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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASKED

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Glamour, 9:is this aspect of symbolic reading that you are asked to study. Students should ascertain,Glamour, 20:that there is no such thing as matter. We are asked to regard the entire world phenomena as mayaGlamour, 35:[35] can answer clearly questions which might be asked. The following three questions are basic:Healing, 32:which I offer for your consideration. I have asked A.A.B. to insert a very brief synopsis of someHealing, 157:of man to the energy of love, all disciples are asked at this time to ponder and reflect, for as aHealing, 166:difficulty and apparent uselessness. It might be asked: Why should it be necessary to be soHealing, 262:thinking. The question "Why?" so frequently asked brings in the factor of cause and effect withHealing, 306:IV Some Questions Answered Most questions asked by the neophyte would remain unasked if he had moreHealing, 315:These and similar questions are constantly asked by students and practitioners of healing. TheseHealing, 352:unfoldment of the race is the need, when so asked, to aid in the bringing about of health to theHealing, 356:On Healing Energy The question is sometimes asked by beginners: "Can we clearly distinguish betweenHealing, 389:- of a constant living process. If I were asked to say what is the major task of all healingHealing, 479:seem to me of importance; they are frequently asked by earnest and intelligent students. The firstHealing, 483:with the processes of death. It has been asked: What is the Tibetan's attitude towards cremation,Healing, 532:by me in their rightful relationship. I have asked A.A.B. to give here a list of the ten laws and -Hercules, 14:him o'er and liked him well. "Your name?," he asked and waited for an answer. "Herakles", theHercules, 45:a term in common usage today. It might well be asked here, in what way does Taurus, the bull,Hercules, 58:with pain; his eyes were closed with agony; he asked no help; he saw not Hercules but stood bowedHercules, 96:toll of men." "Is that the savage sound I hear?" asked Hercules. "Is it the roaring of a lion IHercules, 97:and following its voice. "The lion is where?" asked Hercules. "The lion is here," came the reply.Hercules, 161:mountain like the goat in Capricorn. It has been asked: "Must we never make karma for ourselves orHercules, 170:of Hades. Unto Prometheus, O Hercules, you are asked to be a savior. Go down into the depths, andInitiation, 4:song of the heavens." The reader is also asked to remember and weigh certain ideas prior to takingInitiation, 96:Initiation and the Devas The question may be asked whether the devas undergo initiation, and weInitiation, 105:without its fall being noticed. It may be asked why the Bodhisattva was not included in theInitiation, 148:to the end of the ceremony. The question may be asked whether any initiates break their oath. VeryInitiation, 182:Day of Opportunity The question might here be asked wherein this information is of value to theIntellect, 106:of the Mystics, page 90. The question may be asked, what is the easiest way to teach oneself toIntellect, 251:Care in Meditation How, it might be pertinently asked, can one distinguish between the trulyMagic, 7:No true investigator of the Ageless Wisdom is asked to give blind adherence to any presentation ofMagic, 7:adherence to any presentation of truth; he is asked, however, to have an open mind and seriously toMagic, 153:blind unquestioning [153] obedience is never asked. Suggestions are made as to method and as to aMagic, 249:Eight - Cyclic Ebb and Flow It might here be asked what are the dangers of this midway spot? TheMagic, 268:to true occult work. [268] The question might be asked: What is meant by occult work? True occultMagic, 269:one of the Great Ones not long ago, a disciple asked his master to express this truth to him inMagic, 317:recognized as different. The question has to be asked: Is this reaction a response to personalityMagic, 503:emphasize the wrong objectives. It might well be asked if it is possible to give a simple set ofMagic, 551:now the case, such questions will inevitably be asked. I can, however, give a short reply whichPatanjali, 275:can truly acquire this knowledge. It might be asked here what therefore do those people see who arePatanjali, 294:of the solar plexus to the heart. It might be asked very pertinently here how this junction betweenPatanjali, 380:the lower powers. The question might here be asked, is it not true that words of power and the usePatanjali, 406:are of profound value to the aspirant, if asked sincerely and answered truthfully, as in theProblems, 98:in community life and ready with his money when asked for it but - he still remains apart. TheProblems, 113:discriminated against for all time; he cannot be asked to defend his country and then have hisPsychology1, 81:for united, divine, harmonious action. They asked these questions in a spirit of heavenly joy andPsychology1, 117:our present discussion), and the question was asked: Who trains these Observers and Communicators?Psychology1, 237:facility. A very apposite question might here be asked: What determines the ray which should governPsychology1, 332:which likewise play upon him. It might here be asked: What are the differences between thePsychology2, 38:reality. He lost himself. Fear entered in. He asked himself: 'Another pattern must be woven;Psychology2, 170:He went that way alone, or dragging those who asked the way of him. He saw a vision, shifting as hePsychology2, 187:rigid adherence to the letter of the law is ever asked or expected. Flexibility within certainPsychology2, 300:charts or these life patterns. He is asked to study them with care, all four of them, and then toPsychology2, 401:to the demanded task that humanity is being asked to perform the impossible. It is as if the humanPsychology2, 471:that there is no such thing as matter. We are asked to regard the entire world phenomena as mayaPsychology2, 544:of Disciples and Mystics The question is often asked: Why is there frequently so [545] muchPsychology2, 572:the reality. The question could here properly be asked: How can the mystic avoid this error andPsychology2, 728:and temporary program, and their cooperation asked. [729] This program of unification of thePsychology2, 735:the Great Ones not so long ago, the question was asked: "What can we do? for this emergency must beRays, 38:the organ of illumination. Therefore it might be asked: Do the united mental processes of the groupRays, 103:This is a somewhat new attitude which he is asked to take, because hitherto the emphasis upon hisRays, 274:work which the men and women of goodwill are asked to do and will do; it is not what some earnestRays, 281:today for hierarchical workers. It might here be asked: What is the work undertaken by the MastersRays, 305:(under instruction from this final rule) is asked to bring about? What is he required to destroy?Rays, 425:much information in the above statement. I have asked A.A.B. to incorporate at the close of thisRays, 425:ability you can comprehend much. I have also asked A.A.B. to add to this instruction the sevenRays, 692:words signifying to "fix on a cross" (I have asked A.A.B. to look this word up in the dictionary soRays, 741:Events (Written February 1949) You (A.A.B.) have asked me what I considered the most important andReappearance, 56:He, the Representative of the love of God, is asked to work again in the world arena wherein HisReappearance, 105:represented thinking men in every land. They asked the ancient questions as to why there is sorrowReappearance, 105:and misery in every land and in every life; they asked what caused these things and what must beReappearance, 116:if one asks him the question which the disciples asked Christ about the blind man, "Master, didReappearance, 140:practical need in a most difficult world. He is asked to give unquestioning belief but not toReappearance, 140:not possible for him to comprehend and yet he is asked to accept the interpretations and theReappearance, 161:itself, there are three questions which can be asked - the answers to which are strictlyReappearance, 178:which appeal to them. The question is often asked: Why do the Unity School of thought, theTelepathy, 192:of existence. With all this the student is not asked to deal. The factors of importance which he
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