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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Discipleship1, 731:responsible to the Master of the Ashram for some aspect of the Plan) will be the success of theDiscipleship1, 731:which presents the key to the immediate aspect of the vision which must be precipitated upon ourDiscipleship1, 738:to help them detach themselves from the form aspect of life and fit them to undergo certain greatDiscipleship1, 740:A recognition, when it is seen as an aspect or fractional part of a greater whole, is the seed of aDiscipleship1, 741:of his astral life. Disciples, however, put no aspect of the divine manifestation outside theirDiscipleship1, 748:the thread eventually has the life thread (one aspect of the antahkarana) connected with thisDiscipleship1, 754:radiates the quality of the second divine aspect, just as the all-inclusive Ashram (to which weDiscipleship1, 754:has the outstanding characteristic of the first aspect, life itself. This is not a quality, butDiscipleship1, 755:levels of the mental plane, or from the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad. The potency of thisDiscipleship1, 756:the egoic lotus. The astral body in its highest aspect. The heart center. The radiation which comesDiscipleship1, 756:which comes from the atmic level or the will aspect of the Spiritual Triad. This is the emanatoryDiscipleship1, 756:of the working out of the divine Will. This aspect of the Master's radiatory activity is of so highDiscipleship1, 756:or the focus of the spiritual will, the first aspect of the Spiritual Triad. The sacrifice petalsDiscipleship1, 757:is but a state of consciousness with the life aspect, Shamballa, at the center, and the circle ofDiscipleship1, 761:of the causal body, there is no form aspect or vehicle which can hold the disciple a prisoner orDiscipleship1, 763:energy, via The sacrifice petals or the will aspect. The love petals or the love-wisdom aspect. TheDiscipleship1, 763:will aspect. The love petals or the love-wisdom aspect. The knowledge petals or the mind aspect.Discipleship1, 763:aspect. The knowledge petals or the mind aspect. This process will be affected by the ray type ofDiscipleship1, 765:or in the three worlds, only bringing the lowest aspect of his consciousness into play and action.Discipleship1, 770:higher impression or who telepathically get some aspect of the projected idea. In such cases thereDiscipleship1, 770:as a whole, though emphasizing some appropriate aspect. They usually play [771] their partDiscipleship2, 6:motive, merging eventually into the will aspect of the Monad, its major aspect. It is, technicallyDiscipleship2, 6:into the will aspect of the Monad, its major aspect. It is, technically speaking, Shamballa inDiscipleship2, 8:antahkarana is usually still incomplete and the aspect of pure reason, which is of the heart, doesDiscipleship2, 8:personalities which make up the personality aspect of the Ashram. This is a factor which can onlyDiscipleship2, 10:carry a note, a vibration and a symbolic aspect which conveys to the trained mind of theDiscipleship2, 12:do I really mean by that phrase? I mean that aspect of thought, that quality of feeling, or thatDiscipleship2, 17:given will go. This might be called the exoteric aspect of the esoteric training, for much must andDiscipleship2, 25:of the full moon during the coming year. This aspect of your work should become increasingly potentDiscipleship2, 34:this time experiencing) a third and paralleling aspect of life appears and complicates the problemDiscipleship2, 61:to Humanity, and therefore of the second divine aspect to the third. Can Humanity take thisDiscipleship2, 62:must come the impelling call from the highest aspect of the Spiritual Triad, "Seek the way ofDiscipleship2, 69:and uncomplicated expressions of the second aspect of divinity - of which all Ashrams are focalDiscipleship2, 72:and its persistence) will be the building of an aspect of the mechanism of contact and of approachDiscipleship2, 76:your personal instructions, I am closing this aspect of my work. A.A.B. has much to do for me inDiscipleship2, 106:the same time - focusing themselves in the Will aspect of divinity. This statement may mean littleDiscipleship2, 115:you, and which is divided into two parts - one aspect or technique will cover approximately theDiscipleship2, 128:lies its value. The so-called informative aspect of these reports is relatively negligible as suchDiscipleship2, 130:much along that line. I am going to revert to an aspect of the old system of training and give youDiscipleship2, 140:my Ashram. This will involve: Recognizing which aspect of my planned work you are equipped to do.Discipleship2, 158:the "over-shadowing" soul of humanity. It is an aspect of the divine manifestation to which thatDiscipleship2, 160:[160] In Lemurian times, the third divine aspect, that of Intelligence, was invoked by the massDiscipleship2, 160:of invocation" occurred and the second divine aspect of Love became a possible unfoldment, thoughDiscipleship2, 163:highest point of spiritual purpose to the lowest aspect of matter, the atom; they have thus provedDiscipleship2, 168:of light and goodwill (which is the immediate aspect of love required today among men) can beDiscipleship2, 172:and serve" the purpose; the purpose is that aspect of the divine will which seeks immediateDiscipleship2, 192:permits - the three divine aspects: the Will aspect, governing his work within the Hierarchy inDiscipleship2, 192:relation to the coming great movement; the Love aspect, governing - his vertical life and [193]Discipleship2, 193:steadfastness in form; the Intelligence aspect, governing his horizontal life and making him a wiseDiscipleship2, 194:abstract mind. The higher mind (being the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad) can be regarded asDiscipleship2, 197:will make living possible, is perhaps the lowest aspect; the brooding, experimental thinking of theDiscipleship2, 198:the perfected consummation of the third divine aspect, that of intelligent activity, and - as IDiscipleship2, 198:and the factor which fuses and blends every aspect in the great Hierarchy of Being which is relatedDiscipleship2, 200:of them demonstrations of the perfected third aspect of active intelligence, plus other developingDiscipleship2, 200:of Active Intelligence, through which the third aspect can successfully project and express itself.Discipleship2, 204:- Part XII This New Group of World Servers is an aspect of the world antahkarana and it givesDiscipleship2, 205:upon the Plan, and particularly upon that aspect of the Plan which must immediately be put intoDiscipleship2, 210:Purpose. In a developed receptivity to that aspect of the Purpose which must be expressed throughDiscipleship2, 211:of Humanity. They embody and express the love aspect of the divine purpose; they wield, direct andDiscipleship2, 211:evocative capacity of the Nirmanakayas, but this aspect of their activity is only in process ofDiscipleship2, 216:Plan, flourish; it is focused on that immediate aspect of the Path which humanity needs to tread,Discipleship2, 222:affected or changed, and this is the horizontal aspect. Both the vertical and the horizontalDiscipleship2, 222:is creative in results, and it is this aspect of it with which I am dealing in this instruction.Discipleship2, 223:control. The Hierarchy is the Custodian of that aspect of the cyclic, planetary Purpose which isDiscipleship2, 232:churches of the many world religions is another aspect of the same work, requiring no occultDiscipleship2, 234:and true spiritual understanding include every aspect of physical plane expression and not simplyDiscipleship2, 236:personality are the worlds of the third divine aspect and the creation of thought-form therein (asDiscipleship2, 260:entire hierarchical group is towards the first aspect, as it expresses the Will of the Logos andDiscipleship2, 267:becoming active. Spiritual instinct, the lowest aspect of the intuition, indicates readiness forDiscipleship2, 267:Eternal Now. Formula Four - Deals with the Life aspect. It is concerned with the revelation of theDiscipleship2, 268:energy. [268] Formula Five - Deals with the Will aspect. It is concerned with the revelation ofDiscipleship2, 268:of the constructive work of the Destroyer aspect. It is therefore related to the passing PisceanDiscipleship2, 269:to the first manifesting qualities of the Will aspect. When I say this I give you a hint, remindingDiscipleship2, 270:hence the emphasis upon the Monad, the Father aspect which can now be revealed and known, becauseDiscipleship2, 272:is flooded with this higher form of energy - an aspect of the energy of will and related to theDiscipleship2, 274:This almost brings us automatically to the third aspect of preparation for initiation which IDiscipleship2, 278:human thinking and writing showed that the will aspect of divinity, in its first embryonicDiscipleship2, 278:years are signs of the striving of the spirit aspect? That spirit is life and will; the world todayDiscipleship2, 284:of awareness and of identity is seen as an aspect of Being. This formula has been called by one ofDiscipleship2, 286:energy. Why, I would ask you, is the will an aspect or an expression of the Law of Sacrifice?Discipleship2, 286:of the planetary Logos. It is the highest divine aspect which the initiate finally manifests, priorDiscipleship2, 297:of perception and relatively close to and an aspect of the will aspect of divinity. It makes manDiscipleship2, 297:relatively close to and an aspect of the will aspect of divinity. It makes man conscious of hisDiscipleship2, 298:He does not realize that the will is that divine aspect in man that puts him en rapport with andDiscipleship2, 300:That power has always been present; it is an aspect of the force of evolution and has led man onDiscipleship2, 302:history of mankind of the emergence of the will aspect. Can you answer the question: Why is thisDiscipleship2, 304:when referring to the activity of the second aspect, and that a subtle geometrical form lies behindDiscipleship2, 313:of Wisdom, the Mind of God, the third divine Aspect. This is essentially what is covered by theDiscipleship2, 315:the penetration of the "spiritual interfering" aspect of the human spirit into the very depths ofDiscipleship2, 317:related to a man's group, and the individual aspect is of secondary importance. As time and speedDiscipleship2, 319:first indication of the emergence of the will aspect. Why is this rightly so? [320] That disciplesDiscipleship2, 321:lies in the realization of the threefold aspect of the Sun, the unity of the reality and the dualDiscipleship2, 322:note how all of them concern the first divine aspect, starting with the initial energy set inDiscipleship2, 333:their personalities that it is the personality aspect of their fellow members which engrosses theirDiscipleship2, 335:the Masters pay close attention to the quality aspect of mankind, are also being speeded up; theDiscipleship2, 342:involve a high-powered livingness. Is the Will aspect in my life beginning to create situationsDiscipleship2, 343:and of group conditioning. It is with the aspect of individual receptivity that you should beDiscipleship2, 345:of the group antahkarana. Reality revealed by an aspect of the mind. Formula III... Deals withDiscipleship2, 345:immortality. Formula IV... Deals with the Life aspect. Concerns the circulation of energy, andDiscipleship2, 345:process. Formula V... Deals with the first aspect, with the Will. Relates to divine Purpose.
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