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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASK

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Discipleship1, 409:and so violent. I have to judge with care what I ask you to do because the effects are so prompt,Discipleship1, 410:I will give you one that is very brief. I will ask you, also, to cease meditating in the head andDiscipleship1, 411:you will be most difficult for you to do, but I ask you most definitely to do it in the interestsDiscipleship1, 416:polarize yourself in your mind nature. I would ask you to do some meditation each day regularlyDiscipleship1, 420:look at you, my brother, and study your aura, I ask myself, what are the two things which you mostDiscipleship1, 427:is only temporary. [427] Two questions I will ask you here, which I shall not answer for you butDiscipleship1, 434:world battle. Such is your service, and for it I ask on behalf of those who (as time elapses) IDiscipleship1, 434:for the space of six months, but I will ask you to do two things: First, lay the emphasis of yourDiscipleship1, 435:that you yourself choose to do. Only one thing I ask: At each meditation, pour out love and wisdomDiscipleship1, 439:nor are they particularly necessary. I would ask you for a few minutes each morning (prior to doingDiscipleship1, 446:which is the most potent at all times. I would ask you, in view of the past year's events, toDiscipleship1, 448:of inspiration during the coming year. I would ask you to study them and to ponder deeply theirDiscipleship1, 453:set meditation to follow. I am going to ask you to give fifteen minutes intensive thought each dayDiscipleship1, 454:to the sure knowledge of an illumined mind. You ask me at times: "What prevents fuller light andDiscipleship1, 460:I give you here some sentences which I would ask you to make especially your own, for they areDiscipleship1, 466:- the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. I would ask you to follow the meditation and continue withDiscipleship1, 470:I would call this to your attention and ask you to stand with each other in the closest relation.Discipleship1, 480:with the task of purification and cleansing. I ask this for the sake of your own soul and for thatDiscipleship1, 487:the task has been done, it would appear (I would ask you to note the word "appear") that there isDiscipleship1, 487:suggest for your helping? First of all, I would ask you to drop all the esoteric and spiritual workDiscipleship1, 487:and (this may surprise you), I am going to ask you to be one of the first in my group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 488:and help you, under my instructions. Now I would ask you to endeavor to reach them, not because youDiscipleship1, 489:the other work already assigned to you, I will ask no more. I would, however, emphasize the needDiscipleship1, 497:the Hierarchy is practically coincident. I would ask you to ponder upon the significance of this.Discipleship1, 498:during the coming months. I will also ask you to follow the meditation here outlined... Meditate onDiscipleship1, 500:to the soul in time and space, I would ask you to note with care whether you are achieving a trulyDiscipleship1, 501:to you. I assign you no special work but would ask you to do the group meditation with regularityDiscipleship1, 503:seek here, however, to enlarge on this. I would ask you to ponder on my suggestions until May whenDiscipleship1, 506:to break the power of ancient thought-forms. You ask: What is my gift to the group? I answer: TheDiscipleship1, 510:- C.D.P. July 1935 MY BROTHER: If I were to ask you to measure your success or failure during theDiscipleship1, 513:As to your garden, my brother, I would ask you to enter into it early each Sunday morning. See yourDiscipleship1, 516:in my group whom you do not personally know. I ask you to remember this. But you could help moreDiscipleship1, 516:those in your immediate environment, do you ever ask yourself the [517] question: Am IDiscipleship1, 517:your loving them in the strong, true way... I ask you to love more truly. Your strength andDiscipleship1, 517:and detachment have never yet been used. I ask you not to cease from loving but I ask you to loveDiscipleship1, 517:used. I ask you not to cease from loving but I ask you to love as a soul and less as a personality.Discipleship1, 521:resume its sway. You might at this point rightly ask: How shall I prevent this happening? ByDiscipleship1, 523:as seed thoughts for your meditation and would ask you to ponder them with care during the nextDiscipleship1, 526:physical plane would release you physically. I ask you not to work as does A. A. B. who choosesDiscipleship1, 526:by one of M.'s group of disciples) but I would ask you to cease from the glamor of inferiority andDiscipleship1, 532:which you so much desire. One thing I will ask you to do, however: Ponder upon the use of theDiscipleship1, 532:and the power of visualization. I will also ask you to embody the results of this pondering andDiscipleship1, 535:essentials and the non-essentials. Upon these I ask you to ponder. A more intense inner life and aDiscipleship1, 537:March 1937 MY BROTHER: There is no need to ask you to go on and climb the mountain of attainment.Discipleship1, 544:I give you no change in your meditation. I would ask you to continue with the one which I last gaveDiscipleship1, 545:to interpret and to act as seems best to you. I ask for sincerity of purpose on the part of those IDiscipleship1, 546:general work assigned to my disciples is all I ask of you during the next six months. Sit erect,Discipleship1, 548:to the observing, contacting soul. This, I would ask you to remember and strive to realize. YouDiscipleship1, 548:you can depend and rest back. But I would ask you to bring that realization into your every dayDiscipleship1, 548:assistance to others. The second thing I would ask you to do is to follow a breathing exercise IDiscipleship1, 549:interpretation. Upon this suggestion, I would ask you to ponder, remembering that when the astralDiscipleship1, 550:in the realm of thought. You might rightly ask me the question: Direct knowledge of what? and IDiscipleship1, 550:and they include your co-disciples. I would ask you to endeavor to get in touch with them throughDiscipleship1, 553:that healing can be on all planes. I would ask you to go slowly and do all this work mostDiscipleship1, 554:must be prolonged, however. I definitely ask you to hold the group in the strength of your love andDiscipleship1, 554:progress forward... Particularly, however, do I ask you to take peculiar care and interest inDiscipleship1, 555:peace and healing strength on others. I would ask you, my brother, to study all that I have said inDiscipleship1, 556:devastation, my brother. Some disciples might ask me what I mean by that. I need not explain toDiscipleship1, 561:my objective in this initial training to which I ask you to subject yourself. Let me [562] make itDiscipleship1, 563:with himself in order to regain equilibrium? Ask A. A. B. She knows the meaning of those lost hoursDiscipleship1, 563:an undue focusing upon the little self. I would ask you to continue your study along the linesDiscipleship1, 564:months of quiet study and preparation, I would ask you to take the ideas, cited below, into yourDiscipleship1, 565:I will give you some new seed thoughts and would ask you to ponder upon them in deep reflection.Discipleship1, 568:form. So, my brother and my friend, I would ask you to concentrate on three things during the nextDiscipleship1, 570:of tangible, material, physical living. I would ask you to give five minutes each day, prior to theDiscipleship1, 572:and objectives until you know more about them! I ask you to subject that which I have to give youDiscipleship1, 573:shift of focus. Before giving it to you, may I ask you to eliminate out of your consciousness allDiscipleship1, 574:of the New Group of World Servers. You will ask what your service is to be. That, my brother, willDiscipleship1, 579:we do occasionally help. This I did. I would ask you to regard the process of such a definiteDiscipleship1, 579:in a sense that was before not possible. Now I ask you to take several months of complete quiet,Discipleship1, 579:and as needs come to your attention. I need not ask you to stand by my work and by the things whichDiscipleship1, 582:to it that you reply to them yourself. I would ask you to realize the wide scope which yourDiscipleship1, 582:not seeking to evade any questions which you may ask but, if I can awaken you to the realization ofDiscipleship1, 588:may do so later. I have two simple questions to ask you: Why are you working in this group? Why doDiscipleship1, 588:membership in it? The reasons which prompt me to ask you these two questions are as follows: ForDiscipleship1, 590:they are based on no sound foundation. I would ask you to become constructively useful and to ceaseDiscipleship1, 597:suggestions which I seek to make and on which I ask you to work for the next twelve months are asDiscipleship1, 603:seek to walk in truth, sincerity and love." Then ask yourself the following three questions: ThatDiscipleship1, 604:thought. Seek to live mentally much more simply. Ask and look for nothing for the separated selfDiscipleship1, 607:to list them for you clearly and concisely, and ask you - in the silence of your heart and theDiscipleship1, 609:later on in this instruction, upon which I will ask you to ponder and reflect, not in yourDiscipleship1, 615:1939 MY BROTHER: It is with deep regret that I ask for your resignation from the group. If in laterDiscipleship1, 627:and he then endeavors to transcend them... May I ask you also to study again the last instructionDiscipleship1, 630:I can give the techniques of the future. I would ask you to brood much upon the work of the newDiscipleship1, 631:expansion of consciousness. Later I will ask you to tune in on the heart life of this particularDiscipleship1, 632:my brother, did I not love you that way? Can I ask you to do one piece of work through and inDiscipleship1, 637:the impasse at which you have arrived. I would ask you, therefore, that - whether you accept myDiscipleship1, 637:My blessing rest upon you. I would particularly ask you to make the period of the Full Moon eachDiscipleship1, 639:for the preservation of the group integrity. I ask this of you. Discipleship1, 642:whole person or with groups as a whole. I would ask all of you to ponder upon this statement andDiscipleship1, 642:wide a field of service is opening up. I would ask you to realize your potency in healing, and withDiscipleship1, 642:and success. During the next few months, I will ask you to stabilize yourself at the center of yourDiscipleship1, 642:the heart, via the head to the soul. I would ask you to render all possible psychological aid whenDiscipleship1, 642:are at this time definitely open to you. I would ask you to bring to the Full Moon approach anDiscipleship1, 642:for the day succeeding the Full Moon. I would ask you to look for and expect certain reactions -Discipleship1, 643:which I am asking of all the group members. I ask from you a task of intensification, and this willDiscipleship1, 643:would like briefly to refer. As I do so, I would ask you, at the same time, to bear in mind that IDiscipleship1, 644:file of their collaborators. One thing I would ask of you: Use as the basis of all your work thatDiscipleship1, 644:premises and their modes of approach. May I ask you to bear in mind that you do not need toDiscipleship1, 645:force. In view of these facts upon which I would ask you to ponder and in view of the relationship,
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