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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAMIC

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Autobiography, 300:it is approved if it actually does aid in the ashramic work and if the circumstances make it seemAutobiography, 300:Plan it has available for its purpose all of the ashramic energy that the individual disciple isAutobiography, 300:training which would help in this problem of ashramic personnel. Secondly, [301] there was a needDiscipleship1, 15:(as a result of this) of a group and an ashramic consciousness are vital objectives. It is hopedDiscipleship1, 43:are endeavoring, since their inclusion in this ashramic work, to work together in complete unity ofDiscipleship1, 80:and rectitude. 2. The future objective of these ashramic groups. It is fundamentally necessary thatDiscipleship1, 177:I say "you" I refer to all the disciples in this ashramic group) that nearly all of you are on theDiscipleship1, 704:the first indications of what I might call "ashramic consciousness" - a consciousness devoid ofDiscipleship1, 707:the contact between their own souls, the ashramic group and the Master. Then they learn toDiscipleship1, 710:be dealing with the growth of what is called "ashramic intimacy," with the approach of the discipleDiscipleship1, 728:consciousness and his conscious response to the ashramic vibration so that he does not hinder theDiscipleship1, 738:more closely knit together in the bonds of the ashramic fellowship and is decentralized and less aDiscipleship1, 745:be driven by personality aspiration and not by ashramic force and this focus in form will lead toDiscipleship1, 748:aspect of the antahkarana) connected with this ashramic thread and hence the establishment ofDiscipleship1, 749:I refer not here to the difficulties of any ashramic group or to those connected with any groupDiscipleship1, 754:His own radiatory activity is enhanced as the ashramic life plays upon his vehicles until in timeDiscipleship1, 757:aura of the Ashram but of that which makes the ashramic aura possible - the Life of the Master. OneDiscipleship1, 757:the complete liberation of a Master from all ashramic work and I was the first of the two chosen toDiscipleship1, 758:three who are responsible to the Master for all ashramic activity, who are in his closest councilsDiscipleship1, 759:he can begin to work with and use the ashramic force which his Master and his soul can makeDiscipleship1, 760:when the disciple can, at will, distribute the ashramic and group-soul energy in their pure state.Discipleship1, 763:The egoic lotus or soul body. The inflow of ashramic energy, via The sacrifice petals or the willDiscipleship2, 12:some understanding of the interrelation [12] in ashramic work. We both belong to the Ashram of theDiscipleship2, 39:with an experimental response, they loosen the ashramic tie and eventually the disciple slips intoDiscipleship2, 60:the much larger numbers, without upsetting ashramic stability. He has also to consider the abilityDiscipleship2, 60:far greater tension necessarily incident to true ashramic life in the New Age. [61] These pointsDiscipleship2, 65:planned at this time by the Hierarchy and by the ashramic groups affects the personal lives ofDiscipleship2, 65:changes and with the results of the outer ashramic work they must fall in line and they must acceptDiscipleship2, 69:meet human need in a modern world. As a group of ashramic affiliates, you (together with disciplesDiscipleship2, 74:what the accepted disciple, admitted freely into ashramic intimacy, will do in any givenDiscipleship2, 76:for what has happened. Let me reiterate: The ashramic link remains unbroken, but the outer relationDiscipleship2, 91:are not yet ready to reach a "more enlightened ashramic position," as it is called. 2. AffiliationDiscipleship2, 91:the tests of an accepted disciple's fitness for "ashramic sharing." [92] Perfection is not lookedDiscipleship2, 97:ambitious for you. I have gathered you into my ashramic group and, therefore, into my aura forDiscipleship2, 103:is of no importance to that Master or to his ashramic group. It is not devotion or predilection orDiscipleship2, 103:is concerned) to the furthering of the immediate ashramic enterprise. The [104] position of theDiscipleship2, 104:together in order to further the ends of his ashramic enterprise; he has not gathered them togetherDiscipleship2, 105:hand is carried forward through the medium of an ashramic, reflective meditation, initiated by theDiscipleship2, 105:One of the qualities, developed through ashramic contact, is the ability to live always within theDiscipleship2, 105:of these reflections to the outside world. The ashramic reflective meditation is an integral partDiscipleship2, 108:Therefore we ask: How can we create extra-ashramic groups out of aspirants and disciples whoDiscipleship2, 140:spiritual center within which you serve and the ashramic projects for which you acceptDiscipleship2, 141:disciples, prior to unfolding a unique kind of ashramic sensitivity. It was intended, first of all,Discipleship2, 142:expressed the purpose of certain phases of the ashramic work, particularly that connected withDiscipleship2, 153:determination to form a constructive part of the ashramic life to which their thinking and theirDiscipleship2, 177:related almost entirely to preparatory work for ashramic service. The first definite act of thisDiscipleship2, 179:change you from a heart-focused aspirant to an ashramic worker, implementing the Great Invocation.Discipleship2, 181:his own centers before he can proceed to direct ashramic force through them from what is referredDiscipleship2, 181:as given above, so that it may become Ashramic in nature and effect. Thereby you are trained toDiscipleship2, 184:IV Meditation IV - Spiritual Livingness - Ashramic Relation In assigning this meditation I made aDiscipleship2, 185:The disciple becomes outwardly effective. His Ashramic consciousness and his power to function as aDiscipleship2, 190:(which he contacts indirectly in the Ashramic life) begins to affect him. Ponder on this statement.Discipleship2, 191:they will eliminate selfishness and build in ashramic quality. Discipleship2, 205:into line with the instinctual and constant ashramic meditation. It must be remembered thatDiscipleship2, 205:ashramic meditation. It must be remembered that ashramic meditation is entirely devoid ofDiscipleship2, 211:- will be absorbed into and become part of the ashramic meditation. The theme of the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 216:of a more definitely spiritual civilization. 7. Ashramic Meditation. This is based upon theDiscipleship2, 233:of the spiritual Hierarchy, created by joint ashramic meditation, is called by us the Plan. TheDiscipleship2, 233:turn, make this impression the subject of their ashramic meditation, adapting its various conceptsDiscipleship2, 233:contribution of a new disciple, unaccustomed to ashramic patterns of thought and unable to carryDiscipleship2, 308:to make in the daily life and service and the ashramic relationships of the disciple or initiate.Discipleship2, 328:in any Ashram, but disciples can and do use ashramic force in their work in a destructive manner,Discipleship2, 329:their circumscribed attitudes are a hindrance to ashramic progressive events. If the principle ofDiscipleship2, 329:as you may realize, has handicapped the ashramic plans, and those who whole-heartedly have workedDiscipleship2, 330:under his interested and wise instruction. This ashramic sharing is one of the great compensationsDiscipleship2, 332:action in the three worlds. The sharing in the Ashramic life, with all that that signifies, and inDiscipleship2, 333:by the ray or by the "unfoldment of the ashramic Lotus." Every great act of sharing resultsDiscipleship2, 343:revelation? This would involve constant ashramic contact. These hints are therefore intended forDiscipleship2, 347:initiate, affecting his daily life, service and ashramic activity. The germ, seed, key or inherent,Discipleship2, 354:hierarchical impression, involving necessarily ashramic intention and its precipitation in service.Discipleship2, 362:you also how hints are largely concerned with ashramic duty. [363] Discipleship2, 363:their application to the disciple and to his ashramic life and service, and the second hadDiscipleship2, 368:developments and are available as a result of ashramic training and of hierarchical initiation. IDiscipleship2, 376:direct contact is permitted, but still needs the ashramic protection which the Master provides. AtDiscipleship2, 413:of the Hierarchy, and in line, therefore, for ashramic training, was recognized as being nowDiscipleship2, 414:sense of proportion, and is therefore urged by ashramic activity and by the aura of the Ashram inDiscipleship2, 416:preliminary hints, concerning preparation for ashramic relationships. Others concern the service toDiscipleship2, 447:larger plans and is largely modeled upon those ashramic plans (which are part of still greaterDiscipleship2, 471:and tests which have their origin in ashramic relationships which the disciple realizes through hisDiscipleship2, 480:extent that he takes no definite steps to meet ashramic requirements, even when, technically andDiscipleship2, 503:relationship, or any cessation to the flow of ashramic life through him to the world of men. ThisDiscipleship2, 510:willingness to work alone and apparently with no ashramic direction - except a general knowledge ofDiscipleship2, 522:not sought the protection and the love of your ashramic group. That is your privilege and yourDiscipleship2, 540:impel you to make a closer contact with your ashramic group will be an intensification of yourDiscipleship2, 540:produces its individual effect upon the ashramic group, the consequent display of creativity mustDiscipleship2, 543:mind - will deal practically with the effects of ashramic contact on the emotional nature and onDiscipleship2, 544:how it is achieved. The qualities fostered by ashramic life. The service rendered by the Ashram.Discipleship2, 549:utter freedom which governs the entire circle of ashramic life - both within the Ashram and withinDiscipleship2, 550:in order to acquire this quality of silence (ashramic silence) you will have to learn to practiceDiscipleship2, 568:needed, in the case of a chela at your point of ashramic contact. Your link with me remainsDiscipleship2, 586:I have registered and then recorded on your ashramic chart your strong and constant effort toDiscipleship2, 587:task is simply evidence that the disciple is an ashramic worker, pledged to the welfare ofDiscipleship2, 587:a more closely knit relationship within the ashramic aura of some of its members; such a relationDiscipleship2, 610:terminology) and can work from this point in the ashramic life. This important little diagram canDiscipleship2, 615:however, this attitude of yours has created an ashramic situation, because of your relation in theDiscipleship2, 632:the Ashram, and this from the angle of his ashramic duty and service. This is a different matter,Discipleship2, 632:to demonstrate to the world the nature of your ashramic position. I will give you the esotericDiscipleship2, 633:to the Ashram has committed him - the life of ashramic instruction and of steady approach to theDiscipleship2, 633:with his appearance in the outer world as an ashramic worker. You have a phrase which is usuallyDiscipleship2, 633:action, contacts and relationships - within the ashramic ring-pass-not - which can be his some day.
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