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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Discipleship2, 606:to whether you should at this time move into his Ashram or whether you should still stay within myDiscipleship2, 606:or whether you should still stay within my Ashram which - in the last analysis - is a part of his.Discipleship2, 606:approval of your own soul) that the work in my Ashram calls for your cooperation and help,Discipleship2, 606:A.A.B. is now working at her own post within the Ashram of K.H. This decision was reached forDiscipleship2, 606:the heightened vibration which distinguishes the Ashram of a Chohan from that of a Master. It wouldDiscipleship2, 607:If you were now transferred into the Ashram of K.H., it would necessitate too much expenditure ofDiscipleship2, 607:Second: This particular group of disciples in my Ashram, with which you are and will be affiliated,Discipleship2, 608:If you were to [608] move into the more advanced Ashram you might find that you could not do this,Discipleship2, 609:There are many Ashrams upon the various rays. My Ashram, being a second ray Ashram, is naturallyDiscipleship2, 609:the various rays. My Ashram, being a second ray Ashram, is naturally closely related to that ofDiscipleship2, 609:K.H., which is the central or the most important Ashram upon the second ray line of energy as itDiscipleship2, 609:I, as a Master upon the second ray, have an Ashram which is a branch, an affiliate, an outgrowth orDiscipleship2, 609:an outgrowth or a specialized part of the Ashram of K.H. It is because of this that the services ofDiscipleship2, 609:last year, you were told to move forward in my Ashram. The meaning is that in the greatDiscipleship2, 609:ray) there arises a point where the circle of an Ashram overlaps or interpenetrates the circle ofDiscipleship2, 609:or interpenetrates the circle of another Ashram, and at their point of contact and of overlappingDiscipleship2, 609:like the diagram (page 610), as regards my Ashram and that of K.H. At this Middle Point there is aDiscipleship2, 611:of A.A.B.'s recall for more definite work in his Ashram, that you would continue to work in myDiscipleship2, 611:Ashram, that you would continue to work in my Ashram for the remainder of this life. A.A.B. hadDiscipleship2, 611:had temporarily given up some of her work in the Ashram of K.H. in order to be of assistance to meDiscipleship2, 611:be sensitive to impression from me and from my Ashram with which you are now affiliated, but youDiscipleship2, 611:would also be sensitive to impressions from the Ashram of K.H., via A.A.B. It was also indicated toDiscipleship2, 613:as far as you could see it, in the work of my Ashram. There have been failures, and of these I haveDiscipleship2, 613:to step into the ring-pass-not of the Ashram of the Chohan K.H. No one can do this for you. In yourDiscipleship2, 613:you. Why, my brother? Because, as a member of my Ashram and as one who is approaching the moreDiscipleship2, 613:and as one who is approaching the more important Ashram of K.H., you can and do, by the fact ofDiscipleship2, 615:because of your relation in the past to the Ashram of K.H. and to the work which it had beenDiscipleship2, 615:point. A.A.B. has a definite position in K.H.'s Ashram and would normally be the one to act inDiscipleship2, 615:"Tell R.S.U. to move to the periphery of your Ashram, away from the midway point, and there learnDiscipleship2, 616:1948 MY BROTHER: You are no longer in my Ashram. I wonder if you have realized this fact? LikeDiscipleship2, 616:this fact? Like A.A.B. you are back in the Ashram of K.H., understudying - to some extent - A.A.B.Discipleship2, 617:unconsciously to themselves - associated with my Ashram. The members of one's family upon theDiscipleship2, 618:fuller service both in this world and in the Ashram of K.H. I indicate to you no meditation work.Discipleship2, 618:moved temporarily to the outer periphery of the Ashram awaiting another life. This, my brother, isDiscipleship2, 627:stands. The light that streams from out my Ashram is a part of the Lighted Way and on that threadDiscipleship2, 628:spiritual links with your own soul, with the Ashram and with me, your Master and your constantDiscipleship2, 630:but also spiritual prevision. Your work in my Ashram must some day be more definitely an aspect ofDiscipleship2, 631:no exception) are pledged to the work of their Ashram, and this you have always known. E'en thoughDiscipleship2, 631:the assistance of this entire group within my Ashram. I also need their individual cooperation andDiscipleship2, 631:last instruction I gave you that the work of the Ashram is ever the prime obligation of theDiscipleship2, 631:status of the disciple and his place within the Ashram. I have given you (in various groupDiscipleship2, 632:which concern a disciple's position within the Ashram, and this from the angle of his ashramic dutyDiscipleship2, 632:factors as regards his position in the Ashram. Let me enumerate them, leaving you to place yourselfDiscipleship2, 632:the symbol. The neophyte, just admitted into the Ashram, becomes (as the Book of Instructions forDiscipleship2, 632:right eye he sees a shaded way into the central Ashram; from point to point, from light to dark andDiscipleship2, 633:dual life to [633] which his admission to the Ashram has committed him - the life of ashramicDiscipleship2, 633:from the stimulating effect of the aura of the Ashram. Discipleship2, 633:and capacities have permitted him to enter the Ashram with the full consent of its membership. HeDiscipleship2, 633:was met: "Go out the door and leave the Ashram as it was and as you are; seek for another entrance;Discipleship2, 633:art of moving back." In the blazing light of the Ashram the disciple realizes that he has not yetDiscipleship2, 634:darkness and of pain; then he can return to the Ashram for strength to continue his work outside.Discipleship2, 634:work outside. What lies outside the door of the Ashram, symbolically speaking, becomes to him ofDiscipleship2, 634:the disciple when he enters the door of the Ashram, discovers he is no longer standing upon theDiscipleship2, 634:but have no effect on anyone outside the Ashram. These you must discover for yourself. There areDiscipleship2, 634:pass before you have the complete freedom of the Ashram. You have already learnt to pass seven ofDiscipleship2, 635:works is a present possibility. But within the Ashram, protecting the seclusion of the Master, isDiscipleship2, 636:but the disciple - if true to his soul and the Ashram - serves his fellowmen as an esotericist asDiscipleship2, 636:which must be implemented by the members of my Ashram; it is work which you can undertake. It isDiscipleship2, 636:with your consciousness held steady within the Ashram and your personality activity adhering to theDiscipleship2, 637:of your life - that is, from the angle of the Ashram. There is a peculiar difficulty connected withDiscipleship2, 638:uses all that he has in the service of the Ashram, and that for the remainder of his life. I amDiscipleship2, 639:work: Orient yourself dynamically towards the Ashram and towards me, your Master, and ponder for aDiscipleship2, 639:(for there are several) which emanate from the Ashram, under my direction, and reflect upon yourDiscipleship2, 639:that which has the power to penetrate into the Ashram. Say the New Invocation, sounding the OMDiscipleship2, 649:of the heart of love, streaming from out the Ashram of D.K. enfolding all and thee. Discipleship2, 649:as a shield around you, and the strength of my Ashram has been at your disposal. People often failDiscipleship2, 651:left for the true disciple but the work of the Ashram, which is the work of the Hierarchy, which isDiscipleship2, 652:spiritual opportunity and your relation to my Ashram. Disciples need to regard the Ashram moreDiscipleship2, 652:to my Ashram. Disciples need to regard the Ashram more definitely as a place of spiritualDiscipleship2, 652:that if their consciousness can escape into the Ashram, they are in a place of complete securityDiscipleship2, 652:of essential unity, marks all dwellers in an Ashram. Herein lies your safety in the vicissitudes ofDiscipleship2, 652:definitely to the place of a disciple within an Ashram of one of the Masters, and in particular toDiscipleship2, 652:and in particular to your place within my Ashram. This place is a reality and not a dream or aDiscipleship2, 653:conscious. Avoid vagueness as you think of the Ashram with which you are affiliated. Oft I warn andDiscipleship2, 653:contacts, and thus avoid concentration upon the Ashram and upon me, the Master of the Ashram.Discipleship2, 653:upon the Ashram and upon me, the Master of the Ashram. Knowing your circumstances and seeing intoDiscipleship2, 653:injunction in your case and urge you to make the Ashram a reality in your life and to count withDiscipleship2, 653:humility will permit this and protect me and the Ashram from any undue pressure on your part, evenDiscipleship2, 653:I suggest that you think, first of all, of the Ashram, my Ashram, as a great center of energy withDiscipleship2, 653:that you think, first of all, of the Ashram, my Ashram, as a great center of energy with which youDiscipleship2, 653:are privileged to establish contact. See the Ashram as a sphere of radiant, magnetic light; thenDiscipleship2, 653:and receiving light, via the Christ and via the Ashram of which I was at one time a part - theDiscipleship2, 653:Ashram of which I was at one time a part - the Ashram of the Master K.H. See yourself also as aDiscipleship2, 653:some of this energy, reaching you via the Ashram of the Master M., to the light and power of myDiscipleship2, 653:of the Master M., to the light and power of my Ashram. Having thus served and been served, andDiscipleship2, 654:world and the inner sacred place you call my Ashram. Within the garden take your stand. There rest.Discipleship2, 655:have brought joy to my heart and strength to the Ashram. I would have you know this. You haveDiscipleship2, 656:entered "into the brightness" of the inner Ashram. Discipleship2, 662:of the Plan. The link is close between the Ashram of K.H. and mine. The lines of interplay mustDiscipleship2, 662:has now gone forth from your soul and from my Ashram to develop and evolve your own definitelyDiscipleship2, 664:members of this particular group of chelas in my Ashram (as their teaching is carried forward afterDiscipleship2, 664:through pure love, impersonally applied, that an Ashram is assembled. It is a technique which youDiscipleship2, 664:gained a little knowledge as to the intent of my Ashram, as far as you are concerned. You haveDiscipleship2, 665:not imposed upon you by me or by the will of the Ashram or by any other factor save your soul. TheDiscipleship2, 665:service. Search for those who are not yet in my Ashram, who are still probationers, and lead themDiscipleship2, 665:stand by A.A.B. The reason for this is that my Ashram is an affiliate of the Ashram of K.H. I wouldDiscipleship2, 665:this is that my Ashram is an affiliate of the Ashram of K.H. I would ask you to study what I say toDiscipleship2, 667:therefore, why I have asked this group within my Ashram to study the antahkarana instructions asDiscipleship2, 667:instructions and learn to come and go between my Ashram and that of K.H., for in the one yourDiscipleship2, 670:There are those in this group and in my Ashram who are ahead of you, if such inexact terms can be
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