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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPECTS

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Rays, 475:three grades) which must be used, and the three aspects of the mind - the manasic permanent atom,Rays, 476:in and is responsible for all the differentiated aspects, steps and stages - experimenting,Rays, 477:indicated above and is conditioned by the four aspects of the one sutratma. Once this is grasped,Rays, 478:of the mental unit, the integration of the three aspects of the personality, and the consequentRays, 480:and utilize the bridge which links the various aspects of the mental plane. These three aspectsRays, 480:various aspects of the mental plane. These three aspects they must employ simultaneously, and thenRays, 483:soul being absorbed into both of these two aspects of divine expression, but not functioning itselfRays, 486:and life between the higher and the lower divine aspects and can produce a bridge between the worldRays, 486:antahkarana. Let us, therefore, take these six aspects of a basic building technique and endeavorRays, 491:egoic. After this initiation neither of these aspects can hold the Monad any more. The "veil of theRays, 491:Monad - a point which must not be forgotten. The aspects of the soul which we call knowledge, loveRays, 493:and dependent upon the expression of the divine aspects in the life upon the physical plane, as farRays, 494:There is a gradual approach from both the divine aspects. Little by little, the vibration of bothRays, 495:be a long period of gradual approach of the two aspects of the bridge - the higher, emanating fromRays, 503:a reflection of and closely related to the three aspects of the Spiritual Triad. It is thisRays, 518:all activity is the complete fusion of the three Aspects, and secondly, that consciousness of thisRays, 520:of this breath, time and space are the two aspects. It affects the tiniest atom and the mostRays, 521:God became only the presentation of the various aspects of a divine perfection which the ChristRays, 524:summarized all the past and indicated the new aspects of the future teaching. He opened the door toRays, 526:to anchor, organize, and implement these divine aspects, energies, attributes, and to further theirRays, 526:in Their turn, They have invoked certain aspects of the divine nature, deeply hidden in mankind -Rays, 527:nature; He demonstrated in Himself two divine aspects, thus giving "shape and substance to love";Rays, 529:up. We have carried our study of the esoteric aspects of mental unfoldment to a point where we haveRays, 529:for the one universal soul in its many aspects upon the physical plane has been duly emphasized;Rays, 529:inclusiveness which will introduce to it certain aspects of the so-called Universal Mind, the mindRays, 532:the outer form aspect; each initiation has three aspects, as has all else in nature, for initiationRays, 535:he then realizes that in him all the divine aspects meet. Through them he is consciously,Rays, 536:plane. Each divine aspect has three subsidiary aspects, and in our planet and on the cosmicRays, 536:unconsciously this will-to-good into three aspects; these we are only today beginning to grasp asRays, 541:the fusion of the negative and the positive aspects. Owing to this, in all initiatory processes, itRays, 544:avenues of spiritual approach to varying aspects of the divine manifestation in the three or fiveRays, 550:thus brings into manifested expression certain aspects and qualities - always inherent in thoseRays, 565:- a triple mental fusion between the three aspects of the mind (the lower mental vehicle, the soulRays, 568:the energy as it expresses itself: In the three aspects of the initiate's nature - mental, astralRays, 568:they cause the fading out or the dying of form aspects, of institutions, and the "organizing [569]Rays, 571:It brings together the two fundamental aspects of spirit and matter. It relates soul and form and,Rays, 571:is to bring together the negative and positive aspects of the natural processes. It consequentlyRays, 574:the commencement of His creative work. The two aspects of the mind (the lower concrete mind and theRays, 582:need of the time or to their intended creative aspects. Later, as the disciple prepares for theRays, 590:might therefore be said that these qualities or aspects of the fifth ray of spiritual energyRays, 591:implemented by love. This energy, in its three aspects, is related in a peculiar sense to the threeRays, 597:emotional and conditioning desires. All these aspects are present in the consciousness of menRays, 598:plane, and the triangular relation of the three aspects of the mind upon this plane is nowRays, 598:the results of fifth ray energy in the various aspects of the personality, for the reason that theRays, 598:personality, and therefore the three aspects of that personality are nothing more or less thanRays, 599:which are all of them expressions or aspects of the divine or the universal mind, the initiateRays, 602:works in three ways in connection with the three aspects of the personality: As the transmutingRays, 605:upon the individual disciple: [605] In the three aspects of his nature, physical, emotional andRays, 608:implements the three creative and manifesting aspects of divinity. Rays, 610:the present world conflict; though the physical aspects of the conflict are today greatly lessenedRays, 621:activities. In the world at this time the two aspects of this fourth ray - the aspect or PrincipleRays, 632:great nations, therefore, the three major divine aspects are being brought into manifestation, thusRays, 643:He knows He must eventually attain. The lower aspects of this light are in reality generated by theRays, 644:initiation. Forget not that all rays have three aspects, and that all three can be contacted by theRays, 645:existing Plan and the belief in the three divine aspects, or in the Trinity of Energies, isRays, 645:three phrases, in reality concern the three aspects of the first ray. When a Master takes the fifthRays, 645:already knows the significance of the first two aspects, and must become consciously aware of theRays, 652:implemented by the will in its two lower aspects. Realization, implemented by the will in itsRays, 652:first aspect of divinity, through its three aspects, is the hidden, basic, motivating potency ofRays, 657:of the solar will can be fostered in one of its aspects. Then - in conjunction with a similarRays, 657:in two other planets, thus fostering two other aspects - the nucleus of the third solar system willRays, 660:a process of continuously leaving behind those aspects of the form life which have been destroyedRays, 661:on Earth of the highest of the three aspects: the Will of God, as it is universally called. Rays, 672:line of light has related the higher spiritual aspects and the lower, and when the sacral centerRays, 677:are the factors of importance, and these are the aspects of the life process which should conditionRays, 677:initiatory process certain energies and divine aspects should be recognized by him as now playing aRays, 683:Aspirant and the Major Initiations These three aspects of evolutionary unfoldment must beRays, 712:to the masses, and thus precipitate the needed aspects of the Plan on to the physical plane. TheRays, 712:is a great reception point for these three aspects of the Spiritual Triad - the spiritual will, theRays, 715:a tiny scale, it is the use of one of the lowest aspects of the will (human self-will) whichRays, 724:He stands entirely free and liberated from all aspects and all forms of planetary karma, which isRays, 730:would prevent war. Let us consider some few aspects of the seventh initiation. The wordRays, 733:are embodied livingness qualified by the seven aspects of Love, but Who are Themselves of so highRays, 746:sought after; there are material and spiritual aspects to Communism, but its adherents know themRays, 747:the Hierarchy, these three ideologies are three aspects of one great spiritual event; the outcomeReappearance, 18:under the department of government in its three aspects of statesmanship, of politics and ofReappearance, 40:of which we know nothing except that two divine aspects will blend and fuse in Him (love-wisdom inReappearance, 49:mankind will be ready. Let us summarize certain aspects of the work He set in motion two thousandReappearance, 53:of certain great Sons of God, the three divine aspects or characteristics of the divine Trinity -Reappearance, 62:was revealed in its perfection; and in Him two aspects, therefore, light and love, received fullReappearance, 62:It remains now for the highest of the divine aspects, the Will of God, to receive embodiment andReappearance, 88:the coming work of Christ, the three divine aspects, recognized by all the world religionsReappearance, 128:is penetrating slowly into hitherto unrecognized aspects of the divine mind, when the magneticReappearance, 128:sensitively responsive to both the other aspects, then the man becomes able to function in the newReappearance, 131:in the wilderness was based upon the three aspects of world glamor: the illusions which the mindReappearance, 146:and sequentially the divine attributes and aspects. This truth involves necessarily the recognitionReappearance, 150:that innate divinity in all its attributes and aspects, its qualities and powers, through theReappearance, 156:the major festivals establish the three divine aspects. These aspects and qualities will be arrivedReappearance, 156:establish the three divine aspects. These aspects and qualities will be arrived at and determinedReappearance, 164:the forces of the spirit are unconquered. These aspects of human behavior indicate the wonder ofReappearance, 173:the money is deflected into the material aspects of the work, into the multiplying and preservationSoul, 13:and finally to show that all these conflicting aspects are but facets of the one truth and that,Soul, 34:response apparatus. In that apparatus, certain aspects of the mechanism warrant closer attentionSoul, 54:nucleus, or positive nuclei, as well as negative aspects, so in every etheric body there areSoul, 55:of man, both in its higher and in its lower aspects. To unite the Eastern or vitalistic conception,Soul, 57:same, one and forever inseparable, but different aspects however, of the one reality. Life is asSoul, 57:mother and conceives. In addition to these two aspects of life and substance, there is still aSoul, 100:207. These three types of energy are therefore aspects of the one universal life, as it expressesSoul, 131:and the knowledge of the West, so that the best aspects of each system can be available to mankindSoul, 139:and the reproductive system and certain aspects of the nervous mechanism can carry forward their
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