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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECTS

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Glamour, 259:taught, is an expression of some of the lower aspects of the breath, and the breathing in the caseGlamour, 267:expressive of the highest of the three divine aspects. This development will put into His graspGlamour, 267:There is no need for me to define the two aspects of the disciple's nature, for that is what theyGlamour, 268:refer to the spiritual will and to its three aspects which [269] must be brought into play beforeGlamour, 269:begin to control. The disciple brings the two aspects of his nature together in full consciousnessGlamour, 270:event possible and successful. The two aspects in man can only meet in full power and withHealing, 2:in these instructions I refer to different aspects of the instrument, the body or form nature,Healing, 30:Laws referred to above, but with the practical aspects of the healing art. Healing, 35:in conscious manifestation of the three aspects of the Trinity. Healing, 37:[37] These centers, which constitute the quality aspects and the consciousness aspects, and whoseHealing, 37:the quality aspects and the consciousness aspects, and whose function it is to color the appearanceHealing, 40:from life to life, they cause the more violent aspects of the conditions referred to above, andHealing, 47:go hand in hand. The three most important aspects of all diagnoses are: The psychological, or theHealing, 47:of the personality, as these subtler aspects of the human being express themselves inHealing, 53:etheric centers. A negative analysis of those aspects of soul energy which are not present. AHealing, 63:These people, combining in themselves both aspects of the sex life, are faced with a very realHealing, 67:say, ponder on these terms, for these three aspects of irritation are of general discovery. We willHealing, 76:exhalation, works out in connection with both aspects of force, mental and physical. The desireHealing, 77:and soul) of the man. Forget not, that the five aspects of man (as he functions in the threeHealing, 79:The connection is poor in certain directions or aspects of the equipment. Through certain focalHealing, 85:and particularly the nervous system in all its aspects. To these problems and relationships anotherHealing, 91:perception and with the many and differing aspects of emotionalism such as irritability, worry,Healing, 117:The split personality and the mystic are two aspects of one whole - the aspect which is right, andHealing, 132:learn to sound forth the Word in its three aspects. Students would do well to ponder on theHealing, 135:outer physical ills. I seek to present certain aspects of occult therapy for which mankind is nowHealing, 141:and their many ramifications are the negative aspects of the positive energies which condition orHealing, 142:man. They are the agents for the three divine aspects of all manifestation: life - quality -Healing, 143:viewed as one integrated whole and as the four aspects of one vital circulatory system will theHealing, 143:are in reality the manifestation of the four aspects of matter in its lowest or purely physicalHealing, 143:or purely physical expression. There are other aspects of expression of the fundamental substance,Healing, 143:dynamic energy; each is a combination of certain aspects of matter and substance - the matter beingHealing, 143:and of which we, as yet, know nothing. The four aspects of matter produce the correspondence alsoHealing, 143:divine attributes as well as to the three divine aspects. [144] The analogy of the basic dualism ofHealing, 144:Capricorn." These four attributes and the three aspects of matter, plus their dual activity, areHealing, 144:activity, are the correspondence to the four aspects of the personality and the Spiritual Triad andHealing, 145:into itself the energies of all the three aspects of manifested life. Where man is concerned, thisHealing, 146:in him, providing the synthesis of the divine aspects. This is the only one of the seven centersHealing, 150:and can then be spiritually diagnosed. Its aspects and attributes, its forces and energies, can beHealing, 153:thread. It is not related to any of the divine aspects by the antahkarana because that thread whichHealing, 154:the bodily equilibrium in certain important aspects of the physical nature, and it symbolizes [155]Healing, 158:as a natural consequence, for all souls are only aspects of the Hierarchy. It is this establishedHealing, 158:has been finally constructed, the three aspects of the [159] Spiritual Triad will each find a pointHealing, 161:place of emotion, of desire and of the material aspects of feeling. Note that phrase. In the earlyHealing, 179:of Triangles governs the human frame in all its aspects, as well as the frame of a solar system.Healing, 181:produce constantly changing results and varying aspects of the centers; these, in their turn, areHealing, 184:him to contact and recognize the major divine aspects in the kingdoms in nature, in the planet andHealing, 188:the power to unfold the seed of these divine aspects: Lemuria, Atlantis and the Aryan race. TheseHealing, 196:network of nerves, are related primarily to two aspects of man's physical equipment - the sevenHealing, 197:the material correspondences to the three divine aspects; they are esoterically responsive to theseHealing, 197:they are esoterically responsive to these three aspects and they make the man upon the physicalHealing, 199:as war oft produces), and the many differing aspects of ill health can be directly traced to theHealing, 210:passes down the spinal column it vitalizes two aspects of the centers; when [211] it reaches theHealing, 211:and the manifestation in man of the three divine aspects. These combined energies then rush up theHealing, 245:and disappearance. With man, death takes on two aspects of activity; the human soul differs fromHealing, 245:- an effective expression of the three divine aspects; it determines within certain limits - basedHealing, 263:throughout the planet colors existence - are aspects of effects, initiated somewhere, on some levelHealing, 272:both in its ameliorative and preventive aspects, and in its process of diagnosis. This is all thatHealing, 279:problem of healing, they ignore the beneficent aspects of developed medical science. They thusHealing, 292:lives such a karmic rhythm, that today all the aspects of the lower nature are involved; and amongHealing, 300:of growths, and the over-development of bodily aspects, over-large organs and super-numerary bodilyHealing, 305:which we are considering - the seven aspects of intelligent materiality; it is here that diseaseHealing, 310:It is again the negative and the positive aspects brought into a relation which produces a thirdHealing, 322:withdrawal or abstraction of the soul in its two aspects - livingness and consciousness. Healing, 330:the nervous system of the human body, two great aspects of soul activity can be grasped. First,Healing, 337:of the brain cavity have a correspondence to the aspects of the human mechanism found upon theHealing, 342:of life, of over-emphasis upon aspects of life which we call phobias, lunacy, etc. I would like toHealing, 369:of the relation of the negative and positive aspects of the living process. Certain things,Healing, 383:first ray, the will-to-live, which is one of the aspects of this ray. It works out, therefore, inHealing, 386:(unless too ill) to adjust and put right those aspects of the nature and those characteristicsHealing, 405:of Karmic Liability. You have, therefore, three aspects of the Law of Karma, as it affects theHealing, 407:the physical plane and from its two phenomenal aspects, the dense physical body and the ethericHealing, 411:first Ray is to stand behind the other divine Aspects, and when They have achieved Their purpose,Healing, 425:insistence of the mind in its higher and lower aspects, is beginning to control. This will perforceHealing, 434:all else in [434] manifestation) three phases or aspects, each related to the three divine aspects:Healing, 434:or aspects, each related to the three divine aspects: It relates life and form, spirit and matter -Healing, 441:this principle, death and service constitute two aspects. Service saves, liberates and releases, onHealing, 445:of their personalities, because certain aspects of the lower nature are now so controlled andHealing, 449:the emphasis upon life." Here the three great aspects - form, quality, and life - are brought intoHealing, 450:having developed awareness of two divine aspects - creative activity and love - he is now focusedHealing, 453:ever be borne in mind, however, that for the two aspects their own path is the right path, and thatHealing, 454:system to the blood stream, we have the two aspects of soul activity brought together in order toHealing, 454:in the process of decomposition. From certain aspects, therefore, that process indicates man'sHealing, 456:has a momentous effect upon the phenomenal aspects of the death process. If the student is thinkingHealing, 462:not recognize the distinction between these two aspects of coma. Later, when etheric or clairvoyantHealing, 468:or a planet. The formulas concern only the two aspects of life and light - the first conditioned byHealing, 478:of the death of the physical body in its two aspects: that thought is the integrity of the innerHealing, 479:but requires a coming together of the dissipated aspects of that body under the Law of Attraction,Healing, 479:and definitely accurate knowledge of the outer aspects and effects of disease. Time, and constantHealing, 480:so intricate in its scientific and therapeutic aspects that they have given rise to specialists -Healing, 482:inspiration of his divine nature), of the newer aspects of treatment as formulated by [483] theHealing, 494:that once restitution of the physical in its two aspects has taken place, the inner man is, as IHealing, 507:ray starts and the war is on between two focused aspects of energy. This conflict terminates at theHealing, 510:first of all, a recognition of the three aspects of mind which are to be found upon what we callHealing, 523:dynamic laws of Being itself. It is with certain aspects of the Laws of the Soul that we shall nowHealing, 523:Integrity. They constitute nine elaborations or aspects of that one law, and this you must haveHealing, 530:controlled energies. This combination of two aspects of truth will be greatly facilitated by theHealing, 548:blood stream. These four groups of conditioned aspects of the man concern life and consciousness,Healing, 548:concern life and consciousness, or the two major aspects of the soul when in manifestation upon theHealing, 566:of the fourth [566] law tells us that three aspects of divinity produce disease. This soundsHealing, 574:[574] healer is therefore working with the two aspects of the physical body simultaneously - the
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