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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASKED

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Astrology, 493:I should say that a question might here be asked: How does it happen that one tiny non-sacredAstrology, 685:schemes. A very pertinent question might here be asked. We might justly enquire (in connection withAtom, 39:does this intelligence come from originally?" asked the interviewer. "From some power greater thanAtom, 60:by an interested investigator, by letter, and asked if they would be willing to state if they hadAutobiography, X:of her own great long-suffering heart. Some have asked why she should have had to suffer - for sheAutobiography, 29:Two things interested her at that time. She asked my husband whether I still believed in Christ andAutobiography, 34:but sorrow and trouble on every hand. I had not asked to come into the world but here I was. I wasAutobiography, 44:looking but with none too good a reputation - asked to speak to me. We went into what was calledAutobiography, 44:maid already has orders to pack your things." I asked him what on earth I bad done. He patted me onAutobiography, 61:met up at the practice camp during the summer) asked me to go down there every evening to theirAutobiography, 63:time when working among soldiers, I have been asked by the M.P.s to help them get a drunken soldierAutobiography, 64:was therefore solved and again she asked me if I would go to India for her at once, emphasizingAutobiography, 64:do for Him. I do not know and I have never even asked Him, because it is not one of the thingsAutobiography, 67:to live and needed some spiritual help. He had asked for me. My fellow-worker refused to let me go;Autobiography, 69:a peculiar manner but proceeded to do as I asked. When I came out of the gas and was feeling myselfAutobiography, 71:or respond to the Indian Congress Party. I asked a prominent Hindu a few years ago what he thoughtAutobiography, 71:their troops and their interest out of India. I asked for a truthful answer and not justAutobiography, 73:of our sitting-room, with a very grave face, and asked if I would mind coming out into the gardenAutobiography, 74:us. There we made tea and told silly stories; we asked riddles and never once did we talk religionAutobiography, 74:of our coffee-shop managers sought me out and asked me if I would mind coming to the coffee-shopAutobiography, 79:give him up to justice when the police came and asked me to bring him out. Another time one of ourAutobiography, 83:I have since often wondered who he was and have asked myself whether my Master K.H. had used him toAutobiography, 84:that really did seem unfair to me. They had not asked to be born; they were not old enough to knowAutobiography, 106:greatly enjoyed his visit. One of my daughters asked him if he was married. I well remember hisAutobiography, 109:me, but they undoubtedly guessed it though they asked no questions. My sister was married whilst IAutobiography, 115:day after day, and when (from curiosity) I asked a man who was plowing it why it was being done soAutobiography, 115:wounded. One morning a friend called me up and asked me to bring the three children over for theAutobiography, 118:Reading, Viceroy of India, and others. This man asked me over the phone for my order. I asked himAutobiography, 118:This man asked me over the phone for my order. I asked him how much we owed him and he said, "OverAutobiography, 118:as he knew I would not accept charity. He also asked for the key to our mail-box, so he could lookAutobiography, 120:- Chapter III As I have studied and thought and asked questions, certain things have clarified inAutobiography, 120:on to a religion which is basically obsolete. I asked myself a few days ago what part of the OldAutobiography, 136:to put my public work first and them last. I asked them to remember I was [137] always there, and IAutobiography, 145:In fact, I think I am one myself." He next asked me if I had known some bad Gentiles and I made theAutobiography, 151:if it had been possible. The question might be asked how can one combat fear? Well! I can only tellAutobiography, 151:does lead to self-forgetfulness. Also, I have asked myself, why should I not be afraid? All theAutobiography, 152:After I had been there a short time I was asked to run the cafeteria and - ignorance being bliss -Autobiography, 155:to one of the senior people at Krotona and asked for the name of this Master. They told me that itAutobiography, 156:with me to the trial. I was sworn in; the judge asked me one or two questions as to residence andAutobiography, 163:the higher telepathy and that what I was being asked to do embodied no aspect of the lowerAutobiography, 165:interested in the work that we were doing and asked after me. He inquired about the Arcane SchoolAutobiography, 176:to serve the T.S. Mr. Rogers looked at us and asked the question, "Is there any way which you canAutobiography, 195:long time and then in Paris in the early 1930s I asked Mr. Marcault, then the head of the T.S. inAutobiography, 195:had been for two years members of the T.S. and I asked him why people who were ready for esotericAutobiography, 201:in that town. I went to the rector and asked permission because England is a very small country andAutobiography, 206:a year and as long as no paid admissions were asked I could easily get out an audience of 1000. InAutobiography, 209:Nobility Club. One day a member of the club asked me to go down and hear the Grand Duke AlexanderAutobiography, 209:after I had made my curtsey and been seated he asked me what [210] he could do for me. I said,Autobiography, 210:he assured me that he would do anything I asked him and then said, "Let us now talk about theAutobiography, 218:as those who have. Not so many years ago I was asked to give a series of lectures at TheAutobiography, 218:for them to do anything. Shortly after I was asked by Cornell University to go there and meet theAutobiography, 228:but I wrote to the head of the order and asked permission to join but received no reply. TheAutobiography, 245:made a contact with A.A.B. (Alice A. Bailey) and asked her to do some writing for me and also toAutobiography, 250:in good standing. No loyalty is expected or asked, either to the school or to A.A.B. Students canAutobiography, 250:still be members of the Arcane School. They are asked to look upon such activities as fields ofAutobiography, 281:all the Arcane School workers and students are asked to conform. A study of these will greatlyAutobiography, 282:is definitely eliminative. The work you are asked to do is not easy, nor is it intended to be easy.Autobiography, 290:which constitute the blueprint upon which he is asked to pattern his life: "The souls of men areAutobiography, 294:and one which students in the Arcane School are asked to consider; they are urged to think thisAutobiography, 294:When need arises, the students are informed and asked to meet the need if possible, and over theAutobiography, 295:other presented teachings which the student is asked to study but which he again accepts or not asAutobiography, 296:in the work of the Arcane School. Students are asked to study them and accept them as long as theyBethlehem, 41:which are frequently overlooked. It might be asked at this point, "Who is the initiator? Who isBethlehem, 247:led to much confusion of thought. Few of us, if asked seriously to consider the problem andDestiny, 22:themselves. These you could hardly define if asked to do so. You are affected by their impact uponDiscipleship1, 12:- Part II PART II The question might here be asked: How can this work out practically in a group ofDiscipleship1, 15:thought-forms. Another question might here be asked: What should disciples in a Master's group lookDiscipleship1, 36:is the astral plane. The Trained Observers are asked to remember that their great task is to dispelDiscipleship1, 63:the answers to some of them. It could be wisely asked if anyone has the right to workDiscipleship1, 64:of the world thinkers. Have you ever asked yourselves what are the aspects of the work, inDiscipleship1, 82:greatest number and to the most needy. If I were asked to specify the outstanding fault of theDiscipleship1, 125:obedience. Yet, my brother, you have had all you asked for if you could but recognize it. You knowDiscipleship1, 125:surely, therefore, the recognition for which you asked has been accorded you and you are aware ofDiscipleship1, 141:I seek to answer the two questions you have asked me. As regards Z, the extroverting process mustDiscipleship1, 160:Servers is now beginning. There will not be asked of you more than you can accomplish. Use theDiscipleship1, 198:idea of Light predominating? In a review, am I asked to redo or re-experience, or should I assumeDiscipleship1, 202:illumined mind. You will see, therefore, why I asked you the questions I did in the lastDiscipleship1, 203:C. A. C. August 1937 MY BROTHER: You have been asked to serve in my group of disciples for threeDiscipleship1, 215:of mine because I, whom you know and love, have asked you so to do. This is of assistance to youDiscipleship1, 215:you serve with us and not simply because you are asked to serve. Give to your group brothers ofDiscipleship1, 252:BROTHER: Your replies to the questions which I asked were honest. It is not wise, however, for youDiscipleship1, 276:can arrest his progress on the Path. I have asked myself what I can say to you at this time thatDiscipleship1, 290:May before coming to your final decision. I have asked a member of another group in my Ashram to doDiscipleship1, 303:latent capacity in you that you were originally asked to be a member of the initial group ofDiscipleship1, 322:handle. In your meditation work you have asked the question: What hinders that can be sacrificed?Discipleship1, 333:- S.C.P. January 1937 MY BROTHER: You have asked me a definite question and you have made oneDiscipleship1, 333:can be practically applied if you so choose. You asked how one can definitely know my vibration.Discipleship1, 342:You can at any time drop out. You are not asked to give to me any personality devotion. You willDiscipleship1, 342:to me any personality devotion. You will not be asked to do aught for which I will not (at the sameDiscipleship1, 366:of authority has descended upon her. She has asked permission to leave my group and for some oneDiscipleship1, 379:effectiveness and group cohesion. If I were asked what, at this time, constitutes your major groupDiscipleship1, 398:with a redoing or with a re-experiencing? Am I asked to re-experience, or am I simply asked toDiscipleship1, 398:Am I asked to re-experience, or am I simply asked to observe as a detached onlooker? Am I capableDiscipleship1, 445:1937 BROTHER OF MINE: I fancy', if you were asked the question, that you would regard the past yearDiscipleship1, 496:has, however (because you were new in his group) asked me to help you - a brother on the same ray.Discipleship1, 496:with me and will continue so to be. When he asked me not long ago - as occasionally he does, thoughDiscipleship1, 571:by your over-active, lower mind. I have asked myself the question: Can this brother be so trainedDiscipleship1, 601:and separateness into the work. You are not asked to accept blindly all that you receive. ButDiscipleship1, 601:you receive. But whilst in the group, you are asked to live up to group requirements and to workDiscipleship1, 602:for the teaching and do not do that which is asked, it is your privilege to withdraw from the group
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