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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASK

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Discipleship1, 646:yourself and helpfulness towards others. I would ask you, therefore, if you would do so, to takeDiscipleship1, 646:than adequate meditation material, and I would ask you to do no more than read and ponder on it andDiscipleship1, 653:nature and are so drastic in their scope that I ask myself if you are sufficiently aware of theDiscipleship1, 659:humanity as a whole at all times. I am going to ask you to study for six months the words "aDiscipleship1, 660:quite unnecessary. To offset that, I would ask you to ponder on one of the keywords I gave you whenDiscipleship1, 661:May 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: You may here rightly ask me: In what way do I hinder? I am not ambitious.Discipleship1, 662:suspension nor the opportunity to resign. I ask you to face the issue and make good. Fight thisDiscipleship1, 667:suggestions in the last communication. I would ask you to continue to study them and to go onDiscipleship1, 669:aspects meditate together each day. I would ask you that you take as your special work that subjectDiscipleship1, 688:below the threshold of consciousness. I would ask you: How much of your present so-called vision isDiscipleship1, 698:he cannot work alone. He can inspire, teach, ask for cooperation and give guidance as to the neededDiscipleship1, 702:the latter. As you ponder on this, I would ask you to realize that an Ashram is not a group ofDiscipleship1, 706:for granted and then forget about it. I would ask all disciples at this time to make it their majorDiscipleship1, 706:leaders of the forces of materialism, I would ask you to refrain. It can more easily be doneDiscipleship1, 710:in contradistinction to created forms. I would ask you to reflect upon this thought. This growth inDiscipleship1, 711:of emphasis upon certain centers. Again, I would ask you to ponder on this phrase because itDiscipleship1, 728:This is a new angle upon which I would ask you to think. The term, therefore, of Accepted DiscipleDiscipleship1, 732:vary according to person, and ray. I would only ask you to have these modes of approach in mind,Discipleship1, 738:The Master has, therefore, necessarily to ask himself whether the expenditure of time and energyDiscipleship1, 742:asking you to cultivate psychic powers, but I do ask you to hold yourselves in guarded readiness toDiscipleship1, 746:send it out when emergency demands it. You might ask how the chela knows that he can "get through"Discipleship1, 769:and it should be a group demonstration. I would ask if this is so? Are you too depressed (which isDiscipleship2, XIII:more than as individuals, and I will therefore ask you to read each other's instructions with greatDiscipleship2, 6:are being tendered another opportunity. I would ask you to remember this and to endeavor, inDiscipleship2, 7:and their planned Externalization. I am going to ask you to give two relatively brief periods ofDiscipleship2, 12:to the nature of your prevailing glamor. You may ask, what do I really mean by that phrase? I meanDiscipleship2, 13:the consecrated mind are united in service. I ask aid in the task of reconstruction. I ask for yourDiscipleship2, 13:I ask aid in the task of reconstruction. I ask for your consecrated help. I ask you to disciplineDiscipleship2, 13:I ask for your consecrated help. I ask you to discipline yourselves anew, to hold back nothing,Discipleship2, 13:back nothing, either objective or subjective. I ask for your whole-hearted cooperation in the workDiscipleship2, 14:predisposing cause of revelation. I would ask you to ponder on this, bracing yourself forDiscipleship2, 15:the coming full moons, prior to that of May. I ask you, at no matter what hour the [16] full moonDiscipleship2, 17:that your own souls are bringing about. I would ask you also to make a careful record every fullDiscipleship2, 20:in which they - again as individuals - ask nothing for the separated self but only seek to give toDiscipleship2, 24:moving forward of the awakened aspirant. I would ask you to study time in relation to your ownDiscipleship2, 25:particular way, it is surely not too much to ask that I receive reciprocal attention. Perhaps someDiscipleship2, 26:days before the time of the full moon, I will ask you to begin to cultivate that inner attitude ofDiscipleship2, 29:to which mankind is subjected. I would therefore ask you to steel your souls to endurance, knowingDiscipleship2, 29:knowing that the Hierarchy Stands; I would ask you to love blindly and unchangingly in spite of allDiscipleship2, 29:of all around and eternally loves; I would ask you to put your hand into that of the Master andDiscipleship2, 30:the life and light of the Hierarchy; I would ask you to be a strong hand in the dark to yourDiscipleship2, 35:and comprehension. The only thing that I would ask is that you accept the implications of thisDiscipleship2, 36:to a fused group endeavor. You might here ask: What can we as a group accomplish? What is it thatDiscipleship2, 39:renewal, rehabilitation and reconstruction. I ask you and other disciples, therefore, again to workDiscipleship2, 39:instructions are fuller this time and I would ask you to accept them as instructions to beDiscipleship2, 41:heights than ever before. For this withdrawal I ask you to prepare - with intelligence, wiseDiscipleship2, 47:and expressed intelligently. Upon this I would ask you to ponder, and as you ponder, make theDiscipleship2, 49:of time is now nearly completed, and today I ask you two questions: What has this work meant toDiscipleship2, 50:the major objective. Upon this statement I would ask you to ponder with renewed interest. YourDiscipleship2, 58:of the work we are now attempting. I am going to ask you to go over the whole process in theseDiscipleship2, 58:I will outline the work next to be done. May I ask for your real interest, service and cooperation?Discipleship2, 74:learnt, and usefulness returns. I would like to ask you to read this with care, with detachment,Discipleship2, 77:from me this life on the outer plane. I would ask you to read with extreme care what I have to sayDiscipleship2, 79:from three angles, and upon this fact I would ask you carefully to ponder. A review at night alongDiscipleship2, 89:the project of the Hierarchy as a whole. I ask you to throw your efforts into the work ofDiscipleship2, 90:You might at this point appropriately ask the following questions: Wherein lies the fault, and wasDiscipleship2, 95:of which you know yourself to be a part. I would ask you to study what I have just said with care.Discipleship2, 101:even if perforce inactive, that I would ask you as life proceeds and you face eventually andDiscipleship2, 108:without comment and without addresses. I would ask you on one day each month - the day of the fullDiscipleship2, 108:of human thought and procedure. Therefore we ask: How can we create extra-ashramic groups out ofDiscipleship2, 108:own business where each other is concerned and ask them to serve the human race; this of courseDiscipleship2, 110:as an individual and as a group, above all. I ask your aid so that one of the newest Ashrams mayDiscipleship2, 110:do not even penetrate into the Ashram. I would ask you to remember this, and with humility in yourDiscipleship2, 113:for it makes a fitting preface to what I shall ask you to do: Only from the heart center canDiscipleship2, 118:instructions and until further notice - I would ask you to work as follows: Group yourselves, allDiscipleship2, 124:you know, between the shoulder blades) I would ask you to breathe out the 0M again into the solarDiscipleship2, 126:meditation, as I had hoped and asked. I would ask you, therefore, to renew your activity along thisDiscipleship2, 126:of the most important of the steps I shall ever ask you to take in these early preparatory stagesDiscipleship2, 127:month send in your Full Moon report. I would ask you to do this each month, embodying your FullDiscipleship2, 128:a very simple alignment exercise which I would ask you to follow together until further notice. IDiscipleship2, 129:and understanding occult obedience. I would ask you, therefore, to do this simple alignmentDiscipleship2, 148:the second during the course of the war. I would ask you to use it daily and as many times a day asDiscipleship2, 149:The points of emphasis upon which I would ask you to dwell (once it is permissible to use theDiscipleship2, 151:committed to participation in this work. I would ask you also to read and reread the twoDiscipleship2, 153:three higher alignments - listed above. I would ask you to study the above tabulation with care.Discipleship2, 155:On the basis of what I have here said, I would ask you also to write a clear statement: Of yourDiscipleship2, 170:of Goodwill are hierarchical in origin. I would ask you to ponder on this. However, in this worldDiscipleship2, 171:takes place Christ will return to Earth. I would ask you not to misunderstand this phrase. ChristDiscipleship2, 175:of your individual intuitive perception. I would ask you to meditate [176] on what appear to you toDiscipleship2, 176:rendered futile. At the end of the year, I would ask you to embody your understanding of theDiscipleship2, 179:This I have earlier impressed upon you and would ask you now if you are doing so? Discipleship2, 187:and not with the demanding masses. I would ask you to remember this. Therefore, when I gave you theDiscipleship2, 195:in the three worlds of human evolution. I would ask you to ponder on these matters, because out ofDiscipleship2, 200:I would like to pause at this point and ask you to remember that I refer not here to religiousDiscipleship2, 226:of the travail of his soul and be satisfied." I ask you, therefore, to follow these two meditationsDiscipleship2, 229:World Servers needs money in large quantities. I ask that the needed vast sums may be madeDiscipleship2, 230:the evidence of things not seen." Then add: "I ask for the needed money for... and can demand itDiscipleship2, 230:and know that if you do not give, you may not ask, for you have no right to evoke that which you doDiscipleship2, 233:to the least important disciple. You might here ask: What is the value of the meditation andDiscipleship2, 251:great and major esoteric implications which I ask you to consider. An extension of these conceptsDiscipleship2, 251:reflection these subtle implications. I would ask you to ponder on them and - prior to the WesakDiscipleship2, 251:and - prior to the Wesak Full Moon - I would ask you to write your understanding of the formulaDiscipleship2, 262:extreme difficulty of interpretation. I would ask you to bear in mind that you are [263]Discipleship2, 263:the concrete mind is able to register. I would ask you, therefore, to cease gauging your capacityDiscipleship2, 264:out of the world of effects. Therefore, I would ask you to do the indicated work, to concentrateDiscipleship2, 270:possessing all things (universality)." I would ask you to reflect upon these words of the greatDiscipleship2, 270:goodwill and the will-to-good. Again I would ask you to reflect upon this distinction, for itDiscipleship2, 276:study this subject of initiation, I would ask you to keep an open mind. I have told you thatDiscipleship2, 278:I give you a hint, and upon these hints I would ask you to concentrate. I shall not alwaysDiscipleship2, 286:by thought, directs that energy. Why, I would ask you, is the will an aspect or an expression of
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