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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Astrology, 275:of the feminine pole in existence (the material aspect), the constellation Cancer is outstandinglyAstrology, 280:is connected naturally with the Spirit or first aspect of divinity, or with the Monad and with theAstrology, 280:of the Hierarchy to be identified with the third aspect of divinity, with the mother principle andAstrology, 281:control, is therefore the agent of the third aspect (active intelligence) from one point of view,Astrology, 281:from one point of view, and of the second aspect (love-wisdom) from another. He is regarded asAstrology, 282:time because of the second principle or second aspect of divinity, the Son or the germ of theAstrology, 283:in one way by the wheel, and the consciousness aspect in another way or in the reverse direction.Astrology, 285:in nature but in its lowest and most undesirable aspect. It is also of the nature of Leo, for theAstrology, 296:Sun (symbolically speaking) and are an inherent aspect of the greater whole. The physical Sun - theAstrology, 298:form nature and reflects the Sun, or the Father aspect. The above statement is exceedingly occultAstrology, 300:initiation when the true nature of the spirit aspect begins to dawn upon the liberated, intuitiveAstrology, 300:ray, which is - from one angle - the lowest aspect of the first ray. Hence you have also theAstrology, 303:in nature, are connected only with the form aspect, and are imbued with as much of the quality ofAstrology, 306:the slightest understanding of the consciousness aspect of evolution. There is, first of all, theAstrology, 316:other word is "immortality" which is the divine aspect of self-preservation; it is the majorAstrology, 316:In Capricorn, at the third initiation, this life aspect assumes primary importance. You will see,Astrology, 316:fire of God as it has been cleansed from every aspect of the material form through the completeAstrology, 328:"Harmony through Conflict" and it is the lower aspect of the ray energy, producing conflict whichAstrology, 328:of Love-Wisdom, of which the fourth ray is an aspect. This second ray energy is very potentlyAstrology, 336:highest initiation and of entrance into the life aspect of deity. I cannot too strongly reiterateAstrology, 339:between the opposite signs leads to some aspect of definite personality manifestation, this beingAstrology, 341:development and eventual use of the form aspect and the development of psychic sensitivity both inAstrology, 341:to the fluid psychic nature. These (the form aspect and the psychic nature) reach an eventualAstrology, 347:triangles; this will be far the most important aspect of the teaching on esoteric astrology and theAstrology, 351:mysterious fashion: Cancer - physical Sun - 3rd aspect - intelligent activity of the Whole. GeminiAstrology, 351:of the Whole. Gemini - heart of the Sun - 2nd aspect - love of the Whole. Aquarius - centralAstrology, 351:Whole. Aquarius - central spiritual Sun - 1st aspect - the will of the Whole. Through these signsAstrology, 353:of Gemini. Mercury is the expression of the dual aspect of the mind as it mediates between theAstrology, 354:the Path of Discipleship. There is a third [354] aspect of Mercury which begins to function whenAstrology, 354:initiation. It is then the revealer of the life aspect during the processes of the higherAstrology, 361:is not a sacred planet, as you know, and to that aspect of divinity which is material orAstrology, 364:of Mercury is also enhanced in its interpretive aspect because the Gemini person can always findAstrology, 366:soul, focused within or identified with some aspect of the personality, and, in a later stage, withAstrology, 366:interplay and circulation of the spirit-soul aspect throughout all the complex organisms within theAstrology, 367:such constant reference in my books: the life aspect seated in the heart and using the blood streamAstrology, 367:of life-giving expression, and the consciousness aspect, seated in the head and using the nervousAstrology, 368:by the fact that Gemini is the most important aspect of the Mutable Cross, setting or determiningAstrology, 371:manifestation of a little known and understood aspect of divinity, to which we give the inadequateAstrology, 372:and the consequent evocation of the will aspect of man's nature. This must produce undesirable asAstrology, 377:of the developed lower nature, the personality aspect of integrated selfhood. It produces - thoughAstrology, 379:shall rule the lower half (i.e., the personality aspect of men and of nations - A.A.B.). The searchAstrology, 380:and "revolution" takes place with the life aspect reversing itself upon the wheel. Then theAstrology, 380:fourfold expression is as yet an unexplored aspect of astrological research and one with which weAstrology, 388:the life of the spirit or the [388] highest aspect; until that time, he has expressed first theAstrology, 388:through the medium of the personality or form aspect. When, therefore, I speak of subjectiveAstrology, 389:here indicated to you the higher or spiritual aspect of King Solomon's seal. When these six typesAstrology, 390:hereto unproven) you are gradually developing an aspect of your mind which is much needed in theAstrology, 392:definite, active undertaking which embodies that aspect of the will of God which it is his peculiarAstrology, 394:because "bull-headed" and because the hammer aspect of Vulcan will be dominant. Because he has aAstrology, 396:through each arm of the Cross upon humanity. One aspect of this will eventually determineAstrology, 403:[403] One states the note of the form aspect, "Let struggle be undismayed." The Word of the form isAstrology, 414:but must suffice. There is a manifesting aspect in all these triplicities which is the result of,Astrology, 416:the sun, Sirius, are related to the love-wisdom aspect or to the attractive power of the solarAstrology, 416:are connected with the active intelligent aspect of logoic expression, and influence the form sideAstrology, 418:by the demonstrated quality of the life aspect, its conditioning and results in the microcosmicAstrology, 419:four groups of stars constitute the manifested aspect or personality of a great and unknown Life. IAstrology, 420:manifestation. This corresponds to the Monad aspect. A secondary qualifying energy producingAstrology, 420:This corresponds to the Ego or Soul aspect. A lesser expression of force, producing tangibility.Astrology, 420:tangibility. This corresponds to the Personality aspect. These three energies will be related,Astrology, 424:manifestation it is the second or consciousness aspect (that of the second Logos) which is theAstrology, 438:of [438] death, as you know, and in its death aspect we see the Piscean correspondence to the firstAstrology, 438:we see the Piscean correspondence to the first aspect, the destroyer aspect of the Logos. ThisAstrology, 438:to the first aspect, the destroyer aspect of the Logos. This death aspect is naturally active atAstrology, 438:the destroyer aspect of the Logos. This death aspect is naturally active at the close of theAstrology, 442:is also a birth sign, because it is also an aspect or one of the arms of the Cardinal Cross - theAstrology, 445:this effort of the Hierarchy because the highest aspect of Pisces which humanity can at this timeAstrology, 449:rulers) has been in terms of the material aspect and not of the spiritual. Students would find itAstrology, 449:Pleiades. These triangles concern the spiritual aspect of the planetary life and of humanity, asAstrology, 456:such as the responsive unfoldment of the form aspect and the evolution of the deva, or angel, lineAstrology, 458:the play of the life of the soul upon the form aspect, one or other of the rays will dominate andAstrology, 461:unreal. The building of the antahkarana is an aspect of this completion. This concerns the finalAstrology, 462:the lower forces. This point is called the soul aspect of the triangle and is always theAstrology, 466:is clearer to him. The relation of the Mother-aspect (as embodied in the Pleiades) and of theAstrology, 469:Second, these influences are playing upon that aspect of human life which we call the Monad; theyAstrology, 471:own individual experience. This is the higher aspect of the energy of Pisces; it is awareness ofAstrology, 471:universe. It is the energy of buddhi, the higher aspect of the lower psychic nature; it is theAstrology, 471:aspect of the lower psychic nature; it is the aspect of the mediator in contradistinction to theAstrology, 476:- is included, thus linking the self-conscious aspect with the spirit: [477] Leo - Libra -Astrology, 478:squares or the quaternial relation that the form aspect is brought into relation and adequacy toAstrology, 478:through the gradually unfolding consciousness aspect. I am explaining this situation in theseAstrology, 484:and energies which affect the consciousness aspect of the human being, and condition theAstrology, 484:subject, this emphasis upon the consciousness aspect must not be forgotten. For the remainder ofAstrology, 486:is a system which is expressing the second aspect of divinity and hence the [487] emphasis upon theAstrology, 494:descriptive and expressive of the consciousness aspect. Love is response to contact and this - inAstrology, 499:quality, and the quality of the immediate divine aspect, the Christ consciousness, will emerge in aAstrology, 504:though they are regarded as embodying the matter aspect in manifestation - are in reality andAstrology, 506:response and activity, the higher divine aspect, that of the Monad, the will aspect. When this isAstrology, 506:divine aspect, that of the Monad, the will aspect. When this is accomplished, will, love andAstrology, 506:(the spiritual soul) which is the lower aspect of the Monad. The sacred planets are, as you know,Astrology, 508:home, whether the home is the fourth or lowest aspect of the personality or the fourth kingdom inAstrology, 519:World, is releasing new energies into the form aspect, i.e., into the Life and the lives of theAstrology, 520:thus pursuing its work of destruction, is an aspect of the will and intention of the planetaryAstrology, 520:great and unspiritual groups. Later this will aspect will evoke the will-to-good and theAstrology, 520:of the whole, and into cooperation; this is an aspect of the principle of sharing. Astrology, 522:the first Ray of Will or Power in its building aspect and not in its destroying aspect. It is theAstrology, 522:in its building aspect and not in its destroying aspect. It is the service of the whole which isAstrology, 524:and also encouraging. The consciousness aspect of the British people is steadily shifting into anAstrology, 525:of the first Ray in its lower materialistic aspect. Japan is governed by the soul ray in theAstrology, 541:human spirit has fought. The self-consciousness aspect of the human being is [542] being steadilyAstrology, 543:take the place of the "lighted Way." The earthy aspect of Capricorn, the lowest concrete aspect of
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