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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECT

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Rays, 532:or consciousness aspect; and finally, its life aspect. The form aspect culminates experience andRays, 532:aspect; and finally, its life aspect. The form aspect culminates experience and presents theRays, 532:of the initiatory process; the consciousness aspect indicates in a mysterious manner the rate ofRays, 532:the disciple has undergone the process; the life aspect permits of extra-planetary contact, thusRays, 533:hinted at in the Masonic Work. The ceremonial aspect can be related to the degrees of EnteredRays, 535:expression in a human being of the third aspect of divinity, that of intelligent activity. TheRays, 535:are as definitely related to the second aspect of love-wisdom as it expresses itself throughRays, 535:are occultly "inspired" by the first divine aspect, that of the Will. Only, therefore, at the ninthRays, 536:plane on to the cosmic astral plane. Each divine aspect has three subsidiary aspects, and in ourRays, 536:and on the cosmic physical plane the lowest aspect of love (that which we call the Will-to-Good) isRays, 536:to grasp as existent possibilities. The lowest aspect we call goodwill, little realizing theRays, 536:to the universal goal which it sets; the second aspect we vaguely call love and hope to demonstrateRays, 546:naturally in the field of telepathy, which is an aspect of the Science of Impression, and areRays, 549:or even the mind of the Master. The purpose aspect of the Plan begins to impress his now highlyRays, 553:carried forward in the realm of the divine third aspect, that of divine active intelligence.Rays, 553:Therefore the human center registers this major aspect and becomes intensely invocative; thisRays, 555:to an end; They therefore sacrificed the form aspect of manifestation and created a situation inRays, 556:been laid upon the tangible and supposed form aspect of initiation. I here propose a differentRays, 558:he can work with the quality and the creative aspect of all the rays, though ever retaining aRays, 558:of the Monad - one of the three major Rays of Aspect. I would ask you to remember that all humanRays, 558:and livingness of one of the three Rays of Aspect, even if - in time and space - their souls mayRays, 558:thus refresh the memory of the neophyte: Rays of Aspect: The Ray of Power, Will or Purpose The RayRays, 558:evoke his essential quality. The three Rays of Aspect enable him to take the four higherRays, 558:through the medium of the third Ray of Aspect, are related more definitely to the Hierarchy, andRays, 558:to the first five initiations. The Rays of Aspect are essentially related to the life or willRays, 558:are essentially related to the life or will aspect of divinity; the Rays of Attribute are relatedRays, 558:of Attribute are related to the consciousness aspect. Every human being, in the earlier stages ofRays, 559:transferred on to one of the three Rays of Aspect, according to the predominance of the energy orRays, 559:conditioned by these rays. One of the Rays of Aspect and two of the Rays of Attribute (rays 3, 5,Rays, 560:are focused in and absorbed by the third Ray of Aspect. A study of the charts which I gave andRays, 561:than the fifth are the expression, the Ray of Aspect which embodies the Will of God will graduallyRays, 561:a creative synthesis of all these three Rays of Aspect. Then all souls will be upon one of theseRays, 564:a mental understanding of the lowest objective aspect of this sacrifice and to the nature of theRays, 567:bring in the energy of the highest Ray of Aspect, that of Will or Power. This dynamic electricRays, 567:Some understanding of the first or will aspect is "conceded" at this initiation, and for the firstRays, 567:true nature of the minor rays, in their creative aspect and as expressions of the quality of theRays, 568:considering the quality and the will-purpose aspect of a certain great Life to Whom we give theRays, 570:(again speaking in symbols), the material aspect is triumphant. Later, the Christ life triumphs.Rays, 571:the presence and activities of the second divine aspect of love - will result in the ending ofRays, 574:[574] of the will-to-good of the first divine aspect. Of this first Ray of Will or Purpose,Rays, 578:that all that remains of that ancient and potent aspect of his being is aspiration, a sensitiveRays, 578:divine life and a form through which the lowest aspect of divine love, goodwill, can flow withoutRays, 579:and a growing responsiveness to the aspirational aspect of the astral body; this aspiration isRays, 582:owing to the extreme potency of the second aspect of the personality in the three worlds, hisRays, 582:of an increasing soul contact (itself the second aspect of his essential divinity), his emotional,Rays, 588:to three stages: The stage wherein the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad (that of the abstractRays, 591:of Love-Wisdom, and its fusion with the love aspect is given the name of "wisdom" by us, becauseRays, 599:dynamic energy from the atmic plane (the highest aspect of the Spiritual Triad) pours into the mindRays, 606:decision which laid the emphasis upon the matter aspect, according to their desire and theirRays, 606:slowly, swinging over to the side of the spirit aspect of the duality; it has not yet swung, evenRays, 607:in bringing about conditions wherein the spirit aspect is released (temporarily or permanently)Rays, 609:Initiation of Decision; at that time, the will aspect of divinity summarizes in a unique manner allRays, 610:lies the reason for the inclusive and synthetic aspect of the present world conflict; though theRays, 621:time the two aspects of this fourth ray - the aspect or Principle of Conflict and the aspect orRays, 621:- the aspect or Principle of Conflict and the aspect or Principle of Harmony - are struggling toRays, 627:there is hard to resolve. It is ever the mind aspect which produces all the separativeness, theRays, 629:preconceived ideas and prejudices; the mature aspect of American idealism leads its people to aRays, 631:the first Ray of Will or Power; the will aspect of divinity works out on the physical plane as theRays, 641:Aspirant and the Major Initiations The Rays of Aspect and the Higher Initiations We completed ourRays, 641:now to the consideration of the three Rays of Aspect and their general and momentous effect uponRays, 642:working in synthesis with the three Rays of Aspect (and working simultaneously), will necessarilyRays, 642:within the three worlds and to the third aspect of the divine Life. However, from the esotericRays, 644:cosmic ray of prevailing energy in its highest aspect is the Ray of Love-Wisdom, and this is nowRays, 644:of the Will-to-Good, experienced in its second aspect at the fifth initiation. Forget not that allRays, 645:and must become consciously aware of the highest aspect: the Will-to-Good. He has developed inRays, 646:pouring-in of the energy and power of the third aspect of the first Ray of Power or Will. This isRays, 646:first Ray of Power or Will. This is the lowest aspect, and definite [647] material effects wereRays, 647:material effects were produced. The destroyer aspect was therefore the first aspect to take effect.Rays, 647:The destroyer aspect was therefore the first aspect to take effect. It split the thought-form ofRays, 647:bring into expression a measure of the second aspect of the first Ray of Will or Power, and it isRays, 647:expression of human goodwill; this is the lowest aspect of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom,Rays, 647:implemented and strengthened by the second aspect of the first Ray of Will. On the physical plane,Rays, 648:[648] are not only visioning the non-destructive aspect of atomic energy but are already engaged inRays, 649:from Shamballa in its third and destructive aspect which is acting upon certain members of theRays, 650:first ray energy will be an inflow of the second aspect of this ray - a blazing forth of the lightRays, 650:the fourth initiation, he responds to the third aspect of this ray, the aspect of destruction; thisRays, 650:he responds to the third aspect of this ray, the aspect of destruction; this divested him ofRays, 651:renounced. He stands entirely free from every aspect of desire. The spiritual will has beenRays, 652:implemented by the will in its highest aspect. That, briefly, is the evolutionary story of theRays, 652:You can see, therefore, how the great first aspect of divinity, through its three aspects, is theRays, 654:planetary Logos) to bring the first great divine aspect, that of Will or Power, into expressionRays, 654:work of the Solar Logos in expressing the will aspect of divinity. It might be simpler if I saidRays, 654:the experiment of manifesting the first divine aspect, through the medium of form and through aRays, 656:of the will of God. I felt that the practical aspect of what the Masters are doing might proveRays, 657:thus [657] proving His response to the will aspect of the planetary Logos and making HimselfRays, 657:yet grasp the relations within the personality aspect of our planetary Logos - the Earth and allRays, 658:date) have worked destructively where the form aspect is concerned, but which have developed intoRays, 658:when the work of the Builders (the second divine aspect) is added to and takes advantage of theRays, 658:brought about by the Destroyer (the first aspect). There are always these two phases. Through theRays, 658:and a faint vibrating response to the will aspect of divinity. It has taken a millennia of years toRays, 659:today (under the hammer of the destroyer aspect) is being changed; old things are passing away,Rays, 664:because (symbolically speaking) it conveys an aspect of a major truth. Just as the birth of a childRays, 673:of the most important, because it concerns that aspect of the personality which gives the mostRays, 673:though it may at the same time produce a saving aspect in some cases, the violence of the astralRays, 676:individual, the group or humanity, sees only one aspect of reality at any one time, and (because ofRays, 676:process) usually the least desirable aspect. All else is sealed to them; they vision only oneRays, 676:esoterically). To the mass of humanity, the aspect of reality which was visioned and for which menRays, 684:noted that lately I have been emphasizing an aspect of initiation hitherto little emphasized - theRays, 684:of initiation hitherto little emphasized - the aspect of freedom. The Path of Initiation has atRays, 684:Path of Liberation, and it is to this essential aspect of the initiatory process that I am seeking
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