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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRANT

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Discipleship2, 382:of the capacities unfolded by the individual aspirant and - if you study them with care - you willDiscipleship2, 393:experiment and experience. The disciple or aspirant works always in the dark, particularly in theDiscipleship2, 394:is true of the life and work of the individual aspirant as he tackles the problem of his own lowerDiscipleship2, 394:greater and clearer light; then it comes as the aspirant (seeking soul expression) learns to forgetDiscipleship2, 395:fires of struggle, pain and [395] hard work, the aspirant transforms himself into the workingDiscipleship2, 412:integral part of the process which enables the aspirant to establish a rapport which will bring theDiscipleship2, 412:and following a hint, and this brought the aspirant closer to acceptance in a Master's Ashram; itDiscipleship2, 413:the Hierarchy was interesting. This new type of aspirant was responsive to three types of light:Discipleship2, 413:Shamballa. The first thing, therefore, which the aspirant must be taught is to know, past allDiscipleship2, 414:These are the problems which the modern aspirant has to face, and therefore he must himselfDiscipleship2, 416:A hint, for instance, formulated by a first ray aspirant may have no meaning or instruction for anDiscipleship2, 416:may have no meaning or instruction for an aspirant upon the third ray, and vice versa. The hintDiscipleship2, 502:made. From the standpoint of the ordinary aspirant, the choice is relatively unimportant becauseDiscipleship2, 562:due simply to a normal progress of a persistent aspirant, the soul of the disciple forces him intoDiscipleship2, 625:when the average human being and the average aspirant cannot distinguish accurately between mind,Discipleship2, 669:in the next race, where the [669] average aspirant to discipleship will be expected to be asDiscipleship2, 669:as intuitive and motivated by pure reason as the aspirant today has to be mental. TechnicallyDiscipleship2, 759:only a disciple and the disciple was only an aspirant, then the words "Brother of mine" take on aEducation, 29:stage. It is one which characterizes the aspirant of this world cycle, perhaps I should say thisEducation, 29:unfoldment in educational methods. The "group aspirant" must be met and the group antahkarana mustEducation, 60:its applicability to the life of the individual aspirant, to community life and world affairs, orEducation, 60:which must be learnt and applied by each aspirant to the mystery and the universality of that whichEducation, 66:relation between the work of the individual aspirant or disciple as he redeems, salvages andEducation, 67:principle is the soul of the individual aspirant or disciple (if one may use such misleadingExternalisation, 17:the problem carefully explained to the entering aspirant, so that he may be on his guard and adhereExternalisation, 17:and at-one-ment takes place, producing in the aspirant a tremendous inflow of spiritual energy,Externalisation, 18:bodies are coordinated and developed, then the aspirant is headed towards disaster. BreathingExternalisation, 19:is so great at this time and the average aspirant is so sensitive and finely organized thatExternalisation, 19:The light of his soul will reveal to the earnest aspirant the unity underlying all groups, andExternalisation, 20:world, then there is freedom from danger and the aspirant can safely meditate and aspire and work.Externalisation, 22:power of my mind and thought, and so leave each aspirant free to come to his own decisions. TheExternalisation, 110:in their lives, so the same is true of the world aspirant, Humanity. To the above two reasonsExternalisation, 142:attitudes, enlighten the vision and lead the aspirant to fuller service and to a wider cooperationExternalisation, 147:too high and too impossible for the average aspirant, and most people are average. But the worldExternalisation, 157:you use it. There is for you and the average aspirant no direct contact, and that is definitelyExternalisation, 238:a great Englishman, a government official and an aspirant to right and truth: "We shall use all ourExternalisation, 242:part of the life and mind of every disciple and aspirant, then the next stop will be to study theExternalisation, 246:cease, and they will cease as the individual aspirant stamps them out in his own life. The greatExternalisation, 270:the white horse can be reached by the individual aspirant if he can raise his consciousnessExternalisation, 273:just as light breaks out in the individual aspirant. This much-to-be-desired event can be broughtExternalisation, 280:away from its easy focus in the wish life of the aspirant, goodwill becomes active in expressionExternalisation, 293:illumination may come. Revelation confronts the aspirant. Revelation confronts humanity. God isExternalisation, 293:on the Threshold appears and confronts the aspirant, challenging his purpose and progress andExternalisation, 306:of the Avatar of Synthesis) or some disciple or aspirant where humanity is concerned (in the caseExternalisation, 444:Every word spoken or written at this time by an aspirant or a disciple is of a definite potency -Externalisation, 497:been the keynote of the spiritually oriented aspirant. This liberation has started by the releaseExternalisation, 514:to cooperate at this time. Each sincere aspirant who is closely connected with the present ChurchExternalisation, 525:requires modifying for the average disciple and aspirant, if they are to respond constructively toExternalisation, 559:for long quite unattainable to the average aspirant, it is assumed that they have attained; theExternalisation, 608:world; His work is more impeded by the advanced aspirant than by the intelligent thinker. It wasExternalisation, 613:for abstruse reasoning. The average human aspirant and the intelligent human being are apt toExternalisation, 613:do? What are the steps which I and every aspirant should take? These questions mean one thing toExternalisation, 613:postwar period are very great. The closer an aspirant is to the source of spiritual light andExternalisation, 614:and correctly handled, the life of the aspirant, and still more of the disciple, is exceedinglyExternalisation, 619:can return. They are: The inertia of the average aspirant or spiritually-minded man. The lack ofExternalisation, 619:the Average Spiritually-Minded Man The average aspirant, man of goodwill, or disciple, isExternalisation, 620:spirit of man can be defeated or in which the aspirant cannot meditate, think, talk and prepare theExternalisation, 622:from the Christ Himself down to the lowest aspirant to be found on the periphery of that centerExternalisation, 670:use is all this information to men and to the aspirant who is trying to serve? The one thing whichExternalisation, 680:of discovering the ashram with which the aspirant must make contact. This attitude has now widenedExternalisation, 681:of the relation of Christ to the individual aspirant. The idea may perhaps be clarified for you byExternalisation, 691:of this century. On the Path of Probation, the aspirant is taught to purify himself and his threeExternalisation, 694:useful, in that it guarantees the ability of the aspirant to construct the antahkarana; it isExternalisation, 696:is to see to it that information comes to the aspirant in some form or another anent theExternalisation, 696:of the Christ (under some name familiar to the aspirant's religious background), and about theExternalisation, 696:it necessitates action upon the part of the aspirant, and that action inevitably conditions theFire, 71:Ray upon the mental unit is only felt when the aspirant treads the Path, or after he has taken theFire, 162:and with care; it is the part of discretion. The aspirant, therefore, has three things to do:Fire, 197:effort and due attention to rules laid down, the aspirant succeeds in touching matter of a qualityFire, 454:devotee may become rare, and the scientific aspirant will take his place. [455] The true occultistFire, 862:become wheels turning upon themselves) when the aspirant has complied with certain details. He mustFire, 863:Fire Elementals The second hint is that as the aspirant becomes progressively radioactive, and asFire, 864:is of a temporary nature, and is created by the aspirant himself during the process ofFire, 865:given, may be summed up in the words that as the aspirant progresses, 75 he not only balances theFire, 866:of this stage might hero be enumerated. The aspirant has an appreciation of the occult value ofFire, 866:discontent and misuse. At this stage also the aspirant's life becomes an "instrument ofFire, 868:[868] 74 A Guru is a spiritual teacher. 75 Aspirant. "The practices which make for union with theFire, 916:to modern thinkers, the Mother, or the divine Aspirant to the mysteries of the cosmic marriage, wasFire, 949:two methods of aggressive work (that of the aspirant and the initiate) will come much of vitalFire, 953:with a personal application. Facing each earnest aspirant to the Mysteries is that vitalized formFire, 975:out to the objectivised thought form. In the aspirant, and the man who is intellectual, theFire, 975:center and thence to the eyes. Later, as the aspirant grows in knowledge and purity of motive, theFire, 977:the greater the care that must be taken by the aspirant. This is necessary for three reasons:Glamourmeans of spiritual unfoldment of the individual aspirant. Such group action, voluntarily enteredGlamour, 7:this is the first stage in the experience of the aspirant. With the majority of true aspirants, theGlamour, 12:is vital to the growth of the disciple and the aspirant. The great need for most students is toGlamour, 26:only on the Path of Discipleship, when the aspirant becomes occultly aware of himself, of theGlamour, 27:on the training and liberation of the individual aspirant. This is, of course, necessary, for theGlamour, 28:will be dissipated, [28] but first of all the aspirant must learn to deal with individual and groupGlamour, 29:illusion is in reality a condition wherein the aspirant is being definitely controlled by: AGlamour, 29:Controls the life activity or output. Tunes the aspirant in on the mass thought-forms, which are ofGlamour, 31:has been likened to a mist or fog in which the aspirant wanders and which distorts all that he seesGlamour, 31:essentially are. When he is a somewhat advanced aspirant, he is aware of the glamor andGlamour, 33:a Master has to consider in connection with any aspirant and disciple. Glamor, as we have seen, isGlamour, 33:freedom becomes possible when there is in the aspirant no personal glamor, and no deliberatelyGlamour, 42:That average man, in everyday life, and the aspirant upon the Path of Probation or Purification,Glamour, 44:issue. One of the problems which confronts the aspirant is the problem of duly recognizing glamorGlamour, 50:these six rules (even as I gave them to another aspirant, see Discipleship in the New Age, pp.Glamour, 50:distinguishing characteristics of the average aspirant.) And yet there is, with that greatGlamour, 51:first and most serious tests which comes to an aspirant. It is also one of the best examples of
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