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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASK

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Discipleship1, 175:going to give you seven seed thoughts and will ask you to concentrate upon them in your meditationDiscipleship1, 185:which is the hall mark of group life. I would ask you to consider these thoughts with care and toDiscipleship1, 185:behind the right kind of radiation. I would ask you: How does a Master reach his group ofDiscipleship1, 185:process of effective radiation, I would ask you for the next few months to endeavor to reach two ofDiscipleship1, 186:and esoterically form one group. I would ask you to realize that in this work which we are planningDiscipleship1, 188:you for what you have done in our service and I ask you [189] to go forward along the lines youDiscipleship1, 191:if you proceed with this as desired. I would ask you to keep careful monthly records. They need notDiscipleship1, 192:During the coming six months I am going to ask you to do two things: First of all, concentrate yourDiscipleship1, 193:of alignment during meditation, I will ask you to do the following exercises, in breathing and inDiscipleship1, 194:your work for the period of one year... I would ask you to study your last instructions withDiscipleship1, 195:stimulate the group love. This is something I ask you definitely to do. My brief instructions toDiscipleship1, 195:your service. The seed thoughts on which I would ask you to meditate are as follows: 1st month -Discipleship1, 196:definite meditation upon light, but am going to ask you to make light the subject of your dailyDiscipleship1, 200:the individual members in the group. I would ask you to ponder on these matters. I have said that IDiscipleship1, 202:you a short breathing exercise which I would ask you to carry forward regularly before doing theDiscipleship1, 203:and bring to them a growing inspiration. I would ask you to study them in the light of your gainedDiscipleship1, 204:I am assigning you no special work. I would ask you to study the instructions I have given to thisDiscipleship1, 206:as the result of any outer influence. You might ask me at this point upon what a right decisionDiscipleship1, 206:I am going to give you at this time is to ask you to take five minutes, prior to the groupDiscipleship1, 209:I give out the next group instruction, I would ask you to discipline your time, making each momentDiscipleship1, 209:your time, making each moment count; I would ask you to perfect each life episode and event (whichDiscipleship1, 210:I am responsible for this work and I would ask you to proceed as indicated and, my brother, toDiscipleship1, 212:my brother, and right breathing. I will ask you, therefore, for the next few months to follow theDiscipleship1, 215:of light and love to your co-disciples. This I ask of you. This is all that I have to say to youDiscipleship1, 216:somewhat difficult for you, but most valuable. I ask you to attempt it, my brother, and to pursueDiscipleship1, 217:all of this group through you; upon this task I ask you to meditate. The only meditation which IDiscipleship1, 220:which I have outlined for you and which I would ask you to follow. It is brief and powerful. YourDiscipleship1, 220:also better your physical condition. I would ask you to do the following brief exercise: EndeavorDiscipleship1, 223:so to serve will increase... Again I would ask you to watch your health but principally - in theseDiscipleship1, 224:that I shall do more harm than good? And, I ask myself, how much revelation is needed by you, for,Discipleship1, 229:in the various aspects of your nature which I ask that you watch and register and record during theDiscipleship1, 232:year than in any previous ten years. You might ask me how I know this and in what way I canDiscipleship1, 235:you. I say "work" with deliberation and ask you to ponder the phrase I employed. How long you willDiscipleship1, 235:of your consciousness is of no importance and I ask you to forget it. But it is of importance thatDiscipleship1, 236:habit, a very real problem is presented. You ask: What shall, therefore, be done? I will give someDiscipleship1, 245:and save other people too. You might rightly ask me how and in what manner you can offset theseDiscipleship1, 249:particular group, affiliated with my Ashram, I ask myself if it is possible that they can swingDiscipleship1, 250:from the group. As I make this statement, I ask myself how frank I can dare to be and how far I canDiscipleship1, 250:would to an older, loved and trusted friend? I ask for no more than that. I have no intention toDiscipleship1, 253:the hour of the evening review which I would ask you still carefully to continue. It is of realDiscipleship1, 258:thing, my brother, and mental in nature. I would ask you to make a careful study of all that youDiscipleship1, 258:effects in terms of your own life. You should ask yourself the following question: What will be theDiscipleship1, 260:in the spiritual sense. Upon this fact I would ask you to ponder. The world today is in such aDiscipleship1, 260:this needed spiritual detachment. I would ask you also to follow a very brief meditation so thatDiscipleship1, 269:to serve. Note these in the following way and ask yourself the following questions, entering theDiscipleship1, 272:up in the following statement to which I would ask all of you to pay attention: As money has in theDiscipleship1, 273:among all whom you know who could help. I would ask you to ponder much on these ideas for, in theDiscipleship1, 273:must and will be changed. One thing more I would ask of you, my brother, and of the group who readDiscipleship1, 278:gain of your life experience. Therefore I would ask you to remember, my brother, that one of theDiscipleship1, 280:worth fostering. This you have recognized. You ask yourself, however, at times: "Of what specificDiscipleship1, 281:and definite usefulness be the result. You might ask here, and rightly so, how this intuitiveDiscipleship1, 282:to suggest to you at this time, as I would ask you to continue with the work as outlined by me inDiscipleship1, 282:feel. This connotes a wide distinction. I would ask you to correspond at times with a brother whoseDiscipleship1, 290:as temporarily suspended from the group. I ask naught of you but that you reconsider your decisionDiscipleship1, 290:a "ceremonial order and organization." I would ask you to bear in mind that group work involvesDiscipleship1, 292:your co-workers (L. U. T.) with whom I specially ask you to make contact. Hold him in your thoughtsDiscipleship1, 296:task which I have set you, my brother. May I ask you to write three short papers on these threeDiscipleship1, 299:to the group life of such value, that I ask you today to attempt to reintegrate yourself into theDiscipleship1, 309:the O. M. For your own personal work I would ask you to write one paragraph which will embody yourDiscipleship1, 309:given above for contemplation. My brother, I ask you to persevere without discouragement and withDiscipleship1, 312:upon you at this time, and upon them I would ask you to work until the next period comes around.Discipleship1, 316:from the blinding effects of glamor. I would ask you to preserve this condition for the helping ofDiscipleship1, 316:which has this service intent and I would ask you to do it for the next six months. It willDiscipleship1, 319:the spiritual independence to seize it. [319] I ask your assistance in this preparatory work andDiscipleship1, 319:assistance in this preparatory work and would ask you also to get in touch with L. U. T. who isDiscipleship1, 325:of old. I change not your meditation and will ask you to adhere to it until next May. This is forDiscipleship1, 326:My word to you in my last instruction was to ask you to inculcate in your outer expression upon theDiscipleship1, 329:effort and your growing success. Definitely, I ask you to study and to do some strenuous mentalDiscipleship1, 335:the light which will stream in from every side. Ask yourself, for instance: Is this line of thoughtDiscipleship1, 335:as you stand in the light of your own soul. Ask yourself also: Are these comments of mine, thisDiscipleship1, 337:January 1938 MY BROTHER AS ALWAYS: I would ask you to study the instructions which I gave you aDiscipleship1, 339:Before, therefore, you meditate each day, I will ask you to practice the ability to withdraw intoDiscipleship1, 345:on the physical plane. There is a point I ask you to work at during these next months, for itDiscipleship1, 348:- P.G.C. March 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: I would ask you to cast your eye, the eye of the innerDiscipleship1, 348:and for a fresh cycle of testing. You might ask me, my brother, of what such a preparation shouldDiscipleship1, 349:thoughts given to you earlier this year. I would ask you now to take the following six questions,Discipleship1, 351:careful consideration on your part and I would ask you to ponder upon the following possibilities:Discipleship1, 353:with your fifth ray mental nature, and I would ask you to do it with care... Go in peace, myDiscipleship1, 353:of the ray-gland-center teaching. I would ask you to let this knowledge percolate slowly (if I mayDiscipleship1, 353:one scheme of presented healing. Again, I would ask you to ponder upon this. I would ask you, also,Discipleship1, 353:I would ask you to ponder upon this. I would ask you, also, to make a careful study of the use ofDiscipleship1, 359:star shine forth. Sound the O. M. I particularly ask you to make your spiritual diary a more vital,Discipleship1, 362:I thank you, my brother. I know that you do not ask for recognition but that is ever accorded byDiscipleship1, 363:my brother, the work of joyous service? May I ask you to cultivate the spirit of joy? If you giveDiscipleship1, 364:is to give you a meditation which I will ask you to carry forward until further notice. I will giveDiscipleship1, 366:to do for me a definite service. I could not so ask you if you had failed. For the space of a yearDiscipleship1, 366:you had failed. For the space of a year I would ask you to take over the work and place of D. A. O.Discipleship1, 366:you. But though instinctively my mind decided to ask this service of you, I have a twofold reason.Discipleship1, 367:so constantly labor? One small personal task I ask of you also. Please go back over all theDiscipleship1, 368:by expediency and habit but not by plan. I would ask you to ponder deeply upon that sentence,Discipleship1, 372:full alignment and heightened radiance. I would ask you to take much time each Sunday (for an hourDiscipleship1, 381:your special meditation at this time and would ask you to continue with it. It has done much forDiscipleship1, 381:the Hierarchy. This, I think, you know. I would ask you to work along the line of the will,Discipleship1, 385:symbolic work is for you to discover. You may ask: Of what use is this particular type ofDiscipleship1, 386:no matter how high or purified. You may perhaps ask in this connection: What is my main usefulnessDiscipleship1, 386:personally attractive. I speak in symbols and ask for understanding. Ponder on this, my brother,Discipleship1, 391:been engaged in the past months, I am going to ask you to ponder over and answer the followingDiscipleship1, 393:take from out the earth. Live likewise. Give and ask naught!'" Brother of mine, gather around youDiscipleship1, 405:for you to do, brother of mine. All I would ask you to do along the line of meditation is a simpleDiscipleship1, 406:of service. One of the first questions you would ask me if we stood face to face would be: What is
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