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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Rays, 376:to life the quality of love which permeates the Ashram of the Lord. Radiation then can penetrate toRays, 376:(literally and occultly understood) the Ashram of Sanat Kumara. It is, in one sense, the higherRays, 376:Ashrams, coherently into the one great Ashram. The Plan is the expression of the Purpose or theRays, 376:unfolded within the periphery of the great Ashram. In a mysterious sense, it is the life of thatRays, 377:of the Hierarchy, and from thence into an Ashram, without finding that his will nature is beingRays, 377:the Hierarchy itself, and in particular from the Ashram to which he must eventually find his way.Rays, 378:our theme, which is the expression of the great Ashram through the medium of the seven Ashrams, itRays, 378:of will energy found at the heart of the great Ashram itself. This reservoir is fed from theRays, 378:reservoir of energy at the heart of each major Ashram, these in their turn being fed from theRays, 378:Let us now study the formation of the great Ashram and then (this will have more meaning for you)Rays, 378:I have given you a number of definitions of an Ashram in the previous pages [379] and in my otherRays, 379:the instinctive reaction of all within the Ashram to the ray influence and to the "breath of theRays, 379:you to bear in mind are as follows: The great Ashram, the Hierarchy, is composed of many Ashrams,Rays, 379:the Coordinator of the entire life of the great Ashram. The personnel of the great Ashram is todayRays, 379:of the great Ashram. The personnel of the great Ashram is today entirely provided from the ranks ofRays, 379:This was not so in the earlier cycles. The great Ashram is formed of seven major Ashrams andRays, 379:Ashrams which are gradually forming. The entire Ashram is a unity, for the ashramic life in itsRays, 379:Aspirants are drawn into relation with the Ashram through its radiation and enter finally into itsRays, 379:is a dual flow of energy or force into the great Ashram: Energizing life from Shamballa or what isRays, 380:is the Will aspect which is developed within the Ashram. It is the service of the Plan which bindsRays, 380:their subsidiary Ashrams, into the one great Ashram. It is only within his ray Ashram that the willRays, 380:the one great Ashram. It is only within his ray Ashram that the will of the disciple is developed.Rays, 380:energy which is found at the heart of the great Ashram itself. The forty-two subsidiary Ashrams areRays, 382:will take the form of the externalization of the Ashram, so that the Hierarchy (or the center whereRays, 382:invocative cry is intense enough, then the Great Ashram will slowly make its appearance upon theRays, 383:process, carried on in the Ashrams of the great Ashram. What this coming process will entail ofRays, 383:and interplay within and without the great Ashram is assured, and for it all true disciples areRays, 383:admit disciples in large numbers into the great Ashram. This will lead to the implementation of theRays, 383:of more of the Will energy, through the great Ashram, into the throat center of Sanat Kumara,Rays, 383:of the seven rays. The central, senior and major Ashram is (at this time) the repository of secondRays, 383:ray governs this second solar system. It is the Ashram of Love-Wisdom - the Ashram in which theRays, 383:system. It is the Ashram of Love-Wisdom - the Ashram in which the Buddha and the Christ receivedRays, 383:have in this fact another reason why the senior Ashram is second ray in quality. Invocation isRays, 384:at first in relation to the second ray Ashram, and later to the other Ashrams. One by one, as theRays, 384:process was then administered in a seventh ray Ashram; this seventh ray Ashram was the second to beRays, 384:in a seventh ray Ashram; this seventh ray Ashram was the second to be formed, owing to the factRays, 386:This third initiation was taken in a fourth ray Ashram, the Ray of Harmony through Conflict. ThisRays, 386:the Ray of Harmony through Conflict. This Ashram had taken form and attained functioning activityRays, 386:to take this initiation did so in a fourth ray Ashram and then, esoterically speaking, "the Way layRays, 386:crucifixion of the Master Jesus, the sixth ray Ashram, the fifth and the third, have all beenRays, 386:light and of will energy at the center of each Ashram has existed for untold millennia of years,Rays, 387:[387] This was possible because the first ray Ashram was now active, making entry into the CouncilRays, 387:hints than you will immediately realize. Each Ashram, as you know, expresses ray quality in itsRays, 387:particular quality of the ray which dominated an Ashram that first demonstrated, and not theRays, 388:of [388] the Hierarchy itself, and each Ashram has become the creator of six other Ashrams (few ofRays, 388:this time with no subsidiary fully functioning Ashram, and this because the will aspect is as yetRays, 388:In considering the work carried forward in the Ashram as it affects the Masters Themselves, twoRays, 393:the Master to make basic decisions within His Ashram affecting world work and involving all withinRays, 393:world work and involving all within the Ashram. It is given by His admission to the conclave of theRays, 394:will be needed to take over the headship of an Ashram, with a consequent admittance of manyRays, 394:the same time, aspirants on the periphery of an Ashram are enabled to move forward into fullRays, 395:us as the Sun and its planets. Thus within His Ashram the Master learns "occultly to decide" and toRays, 395:He is responsible. He has to do this with the Ashram, surrounded by all those who are in trainingRays, 395:energy constitutes the animating life of the Ashram as well as the force which the disciples andRays, 397:task of drawing Him forth from the hierarchical Ashram, except in one case where vacancies inRays, 397:attraction which draws the Master forth from His Ashram, conditions His decision and eventuallyRays, 429:to promote world peace. As a Jewish member of my Ashram pointed out (and I commend him on his soulRays, 432:become the disciple, the worker in an Ashram, illumined by the wisdom of the soul, and supersedingRays, 433:or both of these and the world of the Ashram; or again these and the activity of the HierarchyRays, 435:and who is just finding his place within an Ashram, seem an adequately difficult undertaking andRays, 435:training as a hierarchical worker within an Ashram, familiarizing himself with new and openingRays, 440:through the three Great Lords of the Eternal Ashram of Sanat Kumara, but His two Brothers have EachRays, 440:into forty-nine lesser departments, as is the Ashram which we call the Hierarchy. Forget not, thereRays, 441:of relationships which are nurtured from the Ashram of the Christ." I am here quoting one of theRays, 441:approaches the radiant Center of this solar Ashram, the Christ Himself, the first Initiator. [442]Rays, 459:disciple's effort has been admittance into the Ashram of some Master, increased opportunity toRays, 459:Triad The Hierarchy Shamballa The Master's Ashram The Council Chamber The Seven Paths The SevenRays, 534:the antahkarana. The energy of the hierarchical Ashram into which he is being "absorbed" orRays, 537:the aim in view of eventually entering [537] the Ashram of a Master and passing then through theRays, 543:The disciple by now has made his approach to the Ashram and has demonstrated his ability to serveRays, 543:of his own soul; then he registers that of the Ashram, in the early stages focused for him throughRays, 544:from the world soul or the human soul, from the Ashram and from the Master, as well as registeringRays, 544:given to them by the Master in the work of the Ashram with this later [545] fusion ofRays, 545:in the early stages of their admission to the Ashram and of their training, have a potent effectRays, 546:regard as a direct call from the Center of the Ashram. As the disciple proves his value andRays, 546:between the two minds - of the Master of the Ashram and the disciple - finds no impediment; thereRays, 546:qualities which would disturb the rhythm of the Ashram. There can take place (as the Master willsRays, 546:attention and to penetrate to the Center of the Ashram. Students would do well to relate these fourRays, 547:mental levels) who have been admitted into the Ashram. You can see why, therefore, the teachingRays, 547:by us to be timely and wise. Relationship to the Ashram and contact with the Master are dependentRays, 547:is adequate to permit some contact with the Ashram and with certain of the disciples, though notRays, 547:the disciple's mind. It is now so attuned to the Ashram and to the Master's ray quality that hisRays, 547:or with the life and relationships within the Ashram. Forget not that the Ashram has its ownRays, 547:within the Ashram. Forget not that the Ashram has its own objectives, intentions and innerRays, 548:interplay between the disciple and the Ashram, and between the Master and the disciple, is one ofRays, 549:to register the content of the minds within the Ashram with which he is affiliated or even the mindRays, 562:his soul-infused personality, and also the ashram with which he is affiliated. The quality andRays, 562:he is affiliated. The quality and potency of an ashram is definitely affected by the admission ofRays, 562:into a new stage of conscious contact within the Ashram. This new state of perceptive spiritualityRays, 562:a constructive and creative agent in the ashram. It is this which necessitates his carefulRays, 562:He cannot be permitted to enter the life of the ashram and become the recipient of exceedinglyRays, 565:with the Master's consciousness, fusion with the ashram created by the ray energy which conditionsRays, 565:total of the integrated ashrams which form the Ashram of Sanat Kumara. These successive andRays, 586:of the Ashrams is flowing. These five are: The Ashram of the Master K.H., particularly in regard toRays, 586:in regard to the work of education. The Ashram of the Master D.K. (myself), particularly in regardRays, 586:in regard to aspirants for initiation. The Ashram of the Master R., particularly in regard to theRays, 586:Europe, from the point of view of economics. The Ashram of the Master Morya, as He seeks to find,Rays, 586:the political field throughout the planet. The Ashram of the Master Hilarion, as He supervises theRays, 586:the personnel and forming the nucleus of the Ashram by means of which he may some day serve theRays, 586:The work of those initiates who do not form an ashram is mysterious in the extreme, from the point
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