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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECTS

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Astrology, 606:because I am speaking of some of the final aspects and effects of the highest initiations. I onlyAstrology, 607:ought to call this constellation. The three aspects of the will which the three constellations areAstrology, 607:respond after the third initiation. These three aspects are: The will which conditions andAstrology, 608:that these three galaxies of stars are the three aspects of that Indescribable, Absolute Monad, theAstrology, 612:and see how they embody and transmit the three aspects of the will, via three constellations andAstrology, 612:We will, however, deal with the psychological aspects of the emanations of the seven Rays whichAstrology, 615:of the will aspect, and employs it in its three aspects: as initiating his entrance into the worldAstrology, 616:that will on account of the limitations of those aspects of Itself [617] whose consciousness is notAstrology, 617:progressive stages, not for Itself but for those aspects which are still limited, unaware, blindAstrology, 624:[624] cosmic principle of love. Again the three aspects of the divine will can be seen functioningAstrology, 628:process can be considered from the two aspects of the evolution of form and the evolution ofAstrology, 637:houses, but the possible combination of their aspects are countless. As each planet can stand toAstrology, 637:stand to each of the others in twelve different aspects their combinations must be almostAstrology, 642:houses, but the possible combinations of their aspects are countless... Each planet can stand toAstrology, 642:stand to each of the other in twelve different aspects." (S.D. Vol. I, 626) 3. "The names of theAstrology, 675:coordinated and developed and four minor mental aspects had been synthesized and the buddhic aspectAstrology, 681:love-wisdom and embody in Themselves the two aspects. The three Buddhas of Activity have aAstrology, 685:and developed, the minor four manasic aspects had been synthesized, and the buddhic aspect wasAstrology, 691:Rays, the embodied forms of the three logoic aspects or principles. Other planets are embodimentsAtom, 16:some can see the unity underlying the different aspects. Others are prone to think that theirAtom, 18:of organizations. In this dual study, one of the aspects of deity will be emphasized, should youAtom, 78:the gradual synthesis, of these three component aspects of deity can be seen the evolution ofAtom, 81:expressed in the recognition that in these two aspects of the central divine life you have theAtom, 82:of man." Having, therefore, discovered two aspects of divinity in the atom and in the form, weAtom, 85:world the Deity is pictured under these three aspects, and manifests through nature in this tripleAtom, 85:human being. He synthesizes and blends the three aspects, uniting them in himself. He is theAtom, 98:man, and noted how in him all the three divine aspects met; and recognized man as a central willAtom, 124:evolution in the solar system. When the three aspects of the divine life are [125] brought togetherAtom, 132:woman within the next one hundred years certain aspects and forms [133] of life that have beenAtom, 144:with this subject. We [144] considered the aspects which were evolved by means of these atoms,Atom, 144:when we arrived at the human atom, we had three aspects demonstrating - intelligence, love, and aAtom, 158:within our consciousness other and different aspects than our own. In doing this we are developingAutobiography, 54:for their souls' salvation. I had to learn all aspects of the work and hard work it was, though IAutobiography, 161:it is the same kind of work. There are so many aspects of so-called psychic writings. People areAutobiography, 229:could be contacted who were emphasizing some aspects of the Ageless Wisdom and some presentation ofAutobiography, 253:The impact made upon the world by these three aspects of the work has been definitely effective andAutobiography, 275:the awakening of the centers and other enticing aspects of secondary occultism have caused peopleAutobiography, 284:states and feeling, and the mind. These various aspects are often unrelated to each other and inAutobiography, 295:world Teachers mean anything) the three divine aspects - knowledge, love and will - can beAutobiography, 296:are offered simply for consideration and as aspects or details, implementing or growing out of theAutobiography, 297:of the Arcane School to some of the immediate aspects of the plans of the Hierarchy. We realizeAutobiography, 301:is now closing. These errors and unfortunate aspects were in a certain sense inevitable and do notBethlehem, 6:have over-emphasized the doctrinal and dogmatic aspects, and have deified the letter whilst all theBethlehem, 7:veiled. We have agonized over the historical aspects of the Gospel narrative, over the timeBethlehem, 11:experience of Christ, these five personalized aspects of the universal myth, may have for us, asBethlehem, 20:lens of the illumined mind man will shortly see aspects of divinity hitherto unknown. May there notBethlehem, 88:Thirty signifies the perfecting of the three aspects of the personality - the physical body, theBethlehem, 88:to bear in mind that through these three aspects (or reflections of the divine being) man isBethlehem, 89:stood before God, the Initiator, with all these aspects purified and matured; His mechanism wasBethlehem, 90:which is the outstanding quality of God. Other aspects, qualities and purposes of the divine natureBethlehem, 92:the future. Is it not possible that there may be aspects and characteristics of the divine NatureBethlehem, 93:laws, and new objectives open up before us, new aspects of our own hidden spiritual nature emerge,Bethlehem, 94:as utterly different. Yet is this so? All aspects of the three subhuman kingdoms - animal,Bethlehem, 95:to perfection the physical, emotional and mental aspects of man, and demonstrated therefore theBethlehem, 95:Himself soul and body, the higher and the lower aspects, and therefore produced a divineBethlehem, 109:He reacted as He did, and because none of these aspects of life could affect Him, we too can standBethlehem, 110:were climaxing tests, in which the three aspects of the lower nature were involved. They wereBethlehem, 112:it is the manner in which man handles these two aspects of life, and his subjective attitude toBethlehem, 115:These three temptations tested out all the three aspects of [116] the lower human nature - theBethlehem, 119:Thus the possible interior weakness of the three aspects of Christ's nature was tested, and throughBethlehem, 127:extremes of His nature, its highest and lowest aspects. He expressed now the quality of divinity.Bethlehem, 127:left - desire for God. He had been tried in two aspects of His nature - the material and the divineBethlehem, 128:by the processes of integrating the various aspects of the lower nature into a synthetic whole,Bethlehem, 136:and appearance - these are the three major aspects of divinity, and we know no others; but thatBethlehem, 136:does not mean that we shall not contact other aspects when eventually we provide the mechanism ofBethlehem, 138:integration, for coordination of the different aspects of man, and the fusing of his nature in oneBethlehem, 139:it is this coordination between two fundamental aspects of human nature - the natural and theBethlehem, 140:as the synthesis of the higher and the lower aspects of divinity, is the glorious heritage ofBethlehem, 145:Father remains still to be known; some of its aspects, such as the love and wisdom of God, haveBethlehem, 153:activity. Thus, in Job's three friends the three aspects of his lower nature stand revealed. TheBethlehem, 154:which is vitally illuminating. The three aspects through which the soul must express itself, andBethlehem, 155:Christ's three friends stood for the three aspects of His human nature, and it was upon thisBethlehem, 168:as they have struggled over the more technical aspects of Christ's life. What He illumined in HisBethlehem, 182:Christ personified in His mission these four aspects, and as the cosmic Christ He exemplified inBethlehem, 202:are violated, the sin occurs. When these two aspects of man are united and function together as aBethlehem, 219:hours," and in that time each of the three aspects of His nature was carried to the highest pointBethlehem, 221:spoken the Word which brought together the two aspects which were being symbolically crucifiedBethlehem, 239:of the dead Christ, and of the earlier aspects of His story. Let us now unite on the basis of theDestiny, 4:forces have both their higher and their lower aspects and men respond to them according to theirDestiny, 22:has formulated in its own right. Thus the three aspects of God's nature are beginning to take formDestiny, 24:these three centers, expressing the three divine aspects, meet simultaneously at various stages ofDestiny, 34:kingdom is the meeting-place of the three divine aspects. The Jew, with his emphasis upon hisDestiny, 39:symbol. In the same connection, among the lower aspects of the sixth ray are to be found all formsDestiny, 51:which symbol stands for the three divine aspects in manifestation. The symbol for Great Britain,Destiny, 56:aspect, such as over emphasis upon the material aspects of life, upon pageantry, upon possessionDestiny, 56:and think in wider terms than the feminine aspects of divine manifestation. Destiny, 57:mental patterns are the negative and positive aspects of the personality of a man, a nation or aDestiny, 68:and also differentiation are the conditioning aspects of the empire. Under the major control ofDestiny, 73:history from the more political and cultural aspects, but this can only happen when the personalityDestiny, 76:governed by personality and by the selfish aspects of the Leo influences. France, as yet, mattersDestiny, 85:Libra confers upon her - eliminate the Taurian aspects which have led her blindly to seek thatDestiny, 86:intensely individualistic Leo force in its worst aspects are dominating, but this will not last asDestiny, 90:are eleven in all, for the Earth presents two aspects and the Moon veils both Vulcan and Uranus.Destiny, 95:his soul to his personality, viewing both as aspects and integral parts of the human family. ThisDestiny, 98:or mystical, pacific and futile, and these two aspects at present condition the United States. TheDestiny, 120:of this, for the will energy in one of its aspects is an expression of death and destruction; theDestiny, 140:and soul are united and fused so that the two aspects form one unit. When this initiation has takenDiscipleship1, 4:into groups so that they may work on different aspects of the Plan, and also laying the ground forDiscipleship1, 36:Telepathic communication between the different aspects of the human being is entirely possible atDiscipleship1, 37:of the personalities of individuals in all aspects of their nature. The work to be done is that of
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