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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Fire, 6:- the law governing spirit, or the first aspect. These three are cosmic laws. There are sevenFire, 7:the Macrocosm. Man is the Microcosm. Soul is an aspect of every form of life from a Logos to anFire, 38:these constitute the energy of Brahma, the third aspect of the Logos. Next are to be found theFire, 38:love, which constitutes the energy of the Vishnu aspect, the second aspect logoic.4 Finally are toFire, 38:the energy of the Vishnu aspect, the second aspect logoic.4 Finally are to be found the fires ofFire, 38:will and are the manifestation of the first aspect logoic, the Mahadeva aspect.5 Therefore we haveFire, 38:of the first aspect logoic, the Mahadeva aspect.5 Therefore we have three cosmic rays manifesting:Fire, 39:the manifested Trinity, to Shiva, the Destroyer aspect, the Creator. Fire, 41:Fire and the Aspects (Tabulation I) Fire Ray Aspect Expression Law Quality 1. Internal PrimordialFire, 41:worlds or form; and thirdly, the spiritual aspect which is to be found at the heart of all.8Fire, 41:the Mind-born sons of Brahma, the third aspect. (S. D., III, 540) They come into manifestation toFire, 41:come into manifestation to develop the second aspect. (S. D., I., 108) Their method is objectivityFire, 50:not primarily either the objective or spiritual aspect. It concerns the Entities who indwell theFire, 59:Lord Whose energy it is. Light Rays of pranic aspect, some of which are being now recognized by theFire, 66:that They are fire viewed [66] in its third aspect, the fire of matter. In Their totality theseFire, 69:which all worldly experiences in their dual aspect of subjective and objective cluster and arrangeFire, 71:through the Triad, and in its lowest or third Aspect forms the Egoic or Causal body, the infant orFire, 72:Ray has to do with the third, or activity aspect in the microcosm. The work of the third aspectFire, 72:aspect in the microcosm. The work of the third aspect logoic was the arranging of the matter of theFire, 72:built into form through the power of the second aspect. Thus the correspondence works out. By lifeFire, 73:the agency of the egoic life, the second [73] aspect. In the quarry of the personal life are theFire, 74:in one synthetic whole the great Love aspect of the Logos (S. D., I, 99, 108; II, 596). This lineFire, 77:to the three Aspects of the logoic third Aspect and are concerned with the force behind planetaryFire, 97:the straight line which descends from the third Aspect; the second is that part of the large ovalFire, 97:hand - the stream which descends from the second Aspect until it has touched the lowest point inFire, 97:third outpouring which descends from the highest aspect of the Logos differs from the others inFire, 97:essence of the second Logos. Solar fire. The Son aspect. Consciousness. Motion: The essence of theFire, 102:Each planet the embodiment of some one ray aspect, and its quality marked predominantly on all itsFire, 106:in the life of the human animal (which is the aspect we are dealing with now) will be in theFire, 113:who is the embodiment of the love and wisdom aspect of the Monad. Note here the correspondence toFire, 114:the personality reflection of that same second aspect. 49 The four Lipika Lords stand between theFire, 125:on the cosmic levels of mind. It is this aspect of the manasic fire that develops under the formsFire, 125:directed and controlled by the mind or will aspect from the mental plane. The two fires of matterFire, 128:and hence the importance attached to that aspect of development called the "heart" or "loveFire, 128:of development called the "heart" or "love aspect," and the interest that is awakened by the studyFire, 142:so profoundly as to be recognized as that aspect itself. In much the same way, for instance, theFire, 144:ever to liberate itself from form. The matter aspect always follows the line of least resistance,Fire, 146:we shall not be able to conceive of the first aspect of will or power as it really is. We know itFire, 146:of other constellations. When this first aspect is better understood (in the next mahamanvantara)Fire, 146:manifestation of the Son, or of the Vishnu aspect, we are concerned more closely with the PleiadesFire, 146:He is the animating principle; the will-to-live aspect of the seven Hierarchies. Nevertheless theseFire, 147:polarized in his astral body, or in his second aspect in like manner as the undifferentiated LogosFire, 147:Logos is polarized in His second aspect. In time and space as we now conceive it, the sum total ofFire, 147:not by the will, yet at the same time the will aspect governs manifestation, for the Ego who is theFire, 147:and its relation to the Ego, who is the love aspect and who nevertheless in relation toFire, 147:to manifestation in the three worlds is the will aspect likewise, will come some faint light uponFire, 147:on the Physical and Astral Planes The Mahadeva, aspect or the first Logos (who embodies cosmicFire, 151:union of all life e with its source, the will aspect, the first Logos. We will now endeavor toFire, 154:which is characteristic of manifestation, one aspect working under the Law of Attraction, and theFire, 156:our sun is the embodiment of the heart, or love aspect, of the Logos (Who is Himself the heart ofFire, 165:the human being deal fundamentally with the FIRE aspect in man, or with his divine spirit. They areFire, 165:connected with the Monad, with the will aspect, with immortality, with existence, with the will toFire, 174:of the centuries wherein the activity aspect of the threefold self is being developed. Life afterFire, 174:Life after life slips away during which the aspect of manas or mind is being slowly wrought out,Fire, 174:of the first solar system, wherein the third aspect logoic, that of Brahma, Mind, or Intelligence,Fire, 174:to the point of achievement .74 Then the second aspect began in [175] this present solar system toFire, 175:more suitable for the coming in of this second aspect. The correspondence lies in similitude andFire, 175:of the All-Self. The Vishnu or the Love-Wisdom aspect is latent in the Self, and is part of theFire, 175:is part of the monadic content, but the Brahma aspect, the Activity-Intelligence aspect precedesFire, 175:but the Brahma aspect, the Activity-Intelligence aspect precedes its manifestation in time. TheFire, 177:of the monad, and is dependent upon that aspect of the spiritual triad which for the man is at anyFire, 177:ray will have for its center of force the atmic aspect, sometimes the buddhic, and at other timesFire, 177:the buddhic, and at other times the manasic aspect. Though the triad is threefold, yet its egoicFire, 177:all a ninefold choice of rays for the Ego: Atmic aspect. atmic - atmic atmic - buddhic atmic -Fire, 177:- atmic atmic - buddhic atmic - manasic. Buddhic aspect. buddhic - atmic buddhic - buddhic buddhicFire, 177:buddhic - buddhic buddhic - manasic. Manasic aspect. manasic - atmic manasic - buddhic manasic -Fire, 179:all. Just as it was spiritual force, or the will aspect, that built the solar system, so it is theFire, 182:centers in the solar system wherein the heart aspect is the one of greater prominence. Second.Fire, 182:center, or to the creative activity of the third aspect. As evolution proceeds, the other centersFire, 190:is the first sense to be manifested; the first aspect of manifestation is that of sound, andFire, 193:direction is sound. Sound is the first aspect of the manifested pentagon since it is a property ofFire, 193:plane is employed to convey to the Thinker some aspect of the not-self, and by the aid [194] ofFire, 196:of the senses, are those belonging to that aspect of the mental body, the internal agent, calledFire, 198:remembered that we are definitely studying one aspect of this mysterious faculty of touch, theFire, 205:condition of perfection as the Spirit or Will aspect takes ever fuller control. The unifyingFire, 209:A gradual grasp of the Law of Vibration as an aspect of the basic law of building; the initiateFire, 214:Matter This law is the law governing the matter aspect of manifestation, and is the lawFire, 214:which might be described thus: The third Aspect or Brahma aspect of the activities of thoseFire, 214:be described thus: The third Aspect or Brahma aspect of the activities of those Entities who areFire, 215:matter, the opposite pole of spirit. The second Aspect, the building, or Vishnu aspect, is governedFire, 215:The second Aspect, the building, or Vishnu aspect, is governed by the Law of Attraction; theFire, 215:the activities of the entities who embody this aspect are directed to the attracting of matter toFire, 215:line of least resistance is not the law for this aspect. The attractive power of Spirit inFire, 215:Spirit, the opposite pole of matter. The first Aspect, or the will to exist, is governed by the LawFire, 216:through the withdrawal of Spirit (the Destroyer aspect), Absolute homogeneity and absoluteFire, 217:or note of Brahma, which is the intelligence aspect dominant in matter. Hence the mystery hidden inFire, 218:Men, embodies the sound or note of the Vishnu aspect, the second aspect logoic, the form-buildingFire, 218:sound or note of the Vishnu aspect, the second aspect logoic, the form-building aspect. By itsFire, 218:the second aspect logoic, the form-building aspect. By its correct or partial sounding, by itsFire, 219:omniscient. As the note of the first or Mahadeva aspect, follows upon the other two, he realizesFire, 219:polarity. The Law of Friction, governs the heat aspect of any atom, the radiation of an atom, andFire, 225:a planet, a man, and an atom? What is the mind aspect and why is the manasic or mental principle ofFire, 225:are after-emanations, and, as such, from one aspect, typify the descent of Spirit to inform andFire, 231:evolution is simply that of adjusting the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, so that the formerFire, 231:of adjusting the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, so that the former proves entirely adequate asFire, 231:period wherein the Self over-shadows the matter aspect until the period wherein that Higher SelfFire, 236:with the major third ray, the intelligence aspect, - the ray represented in our planetary HierarchyFire, 240:the expression of the third Logos, the Brahma aspect of the Deity, Who is an expression of pureFire, 240:the expression of the first Logos, the Mahadeva aspect, which is an expression of pure will orFire, 241:or bringing into manifestation, and is the aspect of the Son. What is above stated is in no way
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