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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Initiation, 155:thus account for the carefully guarding of this aspect of divine work. Initiation, 156:the shining forth of the Brahma, or third aspect, of the inner God. To control his speech everyInitiation, 157:inner God. It is the shining forth of the second aspect of the Self, the Vishnu, or form-buildingInitiation, 157:aspect of the Self, the Vishnu, or form-building aspect, which is the prime characteristic of theInitiation, 157:purpose of the Ego. By thus meditating the first aspect comes steadily into greater prominence, andInitiation, 158:and therefore with the Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva aspect, of which the three Heads are the PlanetaryInitiation, 167:aware of, and uses the energy of the second aspect in form building, in social relations, and inInitiation, 167:of Wisdom he comes to the knowledge of the first aspect of energy, the dynamic use of will inInitiation, 167:mystery of energy. This energy in its threefold aspect he became aware of, in the other two Halls.Initiation, 168:he can then unlock the hidden forces of the will aspect. The dynamo of the solar system is shown toInitiation, 168:The mystery of Brahma. The secret of the third aspect. It is latent in the physical sun. TheInitiation, 168:universal sex impulse. The secret of the second aspect. It is latent in the Heart of the Sun, orInitiation, 168:central systemic force. The secret of the first aspect. - It is latent in the Central SpiritualInitiation, 171:in its nature, deals with the Brahma or third aspect, and is called sometimes by the followingInitiation, 172:them, remembering that they deal with the Brahma aspect in its lowest manifestation and with theInitiation, 172:system to the preceding one, in which the Brahma aspect dominated, as the Vishnu, or consciousnessInitiation, 172:dominated, as the Vishnu, or consciousness aspect dominates in this. The initiate, through theInitiation, 174:secret concerns primarily the Vishnu, or second aspect. It sums up in one short phrase the totalityInitiation, 174:and its development by and through the matter aspect. It concerns literally the unification of theInitiation, 174:great secret which concerns the fire or spirit aspect is revealed to the wondering and amazedInitiation, 174:Logos. The work and method of the destroyer aspect of divinity. The processes whereby obscurationInitiation, 174:fire upon the lesser. As this Shiva, or first, aspect is the one which will arrive at perfection,Initiation, 175:source of the particular energy concerned is one aspect of the sun. At the sixth and seventhInitiation, 178:which is the basis of the building, or Vishnu aspect. He has to equip, also, his mental body soInitiation, 182:of the form intelligently by the life aspect. It is largely the ray of executive work, with theInitiation, 215:and also all the three, as he is the triple aspect of fire; fire is the essence of the solarInitiation, 220:on the planet of the third, or intelligence aspect of deity in its five activities. MahamanvantaraInitiation, 224:Rays can be divided [224] into the three Rays of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute, as follows:Initiation, 224:the four Rays of Attribute, as follows: Rays of Aspect: The Ray of Will, or Power. The Ray ofIntellect, 24:thing to do. Viewed from its most uninteresting aspect, education can briefly be defined as theIntellect, 53:Flame, imprisoned in the body. It is that life aspect which gives to man - as to [54] all forms inIntellect, 54:we call the vital principle or fluid, the life aspect, and the energy of pure reason. TheseIntellect, 57:or prana. This life principle is the force aspect of the soul, and through the medium of theIntellect, 83:and to make him identify himself with his soul aspect and not simply his lower characteristics. ItIntellect, 93:before there can be a breathing in by the higher aspect. From the standpoint of eastern mysticism,Intellect, 96:of the faculty of "reading" or seeing the life aspect which the outer form veils and hides. ThisIntellect, 96:will lead a man for instance, to negate the form aspect which his fellowman may assume, and dealIntellect, 101:esotericist, it is simply a word standing for an aspect of man which is responsive in one directionIntellect, 113:meditation with seed that we arrive at the life aspect. Intellect, 115:people to unfold the potencies of the soul aspect is to put them en rapport with the forces andIntellect, 119:it with information, and to train the memory aspect to be retentive, and the content of that memoryIntellect, 123:to an illumination, emanating from the Spirit aspect, and this we will shortly consider. ThisIntellect, 138:of the realizations and concepts of the Spirit aspect. Students would do well to remember the wordsIntellect, 153:of the mind upon a problem and upon the form aspect in order to arrive at the cause of its being.Intellect, 155:to the intellect, and should be - in its purest aspect - divorced from feeling altogether. It is aIntellect, 160:in his book on illumination, deals with this aspect of the light, and says in one place that heIntellect, 178:physical world. This can be regarded as the life aspect, and scholars are wrestling all the timeIntellect, 178:the feeling, suffering, experiencing, emotional aspect of the Self, working [179] through theIntellect, 179:and subsequent awareness, the man exhausts that aspect of his nature and penetrates deeper until heIntellect, 209:privilege which is ours in demonstrating a newer aspect of the old truth. We belong, in the West,Intellect, 214:field is set up between the positive soul aspect and the waiting personality which is renderedIntellect, 237:from the outer form to the energy or life aspect of that form and which enables the thinker to beIntellect, 238:of the outer form, and of its quality and aspect can be omitted, and the act of concentration,Intellect, 238:the student can start with the purpose aspect, or with the underlying idea which brought the outerMagic, 5:book we will center our attention on the life aspect, and the practical application of truth to theMagic, 8:is present and which disappears when the form aspect vanishes is covered by many terms, of whichMagic, 13:the center of energy which we call the spiritual aspect in man is (through the utilization ofMagic, 13:to that manifestation. The energy of the third aspect of divinity tends to the revelation of theMagic, 13:to the revelation of the soul or the second aspect which in turn reveals the highest aspect. ItMagic, 13:second aspect which in turn reveals the highest aspect. It must ever be remembered that The SecretMagic, 15:in creation, some law of manifestation and some aspect of truth, known by the soul, emanating fromMagic, 19:nerves. It is closely associated with the energy aspect, being the apparatus utilized by thatMagic, 21:will result in correct rapport with the soul aspect, hidden in every form, and will produce rightMagic, 23:We trace it back to the soul or consciousness aspect, and from the soul to the spirit (as we callMagic, 24:and in the soul-life more than in the form aspect express their concept in terms of soulMagic, 27:follows still another expansion when the spirit aspect, man's emanating source of energy, begins toMagic, 30:be, to act, to pursue, to evolve. In its lowest aspect this works through the mental body orMagic, 30:of the interplay between the spirit or energy aspect and the matter or body nature. This is theMagic, 31:aspects. This is the soul and - in its lowest aspect - is to be seen working through the emotionalMagic, 31:is strictly individual and identified. This aspect of the life principle works through the ethericMagic, 33:nature of the soul must be grasped: one is the aspect of the soul in relation to the fourth kingdomMagic, 34:which is brought into being when the spirit aspect and the matter aspect are related to each other.Magic, 34:into being when the spirit aspect and the matter aspect are related to each other. [35] The soulMagic, 35:them. Therefore the soul is the form-building aspect, and is that attractive factor in every formMagic, 36:the soul might be defined as that significant aspect in every form (made through this union ofMagic, 39:This concept will be understood when the second aspect is contacted and men understand the natureMagic, 40:the thought clearer. Monad - Will - Purpose 1st Aspect - Will, enabling the Monad to participate inMagic, 40:to participate in the universal purpose. 2nd Aspect - Love, the energy which is poured forth intoMagic, 40:forth into the soul, making it what it is. 3rd Aspect - Intelligence, transmitted via the soul andMagic, 40:medium of the body. Soul - Love - the Method 1st Aspect - Will, held in abeyance but expressingMagic, 40:abeyance but expressing itself through the mind aspect of the personality and through Kundalini,Magic, 40:into the consciousness of the Monad. 2nd Aspect - Love, the dominating force of the soul life;Magic, 40:through the principle of buddhi, with the second aspect of the Monad. 3rd Aspect - Knowledge. ThisMagic, 40:buddhi, with the second aspect of the Monad. 3rd Aspect - Knowledge. This aspect is brought intoMagic, 40:of the Monad. 3rd Aspect - Knowledge. This aspect is brought into touch with the intelligence ofMagic, 41:only discovered and later used when the highest aspect of the personality, the mind, is developedMagic, 41:anent this, for the body nature and the form aspect have been the object of investigation and theMagic, 43:In the head we have the analogy to the spirit aspect, the directing will, the monad, the One: [44]Magic, 44:The throat, corresponding to the third creative aspect or the body nature, the active intelligenceMagic, 44:system carried out: The sex organs, the creative aspect, the fashioner of the body. The stomach, asMagic, 48:is in process of revelation now. The lower aspect is functioning. The higher remains unknown, butMagic, 63:clearer and he realizes that it is that form aspect which is failing in its response, and reactingMagic, 76:reasons. First, the etheric body is the next aspect of the world substance to be studied byMagic, 83:men and races, but science recognizes not this aspect of manifestation, nor do scientific men, as aMagic, 87:Hierarchies (in their outer and creative aspect) are contacted by the man, who is the perfectedMagic, 87:between the solar plexus and heart is the second aspect perfected; the love of the soul can expressMagic, 89:must be made by the soul between the lower aspect of its triple nature and the aspect which hasMagic, 89:the lower aspect of its triple nature and the aspect which has already found lodgment in the brainMagic, 90:humanity is seeking contact with another divine aspect. When that contact is made the Kingdom ofMagic, 95:[95] ambition can truly cooperate in this second aspect of the work. Therefore "Kill out ambition."
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