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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Discipleship2, 760:will involve putting yourself en rapport with my Ashram and to register it in your physical brainDiscipleship2, 761:Bear in mind that first ray disciples are in my Ashram, and that there are aspects of my natureDiscipleship2, 761:the antahkarana that they make contact with the Ashram and with the Master. Forget not that I haveDiscipleship2, 761:disciples such as you. The contact with the Ashram will serve to emphasize in your mind the conceptDiscipleship2, 762:on them. Act upon them and then strengthen the Ashram and present to the Masters a wise server andDiscipleship2, 763:none out, but which withholds the secrets of the Ashram from those who seek to penetrate. It is,Discipleship2, 763:solitariness which opens wide the door into the Ashram. This is the factor you need the most toDiscipleship2, 764:Solitude as a quality of the interior life of an Ashram. The solitude of spiritual perception. TheExternalisation, 347:mind as you endeavor to work through and in the ashram; in that ashram are to be found all types ofExternalisation, 347:to work through and in the ashram; in that ashram are to be found all types of disciples with allExternalisation, 490:Invocation go forth on the power generated by my Ashram and by all of you affiliated with myExternalisation, 490:my Ashram and by all of you affiliated with my Ashram; the Ashrams of the Master K.H. and theExternalisation, 521:may be possible. An extension of the ashram is desired. It was with this in view that I inauguratedExternalisation, 523:Hierarchy and in active communication with some Ashram can profit in any measure by information onExternalisation, 523:example, those of you who are affiliated with my Ashram (or that of another of the Masters), andExternalisation, 524:part of the Hierarchy; as you function in an Ashram you have a most useful place, and I would begExternalisation, 527:is the intention), the relation between a major Ashram and its subsidiary Ashrams must be firmlyExternalisation, 527:firmly established, whilst that between a major Ashram and other major Ashrams has to be broughtExternalisation, 531:in the three worlds their affiliation with an Ashram will they share in this dual process. Are youExternalisation, 541:among other matters the formation of a new Ashram in which the Wisdom aspect would be of particularExternalisation, 541:importance and not the Love aspect; this Ashram would also be related in a peculiar manner to theExternalisation, 541:goodwill as you understand that phrase. This Ashram, when duly formed and established, will enableExternalisation, 541:know lies behind and implements the Plan; this Ashram, related to the Buddha, will be specificallyExternalisation, 547:reach certain people in order to see how far an ashram could function in external form on earth. ItExternalisation, 548:The atomic bomb emerged from a first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group;Externalisation, 556:disciples or at least on the periphery of some ashram. I am asking you to take part in these twoExternalisation, 557:to serve humanity and to find your way into an Ashram where that service may be directed. It callsExternalisation, 559:Membership. Disciples upon the periphery of any Ashram are apt to be unobservant of the trainingExternalisation, 559:attitudes of Those Who are senior to them in an Ashram; they frequently overlook the fact that TheyExternalisation, 564:which will train all who find their way into an Ashram, which is in itself an aspect of the life ofExternalisation, 571:labor of getting ready for the first group of Ashram members, is hard indeed. He stands for so muchExternalisation, 571:conscious constant contact with their particular Ashram are able to work in this way. Occult bodiesExternalisation, 573:financiers who are conscious members of an Ashram will take hold of the world economic situationExternalisation, 577:three major Ashrams so engaged are: [577] The Ashram of the Master K.H. This is the second rayExternalisation, 577:Ashram of the Master K.H. This is the second ray Ashram and - with that of the Master M. - the mostExternalisation, 577:it controls the building forces. The first ray Ashram, that of the Master M. He is the custodian ofExternalisation, 577:to supplement that of the building agents. The Ashram of a Master on the fifth ray, the custodian,Externalisation, 577:expression the duality of spirit-matter. This Ashram has an important part to play in the work ofExternalisation, 577:The efforts of the disciples coming from the Ashram of K.H. will be largely directed towards theExternalisation, 580:and to continue with the task. The first Ashram to do so will be that of the third ray; by the timeExternalisation, 580:ray; by the time disciples appear from that Ashram the world will be ready for an all-overExternalisation, 580:of finances" (as an advanced disciple from this Ashram is called in the Hierarchy) appears, he willExternalisation, 581:will come into physical incarnation. The only Ashram which will be then unrepresented - and thisExternalisation, 581:its influence is consistently present, and this Ashram is equally constantly aware of andExternalisation, 581:Monad, and not from the angle of its active Ashram. [582] Once the contact - in physicalExternalisation, 582:upon the acceptance of certain designs, will an Ashram be prominently active or relativelyExternalisation, 583:be behind them, and there is much that the inner Ashram can accomplish for its outer workingExternalisation, 583:effort will be dependent upon the status in the Ashram of the disciple. When the disciple is a veryExternalisation, 584:through periods of definite planning with the Ashram and in consultation with the Master or HisExternalisation, 585:from the soul in response to impression from the Ashram, but of this, in their physical brains,Externalisation, 586:a goal, who are keenly alive to the fact of the Ashram and to the Master, will not be asked to doExternalisation, 586:Advanced disciples who are stabilized in the Ashram, and who are so used to the Master that HeExternalisation, 586:to externalize the Hierarchy or to see the Ashram with which he is affiliated functioningExternalisation, 633:resumed more active work as a disciple in the Ashram of her own Master, after twenty-eight years ofExternalisation, 633:American. As a result, I began to form my own Ashram and to find people in all countries who wereExternalisation, 633:the impact of the influence of a second ray Ashram. When this was done, the major part of theExternalisation, 643:this preparatory work. There is first of all the Ashram of the Master K.H., which is the presidingExternalisation, 643:of the Master K.H., which is the presiding Ashram in this work, owing to the fact that it is aExternalisation, 643:work, owing to the fact that it is a second ray Ashram, and therefore upon the same line ofExternalisation, 644:of humanity. Next comes the Master Morya and His Ashram, because the whole procedure is projectedExternalisation, 644:has been called the Regent of Europe. Another Ashram is also very deeply concerned in this work; IExternalisation, 646:This energy is being assimilated in the Ashram of the Master Whom I mentioned above; at the [647]Externalisation, 647:This Master to Whom I refer belongs to the Ashram of the Master R. He relieves Him of this phase ofExternalisation, 647:It emanates, therefore, from the subsidiary Ashram for which I am responsible. I have written andExternalisation, 652:their own souls and with the Master of their Ashram. They are responsive to hierarchicalExternalisation, 657:the closer they are affiliated with some Ashram in the Hierarchy, the more the sevenfoldExternalisation, 660:will prove its factual presence on earth. The Ashram of the Master K.H. is already assuming anExternalisation, 660:on the physical plane. The mission of that Ashram is to produce the energy which will make possibleExternalisation, 660:and disciples. The first step taken by the Ashram was embodied - as far as all of you are concernedExternalisation, 660:result of the combined desire of this second ray Ashram. However, the work being done in thisExternalisation, 660:ray Ashram. However, the work being done in this Ashram is more definitely concerned with threeExternalisation, 661:to materialize correctly. Within the second ray Ashram of the Master K.H. and His affiliated groupsExternalisation, 661:K.H. and His affiliated groups (such as the Ashram for which I am responsible) it is the energy ofExternalisation, 662:activity with which the Master K.H. and His Ashram are concerned. The stimulation of that activityExternalisation, 662:demand combine to make their united appeal. The Ashram or group center through which the MasterExternalisation, 662:It is obvious to you that as this is a first ray Ashram, the energy coming from the Avatar ofExternalisation, 662:Synthesis will make its primary impact upon this Ashram, which provides the line of leastExternalisation, 663:the initiates and the disciples working in the Ashram of the Master Morya are primarily occupiedExternalisation, 664:disciples, but they were affiliated with some Ashram (according to their ray), and were thereforeExternalisation, 664:- upon the Ray of Active Intelligence. His Ashram is occupied with the [665] problems of industry,Externalisation, 665:the Master R. - Who is the Head of the third ray Ashram, and Who is also one of the Triangle ofExternalisation, 665:Triangle of Forces which controls the greater Ashram of the Hierarchy Itself. The Ashram of thisExternalisation, 665:the greater Ashram of the Hierarchy Itself. The Ashram of this Master (Who has always withheld HisExternalisation, 665:His name from public knowledge) is a lesser Ashram within the major third ray Ashram, just as myExternalisation, 665:is a lesser Ashram within the major third ray Ashram, just as my Ashram lies within theExternalisation, 665:within the major third ray Ashram, just as my Ashram lies within the ring-pass-not of the Ashram ofExternalisation, 665:my Ashram lies within the ring-pass-not of the Ashram of the Master K.H. This Master is necessarilyExternalisation, 666:foundation of the new civilization. [666] The Ashram of this Master is therefore occupied withExternalisation, 666:are among the many problems dealt with in this Ashram; the work done is enormous and of greatExternalisation, 666:are to be found actively working within this Ashram. Many of them are what the orthodox religiousExternalisation, 666:must realize that entry into a Master's Ashram is dependent upon Intelligence, plus right motiveExternalisation, 666:discuss. Through the work of this Master and His Ashram the "sealing of the door where evil dwells"Externalisation, 667:this third ray energy, as wielded in the Ashram of this English Master, under the direction of theExternalisation, 667:We now come to a consideration of the vast Ashram controlled by the Master R. He is the Lord ofExternalisation, 667:for which all men wait. It is a third ray Ashram, and therefore enfolds within its ring-pass-notExternalisation, 668:civilization presented to the people. This major Ashram is therefore confronted with two elementsExternalisation, 668:also aided by the intelligent work done by the Ashram of the English Master Who works consistentlyExternalisation, 669:upon the work which I am doing in and through my Ashram; you know it well, for I have frequentlyExternalisation, 669:particular though relatively short cycle, my Ashram is in a key position. It is closely linked toExternalisation, 669:position. It is closely linked to the first ray Ashram of the Master Morya, through the work of Men
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