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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECTS

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Education, 64:cosmic physical plane and which are, in reality, aspects of the qualified life energy which isEducation, 65:can be made with the more general and universal aspects. He learns to differentiate between theEducation, 67:as recipients of the energies of the two higher aspects and, in so doing, salvages substance.Education, 68:esotericist does deal with light in its three aspects, but it is preferable today to attempt aEducation, 70:that period wherein planned coordination of all aspects of the man should be carefully developed.Education, 78:the child, are of no real moment. If these [78] aspects of the child's life are rightly handled,Education, 80:of the present systems. We must strengthen those aspects which are good and desirable; we mustEducation, 85:happenings and the interplay of varying cultural aspects of civilization will be brought to hisEducation, 93:to correlate, unify and bridge, in the different aspects of his life and on various planes, will beEducation, 94:the antahkarana or the bridge between: Various aspects of the form nature. The personality and theEducation, 94:which tenuously, as yet, connect the various aspects of the inner man with the outer form, willEducation, 125:with greater clarity, to recognize the differing aspects of truth as expressions of a basicEducation, 128:As time has progressed, these three developing aspects in the realm of consciousness have broughtEducation, 138:situation, either in its economic or esoteric aspects. One of the tasks of the educator of theEducation, 138:the light of experience. With these more subtle aspects of light leading, [139] controlling andEducation, 140:The fusion or integration of the different aspects of man's nature - physical, emotional andEducation, 144:though conditioned by the ray type in its three aspects. The etheric body exists and is todayEducation, 148:and service - between the three mental aspects. It thus completes the creation of the path ofExternalisation, 8:and serve to put the man in touch with aspects of the phenomenal world for which the responseExternalisation, 29:- the mental or the emotional planes - which are aspects of the consciousness of the manifestingExternalisation, 35:intended to be small reflections of these three aspects from the angle of modern need and theExternalisation, 56:to produce a synthesis between the three aspects of divinity upon the physical plane, or betweenExternalisation, 72:center through which one of the three divine aspects, Intelligence, is expressing itself, producingExternalisation, 75:to the three solar systems and to the three aspects of divinity. Evil or wrong, therefore, existsExternalisation, 77:that system was occupied with [77] the divine aspects of matter only and with external conditions,Externalisation, 98:in reality, an innate recognition of the lower aspects of the divine Plan as it must affect life inExternalisation, 99:of the higher as well as of the lower aspects of the mind. It is a blend of intuition, spiritualExternalisation, 102:and unfold them, my brothers? Another of the aspects of this group work is that its influence isExternalisation, 104:groups should themselves express the subtler aspects of these desired virtues. The emphasis uponExternalisation, 114:to teach, his physical body and the inner form aspects (making the sum total of his personalityExternalisation, 117:the continuous emphasis laid upon the malevolent aspects of karma conveys a wrong impression andExternalisation, 131:and immediate expression of the three divine aspects, each of which inspires and colors theExternalisation, 161:becomes creative and magnetic, and two divine aspects - intelligence and love - will reach fruitionExternalisation, 162:in Himself the two major divine attributes and aspects - will and love (atma-buddhi) - and becauseExternalisation, 164:of Goodwill. Phrase 3. - 3rd Aspect The three aspects of divinity in man achieve practicalExternalisation, 165:swinging, as it does, all the three divine aspects into a simultaneous activity in line with theExternalisation, 199:capital, the Sermon on the Mount, and the worst aspects of revolution and exploitation. The linesExternalisation, 203:Task Ahead This brings us now to the practical aspects of the subject and to the answering of theExternalisation, 229:upon the unworthy pasts and the undesirable aspects of all nations (without exception), and helpExternalisation, 241:isolation, but in the realization that the many aspects of human unfoldment and differentiationExternalisation, 252:naught to do. When it is realized that certain aspects of natural law are concerned purely with theExternalisation, 257:who personify in themselves great and specific aspects of material forces (connected with the sevenExternalisation, 260:are becoming increasingly related and are all aspects of one great law, embodying divine purpose -Externalisation, 262:even to register, sense or vision - all three aspects escaping contact with these potencies. YetExternalisation, 263:are dependent upon the quality of the recipient aspects and the nature of the form quality uponExternalisation, 268:the sense of awe (which is one of the highest aspects of fear) are not desired by Them. SuchExternalisation, 293:This recognition of divinity in its varying aspects is naturally a progressive one - each stage andExternalisation, 318:write to you and will indicate the practical aspects of the work. In the meantime, ponder andExternalisation, 331:sureness, and more gradually, with the other aspects of the indicated work. The strength andExternalisation, 336:there not been too much attention in the past to aspects of physical plane effort, and toExternalisation, 346:point where it can also be responsive to certain aspects of this first ray force. Hitler thereforeExternalisation, 349:These Four Freedoms relate basically to the four aspects of the lower self, the quaternary. EnoughExternalisation, 354:manifestation. Three nations express the three aspects of world glamor (illusion, glamor and maya)Externalisation, 356:- the most potent and expressive of the three aspects of glamor. Japan is manifesting the force ofExternalisation, 365:place and function is perforce in the civilian aspects of the life of the nations. These can think,Externalisation, 374:the ancient viewpoints, emphasizing the worst aspects of the old and evil order, and areExternalisation, 396:voicing the "massed intent" of humanity. If both aspects of this one work can be satisfactorilyExternalisation, 411:wisdom, mental perception and intuition are the aspects. Then came the next great Teacher, theExternalisation, 421:the major festivals establish the three divine aspects. These aspects and qualities will be arrivedExternalisation, 421:establish the three divine aspects. These aspects and qualities will be arrived at and determinedExternalisation, 440:that produced by the activity of the first three aspects of this ray, but which will be a naturalExternalisation, 450:of both the selfish and the unselfish aspects will evoke a tremendous emotional and mental potency.Externalisation, 465:motivated by loving understanding. These three aspects of light - mental enlightenment, theExternalisation, 479:under the department of government in its three aspects of statesmanship, politics and legislature.Externalisation, 483:substance and their fusion into living forms are aspects of divinity; it has been the prostitutionExternalisation, 485:we study what is here written and consider these aspects of the divine Plan. Great Forces, underExternalisation, 511:of nature and the unfoldment of the divine aspects in man. In the comprehension of its symbolismExternalisation, 512:predominates to the lessening of the other two aspects. It aids those men who are predominantly onExternalisation, 539:goodwill and humanitarian efforts are the lowest aspects. The showing has been better than wasExternalisation, 542:in due time; they are both festivals related to aspects of the first Ray of Power or Will. TheExternalisation, 564:and subsidiary Ashrams. There are many other aspects of the hierarchical constitution andExternalisation, 568:a relative measure of perfection, there are aspects of physical contact which They have completelyExternalisation, 602:brief moment, I would like to summarize certain aspects of the work He set in motion two thousandExternalisation, 605:of certain great Sons of God the three divine aspects or characteristics of the divine TrinityExternalisation, 624:the money is deflected into the material aspects of the work, into [625] the multiplying andExternalisation, 643:They precipitate certain specialized aspects of this newly received energy, and they therefore willExternalisation, 663:This synthesis will define the many aspects of the essential, basic [664] unity which, working outExternalisation, 667:You will note, therefore, how the three divine aspects are united in one great movement to bring inExternalisation, 667:used, a right rhythm is being imposed upon all aspects of human [668] living. An effort is beingExternalisation, 678:modern ideologies and arguments for and against aspects of the truth, have characterized modernExternalisation, 698:the materialistic, and therefore non-important, aspects of this entire subject. With them I have noFire, xii:is caused by the blending of two divine aspects through the influence of a third, and produces theFire, xviii:the totality of this manifested Universe, three aspects are to be conceived. The First CosmicFire, 4:solar system can be described in terms of three aspects, or (as the Christian theology puts it) inFire, 4:manifestation, or the perfect MAN. These three aspects of the Whole are present in every form. TheFire, 5:of the relation of the other two. The three aspects of every form are interrelated and susceptibleFire, 5:of saints, and of astrology. These three aspects of God, the solar Logos, and the Central Energy orFire, 41:the above ideas somewhat clearer. Fire and the Aspects (Tabulation I) Fire Ray Aspect ExpressionFire, 59:one polarity, and energized by one of the three aspects logoic. To express it more occultly,Fire, 59:recognized by the modern scientist. They are but aspects of the latent heat of the sun as itFire, 60:The point to be grasped in all these [60] aspects is that one and all have to do with matter orFire, 63:all three the Sons of one Father, all three the aspects of the One God, all three are Spirit, allFire, 77:are the planetary correspondences to the three Aspects of the logoic third Aspect and are concernedFire, 97:In the diagram the "symbols of the three Aspects (of the Logos) are placed outside of time andFire, 122:represent in their particular sphere the three Aspects of divine manifestation. 56 Root-race. TheFire, 142:all, but each demonstrates one of the three aspects so profoundly as to be recognized as thatFire, 167:called major centers, as they embody the three aspects of the threefold Monad - Will, Love andFire, 168:as the Monad is the sumtotal of all the three aspects, and of the seven principles of man, so isFire, 175:are here differentiating between the different aspects, and considering their separatedFire, 189:the sake of clarity, tabulate the five different aspects of the five senses on the five planes, so
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