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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASK

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Discipleship2, 740:for you. The group meditation will suffice. I ask you to do much occult study and much teaching andDiscipleship2, 742:the time, but that should now be past history. I ask you now, for the sake of a needy world, andDiscipleship2, 746:matter, and along the line pointed out to her I ask your help and your time; I would ask you alsoDiscipleship2, 746:to her I ask your help and your time; I would ask you also to permit A.A.B. to train you moreDiscipleship2, 749:the reorganization of the Arcane School, I would ask you to take your full share and to concentrateDiscipleship2, 754:can then do it with adequate results. I would ask you to do it twice daily, when convenient. I setDiscipleship2, 760:and consequent results to the disciple. I would ask you, therefore, each month and for the rest ofDiscipleship2, 760:follow for three days a definite procedure... I ask this because I believe you have that persistentDiscipleship2, 763:opportunity. As regards the outer group, I would ask you to keep in close touch, however, throughDiscipleship2, 763:procedure outlined earlier by me, and I would ask you to keep this practice up for the remainder ofEducation, 25:child by always inquiring of the child, Why? Why ask this? Why is it thus? - and so throwing alwaysEducation, 63:about the new era of right human relations. They ask: Why omit political research from theEducation, 68:approach which I have here outlined. I would ask them to live redemptive lives, to unfold theirEducation, 109:chosen physical plane focal points. I would ask you again to regard yourselves as outposts of theEducation, 109:new and desirable trends in education. I would ask you to submit yourselves to thought trainingEducation, 111:intelligent, much then becomes possible. I would ask that your attitude should also be (for a timeEducation, 124:talk. This is apt to be forgotten, and I would ask you to ponder on its implications and to enquireEducation, 138:of God" has been given in the West. I would ask you to ponder on these five points or statementsExternalisation, 23:to you in the form of certain questions, which I ask that you should put to yourselves withExternalisation, 25:inclusive.) One practical thing also I will ask of you. Will you say, each night and morning, withExternalisation, 31:The novelty is dying out and you are apt to ask yourselves whether there is, in the last analysis,Externalisation, 78:minds from undue influence and wrong ideas. I ask you, in this work, to concentrate upon theExternalisation, 78:the Shamballa and the Hierarchical forces. I ask you to regard [79] yourselves as pure andExternalisation, 80:the distress and pain you are all feeling. You ask yourselves, where, as a race, have we failed andExternalisation, 83:light without the dark. Ponder on this.) I would ask you to realize that the organized efforts ofExternalisation, 144:OM with great diligence. I would like here to ask: With what results? I myself will reply. WithExternalisation, 146:purposes of the forces of materialism. I would ask you: How many used the Great Invocation in aExternalisation, 171:a prolonged conflict is to be avoided. I would ask you, therefore, to [172] participate in theExternalisation, 172:be solved through complete self-forgetfulness. I ask you to work anew with fresh ardor in joyfulExternalisation, 172:and failures in the urgency of that which I ask all to do for the world. There has been much lackExternalisation, 174:prayer or invocation is essential. I would ask you to call as many people as you can reach throughExternalisation, 174:Light, so that they may help humanity. I would ask you to get in touch with leaders and workers -Externalisation, 174:work the Hierarchy is attempting to do. I would ask you to call for help from all sides, and to letExternalisation, 219:challenges all men and women of goodwill. They ask you to share in the conflict in some way, andExternalisation, 225:here face you with these alternatives and would ask you to consider your own position in theseExternalisation, 228:can do from the point of integration. I would ask you to ponder with care upon this paragraph,Externalisation, 237:on with sympathy but without sacrifice and I ask you: Where do you stand? I bring to you some ofExternalisation, 238:and [238] possession of other nations, I would ask you to contrast the expressed aim of the Allies,Externalisation, 239:- Section II - The General World Picture I would ask you to exercise your imagination in an effortExternalisation, 241:of the totalitarian powers. First, I would ask you all to ponder on the vision of this new worldExternalisation, 245:To put it even more practically, I would ask you if you would care to have your children subjectedExternalisation, 248:This is the first point which I would ask you to consider doing. The second thing is to begin theExternalisation, 250:sacrificial will of the soul. Finally, I would ask you to get in touch as soon as you can with theExternalisation, 250:serve practically to focus your effort. I would ask you also to make it possible to disseminateExternalisation, 250:to fresh activity and hopeful effort. I would ask you to use this new Invocation with faith, for itExternalisation, 258:they themselves have no slightest control. You ask who these seven are: Hitler, von Ribbentrop,Externalisation, 265:this possibility to your attention and would ask you to think about it. Thus, if this should proveExternalisation, 273:intention of the focused minds of many. I would ask you to give much thought to these words "massedExternalisation, 281:of your reflective consciousness. I would ask you to use the Invocation frequently, with dynamicExternalisation, 292:and followed by countless millions. I would ask you to ponder on the potency of the nucleus ofExternalisation, 296:possible. From the side of humanity, I would ask you: What will be done? Between the Source fromExternalisation, 313:of crisis (within the world crisis) I again ask for your cooperation and leave you to make yourExternalisation, 314:From now until the Sun moves northward, I would ask each of you to do three things: First,Externalisation, 314:the task which must be done. The second thing I ask you to do is to gather out of all the pastExternalisation, 315:in the service of the immediate future. I would ask those of you who care to do so to meet togetherExternalisation, 315:consecration and consultation. I would ask those of you who live and work at more distant points toExternalisation, 315:you feel you can best aid in the task. I would ask all of you who associate yourselves with me inExternalisation, 316:Close with a minute of dynamic quiet. I will ask you to do this meditation every day until JanuaryExternalisation, 316:aim is to prepare all of you interiorly. I would ask you also to read and reread the instruction IExternalisation, 317:which we, the workers on the inner side, ask of those we choose to carry on our work upon the outerExternalisation, 318:control your thoughts, words and deeds. I would ask you also to study carefully the indications IExternalisation, 318:as to the work which must be done, and I would ask you also to study carefully the Eight PointsExternalisation, 325:to procedures and methods, I have asked - as I ask today - for your cooperation, and I ask it onExternalisation, 325:- as I ask today - for your cooperation, and I ask it on behalf of the Forces of Light, of theExternalisation, 334:- Forces behind the Evolutionary Process I would ask for an intensification of love between all ofExternalisation, 335:It is important integrating work. You might ask me at this point to be specific and state if thereExternalisation, 344:been expressed - except by the Christ. You might ask why, if this is so, do you emphasize thisExternalisation, 348:when "in that light we shall see Light." I would ask you to ponder on these two functions which theExternalisation, 350:this Full Moon of May. It is these which I would ask you to have in mind from now until the WesakExternalisation, 388:of [388] humanity for a long time to come. All I ask of you today is to begin now a most carefulExternalisation, 388:including the five days after that Full Moon I ask you to use both of the Invocations (Pages 144Externalisation, 388:can be enormously potent. I would, therefore, ask all of you (during the weeks prior to the FullExternalisation, 389:men and women of goodwill everywhere. I would ask you to see that as many receive this as possible.Externalisation, 389:time today to enlarge upon this theme. I simply ask for your acceptance of the hypothesis (anExternalisation, 393:not intend to plead with you, as in the past, or ask you for cooperation either to serve orExternalisation, 396:an important statement and one on which I would ask you to ponder. During the past six years I haveExternalisation, 399:and presented spiritual developments. I would ask all of you, therefore, to have an open mind, toExternalisation, 399:to a saner, better, truer way of living. I would ask you also to take those measures in yourExternalisation, 399:effort behind that of the Hierarchy. I would ask you to recognize that, as a part of [400] the newExternalisation, 406:the Way, bringing us the next needed truth. We ask ourselves: What will it be? For it, the knowersExternalisation, 413:of a new heaven and a new earth. I would ask the orthodox theologian how he interprets the words "aExternalisation, 425:ambition and sadistic inclinations. Who, you ask, do I mean by "they"? I mean those intelligentExternalisation, 442:time that you do not already know. Do I need to ask you to work individually and in the place whereExternalisation, 442:as in the intervening mental world? Do I need to ask for the control of emotions in the generalExternalisation, 445:of a century (since 1919) I have taught you. I ask now for your cooperation in our mutualExternalisation, 464:at the San Francisco Conference. This I would ask you to remember, and for this I beg you toExternalisation, 467:of light upon the decisions of men. I would ask you to request and expect the needed enlightenmentExternalisation, 468:express the needed attitude and orientation: I ask you to drop your antagonisms and yourExternalisation, 482:will call the Forces of Reconstruction. I would ask you to have clearly in your minds the threeExternalisation, 488:the second during the course of the war. I would ask you to use it daily and as many times a day asExternalisation, 489:The points of emphasis upon which I would ask you to dwell (once it is permissible to use theExternalisation, 491:to participation in this work. [491] I would ask you also to read and reread the two InstructionsExternalisation, 504:materialization on the physical plane. I would ask all of you who read these words anent the secondExternalisation, 556:in the ordained ceremonies. I would ask all to think imaginatively and to act as if they wereExternalisation, 558:faiths can aid in the process of averting war. I ask you also to make possible the wideExternalisation, 558:in order to reach the needy sons of men. I ask your aid and I await your decision. That He Whom weExternalisation, 568:has gone steadily forward since. You might well ask what were these steps and along what lines hasExternalisation, 608:in every department of human living. I would ask you to use your divine imagination and endeavor toExternalisation, 608:of the task which confronts Him; I would ask you to ponder on the difficulties which He mustExternalisation, 616:of dreams and of ideals. Aspirants are prone to ask the question as to why the Christ does not come
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