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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRANT

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Patanjali, 391:of living thought, and work, practised by the aspirant and the disciple. It characterizes the stagePatanjali, 403:are separate and distinct, and this every aspirant has to learn. When this is grasped, he seeks toPatanjali, 406:similar questions are of profound value to the aspirant, if asked sincerely and answeredPatanjali, 410:embody the divine logoic thought. The work every aspirant, therefore, seeks to do is to bring thePatanjali, 411:awaking to the dual possibility. The work of the aspirant to union is to swing the mind stuffPatanjali, 422:and even until the final initiation the aspirant must "watch and pray." The rules which governPatanjali, 426:two verses we have just studied have carried the aspirant on from the stage of adept to that of thePatanjali, 428:the soul and the means whereby the brain of the aspirant becomes illuminated and knowledge gainedPatanjali, x:chapter where he reveals himself to Arjuna, the aspirant, [xi] as the soul of all things, and thePatanjali, xi:the stage of average good man, through those of aspirant, initiate and master on to that exaltedPsychology1, xvii:for the personal unfoldment of any particular aspirant. The individual growth is of no tremendousPsychology1, xix:most valuably to the group awareness. Oft an aspirant says to himself: "Of what real use am I? HowPsychology1, xx:the attaining of an attitude [xx] wherein the aspirant desires nothing for the separated self, andPsychology1, xx:Solar. This book was intended for the average aspirant, to lead him on from where he was to aPsychology1, xxi:of the initiates of the world, and will lift the aspirant's eyes away from himself and his ownPsychology1, xxi:which is a bridging book, intended to show the aspirant the rules whereby the light within himPsychology1, xxii:which may substantiate the point of view. To the aspirant, and to those who are seeking toPsychology1, xxiv:ray, or his highest life aspect, and the humble aspirant cannot as yet ascertain whether he is aPsychology1, 10:think of the group, correspond with a fellow aspirant or meditate. Extend the idea, then, from thePsychology1, 97:and revelation, and the encouragement in the aspirant of a happy speculation and an idle expectancyPsychology1, 97:their endeavor and to complicate the way of the aspirant. This growing sensitivity is universal;Psychology1, 107:and contain much teaching and help for the aspirant. Students of the times would do well toPsychology1, 108:the process; it lies between the chela and the aspirant. In these cases the receiver of thePsychology1, 110:Above everything else, it is necessary that the aspirant be practical. The days of a mystical andPsychology1, 115:attention to the handling of the affairs of the aspirant on the physical plane, nor to the trainingPsychology1, 157:evolutionary stairway which lie ahead of every aspirant and of every member of the hierarchy. Psychology1, 193:so do they express the laws under which the aspirant can now begin to work. Psychology1, 195:so that they function as one. Therefore the aspirant is taught to turn within; to study motives; toPsychology1, 196:and "judges by appearances." The awakening aspirant begins to sense some of the beauties that liePsychology1, 200:kingdoms. Radioactivity, the perfume of the aspirant, the devotion to other human beings (thePsychology1, 226:inadequate as the mind and brain of the average aspirant?), the mineral kingdom marks the point ofPsychology1, 231:by the devoted offering of the emotional aspirant. The Plan is oft-times delayed in its fruition byPsychology1, 232:as they serve to shift the polarization of the aspirant off the emotional plane on to the mental,Psychology1, 261:be attracted. This is of importance to the aspirant, and should be considered more carefully thanPsychology1, 261:than has hitherto been the case, for by it the aspirant determines the nature and the quality ofPsychology1, 261:of the rays to the centers in the average aspirant might be classified as follows: Head center -Psychology1, 290:potent in the mental and emotional life of the aspirant, it pours in with greater power into thePsychology1, 306:wrong grouping of ideas. The disciple and aspirant upon the Path, and the Initiate upon hisPsychology1, 312:values, then the torn and distracted life of the aspirant begins. Humanity is the custodian of thePsychology1, 313:on a large scale in the life of the modern aspirant during the next fifty years. We shall see whatPsychology1, 324:of the group need, and the personality of the aspirant may be integrated into the group. TherebyPsychology1, 324:to be seen going on in the life of the true aspirant today (his developing recognition of groupPsychology1, 327:which (when present) occultly hold the aspirant down to earth. The increasing of the magneticPsychology1, 351:and nourishes the fires of idealism in the aspirant. Ray two governs the Path of Discipleship andPsychology1, 354:At the same time, the assets brought by the aspirant to the task of achieving discipleship likewisePsychology1, 359:into the occultist, and to train the modern aspirant in right motive, mind control and brotherlyPsychology1, 359:produced the mystic as its culminating type of aspirant. The seventh ray will develop the magicianPsychology1, 378:and is one of the laws with which the aspirant must work, early in his training. Until he canPsychology1, 380:recognition, by the brain consciousness of the aspirant, of the need for mental and spiritualPsychology1, 380:these three recognitions are stabilized in the aspirant, then there comes the recognition by thePsychology1, 381:passed, or are passing, through the stages of aspirant and disciple, thus learning to serve.Psychology1, 404:The Rays and Man The work of each individual aspirant is therefore to arrive at an understandingPsychology1, 406:the soul seeks to dispel the ancient glamor, the aspirant is enabled to walk in the light. ThePsychology2, 22:ray influences, we have (in the life of the aspirant) a recapitulation of the triple process whichPsychology2, 52:order in the life of the average intelligent aspirant, who responds to, and takes advantage of thePsychology2, 54:of the Ageless Wisdom, the story of man, the aspirant, is the story of his response to, or repulsePsychology2, 61:that purpose which, for instance, animate the aspirant. This is - briefly and inadequatelyPsychology2, 63:must play their united parts in training the aspirant in the New Age. 4. As the introspectivePsychology2, 66:at a certain stage in the life of the advanced aspirant. There they merge with the sum total ofPsychology2, 67:at the third initiation. [67] In the life of the aspirant, the power to cause this tremendousPsychology2, 67:going forward very rapidly. For the individual aspirant, the work has always been possible rightPsychology2, 74:proceeding in the case of every dedicated aspirant. When the work is carried on intelligently andPsychology2, 74:awareness of the desired purpose, and when the aspirant not only recognizes the process, but isPsychology2, 111:tied up with material things in the mind of the aspirant, and so connected with the processes ofPsychology2, 116:integrated and often troublesome. The aspirant's environing associates. It is useful for studentsPsychology2, 120:are not easy of attainment by the average aspirant, and yet today the tendency to serve is anPsychology2, 140:by humanity. These ideas, when grasped by the aspirant bring about two developments. First, theyPsychology2, 141:all lies the impetus of love. With the average aspirant, however, who is on the first ray, thePsychology2, 142:hand in hand). Ideas are taken by the third ray aspirant, as they emerge from the elevatedPsychology2, 142:World Servers. The major task of the fourth ray aspirant is to harmonize the new ideas with thePsychology2, 146:perfected, exists as an ideal towards which the aspirant is constantly striving. In this work manyPsychology2, 148:the divine purpose upon the consciousness of the aspirant, and dictates to him those higherPsychology2, 148:to sojourn there. The angel protects the unready aspirant (not the place which he seeks to enter)Psychology2, 150:the first Law of Sacrifice and carries to the aspirant the quality, influence and tendency of thePsychology2, 154:which shifts from the problem as it concerns the aspirant to the problem of the disciple.Psychology2, 157:the Law of Repulse into play, thus aiding the aspirant to attain the longed-for liberation. ServicePsychology2, 159:emerging, and must inevitably triumph. Once the aspirant upon the Probationary Path has a vision ofPsychology2, 159:is the indication of a hard heart, will land the aspirant in the prison of a crystallized shell,Psychology2, 159:humanity) has been adequately developed in the aspirant, and he knows the pairs of opposites andPsychology2, 166:stanzas which will give a hint (if one is an aspirant) of the technique to which one will bePsychology2, 174:in the personal consciousness when the aspirant has achieved certain definite realizations, andPsychology2, 175:of requirements and their achievement within the aspirant's consciousness, demonstrate as the outerPsychology2, 175:some simple facts which indicate that the aspirant is beginning to function as a soul and is readyPsychology2, 214:to recapitulate the many rules which the aspirant must follow as he perseveres in his endeavor toPsychology2, 215:with mankind is not centered upon the individual aspirant in any manner which could be interpretedPsychology2, 244:which every initiate must demonstrate. Every aspirant must, as time elapses, develop the power toPsychology2, 248:splendor for a moment sweeps through the aspirant, tensed for revelation; a sudden realization of aPsychology2, 272:feature between the two, as far as the aspirant is concerned, is the focus or the concentration ofPsychology2, 274:upon the probationary path. Then the individual aspirant - after much struggle and effort -Psychology2, 275:of enterprise into the meditation work of the aspirant. Just as the Soul through a plannedPsychology2, 275:itself in a human form, so the probationary aspirant, also as a result of a planned activity, takesPsychology2, 275:Next there comes a period in the life of the aspirant when he shifts off the probationary path andPsychology2, 276:seen, a very definite stage in the life of the aspirant, and is the cause of that unhappy sense ofPsychology2, 283:possible at this time to the average interested aspirant who studies these pages. Three types ofPsychology2, 286:been achieved, the man is then definitely an aspirant upon the probationary path. 4. Aspirants arePsychology2, 299:for reorientation is at its highest and the aspirant knows it. He knows that upon the issue of thatPsychology2, 303:and illusion, it is not easy for the average aspirant to sort out his ideas on these matters, or toPsychology2, 309:levels are omitted from the recognition of the aspirant. Yet it is essential that these other pairsPsychology2, 310:it of use to ponder upon this thought. When an aspirant reaches that point in his evolution whereinPsychology2, 311:the sequence of human unfoldment. The individual aspirant is prone to think only in terms of
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