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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECTS

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Intellect, 212:to be found the emotions and the more concrete aspects of the mind (growing out of racial habitsIntellect, 225:some people picture the three bodies (the three aspects of the form nature) as being linked with aIntellect, 246:unable to measure up to requirements; there are aspects of their life upon which the light may notIntellect, 260:urge towards spiritual living and yet have aspects of his nature still uncontrolled. The energyIntellect, 261:It is the right utilization of the various aspects of energy wherever the Self feels they should beIntellect, 262:eyebrows," and from that high place control all aspects of the lower nature, and guide the dailyMagic, 7:the solar system and only touched upon human aspects and correspondences insofar as theyMagic, 18:White Magic - Introductory Remarks Man's Three Aspects One of the main means whereby man arrives atMagic, 18:and his objective functioning. There are three aspects of man's organism which are symbols, andMagic, 18:are symbols, and symbols only, of the three aspects of being. 1. The energy, or activatingMagic, 20:on White Magic - Introductory Remarks The three aspects of divinity, the central energy, or spirit,Magic, 20:into other realms of thought this trinity of aspects can be seen functioning in the religious worldMagic, 21:into more esoteric and inner realms. These three aspects are seen in man, the divine unit of life.Magic, 21:and finally he learns to relate these aspects of himself to the similar aspects in other forms ofMagic, 21:relate these aspects of himself to the similar aspects in other forms of divine manifestation.Magic, 22:limited and separated into a trinity of aspects, or persons, calling the whole by the name of God?Magic, 23:the soul to the spirit (as we call the three aspects of the one breath) but what these words reallyMagic, 29:felt through its three differentiations or aspects: energy, force, matter. It should be noted here,Magic, 31:nature of his organs, his glands, and his outer aspects. This is the soul and - in its lowestMagic, 32:God. Therefore, even their monads or spiritual aspects are inherently different just as in theMagic, 35:and in man (who sums up in himself all the aspects) which brings the form into being, which enablesMagic, 39:- are incapable of recognizing the higher aspects of the soul or of expressing more than its lowerMagic, 50:(corresponding to the solid, liquid and gaseous aspects of the strictly physical body of man) toMagic, 51:who can clearly differentiate between the two aspects of their nature, the real self and theMagic, 64:larger ebb and flow is also indicated in the two aspects of the full moon and the new moon. LetMagic, 85:abstract mind. Both units are working with two aspects of the universal principle of mind, and onMagic, 86:as the positive factor and the other two aspects of the form nature will respond receptively. TheyMagic, 95:to link up the analogies between the different aspects of divinity, as they express themselves inMagic, 100:and this in the esoteric sense. These three aspects of light carry three aspects of soul energy toMagic, 100:sense. These three aspects of light carry three aspects of soul energy to the soul in all forms,Magic, 109:The light of the soul and the two other aspects of light are so intense that now all life in theMagic, 145:and thus the many forms of God, the diverse aspects of his radiant robe blazed forth. "The vibrantMagic, 149:breathes deeply." This is a phrase covering many aspects of rhythmic living. It is the magicalMagic, 150:body with its force centers. Thus the three aspects of "deep breathing" cover the entire soulMagic, 158:to control their minds, whereas both those aspects of their endeavor [159] would be aided if theyMagic, 195:direct to the solar plexus and expends its two aspects of vital life and of soul quality, oneMagic, 197:We are in process of evolution. Certain aspects of our force centers are already awakened, andMagic, 197:and in awakening some of the more important aspects of the throat center. The problem with manyMagic, 199:forty-eight petals. These energies in their two aspects of physical vital energy and soul qualitiesMagic, 199:energy and soul qualities make up the ninety-six aspects or vibrations of the two petals of theMagic, 204:which but serve to stimulate the undesirable aspects of his life, just [205] as the fertilizing ofMagic, 213:the spiritual man sees behind the forms of all aspects of divine expression. He becomes aware ofMagic, 214:third eye, are the correspondences to the three aspects, and students would find it of interest toMagic, 231:not only those in his own nature and in those aspects of the astral plane to which he naturallyMagic, 244:experience has its place so that all three aspects are swept by the life of the soul; all areMagic, 246:in the form in order to function in different aspects of the divine whole. The spiritual man seeksMagic, 248:when the three above enumerated (in their energy aspects) meet, it is indicative of a focusing inMagic, 267:the atoms in substance. The potency of the love aspects - as wielded by the soul - is lacking. TheMagic, 284:of the quaternary, but there are other aspects of humanity which manifest through the objectiveMagic, 289:forces of the head and heart and all the nether aspects blend. Then let the soul look out upon anMagic, 305:fail to see and grasp opportunity, these are all aspects of the fear complex which colors the livesMagic, 319:of astral energy can be summed up in its three aspects from the ancient Book of Rules, given toMagic, 326:application of truth, are united in three basic aspects: In their teaching as to the nature of GodMagic, 337:structure but goes further and regards certain aspects of conduct, and certain reactions andMagic, 361:are told in the esoteric teaching that all three aspects of Divinity are themselves triple, andMagic, 361:mind as far as humanity is concerned into three aspects also. We have therefore: The lower concreteMagic, 361:Deity. The lines of force from these three lower aspects lead back (if one may use so inadequate anMagic, 365:the work of an aspirant is to understand those aspects of the mind with which he has to learn toMagic, 375:begins to shift into the higher of the two aspects. Duality however, still persists, for the man isMagic, 375:in the soul, and thus comes en rapport with all aspects of the soul in all forms until the dayMagic, 385:a recorder of two types of energy, or of two aspects of the manifestation of the One Life. ItMagic, 386:of the will and purpose of God, then the three aspects of mind are unified. These we touched uponMagic, 399:power, personalities are coordinated. The three aspects of man are being blended; another formationMagic, 403:unmeaning term of soul unfoldment. These two aspects of the scheme for our planet are taken forMagic, 404:intelligently used, will serve to reveal other aspects of the Plan and specially that one to whichMagic, 408:be equally correct and in themselves constitute aspects of a truth which is greater and vaster thanMagic, 412:are more synthetic in their foundational aspects, than any of the others. One group concerns itselfMagic, 415:the groups in the past have stood for certain aspects of truth and have demonstrated certain rayMagic, 415:The new group will express all the aspects and have in it members on all the rays. The majority ofMagic, 422:to the waves of force emanating from the higher aspects of the disciples engaged thus in laying theMagic, 423:stage. One school will deal with the energy aspects of the individual and his responsiveness to theMagic, 432:which produce the form and the consciousness aspects of our planetary existence make their impactMagic, 451:felt through its three differentiations or aspects: - energy, force, matter. Magic, 480:the earnest seeker after light. There are two aspects of this phrase which we are considering withMagic, 492:in physical effects. Automatically the physical aspects will respond to the spiritual impulse. Magic, 493:mental apparatus, though only in certain of its aspects, such as the memorizing or analyzingMagic, 493:to work with his subjective apparatus or energy aspects. Secondly, this salvation is brought aboutMagic, 496:system to the blood stream, we have the two aspects of soul activity brought together in order toMagic, 497:in the process of decomposition. From certain aspects, therefore, that process indicates man'sMagic, 502:has a momentous effect upon the phenomenal aspects of the death process. If the student is thinkingMagic, 503:has to be brought about between the various aspects of man, so a similar unification has to takeMagic, 503:has to take place in connection with the various aspects of the planetary life. The planes have toMagic, 517:can begin to use the interludes between the two aspects of physical breathing for intense activityMagic, 520:mankind on a large scale in the entire three aspects of the personality consciousness. The physicalMagic, 522:life of the planetary deity, and vanish. The two aspects concerned, spirit and matter, are broughtMagic, 522:The bringing together of these two divine aspects results in the emergence of a third, which weMagic, 534:of the Life in its various appearances or aspects; they produce the environing forms, and they leadMagic, 537:superhuman endeavor, and investigating the many aspects of the Form of God, and of the forms thatMagic, 537:principle, death and service, constitute two aspects. Service saves, liberates and releases, onMagic, 549:and a lower one, which ever indicates the three aspects or principles of divinity and the formMagic, 568:find in Book III, Sutra 39 that there are five aspects of prana, functioning through and,Magic, 576:occult laying on of hands can be studied in four aspects: In healing. In this case the force whichMagic, 579:consciousness aspect, and that both of them are aspects of the entity or the being who is theMagic, 581:ray energies. I would point out that these four aspects of energy can be studied by the aspirant inMagic, 612:of his astral experience in which these two aspects of divinity seem (again illusion, be it noted)Meditationis a many-sided diamond, and that its different aspects will appear at different times, as thoseMeditation, 101:You have here a correspondence between the fiery aspects of the earth economy in their relationshipMeditation, 101:relationship to the sun similar to the watery aspects and their connection with the moon. I giveMeditation, 114:what might be said but only point out certain aspects of the matter that will (if pondered on withMeditation, 150:on abstractions, on attributes more than on aspects, and on the life side more than the concrete.
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