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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Discipleship2, 345:Death. The constructive work of the Destroyer aspect. The "passing" of zodiacal and other cycles.Discipleship2, 349:initiation is concerned with the consciousness aspect of the disciple or of the group that is toDiscipleship2, 359:first indications of the emergence of the Will aspect." So this second hint runs. This soundsDiscipleship2, 360:and with the least expenditure of the destroying aspect of the will. The probable duration of theDiscipleship2, 365:III. The Formulas from the universal creative Aspect Formula 1. The transition from darkness toDiscipleship2, 368:life because it is not distant but is a real aspect of his divine equipment - I know not how elseDiscipleship2, 375:Shamballa, and are therefore related to the Will aspect. This type of force has not hitherto beenDiscipleship2, 378:then to be used is entirely related to the Will aspect of divinity. This does not demonstrate as itDiscipleship2, 378:must learn the divine nature of the destroying aspect of the Will; he learns that it is notDiscipleship2, 378:related, when demonstrating as this particular aspect, to determination or fixed intention, but isDiscipleship2, 378:to combat this vast and vibrant astral world, an aspect of light must be employed, and thatDiscipleship2, 378:realizes, consequently, that he must employ this aspect of light under the action - definitelyDiscipleship2, 379:use of the Will in implementing the evolutionary aspect of the divine purpose. In all these pointsDiscipleship2, 379:to the initiation taken. The use of the Will aspect in "making holy" or in "setting apart," isDiscipleship2, 383:for transition on to one of the major Rays of Aspect. This shifting and interchange is taking placeDiscipleship2, 384:on its being the expression of the second divine aspect, that the hierarchical mentality (if I mayDiscipleship2, 387:first indications of the emergence of the will aspect. [388] Five hints remain to be considered,Discipleship2, 391:to the Master of his Ashram. His value in this aspect of the hierarchical work is that he is not aDiscipleship2, 396:Plan. This is the positive and not the negative aspect of these words. The disciple moves always inDiscipleship2, 396:are moving in space and are in reality the life-aspect of the space-entity; all are determined byDiscipleship2, 397:in the most elementary form) to employ the will aspect and - in the revelation accorded - he takesDiscipleship2, 397:that the Law of Sacrifice (in its destroying aspect) is dominant during the second, the third andDiscipleship2, 398:Initiation of Renunciation, the destroying aspect of the Law of Sacrifice brings about theDiscipleship2, 402:at the ninth initiation - the destroying aspect of the Will as it expresses itself through the LawDiscipleship2, 402:he can begin to grasp the essential building aspect of this same Will and to appreciate his futureDiscipleship2, 402:which is distinctive of the second divine aspect - that of Love-Wisdom. It is strictly connectedDiscipleship2, 402:It is strictly connected with that of the first aspect of Purpose, Power or Will; it deals with theDiscipleship2, 402:interpreted in terms of the first and highest Aspect of the essential Trinity, of which man knewDiscipleship2, 402:knew nothing, instead of in terms of the second Aspect, the building, magnetic [403] aspect ofDiscipleship2, 403:the second Aspect, the building, magnetic [403] aspect of Love. We are - if it could be butDiscipleship2, 403:for the old, as the unfoldment of the first aspect is presented to the initiate upon the Path.Discipleship2, 403:spiritual perception of the Father or Life Aspect, in place of the rapidly crystallizing vision ofDiscipleship2, 403:crystallizing vision of the Son or consciousness aspect. Discipleship2, 404:of form is carried forward by the second divine aspect. Of this procedure I can tell you naught.Discipleship2, 406:importance, for it concerns the highest aspect of the Will and covers the synthesis of the energiesDiscipleship2, 412:But, as the race has unfolded the principle or aspect of intelligence and has reached its presentDiscipleship2, 413:Hierarchy. The light of the Triad, which is an aspect of the spiritual Will, and which streams fromDiscipleship2, 415:as yet no real experience of this highest divine aspect. His developing intelligence is the resultDiscipleship2, 415:his understanding of love, the second divine aspect, is also in the experimental stage and hisDiscipleship2, 415:be specific) can only be possible when the will aspect in some measure is beginning to function. Discipleship2, 424:intelligent appreciation of the second or love aspect; they embody the fundamental realizationsDiscipleship2, 425:the medium of the seventh ray, then the highest aspect of the divine light can penetrate down intoDiscipleship2, 427:correct, and yet the emphasis must be upon the aspect of consciousness as it informs substance. TheDiscipleship2, 445:[445] will. The expression of this higher aspect of the will, in relation to the three rays ofDiscipleship2, 445:of the will, in relation to the three rays of aspect on which all initiates are eventually to beDiscipleship2, 447:to the spiritual realm. This you know. One aspect of your nature is profoundly satisfied; the otherDiscipleship2, 457:spiritual energy and the substance or matter aspect which will respond to it, utilize it andDiscipleship2, 460:considerable depletion or enervation of the Will aspect. I refer here specifically to the willDiscipleship2, 460:aspect. I refer here specifically to the will aspect as it produces physical plane expression ofDiscipleship2, 466:I would call your attention to this - an aspect of the aura of the Christ is incorporated in thatDiscipleship2, 483:and one which will invoke and involve every aspect of your being. The disciple teaches principallyDiscipleship2, 484:a trained psychologist and is a branch of that aspect of the universal mind which we call truth.Discipleship2, 505:activities or three attitudes should form one aspect of your reflection upon these phrases; theDiscipleship2, 518:numerous exceptions. Souls on the wisdom aspect of the second ray go to Shamballa and join theDiscipleship2, 518:Such a one was the Buddha. Those on the love aspect of the second ray tread one or other of theDiscipleship2, 521:seen you seriously tested, and tested in every aspect of your nature. There is, nevertheless,Discipleship2, 525:take. For those upon the first or second rays of aspect it is probably the most difficult of themDiscipleship2, 556:mind) is in constant control and the dominating aspect of expression. This may involve closeDiscipleship2, 560:to aid in this process, and it is upon this aspect that I would ask your aid in meditation. Let meDiscipleship2, 562:to those levels whereon the spirit aspect can commune with him, wherein the force of the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 565:constructively - not employing its destructive aspect - and thus learn to use first ray energy as aDiscipleship2, 565:would strengthen you greatly and bring the Will aspect more definitely into expression. You willDiscipleship2, 566:therefore, did I direct you towards the will aspect when both Ashrams are on the second ray and youDiscipleship2, 574:increased usefulness and effectiveness in every aspect of your life, in the world and on spiritualDiscipleship2, 575:is with the soul and not with the form aspect, of which the centers are a part. Be careful in allDiscipleship2, 580:from a constant consideration of the quality aspect. You should now find it easier to promote theDiscipleship2, 584:months have been difficult for you in every aspect of your life but - what else can a discipleDiscipleship2, 589:age pattern which must be borne in mind: 1. The aspect of healing. I would express it thus, forDiscipleship2, 589:of humanity can do this healing work. 2. The aspect of clarification. The bewilderment of humanityDiscipleship2, 589:Trained interpreters are required. 3. The aspect of reorganization. Rebuilding is needed and thisDiscipleship2, 593:the coming year be laid upon the objective aspect. The subjective quality has been presented, andDiscipleship2, 593:and this has been right because the subjective aspect of any form of expression must be living andDiscipleship2, 598:in its dynamic or electric form. It is the Will aspect of Love which the Christ will of necessityDiscipleship2, 598:when he earlier came he employed the teaching aspect of the second ray and not the Will aspect.Discipleship2, 598:aspect of the second ray and not the Will aspect. First ray disciples are peculiarly susceptible toDiscipleship2, 598:disciples are peculiarly susceptible to the Will aspect of Love, and for these reactions you mustDiscipleship2, 604:laying the emphasis upon the exercise angle or aspect of the work and paying no attention at all toDiscipleship2, 616:you lay the constant emphasis upon the esoteric aspect of all the teaching which you mustDiscipleship2, 629:year, but there will always be some truth, some aspect of understanding and some immediateDiscipleship2, 630:in my Ashram must some day be more definitely an aspect of my work [631] in the outer world than itDiscipleship2, 640:is a right mental attitude toward that aspect of the physical body which is not regarded as aDiscipleship2, 640:governs the physical body emanates from that aspect or integrated aspects where lies the focus ofDiscipleship2, 646:with them; through your soul contact, the love aspect of divinity can be made manifest in you; andDiscipleship2, 650:one is freed for identification with the life aspect, then one can know the true meaning of unity,Discipleship2, 668:been expected. They are usually on the wisdom aspect of the second ray and not on the love aspect.Discipleship2, 668:aspect of the second ray and not on the love aspect. The work which it is planned for them later toDiscipleship2, 668:are called) suffices later to evoke the love aspect in greater fullness, enabling the disciples,Discipleship2, 674:to you, not [674] because of its developed aspect but because of its crystallized assurance aspect.Discipleship2, 674:aspect but because of its crystallized assurance aspect. A sixth ray personality is ever sure ofDiscipleship2, 676:which you are now confronted and dominate an aspect of your nature which must be controlled beforeDiscipleship2, 676:dedicated to that whole and to that particular aspect of it which can be best carried out throughDiscipleship2, 679:to eye with the Master responsible for a certain aspect of the Plan, but (when united in aDiscipleship2, 693:world in relation to the processes of death. The aspect of its importance in connection withDiscipleship2, 698:hide, and often quite successfully? There is an aspect of the relationship between the first andDiscipleship2, 701:a first ray personality, and therefore the will aspect can be more easily contacted andDiscipleship2, 719:of esotericism, which is concerned with the soul aspect of life, time is simply a sequence ofDiscipleship2, 729:learn to do it, because discipleship leaves no aspect of life unlived, and business is an aspect ofDiscipleship2, 729:no aspect of life unlived, and business is an aspect of human living. Can you bring naught butDiscipleship2, 739:to have you turn your eyes away from the form aspect of the present world catastrophe, because yourDiscipleship2, 751:him and conditioning him. With many it is some aspect of the personality or of the personality as a
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