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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAMS

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Externalisation, 529:of the Seven Paths; senior Masters in charge of Ashrams are taking higher grades of initiation andExternalisation, 538:the Christ and by the Chohans of the seven major Ashrams. They constitute a group of ten to WhomExternalisation, 539:is being carried out at this time in the Ashrams by the setting up of magnetic centers which,Externalisation, 540:the adjustments, therefore, going on in all the Ashrams in preparation for all this and - though IExternalisation, 540:establish a closer alignment between the inner Ashrams and the outer groups, between Themselves andExternalisation, 544:accepted disciple; it is for this that all the ashrams are getting ready; it is for this also thatExternalisation, 545:to the externalization of certain of the Ashrams, and later to the appearance of the Hierarchy onExternalisation, 546:this, as it is achieved, will swing the Ashrams gradually into external activity as need arises,Externalisation, 552:Creates new constructive tensions and new ashrams. A Closer Relation of the Hierarchy to Humanity.Externalisation, 552:the near future) the externalization of certain ashrams. Leads to the reappearance of the HierarchyExternalisation, 554:to the new group of world servers, via those Ashrams which are working along the lines of outer,Externalisation, 559:taking place, is the externalization of the Ashrams. The great official departments, such as theExternalisation, 559:The first step is the appearance of certain Ashrams, controlled by certain Masters, upon theExternalisation, 564:Rays, through the medium of the seven major Ashrams and their allied and subsidiary Ashrams. ThereExternalisation, 564:major Ashrams and their allied and subsidiary Ashrams. There are many other aspects of theExternalisation, 565:Discipleship, and therefore into certain of the Ashrams, and has likewise enabled many disciples toExternalisation, 565:entailed by the admittance of disciples to Their Ashrams; it requires the attention of certainExternalisation, 565:of certain disciples and initiates in all the Ashrams and the ability of the Hierarchy to penetrateExternalisation, 566:who are already integrated into some one of the Ashrams. Intelligent and humanitarian aspirants andExternalisation, 569:or in the use of foreign languages. In all Their Ashrams there are those who can supply Them withExternalisation, 572:and initiates who - coming from certain Ashrams - will proceed with the next phase of the work.Externalisation, 575:in the Externalization Approach, via Certain Ashrams Students must not proceed on the assumptionExternalisation, 575:some time) experimental, and only a few of the Ashrams and a certain number of the trainedExternalisation, 576:bringing in the new order. Among the seven major Ashrams and their subsidiary and affiliatedExternalisation, 576:Ashrams and their subsidiary and affiliated Ashrams only a few have undertaken to send theirExternalisation, 576:carry out this initiatory task. The three major Ashrams so engaged are: [577] The Ashram of theExternalisation, 580:and lay the foundation for the work of the other Ashrams, when the time for an expanded effortExternalisation, 580:in the Externalization When the three major Ashrams have done their work, and this work - in spiteExternalisation, 580:of ray - is largely educational, then the other Ashrams will slowly send in their representativesExternalisation, 582:clear. The disciples sent out from the various ashrams do not arrive on earth conscious of a highExternalisation, 587:and initiates who will emerge from the three Ashrams and whose work is largely to act as theExternalisation, 642:- Section IV - Stages in the Externalization The Ashrams Concerned at the Coming June 1948 The FullExternalisation, 643:which is relatively unimportant) through the Ashrams of all the Masters of the Wisdom, theExternalisation, 643:compose humanity and who are represented in the Ashrams by different Masters. Through all theExternalisation, 643:period. Five of the Masters and Their five Ashrams are primarily involved in this preparatory work.Externalisation, 644:preparation. Certain disciples from these five Ashrams or groups have been (and will be) especiallyExternalisation, 652:- Stages in the Externalization Organizing the Ashrams into Form on Earth June 1949 I would askExternalisation, 653:The organization of certain of the Masters' Ashrams in the different countries of the world whereinExternalisation, 653:somewhat later than the externalization of the Ashrams and their physical plane organization. How,Externalisation, 653:are rapidly admitting new disciples into Their Ashrams, and as fast as is desirable and permissibleExternalisation, 656:emanating from and directed by the seven major Ashrams, under the direction of the Christ and ofExternalisation, 660:These are: The preparation of the many combined Ashrams, leading to externalization. TheExternalisation, 661:The energy of wisdom is active within all the Ashrams (on all rays and under all the Masters); theExternalisation, 662:or broken down, prior to distribution to the Ashrams of the five Masters engaged in the work ofExternalisation, 667:enfolds within its ring-pass-not all the Ashrams to be found upon the third Ray of ActiveExternalisation, 667:the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. All these Ashrams are working under the general direction ofExternalisation, 669:the Masters and the senior initiates in the Ashrams of the third, the fifth and the seventh rays.Externalisation, 669:activity of any one ray. He works through the Ashrams of these rays, but He Himself works primarilyExternalisation, 669:Wisdom, and is therefore an aspect of all the Ashrams in that great second ray Ashram, theExternalisation, 674:plane; this will be the task of the externalized Ashrams, organized to function openly. It was theExternalisation, 676:five points where the externalization of the Ashrams will take place and eventually be focused.Externalisation, 676:From these points, as time elapses, other Ashrams, subsidiary [677] in nature, will be foundExternalisation, 677:by disciples and initiates from these five Ashrams, and representing the three major rays and twoExternalisation, 677:Stages in the Externalization Disciples in these ashrams have been in training for nearly oneExternalisation, 679:- Stages in the Externalization These subsidiary ashrams are already being attempted in variousExternalisation, 679:for you to remember that the members of these ashrams will not all be on the teaching line, butExternalisation, 679:the attempt to form coherent and integrated ashrams is based upon the recognition of the initialExternalisation, 679:which must condition and color all the ashrams, no matter what the ray: An internal group unity,Externalisation, 679:a synthesis of understanding between the various ashrams. There spring out of a unified groupExternalisation, 680:many diversified disciples in the many different ashrams, into a group movement or a groupExternalisation, 681:of sympathetic response by the units in all ashrams to the needs of humanity, to the quality of theExternalisation, 681:These three conditions will be found in all the ashrams and will unite the members within anyExternalisation, 681:the members within any ashram to those in other ashrams in a measure or rhythm of telepathicExternalisation, 685:- was imparted with emphasis to disciples in the Ashrams, and by them was formulated clearly andExternalisation, 685:and which will cooperate with the externalized Ashrams in the various parts of the world. TheExternalisation, 686:and are undertaking work for which the united Ashrams, in their higher brackets, have hitherto beenExternalisation, 687:revealing terms the life of the Members of His Ashrams (the entire Hierarchy) when again He wouldExternalisation, 687:divine participation, which the Masters in Their Ashrams are teaching Their disciples of allExternalisation, 690:The preparation of the Members of the Ashrams found within the Hierarchy, Who must emerge fromExternalisation, 690:instituted a drastic training system within the Ashrams. Into the nature of this training [691] IExternalisation, 691:done by the disciples who are emerging from the ashrams, and will continue thus to emerge, is of aExternalisation, 693:one which is engrossing the attention of all the ashrams at this time; disciples in the first rayExternalisation, 693:therefore the initiates and the disciples in the ashrams of the Masters are also particularlyExternalisation, 694:is now being studied in the various hierarchical ashrams, and when applied - after 1975 - willExternalisation, 700:the Externalization The Work of the Externalized Ashrams The barest outline must here suffice. IExternalisation, 700:dealt with the proposed work of the externalized Ashrams at some length in the foregoing pages andExternalisation, 700:of goodwill. Specifically, the externalized Ashrams will be active along four major lines: CreatingGlamour, 199:by second ray disciples, working from the Ashrams of those Masters Who take disciples. The workHealing, 664:numbers, achieved initiation and entered the Ashrams of the Masters, and through the decision ofHealing, 665:throughout the world, but by members of the Ashrams. All that the churches have done is to preserveHealing, 668:is at this time exceedingly powerful; its Ashrams are full of initiates and disciples, and itsRays, 16:Their senior disciples, the initiates in Their Ashrams, and (under the same great process) theRays, 17:experiment, for instance, as externalizing the Ashrams of the Masters. It is this new approach toRays, 21:and thus evoke response within those distant Ashrams where move the Chohans of the race of men.Rays, 26:can become so aware, and the various ray ashrams will not only present their groups (large orRays, 77:initiate and for all groups of disciples and all Ashrams? The use of the words, "clear cold light,"Rays, 93:and the initiates - working in their various Ashrams. To this must be added [94] what ChristiansRays, 111:by the Hierarchy of externalizing Their Ashrams. This process [112] involves immense difficulty,Rays, 112:and will proclaim themselves as Masters with Ashrams and as occupied with training people forRays, 123:proceed until such time that the work of the Ashrams of the Masters is recognized as forming partRays, 136:and thus evoke response within those distant Ashrams where move the Chohans of the race of men.Rays, 150:The seven greater groups - The seven groups or Ashrams within the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy TheseRays, 150:and a group is called an Ashram. These major Ashrams have many affiliated Ashrams, presided over byRays, 150:Ashram. These major Ashrams have many affiliated Ashrams, presided over by a Master on the same rayRays, 150:Hierarchy itself, containing all the seven major Ashrams and their affiliates. The Planetary sevenRays, 168:of some particular Master, but that of all Ashrams as they in their entirety reflect the purpose ofRays, 168:active sphere of the hierarchical consciousness. Ashrams of the Masters are to be found on everyRays, 168:aspect within all forms, and therefore their Ashrams are conditioned by the manasic consciousness;Rays, 169:by the manasic consciousness; they are [169] the Ashrams of those initiates who have taken theRays, 169:who are on the scientific line, drawing to their Ashrams only those who are on the third and fifth
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