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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Rays, 348:affiliation with the Great White Lodge. The love aspect is, however, lacking in the black magician.Rays, 349:is nothing else. The energy which [349] is an aspect of the soul and which we call magneticRays, 349:the "sacrifice petals" of the will and purpose aspect of the soul. To this type of energy the blackRays, 352:and the force which we call prana which is an aspect of the energy composing the etheric body.Rays, 354:(counting the dense physical body as one aspect and the etheric vehicle as a second aspect of theRays, 354:one aspect and the etheric vehicle as a second aspect of the physical body) are involved, for thisRays, 354:the physical plane onlooker, and the subjective aspect, portrayed symbolically by the three CrossesRays, 358:highest plane - (Adi Life - Logoic plane - 1st aspect - Will The monadic plane - Human monads -Rays, 358:monadic plane - Human monads - Universal - 2nd aspect - Love The atmic plane - 3rd aspect -Rays, 358:- 2nd aspect - Love The atmic plane - 3rd aspect - Intelligence The buddhic plane - Pure reason -Rays, 360:of the fact of the Will or of the first divine aspect, with its two qualities (veiling a third) ofRays, 365:as to what is happening within the consciousness aspect of humanity. [366] The door into the Way ofRays, 375:than it is to the second ray, and is an aspect or quality of the Law of Synthesis. It was thisRays, 375:radiation, is implemented by the magnetic aspect. This - as the Old Commentary puts it - is "aRays, 377:immortality, whilst determination is the lowest aspect of the will. Their development produces aRays, 378:Ashrams, it is this magnetic energy of the first aspect which is found at the heart of the sevenRays, 380:is thus the Head is because it is the Will aspect which is developed within the Ashram. It is theRays, 380:The magnetic, dynamic energy of the first aspect of divinity is found at the heart of each of theRays, 381:of a rapport between the unrevealed second aspect (to which They were responsive) and Humanity. InRays, 381:Humanity. In this They succeeded, but the matter aspect and quality - that of active intelligence -Rays, 387:to the world the nature of the second ray aspect - the divine principle of love (as humanity callsRays, 388:functioning Ashram, and this because the will aspect is as yet very little understood and fewRays, 388:ray initiates. Ages must pass before this Will aspect will have reached the stage of unfoldment andRays, 392:the Will, and concerns the spirit or life aspect; it involves an increasing revelation of theRays, 394:the will of the [394] Hierarchy conforms to that aspect of the divine will which should beRays, 398:upon their lower level have to master. This aspect of impression is, however, concerned with theRays, 403:where the rejecting agency ordained." Another aspect of the work done by the Master on the secondRays, 406:primarily with the "psyche" [406] or the soul aspect within the solar system. They are occupiedRays, 407:This definitely involves working with the soul aspect and with the unfoldment of consciousRays, 410:of a hierarchical problem: the use of the will aspect in the unfoldment of the initiate. It must beRays, 410:It must be remembered that this first ray aspect is: A definite and most potent energy. It is theRays, 412:live and move and have our being affects every aspect and department of His manifestation, just asRays, 412:changes in the personality and affects every aspect and organ of his little manifestation upon theRays, 416:manner; this divine principle represents an aspect of the influence which Sirius exerts on ourRays, 416:developments that enable the life or spirit aspect to free itself from the impact, the contact andRays, 420:esoterically significant, there is embodied one aspect of the initiation to be experienced on thisRays, 424:are equally of much greater unfoldment; the will aspect is present to a great degree (little as youRays, 434:of fusing spiritual attributes, and the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad, the abstract mind.Rays, 438:that He eternally Is, that He exists as a divine aspect upon the formless levels of the cosmicRays, 438:plus an emphasis upon the dynamic life aspect, plus an ability to stand immovable in pure Being.Rays, 442:the Spiritual Triad and the mind as the highest aspect in the three worlds into a closeRays, 446:not only with the establishment of the character aspect of discipleship, but with the more abstruseRays, 448:the bridging has to be done in the consciousness aspect, and concerns the continuity of man'sRays, 451:of energy, which we call the life or spirit aspect, anchored in the heart. It uses the bloodRays, 451:of energy, which we call the consciousness aspect or the faculty of soul knowledge, anchored in theRays, 452:to develop consciously the middle or balancing aspect, which is love or group relationship. (SeeRays, 459:Science, reflecting the lower phase of the will aspect of divinity and summarizing within itselfRays, 459:This is the soul itself, governed by the second aspect of all the seven rays - a point I would askRays, 459:It reflects the lower phase of the love aspect of divinity and summarizes in itself the results ofRays, 461:It is therefore related to the second aspect of the Spiritual Triad and is brought into functioningRays, 461:Ray of Will or Power, reflecting the higher aspect of the will of divinity or of the atmicRays, 463:of our planetary manifestation. This is also an aspect of solar awareness upon the same plane. AsRays, 464:as follows: Utilizes the sutratma: 1. The Father Aspect This is the underlying Plan of God The WillRays, 464:This is the underlying Plan of God The Will Aspect The essential Cause of Being Purpose LifeRays, 464:Utilizes the consciousness thread: 2. The Son Aspect The quality of sensitivity The Love Aspect TheRays, 464:Son Aspect The quality of sensitivity The Love Aspect The nature of relationship Wisdom.Rays, 464:Develops the creative thread: 3. The Mother Aspect The intelligence of substance The IntelligenceRays, 464:The intelligence of substance The Intelligence Aspect The nature of form The Holy Spirit ResponseRays, 465:mind. The receptive common sense. The highest aspect of the form nature. The reflection of atma,Rays, 470:I would also point out that the critical aspect of this process is only arrived at when theRays, 473:as well as a demonstration of the Destroyer aspect. I have here indicated much of interest; I haveRays, 483:the receptivity of the Hierarchy to the second aspect of the Shamballa energy is only now beginningRays, 483:for long been receptive to the third or creative aspect of the Shamballa energy, and - at some veryRays, 483:period - it will be responsive to the first aspect of that same energy. The triple nature of theRays, 483:- in direct rapport with the consciousness aspect, the mediating soul being absorbed into both ofRays, 484:do so. In the process, however, the third divine aspect - that of the Creative Actor - comes intoRays, 487:in two stages: first, towards the soul as one aspect of the building energy, and second, towardsRays, 488:Imagination is, as you know, the lowest aspect of the intuition, and this fact must be rememberedRays, 489:it should be remembered that the second aspect of the divine Trinity is the form-building aspect,Rays, 489:of the divine Trinity is the form-building aspect, and thus, under the Law of Analogy, it is theRays, 489:thus, under the Law of Analogy, it is the second aspect of the personality and the second aspect ofRays, 489:second aspect of the personality and the second aspect of the Spiritual Triad which are becomingRays, 490:substance, having brought into activity the will aspect, and being consciously aware of process andRays, 491:by the focusing of the mental impulse (an aspect of the will), the disciple then calls upon theRays, 492:because it is the realization of another divine aspect, hidden hitherto by both the soul and theRays, 494:Triad. There is then a going forth towards the aspect of the antahkarana, constructed by theRays, 496:its reasonable share, in which the service aspect is not neglected, and your life presentation isRays, 502:distinct and separate effort - calls in the will aspect of his nature, as far as he can in thisRays, 503:body.. Projection: The calling in of the Will aspect. The preservation of a triple state ofRays, 506:mind that we are dealing entirely with the Will aspect. This necessitates a higher process ofRays, 506:of alignment and the evocation of a divine aspect hitherto relatively quiescent, except in so farRays, 506:the Great Renunciation at which time the first aspect begins to dominate the other two. Then theRays, 507:when so required by the Monad. From the form aspect, you then have the Monad, the sphere of theRays, 507:focus of the initiate's attention is in the will aspect of divinity. It has been said in an ancientRays, 507:initiate of the fourth ray arrives at the will aspect when conflict steps into its rightful placeRays, 508:The Father inspires response from the material aspect, or from the Mother if you like thatRays, 508:to ascertain (as in fact do all disciples) which aspect he himself is of a particular ray. It isRays, 512:tension. Awareness of the Ray energy in its will aspect. The use of one or other of the seven RayRays, 516:registers power; it is the symbol (the form aspect) and the power (the Spirit aspect) which acts asRays, 516:(the form aspect) and the power (the Spirit aspect) which acts as a great creative agency andRays, 518:the three Words of Power used upon the Rays of Aspect. Ray Four - Harmony through Conflict - "TwoRays, 520:urges, which force him ever to invoke the higher aspect of life and of consciousness which heRays, 527:the full expression of love-wisdom in its dual aspect - the one aspect demonstrated by the BuddhaRays, 527:of love-wisdom in its dual aspect - the one aspect demonstrated by the Buddha and the other by theRays, 530:begin to work as an exponent of the Will aspect of divinity. Yet all this time we have confinedRays, 530:entirely to the consideration of the mind aspect in its three phases upon the mental plane, andRays, 531:The point I seek to make is that the ceremonial aspect is due to the thought-form-making capacityRays, 532:of initiation present only the outer form aspect; each initiation has three aspects, as has allRays, 532:is a natural process. There is first, its form aspect; then its soul or consciousness aspect; andRays, 532:its form aspect; then its soul or consciousness aspect; and finally, its life aspect. The form
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