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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Atom, 88:larger unit to which it belongs, and the love aspect begins to show itself. The man has passed outAtom, 91:into coherent forms. At death, when the spirit aspect withdraws itself, the form disintegrates, andAtom, 97:recognition that in atomic substance we had one aspect of the Godhead, of the Deity, and of theAtom, 97:of the solar system, manifesting under the aspect of intelligence, and we saw that in the formAtom, 97:of intelligence, and we saw that in the form aspect of nature another quality of the Deity becameAtom, 98:power. Today we are stepping out of the matter aspect of manifestation with which we have beenAtom, 112:Later on, when he comes to the more spiritual aspect of meditation, he will find that he hasAtom, 112:meditation are found. All of them embody some aspect of the truth, and may be doing much good, butAtom, 114:over-emphasis has been laid upon its ceremonial aspect. We need to remember that every greatAtom, 122:central sun, with the electrons, or the negative aspect, revolving in their orbits around it. SuchAtom, 122:the internal life of the atom, its self-centered aspect. We noted, too, that the atom is now beingAtom, 130:embodied all that concerns matter, the substance aspect of manifestation; it deals withAtom, 134:the third root race, the Lemurian, the physical aspect of man was carried to a high stage ofAtom, 153:a basis in fact, and that there is probably an aspect of truth in the assertion. I would personallyAtom, 153:I would personally suggest here that that aspect of truth will be found, not along physical linesAtom, 156:atomic life of our Logos, the active intelligent aspect, that one which was first developed, andAtom, 156:electrical manifestation, the active intelligent aspect of the solar system, and their energy thatAtom, 157:they may perhaps [157] represent the negative aspect, whose polar opposite, or the positive aspect,Atom, 157:aspect, whose polar opposite, or the positive aspect, is their seven husbands, the seven stars ofAutobiography, 110:time. I was introduced to the strictly feminine aspect of congregations. I had to attend theAutobiography, 163:that what I was being asked to do embodied no aspect of the lower psychism. I replied that I didn'tAutobiography, 276:the emphasis, however, is upon the psychological aspect and not upon the centers; these willAutobiography, 277:direct relation between the highest spiritual aspect and his personal self. This leads inAutobiography, 289:is being developed through the international aspect of the Arcane School. Students belong to everyAutobiography, 295:Flame. This, we believe, is the soul, the second aspect of divinity and that of which Paul spokeAutobiography, 301:our organized work in the world its pioneering aspect and has made us ever conscious that to aBethlehem, 24:us. To be an initiate takes every power of every aspect of one's nature. It is no easy task. ToBethlehem, 26:is the revelation of love, of the second great aspect of divinity, expressing itself in wisdom.Bethlehem, 67:of the Trinity, brings to the birth the second Aspect of the Trinity, in the Person of Christ -Bethlehem, 68:beam. He is the symbol of the building-creative aspect of God the Father. In these three people,Bethlehem, 81:overcome and faced. The lower nature (the Mary aspect) draws back from the issue, and prefersBethlehem, 101:is summed up: John, symbolizing the divine aspect deeply hidden in man, which prompts a man towardsBethlehem, 106:for the natural lower man, the virgin Mary aspect, carrying within itself the promise of theBethlehem, 116:That the tests may first be focused in one aspect of our lower nature or another is equallyBethlehem, 136:whilst at the Resurrection initiation the life aspect of divinity makes its presence felt. [137] InBethlehem, 145:physical nature, which we call the "Mother aspect." We saw, when studying the Birth initiation,Bethlehem, 148:The physical body is related to the third aspect of divinity, the Holy Ghost aspect, and the truthBethlehem, 148:to the third aspect of divinity, the Holy Ghost aspect, and the truth of this can be realized if weBethlehem, 148:by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is that aspect of divinity which is the active principle inBethlehem, 148:the Trinity, is engaged in revealing; and this aspect (transmuted through the agency of fire, theBethlehem, 148:turn is therefore the reflection of the highest aspect of deity, the Father, or Spirit, of Whom itBethlehem, 148:Master they loved and followed, and it is this aspect of Christ - the inner radiant reality - toBethlehem, 154:Here is the foundation, the most concrete aspect, the outer physical form, which, at theBethlehem, 155:typified, because it is only when the mental aspect begins to manifest that we have the appearanceBethlehem, 162:are His only references to blood in its remedial aspect, so strongly emphasized in the Epistles,Bethlehem, 181:of God as He immerses Himself in the form aspect of nature and thus becomes God immanent as well asBethlehem, 187:died upon the Cross. He rendered up the form aspect and identified Himself as Man with the lifeBethlehem, 187:and identified Himself as Man with the life aspect of Deity. He thereby liberate us from the formBethlehem, 194:by the sacrifice of the human nature the divine aspect might be "saved." Thus Christ summed up inBethlehem, 201:so far as he sets himself up against the divine aspect hidden in himself, is a sinner. Some wordsBethlehem, 202:possible, and it is here that the mystery aspect of sin enters in. It consists in the relationBethlehem, 218:the third Person of the Trinity, the material aspect of nature which cherishes and nurtures the sonBethlehem, 219:Christ draws the two together - the matter aspect and the spirit aspect, and the union of these twoBethlehem, 219:two together - the matter aspect and the spirit aspect, and the union of these two produces theBethlehem, 219:to the relation of the body nature, the Mary aspect, and the personality, in the person of St. JohnBethlehem, 223:the demand which we hear as He hears it. This aspect of the Cross and its lesson has been summed upBethlehem, 247:for most of us no allurement whatsoever. Yet an aspect of oneself longs for immortality and theBethlehem, 253:on into the future of that which is the divine aspect, and which is integrated with the life andBethlehem, 253:one evolved, and in so doing have expressed some aspect of His life as it informs and animates HisBethlehem, 274:divisions; he is living - as a soul - in every aspect of his nature, through his mind and hisBethlehem, 278:trained and developed, which is the immortal aspect in man, and for this self are we responsible.Destiny, 5:desperate need of humanity is evoking the will aspect and that ray embodies the divine will-to-goodDestiny, 6:manifestation of beauty. The energy of the will aspect of divinity. This has been but littleDestiny, 11:ephemeral and entirely concerned with the form aspect. The Hierarchy is primarily occupied, as youDestiny, 11:as you know well, with the consciousness aspect and with the unfoldment of awareness, using form asDestiny, 14:For instance, one phase of the destructive aspect of first ray force has been the organized andDestiny, 15:the dominant persons, and the dictators in every aspect of human living - political, social,Destiny, 17:in this time of urgency, from love of the life aspect and from understanding of the Plan as well asDestiny, 19:refuse to see anything except the destructive aspect and the disappearance of the forms to whichDestiny, 23:The Holy City. Will or Power Purpose, Plan Life Aspect. Ruler: Sanat Kumara, The Lord of the World,Destiny, 24:(intelligently and through love) the will aspect of Deity. It is only however in this second solarDestiny, 36:in whom (for this major world cycle) the love aspect of the soul remains totally undeveloped,Destiny, 43:but when the emphasis is laid upon the form aspect then the wrong procedure eventuates and the workDestiny, 44:lost. Spiritualism, in its lowest and material aspect, is a low grade expression of the seventh rayDestiny, 45:there is no fear of death and then the major aspect of their power and of their hold upon humanityDestiny, 48:and consequent sensitizing of the form aspect through the increased radiation and potency of theDestiny, 52:mind is closely allied with the divine aspect of love and understanding, producing attraction andDestiny, 52:humanity, will bring about harmony in the form aspect; things will then be clearly seen as [53]Destiny, 54:only with the soul or with the subjective aspect, as it conditions the objective. The "blackDestiny, 54:Great Britain is the custodian of the wisdom aspect of this second ray energy for the Aryan race;Destiny, 54:These three races embody the attractive cohesive aspect of the second ray and will demonstrate itDestiny, 54:idealism and love. Great Britain represents that aspect of the mind which expresses itself inDestiny, 55:intuition and which serves to reveal the wisdom aspect of love in its beauty. It is too dangerousDestiny, 55:all feminine and constitute the nurturing mother aspect. They are feminine in their psychology -Destiny, 56:color, and with the faults also of the feminine aspect, such as over emphasis upon the materialDestiny, 56:and intimately associated - in its form aspect - with Brazil, Russia and Italy; hence the earlyDestiny, 59:(for this is closely tied up with the memory aspect of the soul) and to the concept of theDestiny, 64:is a form of isolationism and necessarily an aspect of materialism, and is related to theDestiny, 64:the personality of humanity and not to the soul aspect; it is separate in effect and normally feedsDestiny, 71:the personality of the nation, based on the form aspect; there are no means, as yet, of determiningDestiny, 73:but it was the personality and not the spiritual aspect, and her influence at no time wasDestiny, 76:temporarily of the then emerging soul aspect (speaking symbolically) and the note of France has notDestiny, 81:British policy, but primarily the Libra aspect. Great Britain regards herself as the preserver ofDestiny, 81:blinds her to the real issues. It is the Leo aspect also which links London to Berlin, but it isDestiny, 81:Berlin, but it is Leo in its more self-assertive aspect and hence some of the difficulty and henceDestiny, 84:through Vulcan - very little of the Destroyer aspect as there is in the planetary influence ofDestiny, 87:in this second ray influence it is the wisdom aspect more than the love aspect which is dominant.Destiny, 87:it is the wisdom aspect more than the love aspect which is dominant. Love is in reality,Destiny, 88:closely associates itself with the undeveloped aspect of the Leonian influence. In the above hintsDestiny, 90:world, which still rules the territorial aspect of the States, which is a remnant of old Atlantis.
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