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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Fire, 587:careful student of the wisdom that: The Power-Aspect - Ray 1, Planes 1 and 5, and the Laws ofFire, 587:Vibration, form one interlocking whole. The Love Aspect - Ray 2, Planes 2, 4, 6, and the Laws ofFire, 587:and of Love, form another unit. The Activity Aspect - Ray 3, Planes 3 and 7, and the Laws ofFire, 587:control, as yet, on two planes, for the Power Aspect waits for another system in order toFire, 588:- and at their merging into the three Rays of Aspect (the Activity Ray of the Mahachohan being theFire, 589:the straight line which descends from the third Aspect; the second is that part of the large ovalFire, 589:hand - the stream which descends from the second Aspect until it has touched the lowest point inFire, 589:third outpouring which descends from the highest aspect of the Logos differs from the others inFire, 589:evolution of the devas, who form the feminine aspect of the divine hermaphroditic Man, workingFire, 590:attitude. This hierarchy forms the masculine aspect of the divine Hermaphrodite. But at threeFire, 590:activity and love, of the Logos. In their lower aspect these centers are known as the centers ofFire, 590:into the third system, that in which the Power aspect is developed, and the head centers will beFire, 593:the reincarnating Egos. The devas are the mother aspect, the builders of the body, and theFire, 593:body, and the reincarnating Jivas are the son aspect; yet the two are but one, and the result isFire, 596:the Earth chain is the third if viewed from one aspect and the fifth viewed from another. In theFire, 602:forms, with the consciousness in its evolving aspect, or with Agni, the sumtotal of the Gods. He isFire, 606:from the cycles dealing with the third aspect. Occult students have not sufficiently grasped theFire, 607:Logos in a subjective sense, and the [607] form aspect is only subsidiary. Perhaps a tabulation mayFire, 607:clearer. Agni - Lord of Fire (Tabulation V) Aspect Fire Result Subjective Manifestation Origin ofFire, 608:why at this stage in evolution the material aspect is the most considered. The entire system is theFire, 608:manner and under three aspects. The Monad Will aspect. Electric fire. Flame. Spiritual Will.Fire, 610:of purely personality life, when the third aspect dominates, and man is in the veil of illusion.Fire, 610:acts the part of mother, or of material aspect, to the germ of the inner life. Then [611] the EgoFire, 612:The greater Builders are the positive aspect of substance or of electrical phenomena whilst theFire, 612:whilst the lesser Builders are the negative aspect. Two types of force are represented in theFire, 613:center of force, and which sweep the negative aspect into the line of that force, and thus produceFire, 613:The lesser Builders 95 are the negative aspect and are swept into action in group formation throughFire, 615:Brothers of Light cooperate with the positive aspect in, and of, all forms - the building devas ofFire, 617:and it is their action upon the negative aspect which produces the human Ego (on a large scale,Fire, 617:it is their action upon the negative or mother aspect which, on cosmic levels, produces thatFire, 618:In the first solar system the negative substance aspect, the Mother aspect or matter, wasFire, 618:system the negative substance aspect, the Mother aspect or matter, was perfected. The lower PitrisFire, 619:the germ has developed to maturity the Mother aspect no longer has a place, and the Man occultly isFire, 619:process, and are considered the Mother aspect. This aspect is eventually discarded and superseded.Fire, 619:and are considered the Mother aspect. This aspect is eventually discarded and superseded. ForFire, 619:a self-conscious Entity, works with His negative aspect through positive force, from logoic ethericFire, 620:The Mental Plane - reflection of the first aspect. The plane of concept, of the union ofFire, 620:found. Astral Plane - reflection of the second aspect, the Son. Materialization proceeds throughFire, 621:fire, of water and of earth in its densest aspect; to those devas who are the automatic,Fire, 622:established his identity with the Spirit aspect and not with substance, he is liable to be sweptFire, 622:upper portion." - S. D., II, 520, 675. The solar aspect is attracted towards Buddhi. The otherFire, 622:The Solar Angels form the "Soul" or Second Aspect. The chief "Soul" is Manas, or mind." - S. D.,Fire, 622:The hope for the devas and for the form aspect lies in the fact that each of the subplanes of theFire, 623:three types of force deal with the substance aspect - permanent atoms, causal vehicle, and mentalFire, 623:body. They are the force of Agni in His first aspect. He is that fire which is distinctive of theFire, 624:(a reflection in substance, or in the Brahma aspect, of the union of Father-Mother) and producingFire, 624:and for identification with the God-aspect, and not with the [625] matter-aspect. Here lies theFire, 625:the God-aspect, and not with the [625] matter-aspect. Here lies the occult reason why man is calledFire, 626:represent in the exoteric teaching the substance aspect of the dense body of the Logos, whilst theFire, 626:of the dense body of the Logos, whilst the force aspect as flowing through the etheric body of theFire, 626:is one of the secrets of initiation. They are an aspect of the plan of the Logos which can beFire, 627:revered of the Gods in India. He is the triple aspect of Fire and therefore the sum total ofFire, 629:seven Spirits are the sumtotal of His Will-to-be aspect, the synthetic Life of His totalFire, 631:Existences. In connection with the Spirit aspect it will prove unprofitable to carry the thoughtFire, 636:or energy of physical substance. That electrical aspect which produces activity. The constructionFire, 636:causes reproduction. They form the purely mother aspect. These three groups are subdivided againFire, 637:atomic. This emanates directly from the first aspect of Brahma, or Agni, considering Him as aFire, 637:form building groups; this comes from the second aspect of Brahma, and is prana, issuing from theFire, 637:three orders, emanating from Brahma in His third aspect. Thus in the dual force, or the aspects ofFire, 640:when philosophically understood, is the highest aspect of Pantheism. It is the only possible escapeFire, 641:and [641] when scientists work with the life aspect, or with positive electrical life, and not withFire, 641:life, and not with the substance or form aspect. We have seen that the work of the lowest group ofFire, 641:be noted that in connection with the matter aspect there is less to be said than on consciousness,Fire, 641:than on consciousness, and on the hylozoistic aspect of manifestation. The reason lies in the factFire, 644:response from his superconsciousness, the atmic aspect or Spirit and this dual interplay will beFire, 650:Spirit-matter; with the negative or the mother aspect, in the divine duality, and with the sumFire, 652:stimulation of the spirillae affects the matter aspect, or deva substance. Man is literally devaFire, 654:be viewed as: Those which embody the positive aspect, or positive electrical phenomena. Those whichFire, 654:phenomena. Those which embody the negative aspect. That group which - in time and space - is theFire, 654:existence as seen on the highest plane, or that aspect which is understood by the term Agni. GroupFire, 654:Agni. Group B - Corresponds to the Vishnu-Surya aspect. Group C - Corresponds to the Brahma or theFire, 654:Corresponds to the Brahma or the creative Logos aspect. We have recapitulated thus, as it isFire, 657:seven groups who are the sumtotal of the Brahma aspect of our planetary Logos. With the sevenFire, 657:With the scheme which corresponds to the first aspect, or the plane of Adi. With those devas whoFire, 658:plane in its seven grades. Second, as that aspect of logoic manifestation which corresponds to theFire, 658:of all that is sentient. Viewed in this aspect in connection especially with man, they are theFire, 662:It should never be forgotten that the matter aspect is found on all planes; also that forms areFire, 662:Previously, we considered them in a fivefold aspect, dividing them into five groups. At this pointFire, 666:we have this duality viewed as a unity, and the aspect of the synthetic evolution of the HeavenlyFire, 668:only on the astral plane and with the positive aspect. These devas of the sixth order, as might beFire, 671:the subject of the devas in their dual aspect as the negative and positive substance which producesFire, 674:the different schemes, as regards their watery aspect, for instance, will be found to be connectedFire, 676:of the Monad. Those devas who form the "liquid" aspect in the physical body of the planetary LogosFire, 677:of animal desire in its incentive impulsive aspect. Certain devas who - being of the third order -Fire, 682:substance of that plane as it exists in its dual aspect, rupa and arupa, 22 The lives who ensoulFire, 683:or are the containers of the fire of the third aspect. - S. D., II, 81. Their work precedes that ofFire, 683:mind the fact that the mental plane is the first aspect of the dense physical body of the planetaryFire, 684:the buddhic principle, the life force, or love aspect, are nevertheless known on the fifth plane asFire, 689:up this solar system in its fundamental manasic aspect with the past and the future. The section weFire, 690:be considered from what is, for him, a spiritual aspect. 29 Human individualization, or theFire, 693:why this fifth principle stirred the third aspect into self-conscious activity. 30 Prajapatis. TheFire, 693:we will now view it in its hylozoistic aspect. We have seen that it can be regarded as the force,Fire, 694:We are dealing here with the substance aspect and considering energy in its various manifestations.Fire, 695:primarily, and rightly, from the substance aspect, but not so much from the standpoint of consciousFire, 695:and must precede the study of the subjective aspect, but they lay the emphasis upon the materialFire, 698:which are concerned with the self-consciousness aspect, all of which are energized and connectedFire, 700:Halls again can be here considered from this aspect, and the central period allocated to the HallFire, 701:we have the receptivity of the negative aspect to the positive force and therefore the progress ofFire, 703:in mind, that the Rays are the positive aspect in manifestation and pass down into [704] negativeFire, 704:of activity. The Hierarchies are the negative aspect as far as the Rays are concerned and are
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