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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Psychology2, 375:free from hatred, from intense emphasis upon an aspect or a part, and is not limited by the sensePsychology2, 383:through the evocation of the Will or first aspect of divinity. Bring Imagination, through thePsychology2, 384:through the evocation of Love, the [384] second aspect or of sentient response to the world soul inPsychology2, 384:the evocation of the Intelligence, the third aspect. Psychology2, 384:see that the process outlined brings the higher aspect of the personal self, the mind, to thePsychology2, 384:body, and that it also brings the will aspect (the highest aspect of divinity) into control ofPsychology2, 384:that it also brings the will aspect (the highest aspect of divinity) into control of mind. TherePsychology2, 385:lotus, represents the spirit or life aspect; the other, the ajna center, represents matter or thePsychology2, 385:the ajna center, represents matter or the form aspect. Thus the work carried forward upon the pathsPsychology2, 386:divine will must be evoked, of which the mind aspect is the reflection, and the brain (or thePsychology2, 386:This illumination, coming from the highest aspect which [387] man can conceive follows a directPsychology2, 387:the reflection in the soul of this particular aspect of energy. From this layer of petals to thePsychology2, 389:in his environment comes likewise from the will aspect of the Monad, sweeping the higher [390] mindPsychology2, 390:or of downflow is as follows: From the will aspect of the monadic life to that level ofPsychology2, 394:of the Whole but the beauty and purpose of every aspect of the inner structure. Just as thePsychology2, 395:will be the material more than the consciousness aspect and pattern which will engross hisPsychology2, 403:results, and a tendency to over-emphasize one aspect of the ascertained truth to the exclusion ofPsychology2, 414:the future or of determining action. This aspect of astrological interpretation will become lessPsychology2, 414:inclusive. We are not dealing here with the form aspect as much as with the conscious realizationPsychology2, 415:nature has been prepared and the intelligence aspect reflects itself in the mind, the love naturePsychology2, 415:(for the etheric body is the more subtle aspect or expression of the physical body), the soulPsychology2, 415:stream in the head. This consciousness aspect is itself dual, and that which we callPsychology2, 416:of oneness or of wholeness. In its higher human aspect, this sexual differentiation is only thePsychology2, 417:by a right and intelligent use of the quality aspect of the form nature: Instinct distinguishes thePsychology2, 417:Intelligence distinguishes the mind aspect or mental vehicle, and works through the clearing housePsychology2, 419:due to the withdrawal of the self-conscious aspect of the dweller in the body. This process ofPsychology2, 421:coupled with the recognition that there is an aspect of himself which does not truly want to do so.Psychology2, 426:aid from the soul, the Observer, the higher aspect of himself. For instance, a man suffering fromPsychology2, 426:sentient part of himself and the mental aspect is aware of need, of frustration and of intensePsychology2, 428:the reaction of the integrated aspects to that aspect which is seeking integration. The aspect toPsychology2, 428:to that aspect which is seeking integration. The aspect to be integrated is essentially morePsychology2, 428:imagination, the bridge between the lower aspect and higher can be built and constructed. "As a manPsychology2, 433:and the false emphasis laid upon the form aspect to the exclusion of the soul values, have broughtPsychology2, 434:subjects, [434] beginning with the lowest aspect and expanding their ideas to include the highestPsychology2, 441:will eventually [441] drop into the conscious aspect of a man's nature and become an integral partPsychology2, 441:pass away, they will drop into the subconscious aspect of his nature, as his power to grasp thePsychology2, 441:when an individual becomes aware of the higher aspect of himself which is demanding integration andPsychology2, 447:as a mystic and taught to recognize the higher aspect and its relation to the lower, with a view toPsychology2, 460:to create in mental substance. There is one aspect of this difficulty to which I have not yetPsychology2, 471:almost flattered when they are "up against" some aspect of glamor, feeling that their demonstrationPsychology2, 472:a soul activity, and is the result of the mind aspect of all the souls in manifestation. It is thePsychology2, 492:soul inevitably knows, because his soul is an aspect of the Universal soul and an integral part ofPsychology2, 518:or Pisces? In coming centuries, this aspect of astrological science will be of definite importancePsychology2, 520:(through this developed sensitivity of some aspect of the fivefold instrument of contact) hePsychology2, 536:which controls in a peculiar manner the life aspect in man, is closely connected with the heartPsychology2, 541:than that. The heart is connected with the life aspect, for there is the seat of the life principlePsychology2, 555:found in every individual being. This secondary aspect of the evolutionary principle needs carefulPsychology2, 576:order to enhance the magnetic power of the love aspect of the hierarchical effort and not in orderPsychology2, 577:emphasis of their activity is upon the material aspect of manifestation and upon the activity ofPsychology2, 584:are the way of escape from the highest aspect of the Atlantean consciousness. This is itself astralPsychology2, 606:development in the human being of the "dreaming" aspect of God's Nature. Ponder on this, for itPsychology2, 608:of power (coming from the mind in its will aspect or from the soul through the will petals) canPsychology2, 609:which the soul withdraws the consciousness aspect in the hours of sleep and the consciousnessPsychology2, 609:in the hours of sleep and the consciousness aspect plus the life thread at the moment of death. ThePsychology2, 623:and over-emphasized expression of the Will aspect of certain nations and individuals is connectedPsychology2, 655:to do is to awaken into fuller activity an aspect of human nature which is always present but whichPsychology2, 666:if undue emphasis is laid upon the organization aspect of the New Group of World Servers. It mustPsychology2, 668:emphasize one angle of public opinion and one aspect of life, there must inevitably appear, underPsychology2, 684:therefore what I have to say takes on another aspect and lays the responsibility of materializingPsychology2, 706:soul. A period of creativity, due to the third aspect of the soul which is the creator aspect. ThisPsychology2, 706:third aspect of the soul which is the creator aspect. This development will produce definite habitPsychology2, 718:to deal in its May Council of 1937. 4. The final aspect of the situation with which the MastersPsychology2, 719:with the prevention of disaster to the form aspect of humanity, desirable as human beings mightPsychology2, 729:Sometimes, however, the love of the form aspect of consciousness has been interpreted asPsychology2, 732:life pattern, it can be worked out in every aspect of a man or woman's daily life. We are nowPsychology2, 733:religious and economic - can change the aspect of world affairs in the space of a few years. IfRays, 5:with the objects of desire, with the form aspect, and with that which is material. An understandingRays, 6:Emergence into Manifestation of the Subjective Aspect in Man. One of the objects of evolution isRays, 6:glory. The demonstration of the 2nd or the Love aspect. The manifestation of the solar Angel. TheRays, 8:than just being good. It deals with the matter aspect and has relation to the hold or control thatRays, 10:into the realm of self-consciousness. This aspect of the matter is as yet but little comprehendedRays, 16:and magnetic, and is concerned with the life aspect and not just with the soul or consciousnessRays, 16:and not just with the soul or consciousness aspect. Their places are being taken - under the Law ofRays, 16:of great happenings, and will involve every aspect of His nature, including the dense physical;Rays, 16:manifestation, for "Being" connotes the Spirit aspect, [17] "moving" the soul or consciousnessRays, 17:aspect, [17] "moving" the soul or consciousness aspect, and "living" signifies appearance upon theRays, 18:therefore a fuller responsiveness to the Will aspect of divinity. An invocative attitude on theRays, 27:personality by the antahkarana. The heart as an aspect of pure reason requires carefulRays, 28:I would have you remember that the will aspect is the final dominating principle. In the groupRays, 28:motive, merging eventually into the will aspect of the Monad - its major aspect. It is, technicallyRays, 28:into the will aspect of the Monad - its major aspect. It is, technically speaking, Shamballa inRays, 29:group antahkarana is still incomplete and the aspect of pure reason and of the heart does notRays, 29:personalities which make up the personality aspect of the ashram. This is a factor with which theyRays, 30:process. Wording it otherwise, when the will aspect streams from the Monad and focuses through theRays, 31:aspects of this mental process, and the will aspect of the egoic life begins to influence theRays, 31:of sacrifice" unfold and the sacred sacrificial aspect of life is revealed in its beauty, purity,Rays, 32:grasp. This group love is based upon the egoic aspect of the will to which we give the nameRays, 33:being the intelligent fulfilment of the will aspect of divinity, or of the Monad. This involves theRays, 33:self, and the subordination of the knowledge aspect of the soul to the clear pure light of theRays, 34:has not been brought about and the will aspect in manifestation is not yet understood in its threeRays, 35:primarily concerned with the Shamballa or life aspect. They are the only Formulas or embodiedRays, 35:the result will be the expression of the will aspect. The whole process of invocation and evocationRays, 35:evocation is tied up with the idea. The lesser aspect is ever the invoking factor, and thisRays, 35:which has been reached. The task of the lesser aspect or group is invocative, and the success ofRays, 37:him and to convey into his consciousness some aspect of that larger whole, and this in its turnRays, 40:being gradually translated into another divine aspect, taking with him all that he has receivedRays, 40:close relation and identification with the third aspect, form, and the second aspect,Rays, 40:with the third aspect, form, and the second aspect, consciousness. A sense of being bereft,Rays, 43:firmly grounded in the highest, rightly oriented aspect of the personality. As the disciple thenRays, 45:realized unity and identification with the life aspect of divinity, and yet preserves its own
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