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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Rays, 601:to humanity as a whole, to the work of the Ashram within the Hierarchy and to the planetary life.Rays, 642:it concerns primarily action within the Ashram - action which is, however, concerned with humanRays, 653:condition which will enable him to form his own Ashram; he has to unfold a new phase of selectiveRays, 653:the attention of those who should enter his Ashram, plus an esoteric process of blending himselfRays, 653:an esoteric process of blending himself and his Ashram into the full body of the Hierarchy. NewRays, 653:as the entrance of a new disciple into an Ashram. It might be said that that which holds theRays, 653:together, and that which produces a coherent Ashram, is the revelation, received in the light whichRays, 653:Life and the subjection of Himself and of His Ashram to cyclic stimulation from Shamballa, plusRays, 656:specific undertaking, through the medium of His Ashram, thus [657] proving His response to the willRays, 668:quality and to the magnetic pull of the Ashram. Such a development in the recognition ofRays, 690:his threefold mechanism. The energy of the Ashram to which he belongs. Both this energy and the oneRays, 690:the energy of his soul ray and of the Ashram which is representative of that ray. The effectRays, 691:the subtler task of integrating himself into the Ashram so that he becomes an integral part of theRays, 708:from the Spiritual Triad. The energy of the Ashram with which he is affiliated. These are the threeTelepathy, 32:To summarize: A group of disciples working in an Ashram has to learn that - Groups are heldTelepathy, 46:ray types. The united Ashrams, forming the great Ashram of the Christ, affect humanity as a whole;Telepathy, 46:affect humanity as a whole; this great united Ashram works solely through the New Group of WorldTelepathy, 63:as they work in the Hierarchy and through an Ashram, and whose path of advance is as a shiningTelepathy, 70:developed in the case of many disciples in the Ashram, and hence only certain Members of theTelepathy, 76:training or who has just been admitted into an Ashram. These teachings bear the impress andTelepathy, 86:sources: From the disciple's own soul. From the Ashram with which he is to be affiliated. DirectlyTelepathy, 87:third initiation and reach the disciple in the Ashram; he then has the task himself of impressingTelepathy, 87:with what he has been told and known within the Ashram; eventually, as a Master of an Ashram, heTelepathy, 87:within the Ashram; eventually, as a Master of an Ashram, he starts upon one of the majorTelepathy, 87:within the protective area or aura of the Ashram with which he is affiliated. It must be rememberedTelepathy, 88:mixed certain messages or impressions from the Ashram which the disciple will be apt to confuseTelepathy, 89:the communications which come to him from the Ashram and which are sent out to make impression uponTelepathy, 89:which are due to contact with the Master of his Ashram in person. He, by that time, possesses whatTelepathy, 89:what has been called "the freedom of the Ashram" and "the keys to the Kingdom of God"; he can thenTelepathy, 89:with some of the directive potency of the Ashram itself. His thinking will then affect and reachTelepathy, 105:of essential truth. Impressions from the Ashram or from the Spiritual Triad (which are the onlyTelepathy, 107:and becomes a functioning part of the Ashram, he learns (whilst practicing alignment) to by-pass -Telepathy, 117:under instruction from the Master of their Ashram, in order to reach such neophytes and thus toTelepathy, 160:a first ray soul will go normally into such an Ashram as that of the Master M. in the department ofTelepathy, 160:second ray disciple will pass into a second ray Ashram such as mine (D.K.) or that of the MasterTelepathy, 194:briefly. As we know, the Hierarchy is the Ashram of the Lord of Love, the Christ; we also know thatTelepathy, 194:Love, the Christ; we also know that this greater Ashram is constituted of the seven Ray Ashrams,Telepathy, 194:with it one or more subsidiary Ashrams. An Ashram is an emanating source of hierarchical impressionTelepathy, 194:steady vibratory activity of the members of the Ashram who are not in physical incarnation and byTelepathy, 194:thinking and convinced awareness of the entire Ashram. Beginners, such as are most aspirantsTelepathy, 194:all), are usually engrossed with the fact of the Ashram. Trained disciples are engrossed with theTelepathy, 195:with the work to be done, and the [195] Ashram - as an Ashram - plays little part in theirTelepathy, 195:work to be done, and the [195] Ashram - as an Ashram - plays little part in their thinking; theyTelepathy, 195:those to be served that they seldom think of the Ashram or of the Master at its center. They are anTelepathy, 195:name, 'the light of love'." The members of the Ashram constitute a united channel for the newTelepathy, 195:these energies pour dynamically through the Ashram out into the world of men; they stream withTelepathy, 195:potency through the Master at the heart of the Ashram; they move with "luminous speed" throughout
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