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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASKS

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Astrology, 176:catechism which all disciples have to master, asks the following questions and supplies the neededAutobiography, XI:more daring work with Him for the Christ. She asks us to keep the Arcane School bright and shiningAutobiography, 179:of things for the separated self. True prayer asks nothing for the separated self but it willBethlehem, 169:understand the Christ spirit. A great Japanese asks the poignant question "What is the primary aimBethlehem, 266:question which St. John, the beloved Apostle, asks and which we have not yet, as a race, attemptedDiscipleship1, 46:therefore, can I now work? Every true teacher asks himself this question as he studies the groupingDiscipleship1, 222:yourself do what your soul or the Hierarchy asks of you... Thirdly, your first ray personalityDiscipleship1, 564:group brothers with a clear impersonality which asks nothing for the separated self. This is notDiscipleship1, 582:of incidental and related questions which it asks. I would not bring this matter to your notice ifDiscipleship2, 523:and of difficulty, as has the love of A.A.B. She asks me not to tell you this, indeed she begs meDiscipleship2, 718:series of group instructions is concerned. She asks me what she should do, as she would notDiscipleship2, 723:of their importance. Help her all you can. She asks me not to write this, but has my instructionsEducation, 11:I - Some Questions Answered The third question asks: "What is the process of the unfoldment of theExternalisation, 353:of right action for which the Hierarchy asks today. If humanity does its part, it will find thatExternalisation, 378:the face of this gigantic human undertaking. He asks himself many questions. Of what use am I? WhatExternalisation, 445:need for clear thinking is plain. The Hierarchy asks for your aid and your support in the arena ofGlamour, 77:the spontaneous desirelessness of the soul which asks nothing for the separated self. This glamorGlamour, 115:forces (personality force and soul energy) and asks himself: Which is right, this or that? How canHealing, 96:and a thought-directed life. The second question asks whether an individual or a group can heal byMagic, 117:he gives all and is full to completeness; he asks nothing for himself and is the richest man onMagic, 203:of enquirers". The question which the seeker now asks and which he only has the right to answer is:Magic, 245:far than to do. "Can these dry bones live?" he asks, and has no desire to see them revitalized. AllMagic, 371:calls happiness and peace have left him, and asks what is to be the outcome. We who watch and guideMagic, 573:joining in the give and take of daily life - asks himself the questions: What was the type ofMeditation, 172:reason why. The man on this fivefold line ever asks why, and how, and whence, and seeks toRays, 696:hold, for the initiate is at the point where he asks and holds nothing for the separated self. AtReappearance, 116:the orthodox Christian with horror; yet if one asks him the question which the disciples askedSoul, 23:mentally, derives data from self-communion, asks others to do the same; the behaviorist
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