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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Discipleship2, 671:what you yourself desire. Relation to the inner Ashram. The friendship of the Christ. The way ofDiscipleship2, 671:to the consciousness of the Hierarchy. The "Ashram of Loving Intent." An outgoing consciousness,Discipleship2, 673:rest of the group members are linked with the Ashram, and therefore with myself, and because timeDiscipleship2, 675:from a sustained peaceful position within the Ashram. In what I am here saying, I am consideringDiscipleship2, 676:short period) participants in the work of my Ashram. Please note that I do not use the phraseDiscipleship2, 676:them are still just as spiritually motivated. An Ashram exists for work and not primarily forDiscipleship2, 676:is necessarily given, but the prime object of an Ashram is to accomplish a particular phase ofDiscipleship2, 676:of the Hierarchy is an integrated whole; each Ashram within the Hierarchy is dedicated to thatDiscipleship2, 677:though still disciples on the periphery of my Ashram. If I now address to you certain comments uponDiscipleship2, 679:seriously hinder your work for me, and in the Ashram, and for humanity. You are again intenselyDiscipleship2, 679:relatively free from personality reactions. Each Ashram has its part to play in materializing theDiscipleship2, 680:of world goodwill) with the Hierarchy (via my Ashram and the Ashrams of the Masters M., K.H., andDiscipleship2, 680:are not in your place and doing your work in my Ashram as had been your soul's decision. ThisDiscipleship2, 681:Work closely with your co-disciples and with the Ashram members. They all love you and want yourDiscipleship2, 691:Reaction to new Impression. 3rd month... The Ashram. The center of radiating Love. 4th month...Discipleship2, 692:I ask you to go forth upon the work of the Ashram. Discipleship2, 693:to a disciple when he enters the periphery of an Ashram lays an emphatic emphasis upon the need ofDiscipleship2, 693:have mastered much of it, prior to entering the Ashram. When he does this, the inference is thatDiscipleship2, 693:can successfully create under direction of the Ashram. When the Law of Abstraction is wieldedDiscipleship2, 693:is wielded consciously by you from within the Ashram, you will discover that it has (as it mightDiscipleship2, 694:upon the disciple as he draws closer to the Ashram to which he is assigned; it may and will leadDiscipleship2, 695:a clearer and closer relation to me and to my Ashram. You must, however, bear in mind that everyDiscipleship2, 696:in your endeavor to work, in the Tibetan's Ashram and remain steadfast and sure." A.A.B. knew whatDiscipleship2, 696:it and count upon their registration in the Ashram you so much love. In your hours of loneliness,Discipleship2, 697:definite process of linking with me and with my Ashram. Here are the seed thoughts: LookingDiscipleship2, 697:lead to much expansive thinking. You are in my Ashram and for ever have naught to fear. Discipleship2, 700:to see you enter within the inner place of the Ashram, yet you persist in remaining on theDiscipleship2, 701:you are still hovering on the periphery of my Ashram; you are still linked to your group brothersDiscipleship2, 702:that your soul can remove you out of my Ashram into that of the Master K.H. Such is my task withDiscipleship2, 702:you and they do not essentially belong in my Ashram but stay and work there until the spiritualDiscipleship2, 702:necessity of linking up with your soul, with the Ashram and with me three times a day. I would askDiscipleship2, 703:D.E.I. To D. E. I. August 1942 As a chela in my Ashram you move through life with all the powerDiscipleship2, 703:for some phase of the work initiated in my Ashram or by my co-disciple, A.A.B. She is not a memberDiscipleship2, 703:my co-disciple, A.A.B. She is not a member of my Ashram. You have my understanding and herDiscipleship2, 705:of view; analyze also from the angle of the Ashram, and not from the angle of the executive or theDiscipleship2, 706:life with all the power which comes from out my Ashram." This has to do with the handling of energyDiscipleship2, 706:Study the task of living ever consciously in the Ashram and working from that point of power andDiscipleship2, 708:disciple, with the power of your Master's Ashram behind you and the love of your co-disciples withDiscipleship2, 708:again I repeat, on the strength coming from my Ashram you can count, but it reaches you throughDiscipleship2, 710:task by his Master, and working from within the Ashram (as you do), must work not only from a senseDiscipleship2, 710:so well balanced that your capacity to serve the Ashram and humanity is very great, provided thatDiscipleship2, 711:serve; always you will have the freedom of the Ashram, and always you will have access to me,Discipleship2, 712:of view and not from yours. The way into the Ashram stands ever open to you and [713] I am everDiscipleship2, 713:ever before. You have been connected with my Ashram for some time now and have been readmitted intoDiscipleship2, 713:You stand, however, with your brothers in the Ashram, and are therefore not alone. What [714] liesDiscipleship2, 716:4th month - With my brothers I dwell within the Ashram. I issue forth and carry out the Plan asDiscipleship2, 718:Each of you who have been admitted in the Ashram has already established a measure of definiteDiscipleship2, 718:contact. The way into the inner circle of the Ashram is through a still closer rapport with theDiscipleship2, 720:wise for you to penetrate any further into the Ashram than the point where now you find yourself.Discipleship2, 720:yours if your mind can be better regulated. An Ashram is a place of quietly confident, regulatedDiscipleship2, 721:fellowmen. Forget not that at the center of the Ashram I can be found at all times, but only whenDiscipleship2, 722:proven yourself so to be; you are a member of my Ashram, but your mental fluidity has militatedDiscipleship2, 722:your passing into any closer relation within the Ashram. You still remain upon the periphery,Discipleship2, 722:which becomes magnetic and responsive to the Ashram, and occultly speaking, "the sensitive receiverDiscipleship2, 723:sleep, align yourself with your soul, with the Ashram and with me, and say very quietly and with noDiscipleship2, 724:gather those I seek to serve, my brothers in the Ashram, souls that demand my help, e'en though IDiscipleship2, 725:you know well and which the disciples in my Ashram are pledged to materialize. It is their groupDiscipleship2, 725:(as far as they can realize it) they are in my Ashram; they have willingly responded to my plannedDiscipleship2, 726:tendency? Because you need the protection of the Ashram and you need - from the center ofDiscipleship2, 726:disciples than yourself. You are in my Ashram also from old and because you earned theDiscipleship2, 726:have done in this incarnation. Therefore, the Ashram protects you, and your brothers stand aroundDiscipleship2, 726:and continue to exact the protecting care of the Ashram for a longer period. Let me first highlightDiscipleship2, 727:from the group, and the door of the inner Ashram closed upon you. That was very good for you andDiscipleship2, 727:yourself with care. Then the door of the Ashram reopened and you were readmitted to the group life.Discipleship2, 727:all seemed well, but the dual stimulation of the Ashram and the active work in my group proved tooDiscipleship2, 727:by me, and to which your group brothers and my Ashram are pledged, played no part in your planning.Discipleship2, 729:you more closely integrated into the group in my Ashram of which you are a part. Have no doubts andDiscipleship2, 729:no doubts and questionings. You are a part of my Ashram, and that brings the needed protection, asDiscipleship2, 729:be known by him and to be a part of his group or Ashram. You longed for the status, technicallyDiscipleship2, 730:an integral part of a group, affiliated with my Ashram; you are an accepted disciple. You have,Discipleship2, 730:purpose of your life has brought you into the Ashram. So be it again, my brother. All within theDiscipleship2, 730:So be it again, my brother. All within the Ashram, except those of higher initiate status, fallDiscipleship2, 730:me. When I raised the point with a member of my Ashram (known to none of you in this group which IDiscipleship2, 732:regards your physical plane affiliation with my Ashram. I will start by assuring you that the innerDiscipleship2, 732:you or when you can advance with surety into the Ashram itself. Any progress that you could haveDiscipleship2, 732:your attempt to gain the right of entry into my Ashram or what is called "ashramic penetration,"Discipleship2, 733:when you failed. I seek to have you within the Ashram, which is not as yet the case. A move forwardDiscipleship2, 738:self-forgetfulness and serve your brothers in my Ashram. Two of them need you much. Ponder theDiscipleship2, 740:you keep that chain in mind, it tunes in on the Ashram, and therefore on the Hierarchy, for you areDiscipleship2, 740:the astral sensitivity, for the energy of the Ashram stimulates the head and heart centers andDiscipleship2, 740:I give you at this time much attention in the Ashram, and my strength surrounds you. There is noDiscipleship2, 741:the very first time you were admitted into my Ashram, I have tried to aid you to centralize allDiscipleship2, 741:his rightful position as a representative of an Ashram. Forget not that the Masters choose theirDiscipleship2, 742:I seek to see you fill your rightful place in my Ashram, to readjust your living conditions inDiscipleship2, 742:to the words, "your rightful place in my Ashram." Do you know what that place is? I would have youDiscipleship2, 742:that place is? I would have you find out. An Ashram is ever in a state of constant flux andDiscipleship2, 742:or to take up a specific place in another Ashram as they meet the requirements of more advancedDiscipleship2, 742:Part of the service rendered by members of an Ashram is [743] to make way for new aspirants. ThisDiscipleship2, 743:they are admitted to a higher and more potent Ashram, vacancies occur which are always promptlyDiscipleship2, 743:The occult law which governs all progress in an Ashram is sometimes called the Law of Fulfilment.Discipleship2, 745:my fellowmen; I thus prepare the way into the Ashram, thus drawing men toward the source of powerDiscipleship2, 745:group brothers, ambitious that all of you in my Ashram may become creative and constructive workersDiscipleship2, 745:are of those in this group who are within the Ashram, and that fact carries with it a definiteDiscipleship2, 746:to take their stand upon the periphery of an Ashram - in this case mine. I am thus lifting muchDiscipleship2, 748:stabilized the "grounding in your place" in my Ashram (to which I referred in my last communicationDiscipleship2, 750:the power of your soul, the solidarity of the Ashram, and the protective aura which surrounds theDiscipleship2, 760:for the first time, making contact with me in my Ashram, having had no previous contact with anyDiscipleship2, 760:Ashram, having had no previous contact with any Ashram. I bring these points to your attentionDiscipleship2, 760:somewhat surprised me for, on the side of the Ashram, there has been a great readiness for such anDiscipleship2, 760:and cyclically into the consciousness of the Ashram, with subsequent and consequent results to the
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