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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Discipleship2, 46:fleetingly at times - the close link with the Ashram; your attitude is largely one of hope, coupledDiscipleship2, 47:in hierarchical work and the program of the Ashram with which you are [48] connected is adequatelyDiscipleship2, 60:it is also dependent upon the members of the Ashram moving forward according to their degree, andDiscipleship2, 61:are concerned. Can the senior members in any Ashram relieve to some extent the pressures upon theDiscipleship2, 65:engrosses their attention, but the life of the Ashram with which they are affiliated and the Way ofDiscipleship2, 69:need to become so sensitive to the quality of my Ashram, and so preoccupied with the opportunity toDiscipleship2, 69:set up between the disciple and the life of the Ashram of which he is intended to form a part. HaveDiscipleship2, 74:the teaching angle - but from the angle of the Ashram with which you are affiliated. I would likeDiscipleship2, 74:and has nothing to contribute to the life of the Ashram. But - in the turning of the wheel of lifeDiscipleship2, 74:opportunity. Equally so, the Master of an Ashram does not know what "disciples on the periphery" ofDiscipleship2, 74:not know what "disciples on the periphery" of an Ashram will do, because their training and testingDiscipleship2, 76:full agreement. A.A.B. has also to conclude the Ashram papers (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.Discipleship2, 76:- each and all of you - on the periphery of my Ashram. Nothing can alter this. Some of you warrantDiscipleship2, 77:and lead you into a closer with the Ashram. You have the instructions, covering manyDiscipleship2, 77:well. I have told you that in the light of the Ashram there is naught concealed. These instructionsDiscipleship2, 78:these papers, not as an affiliated member of my Ashram, but only as an intelligent, trainedDiscipleship2, 78:will demonstrate to your co-disciples in my Ashram or on its periphery the fact of thatDiscipleship2, 78:the personality, the soul, and the Master of the Ashram, are in contact. The supreme Master, theDiscipleship2, 79:all disciples and all of you in training for my Ashram; and what I have here suggested might wellDiscipleship2, 79:a group with closely interrelated links with the Ashram, with me and with each other. The situationDiscipleship2, 79:who belong to other Ashrams than the second ray Ashram of K.H. or my own. I have given to them theDiscipleship2, 79:received from their own Masters and - because my Ashram is a second ray Ashram - they have had anDiscipleship2, 79:Masters and - because my Ashram is a second ray Ashram - they have had an imperative stimulus givenDiscipleship2, 80:of your life pattern. As members of an Ashram, you are part and parcel of the present crisis withinDiscipleship2, 80:and eventually more consciously, in the Ashram of your own Master and less actively in mine; youDiscipleship2, 80:is now to function as senior disciple in my Ashram, because A.A.B. is no longer available in thatDiscipleship2, 80:1932; she resumed her own activities in the Ashram of the Master K.H. over three [81] years ago.Discipleship2, 81:Group and those affiliated with them and with my Ashram have been no exception. This new year holdsDiscipleship2, 82:and sincerity. The call is going out from every Ashram to all workers to close their ranks and toDiscipleship2, 82:I am impressing the minds of those members of my Ashram of whom you have never heard with theseDiscipleship2, 83:inspiration of the energy coming from the Ashram of the Master K.H. in which A.A.B. is a worker andDiscipleship2, 85:so that the relation of the group to the Ashram is still preserved and externalization later canDiscipleship2, 87:and provable natural kingdom; the rules of the Ashram and the dual life of the disciple areDiscipleship2, 89:does not call for your attention. You are in my Ashram. The Arcane School is not a project of myDiscipleship2, 89:Ashram. The Arcane School is not a project of my Ashram and is, therefore, no responsibility ofDiscipleship2, 90:members who have been affiliated with my Ashram, only sixteen remain, and of these only eight areDiscipleship2, 90:1. A Master, in choosing the personnel of his Ashram, is himself governed by certain unavoidableDiscipleship2, 90:and consciousness to reach the periphery of the Ashram; sometimes the spiritual forcing processDiscipleship2, 91:to be found in them, the affiliation with my Ashram still persists, even though in so few cases canDiscipleship2, 91:as it is called. 2. Affiliation with an Ashram subjects the aspirant to intensified stimulation; inDiscipleship2, 91:of that which could not be taken closer into the Ashram itself. The undesirable qualities had to beDiscipleship2, 93:to follow these three disciples into the Ashram. They are: B.S.W., who was temporarily sidetrackedDiscipleship2, 93:to a definitely more positive penetrating in the Ashram when they pass through the gates of death.Discipleship2, 94:within my aura or within the aura of the greater Ashram of the Master K.H., and will, I amDiscipleship2, 94:you also that there are many members of my Ashram of whom you know nothing and who came into myDiscipleship2, 94:of whom you know nothing and who came into my Ashram without the help of A.A.B. You are not theDiscipleship2, 94:meet with them within the ring-pass-not of my Ashram. You will know also and discover the reasonsDiscipleship2, 94:the teaching upon the externalization of the Ashram of Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy. Discipleship2, 96:also find yourselves in closer rapport with the Ashram, its program and potency, and you mayDiscipleship2, 96:increase your usefulness to humanity, to the Ashram, and to me. The Science of ImpressionDiscipleship2, 96:particular group of disciples in relation to my Ashram and in relation to world service. I wouldDiscipleship2, 97:and then write down: Any definitions of an Ashram you may find. There are many. A short, tabulatedDiscipleship2, 97:statement as to the unique work which every Ashram carries on in the outer world through itsDiscipleship2, 97:what other members of the group may think. In an Ashram, my brothers, a man is known as he is forDiscipleship2, 97:the members of this group (affiliated with my Ashram) should prepare themselves. [98] Discipleship2, 99:part in my plans and in the task assigned to my Ashram are you prepared to take? This questionDiscipleship2, 100:mind as your contribution to the activity of my Ashram? If so, what is it and how do you propose toDiscipleship2, 100:make it effective? What is the main task of the Ashram at this time? Do you know the type ofDiscipleship2, 100:to react to impression from me and from the Ashram. I would have you answer it, to the best of yourDiscipleship2, 100:on, my disciples, into a closer relation to the Ashram of which I am the focal point; aim at aDiscipleship2, 101:into that service which will (within the Ashram) enable K.H. to do more deeply spiritual work inDiscipleship2, 101:psychology which is the major task in each Ashram and particularly in the second ray Ashram. IDiscipleship2, 101:each Ashram and particularly in the second ray Ashram. I would like to say at this point to all ofDiscipleship2, 102:of these four people will be working in my Ashram and for this I would have you prepare. RememberDiscipleship2, 103:like to arrest any tendency to consider one Ashram as superior to another. The forty-nine AshramsDiscipleship2, 103:the hierarchical placement of aspirants in an Ashram. This will perhaps be a new thought to you andDiscipleship2, 103:She has always been aware that each central Ashram has associated with it six other Ashrams whichDiscipleship2, 104:You need to bear in mind that a Master of an Ashram may, for instance, attract to him other MastersDiscipleship2, 104:Own. I have five Masters working with me in my Ashram. It would be of value to you if youDiscipleship2, 104:you if you considered the factors which hold an Ashram together and which establish its unity. TheDiscipleship2, 104:The most important capacity of a Master of an Ashram is that he has earned the right to communicateDiscipleship2, 104:He is not called Master by the initiates in his Ashram; he is regarded as the Custodian of theDiscipleship2, 104:which gives the keynote to the activities of any Ashram at any particular time, during anyDiscipleship2, 104:subjective relationship, and each member of the Ashram is occupied with making his fullest possibleDiscipleship2, 104:personality vehicles are ever left outside the Ashram - speaking symbolically. This means that theDiscipleship2, 105:cyclic technique binds all members of the Ashram into one synthetic whole; there is therefore noDiscipleship2, 105:can penetrate in the periphery or the aura of an Ashram. The planning and the assignment of tasksDiscipleship2, 105:by the Custodian of the Plan. The Master of an Ashram does not say: "Do this" or "Do that."Discipleship2, 105:energy. Note my wording here. The members of an Ashram, however, do not sit down for a jointDiscipleship2, 106:in working is the complete freedom of the Ashram from any spirit of criticism. There is no tendencyDiscipleship2, 106:necessarily clear vision among the members of an Ashram; they know each other's capacities andDiscipleship2, 106:among the many possible: The members of an Ashram are all in the process of demonstrating love andDiscipleship2, 106:for it is a major unifying factor, and the inner Ashram with which you are affiliated stands to youDiscipleship2, 107:qualities meet and combine. When you speak of an Ashram being a first or a second ray Ashram - toDiscipleship2, 107:speak of an Ashram being a first or a second ray Ashram - to mention only two out of the seven - itDiscipleship2, 107:to be forgotten. It is wise to realize that an Ashram is composed of disciples and initiates of allDiscipleship2, 107:interplay of diverse elements that enriches an Ashram and tends inevitably to successful service inDiscipleship2, 109:demonstrate their ability to work within an Ashram. Disciples - in the earlier stages - are apt toDiscipleship2, 110:planning, adjusting and aligning that my Ashram should take and of your part in it, as anDiscipleship2, 110:human need; they do not even penetrate into the Ashram. I would ask you to remember this, and withDiscipleship2, 110:it must and does in the Hierarchy; look upon the Ashram to which you are affiliated as a miniatureDiscipleship2, 132:through the soul [132] with the Master and his Ashram. I therefore assigned an alignment exerciseDiscipleship2, 132:energy between the members of this group in my Ashram, via the seven centers. The groupDiscipleship2, 132:soul, and later with the Hierarchy - via my Ashram. To do this work correctly, we will start withDiscipleship2, 133:of the Forces of Light, originating in the Ashram and emanating thence; you stand as yet upon theDiscipleship2, 133:you stand as yet upon the periphery of the Ashram but can avail yourselves of these energies. TheDiscipleship2, 133:yourselves of these energies. The force of the Ashram must be "routed" through the soul (if such aDiscipleship2, 133:and learn to know it as the triplicity of the Ashram, the soul and the disciple himself, with theDiscipleship2, 133:service, and therefore in his effect within the Ashram. [134] Let me now, brother of mine, outlineDiscipleship2, 134:familiar with what the Hierarchy (of which my Ashram is a part) seeks to accomplish, and there is
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