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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRANT

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Healing, 494:the focus of his consciousness was that of the aspirant, but anchored in the [495] brain. HisHealing, 509:and a consequent life of service. Thus the aspirant can test out both his point of integration andHealing, 579:be employed by the average man or the practicing aspirant. Concentration upon the physical bodyHealing, 579:below the threshold of consciousness. The true aspirant should be occupied with emotional, notHealing, 584:let me illustrate my point. In the life of the aspirant, the energy of the solar plexus centerHealing, 584:more potent in its effect upon the life of the aspirant than is the energy of the heart center,Healing, 584:his manifested expression. If the man is a true aspirant and is aiming [585] consciously to treadHealing, 594:it is for this that the intelligent man and the aspirant must strive. Healing, 595:The soul is taking control and leading the aspirant from mountain top to mountain top. At the firstHealing, 613:it is not a main object of attention of the aspirant; it automatically responds to the slowlyHealing, 660:to the beginner, the enquirer and the aspirant, because (theoretically at least) he can grasp someHealing, 666:the Dweller on the Threshold is to the spiritual aspirant. The main task of the spiritual HierarchyHealing, 682:threefold lower man) of the average intelligent aspirant, looking at this law from one of itsHealing, 682:lowest type of man up to and inclusive of the aspirant, is basically distinguished by the sameHealing, 682:duration, according to the usefulness of the aspirant upon the inner planes; with this I haveHealing, 693:For another thing, the soul ray of the average aspirant is seldom in control to such an extent thatHealing, 695:disciple, and even in part to the intelligent aspirant; they should make their healing work moreHercules, 3:has been built up in the mind of the western aspirant a feeling that the Path is necessarily one ofHercules, 4:is being grasped, and the entire attitude of the aspirant towards life is rapidly changing. SurelyHercules, 4:It leaves untouched no phase in the life of the aspirant and yet links him up with cosmicHercules, 4:may be evoked in the mind of the bewildered aspirant, and such a picture painted of universalHercules, 4:he, in his twelve labors, played the part of the aspirant upon the Path of Discipleship. On it, heHercules, 6:application and discipline on the part of the aspirant, producing a more rapid unfoldment of theHercules, 7:astrologically enacted the life history of every aspirant, and demonstrated the part which the unitHercules, 8:it from two angles: that of the individual aspirant and that of humanity as a whole. It is nowHercules, 8:reached, practically en masse, the stage of the aspirant, the stage of the intelligent seeker, theHercules, 9:personal greed has no place in the life of the aspirant who is seeking liberation from the everHercules, 10:story of Hercules elucidates in detail for the aspirant. Hercules, 10:of both the Cosmic Christ and of the individual aspirant. They give us the clue to the working outHercules, 13:of the divine Indweller. He emerges as the aspirant, reverses himself, and begins to work throughHercules, 19:God; and this the new age, with its new type of aspirant, will most assuredly demonstrate.Hercules, 20:the sumtotal of the characteristics [20] of the aspirant, but when linked to stupidity and anHercules, 22:spiritual progress. Spiritual ambition sways the aspirant and he becomes destructive, unbalancedHercules, 24:Aries to Pisces; starting in Aries as the humble aspirant and ending in Pisces as the all-knowing,Hercules, 25:of spiritual power, which will enable the aspirant to undertake the twelve labors and go forwardHercules, 31:the case with the inexperienced and impetuous aspirant. Such is the story, brief, dramatic andHercules, 31:the circle of experience. In the life of the aspirant to discipleship it connotes the period ofHercules, 34:and differentiated man from the animals. The aspirant begins his labors when he truly becomes theHercules, 38:thought, and only, when he becomes a one-pointed aspirant in the sign Sagittarius and in that signHercules, 42:application and tried out every part of the aspirant's nature. The key to the labor in Taurus isHercules, 48:endeavor for the indwelling Christ or soul. The aspirant, therefore, is tested in two ways: firstHercules, 48:of Hercules - Labor II The Disciple and Sex An aspirant to discipleship has in sex a real problemHercules, 51:separated self, until the time comes when the aspirant can do what Hercules succeeded in doing:Hercules, 51:problem. But, in the meantime, what shall the aspirant do? Certain suggestions may be made: Ride,Hercules, 51:Ride, control and master the bull and let the aspirant remember that the bull has to be riddenHercules, 51:a "common sense", literally, the mind. Let the aspirant use his mind, and through the medium ofHercules, 52:service: these constitute the ideals of the aspirant. A right understanding, of the meaning, ofHercules, 60:concerning predominantly the active work of the aspirant on the physical plane as he comes to anHercules, 60:that the real test of the sincerity of the aspirant takes place. A longing to be good, a deepHercules, 65:and this is the status of Hercules, the aspirant. He is soul and body unified. This was the problemHercules, 67:these three play their parts in the life of the aspirant as [68] he unifies higher and lower,Hercules, 68:and in their with Hercules, the aspirant, the whole story of the human being is againHercules, 69:In Canis Minor, we have the story of the aspirant, of our present lot. Dwelling within us is theHercules, 71:of thought or of momentary attention to the aspirant, are two: First, the individual aspirant is ofHercules, 71:to the aspirant, are two: First, the individual aspirant is of no personal interest to the MasterHercules, 73:easily fall. According to the temperament of the aspirant so will be the glamor. Some getHercules, 74:the more common aspect of psychic phenomena. The aspirant becomes interested in automatic writing,Hercules, 74:imagination. But in some form or another, the aspirant who has left Nereus will meet the serpentHercules, 75:of development which must inevitably enable the aspirant to achieve. They bolster up their positionHercules, 75:he cannot make promises beyond saying to every aspirant: "These are the ancient rules, this is theHercules, 76:and Will, visioned and contacted by the selfless aspirant through Service. [77] Hercules, 81:of the soul in matter, or the evolution of the aspirant as he struggles out of the human into theHercules, 81:race, the nation, and the family unit. Where the aspirant is concerned, the story is somewhatHercules, 82:in Leo, the potential Christ in Virgo, the aspirant endeavoring to balance the pairs of oppositesHercules, 82:intuition and soul power of which Hercules, the aspirant, is capable, are utilized to theHercules, 82:signs, we have the signs of achievement. The aspirant has worked out of the world of glamor and ofHercules, 84:is of deep import. There is no success for the aspirant until he has transmuted instinct intoHercules, 86:birth into incarnation, or, in relation to the aspirant, for the new birth. The month of June, inHercules, 87:in its higher aspects when the native is an aspirant or disciple, for we go round the zodiac manyHercules, 88:the average Cancer person, as well as for the aspirant who is performing the labor of this sign, isHercules, 88:the struggle that goes on in the life of the aspirant so that instinct can give place eventually toHercules, 90:world condition and makes him the earnest aspirant, who knows no rest until he has emerged out ofHercules, 92:[92] therefore, covers the life of the aspirant from the time he takes incarnation until he hasHercules, 92:progressed around and around the zodiac, the aspirant finds himself again in Cancer, faced with theHercules, 92:will guide him in his now lonely journey; the aspirant is no longer identified and lost in theHercules, 93:more elusive form, and for this Hercules, the aspirant, sought. For a life cycle, we are told, heHercules, 101:not dominate matter; it is the number of the aspirant whose objective it is to subordinate matterHercules, 104:the great Illusion; and in Scorpio we see the aspirant upon the cross, sacrificing illusion toHercules, 107:but which he ended by drinking. So Hercules, the aspirant, expressing himself in Leo, visions theHercules, 108:to loose the seven seals thereof." Hercules, the aspirant, the soul, symbolized the lion, theHercules, 108:the coordinated, dominant personality, for the aspirant has always to be a highly evolvedHercules, 108:and, therefore, potent beyond the average, the aspirant often becomes a somewhat trying andHercules, 108:with which he may be affiliated. Therefore, the aspirant, the lion of Judah, has to slay the lionHercules, 152:work is carried forward". In terms of the aspirant this means that in Virgo I discovered the ChristHercules, 154:is called Hercules and portrays the aspirant looking not at the crown but at the eagle, Aquila.Hercules, 156:to each one of us answering to the name "aspirant". [157] There are two words I want to see ruledHercules, 157:has ever been known to do that. I like the words aspirant" and "disciple". Aspirant is a blanketHercules, 157:that. I like the words aspirant" and "disciple". Aspirant is a blanket word that covers us at everyHercules, 157:use disciple; it is a hiding word, because an aspirant of the lowest degree is a disciple. TheHercules, 157:assuming that each one of us is the one-pointed aspirant, the archer on the horse, going straightHercules, 157:spirit manifesting through the soul, which the aspirant on the physical plane is one-pointedlyHercules, 158:IX Let us narrow the story down to Hercules, the aspirant, and what he has done in each sign. InHercules, 158:control of that which is the first thing the aspirant to initiation has to do. We control ourHercules, 159:am". That is the whole story of the life of the aspirant. You must become so identified with theHercules, 162:is Cygnus, symbol of soul. Sagittarius, the aspirant, looking to the left and to the right: to theHercules, 163:what goes on in the life of the individual aspirant in Sagittarius. There has been a completeHercules, 163:sign and water is the symbol. In the life of the aspirant of today, I need not enlarge upon it,Hercules, 163:one through existence. Why? Because you are an aspirant, a disciple; it is the best indication youHercules, 164:of truth. I see no truth but my truth. I am an aspirant, but all aspirants must interpret truth asHercules, 166:beautiful. Lyra, the seven-stringed harp. The aspirant learns to play upon the harp and he makes
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