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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRANT

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Magic, 323:the Great Ones will be able to depend upon an aspirant's sagacity and thus find a helper. AllMagic, 323:training has in view the development of the aspirant so that he may indeed be a focal point ofMagic, 331:out of teaching which will enable the seeking aspirant and enquirer to find himself. Hence the needMagic, 343:is one of the things which specially hinders the aspirant. It renders him negative and receptiveMagic, 346:occult powers, warring militantly against the aspirant will occur; they may make their power feltMagic, 346:of the vehicles and - in rare cases - where the aspirant is important enough, on all at once.Magic, 348:of the heightening of the vibration on you, the aspirant, may manifest in various ways also. It mayMagic, 348:a little nearer to the goal, though perhaps the aspirant may not realize it. Magic, 349:They give what They can but on the individual aspirant depends the use made of that which is given.Magic, 351:and is the first step towards acquirement. An aspirant is definitely taken on the inner planes andMagic, 352:learnt, and, in the play of other minds, the aspirant's own vibration becomes keyed up to everMagic, 353:You have the same situation on the path of the aspirant. Magic, 354:Brotherhood can work. The prime problem of the aspirant is to dominate the emotional nature. ThenMagic, 355:bears down upon the astounded, yet illuminated, aspirant. Can he stand this pressure? Can he becomeMagic, 362:no hindrance and that ceases not for pain, the aspirant has caused his centers to pulsate and toMagic, 365:and the Future The goal of all the work of an aspirant is to understand those aspects of the mindMagic, 366:and to know. This is the work before each aspirant and hence the necessity of his understanding theMagic, 369:and related to the world of the senses. Does the aspirant refer to his happiness or joy? If heMagic, 370:and non acquisitive, and not dependent upon the aspirant's circumstance or worldly state. MuchMagic, 370:themselves within a shell of illusion. But the aspirant has frequently reached the stage whereinMagic, 374:peace. Peace was the objective of the Atlantean aspirant. Realization is that of the AryanMagic, 375:not-self. This dualistic stage is that of the aspirant and of the disciple, up to the time of hisMagic, 375:Gradually this changes, - so gradually that the aspirant learns the lesson of endurance (even toMagic, 376:as the battle ground (the kurukshetra) for the aspirant or probationer is the astral plane, so theMagic, 376:the mental plane. There is his kurukshetra. The aspirant has to learn to control his emotionalMagic, 376:factor, - that of the intuition. In himself, the aspirant repeats the racial unfoldment, [377] andMagic, 382:true Mysteries has to be slaughtered before the aspirant can pass on. 10. The work of the IbezhanMagic, 385:is well nigh insuperable until such time as the aspirant comes under complete control of the secondMagic, 386:have to be unified in the consciousness of the aspirant. When this has happened, the disciple hasMagic, 388:for this is a series of Instructions for the aspirant and not a treatise on energy. Solar Energies:Magic, 420:wide horizon pointed out which will enable the aspirant to live through this transitional periodMagic, 420:rules of life activity must be taught the young aspirant: He must be taught to focus oilMagic, 431:so advanced a nature that it is useless for the aspirant to give much time to its study. VolumesMagic, 437:in the case of the highly evolved, of the true aspirant who has oriented himself, and is thusMagic, 440:our world period they are as follows: For the aspirant who progresses from Aries to Pisces and hasMagic, 442:The group of mantric words used by the aspirant in the power of his own soul, are positive. ItMagic, 449:told in the rule under consideration that the aspirant has three things to do: Ascertain theMagic, 449:true of the tiny thought creations of a chela or aspirant. The first reaction of the averageMagic, 453:which is the easiest for the average aspirant. All these rules can be read from the standpoint ofMagic, 453:they can be read from the standpoint of the aspirant, and will then convey certain practical ideasMagic, 453:experience. They will achieve meaning as the aspirant learns to handle energies, to work in mentalMagic, 453:which is necessarily sealed to the mind of the aspirant. As to the comprehension of the initiate,Magic, 453:solely from the angle of vision of the average aspirant, leaving other interpretations to thoseMagic, 456:exist on the archetypal plane which (for the aspirant) is the plane of the intuition, though inMagic, 456:of which the soul is consciously aware. The aspirant, weary of the eternal round of his own futileMagic, 459:for the development, on the part of the aspirant, of a trained intellect. The "rain cloud ofMagic, 472:thoughts becomes increasingly apparent as the aspirant progresses upon his way. As the power of theMagic, 472:These rules may sound too simple for the learned aspirant but for those who are willing to becomeMagic, 473:its goal, and verify the motive. For thee, the aspirant on the way of life, the way of consciousMagic, 480:idea of "a saving-from" under two headings. The aspirant has to be saved from the thought-formsMagic, 482:of thought. It is with the use of thought by the aspirant that I seek to deal. Much about thoughtMagic, 483:and suggestions which will help the average aspirant to work as he should. Magic, 483:Let us remember first of all that no aspirant, no matter how sincere and devoted, is free fromMagic, 483:delay. One thing must ever be remembered. If an aspirant evokes hatred in an associate, if heMagic, 484:of love. There are three lessons which every aspirant needs to learn: First, that everyMagic, 485:the creator of the thought-form (in this case an aspirant) remains responsible. The form remainsMagic, 485:the application of those principles. With the aspirant, however, who is still learning to think,Magic, 485:his personality desires. To this every sincere aspirant will bear witness. Much concern is beingMagic, 488:use of thought substance, and from these the aspirant must learn to save himself, and to avoidMagic, 488:and can hence work havoc in the life of the aspirant. Hate not, for hatred returns ever from whenceMagic, 488:only to find in the majority of cases that the aspirant no longer aches for possession, but regardsMagic, 488:may bring such a flood of light as to blind the aspirant, and make him consequently the possessorMagic, 489:[489] cannot use. Again, it may attract to the aspirant a thought-form of one of the Great Ones,Magic, 489:of its own which can devastate the life of the aspirant. A violent dislike, a gnawing worry, aMagic, 489:harmful, for the worried or suspicious aspirant spoils the home circle or his group of friends byMagic, 489:3. The third danger against which the aspirant must [490] guard himself is becoming obsessed by hisMagic, 491:and the new rhythm established. Then the aspirant will discover that the mind is so focused on theMagic, 491:public consciousness and of the lower mind. The aspirant must function free in both worlds. NoteMagic, 491:vary according to the growth and status of the aspirant. Each has, for himself, to formulate [492]Magic, 493:into a consciously functioning personality. The aspirant is beginning to understand something ofMagic, 493:can only indicate certain lines along which the aspirant may think, and posit certain premisesMagic, 504:in the head should be attempted, for until the aspirant has learned to be steadily aware of allMagic, 514:also demonstrate its interludes, and these the aspirant has to learn to recognize and to utilize.Magic, 523:It deals primarily with the training of the aspirant so that he can, in his turn, act as aMagic, 523:of the plans of God. The training of the aspirant, the indicating to him of possible trends andMagic, 523:impart at the present stage in which the average aspirant finds himself. This has been attempted inMagic, 524:professor. It will serve however to graduate the aspirant out of the Hall of Learning into the HallMagic, 527:active creating agent in some such manner as the aspirant has to learn to seize his midway pointsMagic, 527:workers, and the ideal set before the individual aspirant, are the same as in the individualMagic, 528:subjective realization can be materialized. The aspirant does this in connection with his own soulMagic, 535:a festering sense of limitation, goading on the aspirant to renewed effort and driving the livingMagic, 546:Until this has been achieved, one can be an aspirant to the practice of white magic, but one is notMagic, 548:lightly touched, must be closely studied by the aspirant and as he studies them and lives by theseMagic, 549:fields of awareness. Finally, as far as the aspirant who reads these instructions is concerned, heMagic, 549:show some of the recognitions towards which the aspirant strives. The only other one which I willMagic, 554:to deal with the inner development of the aspirant, I shall not carry these ideas further beyondMagic, 554:of the objective world in which the individual aspirant finds himself. He will need to consider theMagic, 558:The procedure is as follows: The individual aspirant begins to manifest somewhat soul purpose inMagic, 568:could study this Rule from the standpoint of the aspirant, as he learns to work with energy andMagic, 570:therefore, as we study the above that the aspirant has three things to do: First, he has to learnMagic, 573:elucidation. A. The type of force as used by an aspirant will indicate to him its emanating source,Magic, 573:this aspect of work will soon indicate to the aspirant: upon what plane he himself may be working,Magic, 573:usefulness and will tend to leave no part of the aspirant's nature untouched. Think for a minute ofMagic, 574:ends. If he is, however, a true disciple and aspirant, he will work with the Plan and will wieldMagic, 581:four aspects of energy can be studied by the aspirant in his own nature. On the physical plane heMagic, 581:point of objectivity has now been reached by the aspirant. He is endeavoring to become a magicalMagic, 582:can serve the world. In the first case, the aspirant is dealing with himself, working within hisMagic, 582:lie ahead of the human mind which marks the aspirant, who stands at the threshold of acceptedMagic, 584:knowing that the Path is constructed by the aspirant as the spider spins its web out of the centerMagic, 585:of worldly science and sagacity. If the aspirant has need to cultivate a capacity to walk alone, if
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