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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASK

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Astrologymany definitely demonstrable successes. I would ask all of you, therefore, who read and study thisAstrology, 7:which is so basic and fundamental that I would ask you to pause and contemplate it, even though youAstrology, 83:Fixed Cross and the Cardinal Cross. [83] I would ask you to remember that though I shall trace theAstrology, 91:which are on all the rays, I would simply ask you to consider what I have to say from the angle ofAstrology, 107:experience upon the great wheel of life. I would ask you to bear this definitely in mind. GoingAstrology, 134:movement in the world today. I would ask you to remember this and to regard yourselves asAstrology, 200:is of great importance to remember. I would also ask you to link this thought with the teachingAstrology, 254:into the correct rhythm of progress. I would ask you, therefore, to differentiate between theAstrology, 291:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations You may ask what is the reason for this mode of procedure? IAstrology, 323:spiritual entity then stands free. I would ask you to ponder upon this point. These two - the MoonAstrology, 390:an unchangeable direction. You might here ask why I deal here with these abstractions? I wouldAstrology, 420:on such proof will be available. All that I can ask of you at this time is to be [421] interestedAstrology, 421:probability. Time will justify the information I ask you to accept as hypothesis. Next I will dealAstrology, 427:continually make reference. I would ask you to bear in mind that these energies are transmittedAstrology, 528:gathered together into a coherent whole. I would ask you to study and compare, to read and searchAstrology, 582:been expressed - except by the Christ. You might ask, why, if this is so, do you emphasize thisAutobiography, 3:no more to say on this subject. What, I often ask myself. could I have done without theAutobiography, 35:of the turban that I could not make a sound or ask what he was doing there. Then he started toAutobiography, 48:unrealized and unexpressed, I was beginning to ask questions, though refusing to answer them, andAutobiography, 51:of the Bible." How I would today like to ask them where these autographed manuscripts are to beAutobiography, 74:an orderly up to the barracks one morning to ask those of them who were not on duty to come down toAutobiography, 79:the night chasing him down the railroad. I would ask you to remember this wasn't done in my day andAutobiography, 86:I could not think clearly and did not dare ask anyone about it. In 1906 I began to break downAutobiography, 96:who had followed me all the way from India to ask me to marry him. On top of that complication cameAutobiography, 106:the problem with them and I know that all they ask is equality of opportunity, of education, ofAutobiography, 126:a man's faith if he is intelligent enough to ask questions and is not of the type that acceptsAutobiography, 145:I had known lots of them. He then proceeded to ask if I had ever known a nice Gentile and IAutobiography, 158:one's own soul? No personality has the right to ask spiritual pledges from other personalities. TheAutobiography, 161:I started by being very suspicious myself. I ask myself why I attempt to deal with the matter atAutobiography, 164:I ever have the pleasure of meeting him) I will ask him how my personified higher self can send meAutobiography, 182:not sympathetic in their spiritual aspiration I ask them the following questions, - "Do you leaveAutobiography, 224:pure dirt I would tell [224] them about it and ask them why they wanted to read it. My experienceAutobiography, 279:upon which the words of Christ are inscribed, "Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shallAutobiography, 280:you stand. We feel it right that you should ask and we should answer certain important questions,Autobiography, 285:on, if the student is sincere and earnest. We ask no questions and listen to no gossip. We realizeAutobiography, 287:Hierarchy and the Masters of the Wisdom. All we ask is that he investigate the reasons for andAutobiography, 287:This attitude or approach to truth we ask the student to hold because we feel that he should regardAutobiography, 292:they prevent his contacting his soul. We only ask that he keep an open mind and cultivate aAutobiography, 292:to see life and world events as a whole; we ask him to regard world affairs - whether political,Autobiography, 292:divine purpose is slowly being worked out; we ask him to investigate how his particular belief fitsAutobiography, 293:do this upon the physical level of existence. We ask our students in every nation to study theAutobiography, 294:therefore, that the true spiritual man must not ask or pray for money. One of the major needs todayBethlehem, 171:One! or in presence of these, for all this I ask forgiveness from Thee, Immeasurable One! Thou artBethlehem, 215:the shedding of blood; but there was the need to ask God's pardon for the sin committed. The twoBethlehem, 265:which would render realization possible. People ask for guidance; they demand right leadership;Bethlehem, 267:and we must learn to give love and not to ask love, to go out in service to all whom we contact dayDestiny, 28:and its coming civilization and culture. I would ask you, therefore, to read what I have to sayDestiny, 107:they were formed and exist. Therefore, I would ask you to remember that behind all the outer eventsDestiny, 109:briefly the two systems of activity. I would ask you to remember that both systems and modes ofDiscipleship1, 16:other two are totally unknown to any of you. I ask for your aid and cooperation during these earlyDiscipleship1, 16:as the reaching of conclusions is concerned. I ask you to stand together - no matter whatDiscipleship1, 16:or what forces may seek to separate you. I ask my disciples to love each other in spite ofDiscipleship1, 29:a fruitful source of glamor. I would, therefore, ask all of you who are my disciples to endeavor toDiscipleship1, 30:which will dignify the New Age groups. I would ask you all never to forget that this group work youDiscipleship1, 41:groups and among the groups as a whole. You ask why is this so, my brothers? Because the forceDiscipleship1, 51:yet remains unexpressed practically. If you will ask yourselves the following questions andDiscipleship1, 57:their Master or each other. You might here well ask: Why is this sensitive interplay between theDiscipleship1, 61:by the group with meticulous care. I would ask all the various groups which may be working under myDiscipleship1, 64:this higher aspect of mental activity. I would ask you to get clearly in your minds in [65]Discipleship1, 65:very different thing, my brother. You might also ask: How can this collective impressing go on andDiscipleship1, 66:be brought to them from the Hierarchy. I would ask you, therefore, to practice purging the contentDiscipleship1, 68:in one department of life or another. I would ask you to ponder deeply upon the various aspects ofDiscipleship1, 72:this point of danger - for danger it is - and ask you to go on with the work just "as if" it wereDiscipleship1, 78:the very weight of my weakness. You might well ask what this weakness was? It was my love for myDiscipleship1, 82:technique of expression. [82] You might here ask me if there is one single mode or means whereby aDiscipleship1, 83:should have motivated your attitude and I would ask you not to emphasize so unduly in your privateDiscipleship1, 85:your ability - to meet them, that is all that I ask at present. One of the great needs of allDiscipleship1, 87:treads the Path of Discipleship.... You might ask, my brothers, of what use are these analogies andDiscipleship1, 88:allegiance, their loyalty and service. I would ask you all to ponder deeply on the aboveDiscipleship1, 88:and the service of humanity. But I would ask each of you to watch your emotional life and reactionsDiscipleship1, 88:reactions with greatly increased care; I would ask you to watch particularly for the leastDiscipleship1, 96:time pressures. Here I give you a hint and would ask you to think deeply on these three foundationsDiscipleship1, 99:life becomes one focused active service. I would ask you to study the above phrasing, using it as aDiscipleship1, 100:action upon the physical plane. How, you ask, my brothers? By increasing the radiance of your lightDiscipleship1, 100:must have if this storm is to be weathered. I ask you to render this service to me and to humanity.Discipleship1, 100:to render this service to me and to humanity. I ask nothing spectacular; it will, however, requireDiscipleship1, 100:your souls if you are to respond adequately; I ask nothing impossible; I would remind you that theDiscipleship1, 106:respond for the service of the next life cycle. Ask of me, therefore, questions if you understandDiscipleship1, 108:group may profit from your experience, I would ask you to write a paper upon this triple breathingDiscipleship1, 109:and also in your meditation work and I would ask you in connection with both these to keep aDiscipleship1, 112:to act as an organ of clairvoyance. I will ask you to do the following breathing exercise every dayDiscipleship1, 119:you in relinquishing the liabilities. ...I would ask you, therefore, to ponder on this matter,Discipleship1, 125:you not realize the truth of what I say, I would ask you to reflect awhile and maybe in timeDiscipleship1, 126:question for you to answer to your soul. I ask myself anew: How can I convey to this disciple theDiscipleship1, 128:All these factors influenced my decision to ask you, a disciple, to work in cooperation with myselfDiscipleship1, 128:matter for more than a year. That is all that I ask of you. I would remind you also that in myDiscipleship1, 130:be specific and direct. The work that I may ask you to do should tend to bring about certain ofDiscipleship1, 130:of these needed adjustments. I am going to ask you to add to your morning meditation an eveningDiscipleship1, 137:work we are planning to do together. I would ask you right at the beginning for your voluntaryDiscipleship1, 139:service. If you have questions which you seek to ask me, brother of old, I will with gladnessDiscipleship1, 141:But should you not with clarity understand, ask A. A. B. whose problem was in some points yours. IDiscipleship1, 153:outer manifestation. Upon this thought I would ask you to ponder and carefully reflect. If you doDiscipleship1, 153:of your soul. This you have always done and I ask of you no new thing but only an increasedDiscipleship1, 156:and hold it steadily there... I would ask you - as far as you possibly can - to insulate yourselfDiscipleship1, 156:the power of your illumined mind. I would ask you to carry forward this insulation along the lineDiscipleship1, 157:meditation you can accomplish much. You might ask me, my brother, how to utilize the meditationDiscipleship1, 171:prove of prolonged service to humanity. I would ask you to note the word "prolonged" because youDiscipleship1, 172:working out of the Plan. Therefore, I would ask you to give ten minutes each day to the pictorialDiscipleship1, 174:your mind in this connection, I am going to ask you to search for all that I may have saidDiscipleship1, 174:first and the more abstruse last. You might well ask at the start of your personal work with me,
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