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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASKING

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Atom, 82:Been scattered o'er the visible world before, Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To beAutobiography, 12:time when I was not thinking, and puzzling and asking questions and rebelling and hoping. Yet I wasAutobiography, 25:duty. How well I remember going over to it and asking myself: "What now?" Up at 6 a.m., rain orAutobiography, 55:his name, sitting down to play games with him, asking him about his home and gradually leading upAutobiography, 64:A. Bailey - Chapter II I wrote to my people asking if I might go - meaning to go anyway, butAutobiography, 100:its sorrows and pain and distress as best I can, asking you to be patient. It was just an interludeAutobiography, 106:I had a letter from a scientist, a Dr. Just, asking me if I would grant him an interview as he hadAutobiography, 106:"My dear young lady, I would never dream of asking a girl of your race to marry me and to sufferAutobiography, 135:and I was in and out of their home, talking and asking questions, a great deal. My days then becameAutobiography, 180:the City Hall one morning, procuring a license, asking the man at the license bureau to recommend aAutobiography, 187:no child can get proper attention. I remember asking Mildred one day why she was not doing herAutobiography, 191:get letters from all over the world from people asking me to teach them to meditate or to put themAutobiography, 211:afternoon Mr. Roumanoff called my husband up, asking if my husband and I were free that evening andBethlehem, 39:Been scattered o'er the visible world before, Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To beDiscipleship1, 45:Free, intelligent assistance is what we are asking from all our disciples today, and we leave themDiscipleship1, 135:Humanity is demanding help and the Hierarchy is asking for cooperation. Discipleship1, 153:well-balanced cooperator has appeared. You are asking yourself (and me) if this lack of cooperatorsDiscipleship1, 189:group. This is not always easy. You have been asking yourself on what grounds have you been chosenDiscipleship1, 301:D. L. R. July 1934 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: I am asking you to work in this group of students andDiscipleship1, 366:that your failure is basically superficial I am asking you to do for me a definite service. I couldDiscipleship1, 368:ask you to ponder deeply upon that sentence, asking you to apply it and carry the concept to theDiscipleship1, 369:outflow of the group thought. Therefore, I am asking my group of disciples this year to prepare forDiscipleship1, 376:that you preface the group meditation which I am asking all of you to do with the following briefDiscipleship1, 441:I have for you a brief message which I am asking A. A. B. to incorporate in her next letter to you.Discipleship1, 453:thought each day to the problem of the future, asking you, first of all, to achieve as stable aDiscipleship1, 482:I am not fanciful or unduly optimistic nor am I asking you to undertake something which will landDiscipleship1, 488:life from which a greater work could grow? I am asking you to link up definitely and consciouslyDiscipleship1, 532:which you have received and will receive. I am asking A. A. B. to give you a copy of a meditationDiscipleship1, 570:yet served as a soul - possessing nothing and asking nothing for the separated self. This is yourDiscipleship1, 577:of those who serve that Plan. Then say: "Asking nothing for the separated self, I pour forth love."Discipleship1, 588:BROTHER OF MINE: I am neither suspending you nor asking for your resignation from my group. I mayDiscipleship1, 592:you comprehend well what I mean and what I am asking; you have already made a beginning along thisDiscipleship1, 630:I say "my plan" advisedly, my brother, as I am asking for your understanding of the thing which IDiscipleship1, 637:outpouring has been adequate. You are probably asking yourself why I have put you into the work ofDiscipleship1, 643:give you no special work except that which I am asking of all the group members. I ask from you aDiscipleship1, 651:give ourselves without reserve, seeking nothing, asking nothing, hoping nothing for the separatedDiscipleship1, 734:comes in - the arousing of the Ashram to the asking of those questions which will lead toDiscipleship1, 742:of life where the lower psychism rules? I am not asking you to cultivate psychic powers, but I doDiscipleship2, 138:description of the meditation work, which I am asking you to carry forward for a year at least, isDiscipleship2, 138:I will therefore briefly outline the work, asking you to do it after close study of all that I haveDiscipleship2, 156:ascertain your reaction to these words, and am asking you for one entire year to concentrate yourDiscipleship2, 499:from politics and partisanships, and I am asking all of you who are my pledged workers to moveDiscipleship2, 518:simplicity leads to simple loving, asking nothing in return; simplicity leads to silence - notDiscipleship2, 535:years in a spirit of selfless responsive love - asking nothing for the separated self. I have noDiscipleship2, 581:The very first communication I gave to A.A.B., asking her to send it out to the public, wasDiscipleship2, 585:doing all these things and that all that I am asking is an intensification of present action. IDiscipleship2, 715:you have, and which you have never used. I am asking you, therefore, to stop all meditation, evenExternalisation, 94:we, the teachers on the inner side, are today asking ourselves as we study the problem of the bestExternalisation, 174:- important and unimportant - in every land, asking them to associate themselves in their own wayExternalisation, 239:But I bring these contrasts to your attention, asking you to recognize your responsibility to standExternalisation, 316:You will constitute the initial group which I am asking to collaborate with me in theExternalisation, 353:usefulness. I leave the matter in your hands, asking you to remember that the united [354]Externalisation, 556:at least on the periphery of some ashram. I am asking you to take part in these two ceremonies withExternalisation, 632:message) of pleading with you to do it - beyond asking you to carry on where I leave off. I referExternalisation, 696:or two of them. For instance, some of you are asking: How will these Members of the Hierarchy inFire, 652:Been scattered o'er the visible world before, Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To beGlamour, 81:be cultivated and the illumined mind developed, asking yourselves if those purposes are identicalGlamour, 140:I will, however, briefly define illumination, asking you to bear in mind that we are not hereHealing, 303:Into these others He ever poured Himself, asking response and never getting it. Surely and withHealing, 306:instruction. However, the teacher may invite the asking of questions and for reasons: Because whereHealing, 307:aid you with greater intelligence. [307] Because asking of intelligent questions is the occultHealing, 511:to you. You can test their theoretical nature by asking yourself: What am I doing, as a soul (if IHercules, 50:about the problem; and the rising generation are asking in no uncertain tones: "What about sex?Hercules, 54:forth to seek for them he sought the Teacher, asking Him the way to go and find the sacred tree andIntellect, 8:the instrument with which he has to work. He is asking himself: What use is he to make of it? WhereIntellect, 66:answer their request for revelation. But it is asking, demanding and expecting which are the mainIntellect, 222:years, many hundreds of people have come to me, asking for help, owing to the effects ofMagic, 189:He lives, serves, works and influences, asking nothing for the separated self. When a Master seesMagic, 428:ruling of one's life on the basis of surrender, asking oneself all the time: What can I relinquishPatanjali, 65:which is right and proper. It is that "asking of questions" spoken of by the Christ in the wordsProblems, 80:insoluble. Men and women of goodwill are now asking the question: Can the [81] conflict betweenProblems, 133:spiritual purpose. They are simple, saintly men, asking nothing for the separated self,Problems, 135:for the release which death will bring, asking only a little food, some warmth, a few books andPsychology1, 231:an intelligent reply. I shall make answer by asking another question: What indication has thePsychology1, 302:their problems, including the problem of sex, by asking themselves when situations arise of aRays, 397:to the work to be done. This He does by asking Them to record Their decision when taking the sixthRays, 497:I would like to indicate, as far as possible (asking you to remember that all generalizations areReappearance, 105:mankind came into increasingly active use. The asking of questions, to which there seem no apparentReappearance, 108:Such is the question which His disciples are now asking. The probability is that His teaching willReappearance, 187:the call truly signifies are responding, and asking for the opportunity to help, and for guidanceSoul, 143:have been studying meditation for several years) asking if they were aware of any phenomena ofSoul, 152:Been scattered o'er the visible world before, Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To beSoul, 154:One may be helped to such a definition by asking oneself what element has tended to fall out of the
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