extension of this idea liesDiscipleship1, 744:of his contribution to the Master's work and the Ashram life. He is engrossed in the task and theDiscipleship1, 745:intrude his personal crises into the life of the Ashram. It implies also a chela of such devotionDiscipleship1, 745:and essential basic selflessness that the Ashram needs no protection from his vibratory activity:Discipleship1, 746:the chela on the thread and the Master and his Ashram, interpreted by the ecclesiasticalDiscipleship1, 746:upon the periphery and finally within the Ashram. It does not come about as the result of anyDiscipleship1, 747:of the Master when a disciple first enters his Ashram is to make him think along the lines ofDiscipleship1, 747:has what I might call "the full freedom of the Ashram." The Ashram, you must remember, isDiscipleship1, 747:might call "the full freedom of the Ashram." The Ashram, you must remember, is externalized only inDiscipleship1, 747:provides a point of spiritual tension. From that Ashram, disciples go out to work in the world. TheDiscipleship1, 747:group, working in the world, or the exoteric Ashram, is externalized by reflecting the radiance ofDiscipleship1, 747:by reflecting the radiance of the inner Ashram and by establishing a magnetic field of spiritualDiscipleship1, 747:is done just in so far as the members of the Ashram who are found on its outer periphery relateDiscipleship1, 747:outer periphery relate themselves to the inner Ashram and therefore react to the note and qualityDiscipleship1, 747:the inner group, gathered around the Master. An Ashram is not a group of people seeking spiritualDiscipleship1, 748:living, thus leading to a consequent fusion. An Ashram or Master's group is, therefore, a center ofDiscipleship1, 748:- carried forward at any personal cost. Then the Ashram can be a center of unique world potency.Discipleship1, 749:to become an integrated and useful unit in the Ashram to where he is a trusted agent. HisDiscipleship1, 750:the process of absorbing a new disciple into an Ashram; he has to be taught to advance graduallyDiscipleship1, 750:the part of the Master in order to see that the Ashram is preserved from all disruptive activity.Discipleship1, 751:to the vibration, the note or the quality of an Ashram, according to his ray type. The periphery ofDiscipleship1, 751:also aware of another point of light within the Ashram, largely because of - the effort they haveDiscipleship1, 751:realizes increasingly the nature and note of his Ashram and advances from the periphery into theDiscipleship1, 751:consequently, a more valuable asset in the Ashram and is entrusted with specific duties and tasksDiscipleship1, 752:call; he has become aware of the quality of the Ashram which is evoked by the Master. Now he isDiscipleship1, 752:place to be found at the very heart of the Ashram and becomes a chela within the aura. Discipleship1, 753:to those emanating from some particular Ashram. These, when they have evoked a response and drawnDiscipleship1, 753:periphery of the sphere of activity of such an Ashram, gradually intensify their magnetic,Discipleship1, 753:life of the Master at the very heart of the Ashram. It is at this point that the disciple awakensDiscipleship1, 754:the quality and the radiation, emanating from an Ashram, he moves forward into that sphere ofDiscipleship1, 754:a significant contribution to the life of the Ashram. Each disciple who penetrates into the aura ofDiscipleship1, 754:he is thus affiliated. As time elapses, the Ashram of a Master becomes increasingly potent,Discipleship1, 754:that the Hierarchy itself is only a great Ashram with a triangle at the center, composed of theDiscipleship1, 754:there is a complete blending and fusing. Every Ashram radiates some one major quality according toDiscipleship1, 754:second divine aspect, just as the all-inclusive Ashram (to which we give the name Shamballa) hasDiscipleship1, 755:aura (which determines the aura of the entire Ashram) has three outstanding radiations as far asDiscipleship1, 755:the aura of the Master and the aura of the Ashram is that the Master's aura is dynamic and theDiscipleship1, 755:powerful, radiations of the inner members of the Ashram are the [756] factors which put the MasterDiscipleship1, 756:the [756] factors which put the Master and the Ashram in contact with that which is occultly spokenDiscipleship1, 757:- not in this instance [757] the aura of the Ashram but of that which makes the ashramic auraDiscipleship1, 757:then he himself becomes a Master. In every Ashram, there is always at a given moment some oneDiscipleship1, 757:a moving forward of every member in the entire Ashram becomes possible, e'en though it seldomDiscipleship1, 757:expanding impulse which widens the circle of the Ashram so that higher levels can be touched andDiscipleship1, 757:some urgent need confer with the Master in the Ashram. One thing only can I tell you. The MasterDiscipleship1, 758:- among other things - conveyed a picture of an Ashram as technically constituted and of theDiscipleship1, 758:close; then the nine, who completed the inner Ashram. Next came the seventy who were symbolic ofDiscipleship1, 758:Next came the seventy who were symbolic of the Ashram as a whole and, finally, the five hundred whoDiscipleship1, 758:Path of Accepted Discipleship. In the greatest Ashram of all, Sanat Kumara has the same sequence ofDiscipleship1, 758:and not factual. The number of disciples in an Ashram varies constantly, but always there are theDiscipleship1, 758:only upon the inner planes of life and in the Ashram proper, [759] but also with his physicalDiscipleship1, 760:oriented to the soul, and, consequently, to the Ashram and to be oriented at the same time toDiscipleship1, 762:occult training and when the disciple is in the Ashram itself, the centers are viewed as simplyDiscipleship1, 762:expressed thus: The Hierarchy. The Master. The Ashram. The soul of the disciple. Humanity. TheDiscipleship1, 767:just as the Master is the central point in an ashram. The Master is the heart of his group and theDiscipleship1, 769:By the response of the disciples in his group or Ashram, the Master gauges the place and status ofDiscipleship1, 770:of status, of any responsibility in an Ashram and of their individual importance. PsychicsDiscipleship1, 770:training, and with their status in a Master's Ashram and his interest in them. If they would forgetDiscipleship1, 781:as a Master, to the members of a group within my Ashram. This group has preserved my anonymity forDiscipleship1, 781:me will be over, she can resume her work in the Ashram of her own Master - the work of hisDiscipleship2involved the entry of those qualifying into his Ashram there to stay as they hastened theirDiscipleship2, XII:goal is not to help the student to get into an ashram or to contact a Master. The purpose of theDiscipleship2, 6:What, therefore, is the group will in any ashram or Master's group? Is it present in any form vitalDiscipleship2, 8:which make up the personality aspect of the Ashram. This is a factor which can only become potentDiscipleship2, 11:Earlier, I explained that a neophyte in an ashram is under the guidance of a more advanced chelaDiscipleship2, 12:[12] in ashramic work. We both belong to the Ashram of the Master K.H. I should like to add aDiscipleship2, 17:transpire upon the inner planes in the inner Ashram about which nothing can be said and which willDiscipleship2, 21:also trying the experiment of externalizing the Ashram. This is an effort which, if successful,Discipleship2, 23:of inner happenings in your own souls, in the Ashram and in the Hierarchy itself. My task is to aidDiscipleship2, 23:of the facts as they are in your life, in the Ashram life and in the Hierarchy. Your task is toDiscipleship2, 28:is now focused and working in connection with my Ashram, upon the mental plane. C.D.P. is now inDiscipleship2, 30:impression, as a result of sensitivity. The Ashram group - through service, as a result ofDiscipleship2, 32:out of the group, and therefore out of my Ashram. The constant condition of irritation in which heDiscipleship2, 33:sharing. The latter has moved on into the Ashram of his Master, the Master Morya. He is nowDiscipleship2, 33:preserving inviolate her affiliation with my Ashram but working in a group composed of disciplesDiscipleship2, 34:sense of relationship which characterizes an Ashram. A Master's Ashram has people working both onDiscipleship2, 34:which characterizes an Ashram. A Master's Ashram has people working both on the outer and on theDiscipleship2, 35:in the group (which is a definite part of my Ashram) entirely out of the question. You have - manyDiscipleship2, 35:individuals in the group to him, to the inner Ashram and to each other. He looks for the constancyDiscipleship2, 36:do? You can, for one thing, begin to work as an Ashram works, using the power of thought,Discipleship2, 36:waited in vain. I told you elsewhere that "an Ashram is an emanating source of hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 36:steady vibratory activity of the members of the Ashram who are not in physical incarnation and [37]Discipleship2, 37:thinking and convinced awareness of the entire Ashram." I have thus explained the need because youDiscipleship2, 37:and a greatly lessened preoccupation with the Ashram, its Master, its personnel and its life? IfDiscipleship2, 39:temporarily suspended from active work in my Ashram. See that it happens not to you. May I remindDiscipleship2, 40:mind. Instruction given by me to you in my inner Ashram, at which time you are also subjected toDiscipleship2, 40:of the Ashrams, will be given to you when the Ashram of which you are a part is more real to youDiscipleship2, 41:you much in this instruction. I seek to make my Ashram useful at this time of crisis. We have had aDiscipleship2, 43:the demands of the Master and the program of the Ashram with which the disciple is affiliated areDiscipleship2, 44:to be done in response to the demands of the Ashram is secondary to your daily life pattern, to theDiscipleship2, 44:this is your experience, a closer relation to my Ashram will not be possible because the heavy andDiscipleship2, 44:effort on the part of the other disciples in the Ashram (and particularly in the inner Ashram) inDiscipleship2, 44:in the Ashram (and particularly in the inner Ashram) in order to offset it. I am putting this to
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