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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Externalisation, 244:and individual selfishness. The practical aspect of the mode of elimination of the hindrances canExternalisation, 251:to those who see only the needs of the form aspect of humanity. That strength and enlightenment mayExternalisation, 253:looked on. In so doing they overlook the third aspect of this same law, to which we have given theExternalisation, 260:has lain therefore in the domain of the second aspect of divinity. Their activities parallel thoseExternalisation, 260:or have been, inspired by the material or matter aspect of manifestation, whose influence has beenExternalisation, 260:might be regarded as one between the second aspect, the developed spiritual consciousness, and theExternalisation, 260:spiritual consciousness, and the material aspect of [261] manifestation, with humanity constitutingExternalisation, 264:God Who will embody perhaps another and unknown aspect of God's life and quality? Will it perhapsExternalisation, 266:of its power to be self-determining (which is an aspect of freedom) has become the dearest idealExternalisation, 270:dynamic energy which embodies the first divine aspect, the will aspect, the power expression. ThusExternalisation, 270:which embodies the first divine aspect, the will aspect, the power expression. Thus They willExternalisation, 271:and conscience. Yet this liberty is the easiest aspect of the divine will for humanity to grasp.Externalisation, 272:will contribute as an expression of the third aspect of divinity, basing it on right contact andExternalisation, 275:can only be dissipated when the highest aspect of the same energy is given free rein among the sonsExternalisation, 277:and movement, are the real ones. War is but an aspect of change, and has its roots deep in matter.Externalisation, 278:and to those men who could respond to the will aspect through their mental unfoldment. It is todayExternalisation, 289:to man an expression of a hitherto unrealized aspect of divinity. Upon this fact of the continuityExternalisation, 293:planetary Forces of Materialism, or some Aspect of Cosmic Evil. Let me attempt to make this analogyExternalisation, 294:Some cycles in a disciple's life present one aspect of a "confrontation" and some another. In oneExternalisation, 299:for the first time in human history, an aspect and a potency of the nature of God Himself, the LoveExternalisation, 300:of inspired leadership as another and lower aspect of divine guidance and participation. [301] SuchExternalisation, 301:They do come forth, it will be the destroyer aspect of the first ray of power which They willExternalisation, 303:intention, based on the above and emphasizing an aspect of the will, hitherto undeveloped in man.Externalisation, 309:physical plane decisions and activity. A certain aspect of physical plane effort is already beingExternalisation, 334:side of the group work grows, and the will aspect of humanity is contacted and its power used toExternalisation, 334:of cohesion and of group integration. Of this aspect of work, the Arcane School is an example.Externalisation, 334:appear. It is the dynamic quality of the power aspect which must be guarded against, not in theExternalisation, 334:servers in such a manner that the destructive aspect of the ray will not cause difficulty, produceExternalisation, 342:and as an expression of the first great divine aspect. There has been but little of that organized,Externalisation, 343:of that energy which makes the first divine aspect of Will or Power what it is; it is that which isExternalisation, 344:if this is so, do you emphasize this highest aspect? Why not wait until we know more about Love andExternalisation, 345:of Love could possibly employ the first divine aspect to destroy the forms which are obstructingExternalisation, 346:energy, expressing itself in its lowest aspect. This is what has enabled them to work ruthlessly,Externalisation, 348:the height of the attainment of the third divine aspect; the other that of the second aspect, andExternalisation, 348:divine aspect; the other that of the second aspect, and these two together present one perfectExternalisation, 355:have been held upon the material, phenomenal aspect of life through fear and its immediacy, and theExternalisation, 357:whole exists for the good of the part. The dark aspect has been brought about by ages of glamor.Externalisation, 406:life and service on earth. Today the knowledge aspect of illumination is being comprehended, butExternalisation, 411:in Himself a still greater divine principle or aspect, that of Love, whilst at the same timeExternalisation, 419:in its telepathic nature, rapport and aspect. The unified invocative thought of the masses and theExternalisation, 422:therefore, the following: Shamballa - the Will aspect of God - Wesak - May Full Moon (Taurus)Externalisation, 422:- May Full Moon (Taurus) Hierarchy - the Love aspect of God - Easter - April Full Moon (Aries)Externalisation, 426:if he so chose. [426] There is another aspect of this matter to which I would like to call yourExternalisation, 437:loose upon the world) so that its destructive aspect may be transmuted or directed towards theExternalisation, 439:energy must express itself through the second aspect of the will-to-good, and not through the firstExternalisation, 439:of the will-to-good, and not through the first aspect, the will-to-power. Mankind has had to beExternalisation, 439:is not adequately strong to balance this first aspect of the will. This then is the task of theExternalisation, 440:towards wisdom. The will-to-persist (which is an aspect of devotion and idealism) will become aExternalisation, 441:with the task of neutralizing the destroyer aspect of the first ray. This They will do byExternalisation, 452:women of goodwill everywhere. As the destroying aspect of the Will of God nears the accomplishingExternalisation, 473:the Hierarchy today faces its arduous task. One aspect of Their work and attitude I would like toExternalisation, 476:there was no peace, and present a negative [476] aspect of love-to-all-peoples whilst hatred strodeExternalisation, 477:in time and space and as it concerns the form aspect and not the spirit in man) is frequentlyExternalisation, 492:Lives, working in connection with the third aspect of divinity, that of active intelligence, andExternalisation, 492:and are concerned with the substance or matter aspect of manifestation. Such activities areExternalisation, 493:the atom and the liberation of its [493] inner aspect, but their motives and objectives were widelyExternalisation, 496:of their war potential and the death of the form aspect. This destruction... and the consequentExternalisation, 497:This liberation has started by the release of an aspect of matter and the freeing of some of theExternalisation, 505:and the angels of devotion, in whom the aspect of divine love is pre-eminent, work with the astralExternalisation, 512:the masses and those in whom the intelligence aspect predominates to the lessening of the other twoExternalisation, 519:January 1946 In these words I refer to an aspect of the amazing enterprise upon which the HierarchyExternalisation, 519:at the task of awakening the consciousness aspect in all forms, so that it is awakened, expandedExternalisation, 526:Its emphasis is solely on the consciousness aspect of all forms; Its present agency of salvage andExternalisation, 530:nothing, for that lower vibration is a necessary aspect of your normal expression - little as youExternalisation, 536:barriers. This energy from Shamballa, being an aspect of the ray of the destroyer, proceeded toExternalisation, 537:this interlude and recognized it as an essential aspect of the Plan. The "cycle of ShamballaExternalisation, 538:the needed qualifications and in Whom the Will aspect is adequately developed. The task of pouringExternalisation, 540:This fact also involves for Them still another aspect of hierarchical adjustment. They have - forExternalisation, 541:formation of a new Ashram in which the Wisdom aspect would be of particular importance and not theExternalisation, 541:be of particular importance and not the Love aspect; this Ashram would also be related in aExternalisation, 541:the Members of the Hierarchy to respond to this aspect of the divine Purpose - the Purpose which asExternalisation, 553:of spiritual energy from the first great Aspect or Ray will be direct from the Buddha (and laterExternalisation, 561:the living organism of which He is a part; that aspect of His life is invocative in two directions:Externalisation, 563:This involves: An unfoldment of the will aspect in conjunction with a full use of intelligent love.Externalisation, 564:their way into an Ashram, which is in itself an aspect of the life of the Hierarchy. This ancientExternalisation, 565:4. The use by the Hierarchy of the destroyer aspect of divinity, the first Ray, in such a mannerExternalisation, 579:or more like a robot or more selfish, but as an aspect and outgrowth of true freedom; men will beExternalisation, 606:human heart are planetary facts. There is one aspect of this return of the Christ which is neverExternalisation, 621:involved. Inertia is the slowest and the lowest aspect of material substance and is called in theExternalisation, 632:and these constitute by far the most important aspect of the work which I have done. TheseExternalisation, 636:They still do and will continue to do when any aspect of totalitarian greed and aggressiveness inExternalisation, 646:very rare. It still remains for the crystallized aspect of this third energy - money - to be usedExternalisation, 648:It must be remembered that synthesis is an aspect of the first divine characteristic, the Will, orExternalisation, 655:energy of prana, produces and stimulates every aspect of the animal magnetism with which everyExternalisation, 657:the Externalization 5. The energy of the second aspect of divinity, vaguely called by the mysticsExternalisation, 658:of humanity. 6. The energy of the first divine aspect (that of will or power) now being appliedExternalisation, 658:more adequately to the energy of the second aspect of love-wisdom, and therefore to the rule of theExternalisation, 662:engaged in the work of preparation. The highest aspect possible of assimilation by the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 669:rays. Though He is the Head of the third Ray of Aspect and is in control, therefore, of the twoExternalisation, 669:you if I point out that the will-to-good is an aspect of the Ray of Will, but that goodwill is anExternalisation, 669:second Ray of Love Wisdom, and is therefore an aspect of all the Ashrams in that great second rayExternalisation, 686:a great strain and forces Them to use the will aspect of Their divine natures in entirely new andExternalisation, 687:remains the binding cord between Them and that aspect of the antahkarana along which energy canExternalisation, 690:proceed from initiation to initiation, the will aspect fortifies the intellect and directs theFire, xii:found that the Treatise deals primarily with the aspect of mind, with consciousness and with theFire, 5:the Rays are Ray I - Ray of Will or Power - 1st Aspect Ray II - Ray of Love-Wisdom - 2nd Aspect RayFire, 5:- 1st Aspect Ray II - Ray of Love-Wisdom - 2nd Aspect Ray III - Ray of Active Intelligence - 3rdFire, 5:Ray III - Ray of Active Intelligence - 3rd Aspect (These are the major Rays.) Ray IV - Ray ofFire, 6:of Economy - the law governing matter, the third aspect. The Law of Attraction - the law governingFire, 6:Attraction - the law governing soul, the second aspect. The Law of Synthesis - the law governing
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