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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Fire, 1126:white and black. The mental unit or the mind aspect of a man, for instance, is after all but theFire, 1127:by burning, for it arouses the kundalini aspect perfectly by the time the fifth Initiation isFire, 1127:the fifth Initiation is taken. The destroyer aspect becomes dominated, and the form is "burnt uponFire, 1127:These ideas can also be studied in their larger aspect; a clue to the mystery of cosmic evil may beFire, 1127:system. Some are purely mahatic or of the third Aspect, dominated by the devas. Others (of whichFire, 1127:are examples) are controlled by the second Aspect, and that second aspect will work throughFire, 1127:controlled by the second Aspect, and that second aspect will work through unconquerably intoFire, 1132:alignment in connection with the second aspect, and are therefore dealing with the activity ofFire, 1135:with the Aspects of the universal Self. The Aspect of Bliss, or Will, imposes on Matter the qualityFire, 1135:power of resistance, stability, quietude. The Aspect of Activity gives to Matter its responsivenessFire, 1135:responsiveness to action - Rajas, mobility. The Aspect of Wisdom gives it Rhythm - Sattva,Fire, 1137:existence: The group forming the Father aspect of which little can here be predicated. The group ofFire, 1138:kingdom - Sattvic - Solar Logos - Uranus. Father aspect. Elemental group - vegetable kingdom -Fire, 1138:- Rajasic - Planetary Logoi - Neptune. Son aspect. Elemental group - mineral kingdom - Tamasic -Fire, 1138:- Tamasic - Plane devas - Saturn. Mother, Brahma aspect. [1139] Fire, 1139:rhythm. It is the vibration of Brahma, the third aspect, the mother or matter aspect. TheirFire, 1139:Brahma, the third aspect, the mother or matter aspect. Their appearance, therefore, is one of aFire, 1152:similarly and karmically linked with the second aspect logoic, or with that manifesting Life weFire, 1153:in connection with the energy of the first aspect. It deals with the transmission of electric fire.Fire, 1156:which are transmitters for the three rays of aspect. These energy centers are transmitters ofFire, 1158:energy of the psyche, the consciousness aspect, demonstrates when the three higher in the threeFire, 1158:The etheric body is formed of a negative aspect of fire, and is the recipient of a positive fire.Fire, 1166:Adjustment or of Balance, for it conditions that aspect of electrical phenomena which we callFire, 1166:the basic law of one pole, that of the negative aspect; the Law of Synthesis is the basic law ofFire, 1167:whilst in connection with the superhuman aspect it may be stated that this law of life expands intoFire, 1167:that the Law of Attraction governs the Soul aspect. The Law of Economy is the law of the negativeFire, 1168:of Chemical Affinity. This law governs the soul aspect in the mineral kingdom. It concerns theFire, 1171:lotus to draw from the lower nature (the matter aspect and the water aspect) the moisture and heatFire, 1171:lower nature (the matter aspect and the water aspect) the moisture and heat necessary for itsFire, 1172:of all the laws. It shows itself in one aspect as the power, and the stronger urge that a moreFire, 1172:This force works upon the negative, or lowest, aspect of all physical forms. The Law of GravitationFire, 1173:are concerned. The absorption of the Spirit aspect proceeds under the Law of Synthesis. The minorFire, 1173:the Suns is being dealt with from the material aspect and from the consciousness aspect, this termFire, 1173:the material aspect and from the consciousness aspect, this term is occultly used. It is notFire, 1175:Each scheme exists in order to teach a specific aspect of consciousness, and each planetary schoolFire, 1179:carrying ebony wands. They work under the first Aspect logoic and train those whose work is alongFire, 1186:of a similar nature. It is the middle, or second aspect which is ever responsible for theFire, 1186:and work with things and with men from the form aspect will be revolutionized. In the tabulationFire, 1188:that which concerns the soul or consciousness aspect and that relating to the Spirit on its ownFire, 1195:Person of the Trinity in His form-building aspect. They are the Builders and equally exist in threeFire, 1197:Hierarchy has for its type of energy the first aspect of the sixth type of cosmic electricity, andFire, 1198:Hierarchy has for its type of force the second aspect of the seventh type of force from out of theFire, 1199:vehicle. This third Hierarchy wields the third aspect of electric force of the first type of cosmicFire, 1199:Each hierarchy manifests a triple energy or an aspect of each of the above, and that necessitates aFire, 1200:Hierarchy is the group wherein the highest aspect of man, his "Father in Heaven" finds place. TheseFire, 1201:manifestation of the self-conscious Spirit aspect. This needs to be carefully considered and has noFire, 1201:considered and has no reference to the form aspect but solely to the nature of the lives expressingFire, 1203:two groups united) that which is the Spirit aspect, the Father, the Unknown. Fire, 1204:which - in conjunction with the highest aspect - lifts the lower aspect up to Heaven. When theseFire, 1204:with the highest aspect - lifts the lower aspect up to Heaven. When these mysteries are carefullyFire, 1207:found at the heart of every atom, its positive aspect, and the sixth Hierarchy is the life of theFire, 1209:subject concerns the [1209] psyche, or second aspect, of every life - superhuman, human andFire, 1214:brings about an adjustment between the Spirit aspect and the material. It is this triple groupFire, 1217:have relation to the psyche, or to the Vishnu aspect. One group of laws concern energies emanatingFire, 1224:The Seven Hierarchies Hierarchy Nos. Symbol Aspect Force Type 1. The Divine Lives. 1 or 6 Closed 12Fire, 1225:rotated and gathered to themselves the fifth aspect of Mahat." This symbol, which signifies theFire, 1226:the seven symbols, each one of which hides an aspect of the sevenfold Love of God as it is revealedFire, 1229:developing contact with the soul, or the second aspect, and only when this contact is firmlyFire, 1232:Soul, the medium through which the Spirit [1232] aspect, ever works. More it is not possible forFire, 1235:people to unfold the potencies of the soul aspect is to put them en rapport with the forces andFire, 1235:peculiar nature. They represent the subjective aspect or life. Then, finally, there is the positiveFire, 1235:or life. Then, finally, there is the positive aspect, the energy responsible for the coherenceFire, 1236:Intelligence. | The Seven Rays Three Rays of Aspect. Four Rays of Attribute. I. Will or Power II.Fire, 1236:Rays. The 3 Departmental Heads. I. The Will Aspect A. The Manu. b. Master Jupiter. c. Master M. II.Fire, 1236:Master Jupiter. c. Master M. II. The Love-Wisdom Aspect. B. The Bodhisattva. (The Christ. The WorldFire, 1249:of the solar system. The will or purpose aspect which is the spiritual life behind all subjectiveFire, 1252:or form side and the subjective or consciousness aspect of his triple nature. When these threeFire, 1253:plus identification with the spiritual aspect. They are constantly spoken of in the occult archivesFire, 1256:With color, that which veils the Spirit aspect, as dense form veils the soul. With sound, thatFire, 1273:WAY of triple blue formed into one. This latter aspect of the eye of Shiva directs the other two,Glamour, 6:the "Destroyer Ray" and the power of the first aspect, which is the power to bring to an end, flowsGlamour, 6:love and acting under the Will or first ray aspect. Destroyers have to learn to build, acting everGlamour, 9:which the symbolic form veils. It is this aspect of symbolic reading that you are asked to study.Glamour, 9:therefore, after due study of the form aspect, what the symbol is doing to them, what feeling itGlamour, 10:a year. First, approach the symbol from its form aspect and seek to familiarize yourself with itsGlamour, 10:and seek to familiarize yourself with its outer aspect, with the sumtotal of lines, triangles,Glamour, 13:method of familiarizing yourself with the form aspect of the symbol, and you know well its outerGlamour, 16:of the group members simply increased the form aspect, and the remainder needed not this method ofGlamour, 20:almost flattered when they are "up against" some aspect of glamor, feeling that their demonstrationGlamour, 21:is a soul activity, and the result of the mind aspect of all the souls in manifestation. It is theGlamour, 29:of a similar illusion. This, in its worst aspect, produces mental insanity or idée fixe, but in itsGlamour, 33:that the battleground of his life involves every aspect of his nature. The whole man is involved.Glamour, 44:be able to distinguish the truth or isolate that aspect of the teaching which is for him ofGlamour, 44:excellence, the Great Service, and it is to this aspect of it that I call your attention. Hence myGlamour, 46:of our point, and thus emphasizing the glamor aspect as it affects the disciple and the problemGlamour, 47:When his sight has cleared, and when his mental aspect is more developed and unfolded, he will knowGlamour, 64:expressed) and misapplies it. This is perhaps an aspect of the synthetic illusion or the illusionGlamour, 69:disciple as an individual and also consider the aspect of glamor with which he must deal as a worldGlamour, 73:also, and is, in itself, not wrong but an aspect of reality. This realization necessarilyGlamour, 79:middle way which is that of the consciousness aspect or the soul aspect. Ponder deeply on thisGlamour, 79:is that of the consciousness aspect or the soul aspect. Ponder deeply on this thought. TheGlamour, 87:force is brought into conflict with the lowest aspect of man, the dense physical body, and theGlamour, 87:of matter, the lowest expression of the third aspect of divinity can be offset, and the man setGlamour, 87:human battlefield, the kurukshetra, the higher aspect of the [88] soul begins to dominate,Glamour, 91:from the higher spiritual self; it is the third aspect of divinity as expressed in the humanGlamour, 91:expressed in the human mechanism, and this third aspect must eventually be subordinated to theGlamour, 91:must eventually be subordinated to the second aspect, the soul. The two great contrasting Forces,Glamour, 97:related to the Monad or the highest spiritual aspect. It is life itself on the verge ofGlamour, 103:at-one-ment between the higher and lower aspect of the soul in manifestation and sees the DwellerGlamour, 104:they can identify themselves with their higher aspect, the soul, and can then bring in soul energy
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