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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Rays, 168:action; also, the group referred to is not the Ashram of some particular Master, but that of allRays, 171:No forms can then hold; no group or Ashram can then confine the consciousness of the initiate, andRays, 189:whilst preserving their conscious link with the Ashram with which they were affiliated, they couldRays, 190:energy of which you know. It led you from the Ashram into the veils. Use it and drive the evil backRays, 210:to find your way into the outer group of some Ashram but desire for development, for achievementRays, 211:soul activity, joint pledge to the Master of the Ashram, and a united service given to humanity.Rays, 211:in the outer world but enriching the life of the Ashram. Until this stage is reached, the activityRays, 212:complete absorption of the group into the inner Ashram. These are not, however, impossibleRays, 213:and unalterably committed to the work of the Ashram, under some particular Master. The work,Rays, 213:who have facility of relationship with the inner Ashram and are therefore senior disciples, thoughRays, 213:the Plan within the group, relating it to the Ashram and indicating its approach to the world ofRays, 214:ourselves at times when the functioning of the Ashram is under discussion, can we train ourRays, 214:- along right lines. The silence imposed in an Ashram is refraining from certain lines of thought,Rays, 215:speaking symbolically) which are held within the Ashram itself and are never permitted to enter theRays, 215:the initiate when not consciously working in the Ashram; others are related to the group and itsRays, 218:be in full flower as an expression of the inner Ashram, and at the very heart of the group life,Rays, 218:conditions - must be transferred into the inner Ashram, found on triadal levels. This may or mayRays, 218:a direct line of relationship between the pure Ashram and a group of disciples. It will undoubtedlyRays, 219:group to higher levels of awareness and into the Ashram on buddhic levels, the technique ofRays, 220:the assistance of [220] the Master in the inner Ashram; He is to the group what the Monad is to theRays, 220:draws forth response eventually from the inner Ashram, owing to its relation to the outer group.Rays, 221:fusion between the outer group and the inner Ashram. It enables the group life to be transferredRays, 221:and focuses it once and for all in the Master's Ashram. The result of this transference is twofold:Rays, 222:the attention of the Master and of the Master's Ashram; unitedly that sound has taken the form of aRays, 224:initiates of the fourth degree within the Ashram lend their aid and do much to make possible theRays, 225:preparatory stage to being accepted into an Ashram. Briefly, the eleven rules already dealt withRays, 229:pour their energies into the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy, they are thereRays, 230:Hierarchy, condition its initiates, affect every Ashram, bring light into the present darkness, andRays, 230:to work "within the silence of the universal Ashram," as it has been called, and from there TheyRays, 231:so as accepted disciples, and as members of my Ashram. Take advantage, therefore, of theRays, 231:with the Hierarchy, or who are members of an Ashram, or who, as probationers, are upon theRays, 231:are upon the periphery of the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy. This Aquarian influenceRays, 231:and therefore affects every member of His Ashram, from the Christ down to the most newly acceptedRays, 238:at this time - the Hierarchy, because it is the Ashram of Sanat Kumara Himself, is comingRays, 238:the initiation which He is now undergoing, His Ashram, the Hierarchy, must and does (as part of aRays, 239:the various Ashrams which constitute the great Ashram of the Lord of the World has been altered.Rays, 250:are directly and consciously in touch with my Ashram. An instance of this is that book by C. W.Rays, 252:composed. I have presented the Hierarchy as the Ashram of Sanat Kumara in its sevenfold form, thusRays, 254:disciples whose instructions, emanating from my Ashram, have been embodied in the book DiscipleshipRays, 255:one of the Masters and is implemented from His Ashram at this time. We come now to a detailedRays, 261:and vital factor for unity in the Master's Ashram. [262] It has enabled him to gather around himRays, 262:him his own group and thus begin to form his own ashram. The personnel of the world group whichRays, 266:my brothers, it is the unity of his ray, of his Ashram and of the Plan; it is the unity of theRays, 271:of an event which has taken place within the Ashram of Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy itself; thisRays, 271:ray, as for instance, the Master K.H. and his Ashram, myself and my Ashram and another affiliatedRays, 271:the Master K.H. and his Ashram, myself and my Ashram and another affiliated Ashram. It is for thisRays, 271:myself and my Ashram and another affiliated Ashram. It is for this reason that in all exotericRays, 271:that in all exoteric groups connected with an Ashram, there is always a group leader and two othersRays, 275:for disciples, some of whom are members of my Ashram, and for the New Group of World Servers; theseRays, 284:which is now emerging is a projection from the Ashram of a Master; there are, therefore, seven waysRays, 294:upon the hierarchical Plan as his particular Ashram has assumed responsibility for a measure of it;Rays, 294:Recognition of the immediate contribution of the Ashram and his immediate contribution as anRays, 294:into objectivity the creative undertaking of his Ashram. The seed of this creative work is thatRays, 294:The seed of this creative work is that which the Ashram has planned for the exact moment ofRays, 295:of the initiate. He has been taken into the Ashram because of his development and because of theRays, 295:different. They work to express that which the Ashram, through its group of workers, is seeking toRays, 297:the Hierarchy [297] through the medium of an Ashram; therein the Plan can be learnt. When thisRays, 298:of his goal, he [298] can then be admitted to an Ashram wherein the nature of revelation can beRays, 298:I am concerned. The disciple, who represents the Ashram, must reveal to humanity the essentialRays, 306:of activity and into close contact with some Ashram, the significance is very different. The typeRays, 309:will of the Hierarchy or some particular [309] Ashram or some member of the Hierarchy in order toRays, 315:as Head of the Hierarchy, which constitutes His Ashram, and also speaking as the Monad andRays, 335:seven major Ashrams, thus enabling the entire Ashram of the Christ to lift itself on to a higherRays, 342:is being made. This is in fact the keynote of an Ashram, conditioning its formation. It is composedRays, 343:contribute something to the enrichment of the Ashram. This may take the form of some consideredRays, 344:(through the processes of initiation) into the Ashram of the Christ (the Hierarchy) until such timeRays, 346:I would seek to make clear. As you know, an Ashram has in it disciples and initiates at all pointsRays, 346:the lessons required by one who is to work in an Ashram and will know how to handle himself withRays, 362:Master not only determines the quality of the Ashram but that His own development and His eventualRays, 362:eventual decisions are closely related to the Ashram which He controls. It is not easy for studentsRays, 362:their attention away from the relation of the Ashram to humanity as a whole, or to realize thatRays, 362:by the Master as He conditions and controls His Ashram. This I will attempt to enlarge upon underRays, 362:and consequently already working in an Ashram, to get this different point of view and begin toRays, 362:process is to the disciple who is working in an Ashram what aspiration is to the student upon theRays, 363:inexplicable to the initiate working in an Ashram under some Master. When the student realizes thatRays, 364:the taking of an initiation by a disciple in an Ashram. The assumption by orthodox church peopleRays, 365:stage immediately prior to acceptance into an Ashram. It is interesting to note that - on aRays, 366:concern ourselves with the basic theme of the Ashram itself. Rays, 366:the Mysteries of Initiation The Entering of the Ashram This theme necessarily has great interestRays, 366:and its effort to establish contact with the Ashram. I desire first of all to speak of the AshramRays, 366:Ashram. I desire first of all to speak of the Ashram as a whole, constituted of many Ashrams andRays, 366:of relationship for the supreme Head of the Ashram, Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World. I seek toRays, 368:it is Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, Whose Ashram it truly is. The Christ (I am using one ofRays, 368:the Coordinator of the entire life of the great Ashram, in conjunction with the two otherRays, 368:was along the same line. The Hierarchy is the Ashram of Sanat Kumara, but He has delegated HisRays, 370:There is therefore a dual inflow into the Ashram of Sanat Kumara, controlled and directed by theRays, 372:(in the consciousness of Sanat Kumara, as His Ashram) and as it constitutes "the noble middle Path"Rays, 373:the first Ray of Will or Power, through its Ashram, is related to Shamballa, that the Master MoryaRays, 373:as follows: As the externalization of the Ashram proceeds, those souls upon the physical plane whoRays, 373:the units of life within its periphery, the Ashram, and humanity. From one point of view, the NewRays, 373:time) with two functions in relation to the Ashram: One function is to enable "externalizing unitsRays, 374:initiates of high degree [374] and members of an Ashram, has the following three effects uponRays, 374:themselves and nearing the periphery of the Ashram, to absorb with profit the radiation of theRays, 374:of the average disciple to think in terms of the Ashram - the Ashram of the Christ, representingRays, 374:disciple to think in terms of the Ashram - the Ashram of the Christ, representing Sanat Kumara.Rays, 374:inevitably thinks in terms of "my Master and His Ashram." Yet this is not in any sense a statementRays, 374:sense a statement of truth. There is one great Ashram, the Hierarchy, radiating (after dueRays, 374:in several cases, knows nothing, The great Ashram is likewise magnetic in its effect, and throughRays, 374:devotion" - human beings - are brought into the Ashram as disciples in preparation for initiation.Rays, 375:the soul, incarnated in the body, towards the Ashram. This pull is directed towards the world of
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