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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRANT

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Psychology2, 312:another and a higher pair of opposites. The aspirant, therefore, has three pairs of opposites withPsychology2, 336:types, which are primarily the [336] mystic, the aspirant, the notable people, and those whoPsychology2, 342:to that which has not hitherto been seen." The aspirant passes through an intermediate stage in thePsychology2, 344:which up till this time has handicapped the aspirant. Two angles of this matter warrant ourPsychology2, 344:which, as it has transpired, has brought the aspirant to the point of a sensed duality, ofPsychology2, 344:We will confine our studies to the task of the aspirant as he reorients himself upon thePsychology2, 345:psychological dilemmas of the highly developed aspirant and disciple. In this stage, the so-calledPsychology2, 355:There comes ever the moment in the life of the aspirant when he begins to consider with wonder thePsychology2, 355:also fails. It is not yet a familiar "call." The aspirant is left, unsatisfied and with a deepeningPsychology2, 356:the Raja-Yoga system are intended to bring the aspirant to a point of such intense inner focusingPsychology2, 356:time, a far longer one than is the case with the aspirant upon the first ray line of activity.Psychology2, 356:line of activity. However, when the second ray aspirant has understood and has availed himself ofPsychology2, 360:the quiet not of meditation but of living. The aspirant upon the third ray is apt to waste muchPsychology2, 361:as many will recognize, an aspect of light. The aspirant slowly begins to work with the Plan as itPsychology2, 361:in building up the agelong glamor. The third ray aspirant is always slower to learn than the secondPsychology2, 361:learn than the second ray, just as the first ray aspirant learns more rapidly than the second ray.Psychology2, 361:his goal with greater rapidity. The second ray aspirant has to achieve the quiet which is everPsychology2, 362:or the center of a whirlpool. The third ray aspirant has to achieve the quiet which is like to thatPsychology2, 373:The problem, therefore, of the sixth ray aspirant is to divorce himself from the thralldom of formPsychology2, 373:it is, as usual, a most difficult one for the aspirant to handle. It is a crisis which seems toPsychology2, 385:and right relation of the centers when the aspirant is upon the probationary path. The teachingPsychology2, 392:service and the self-enforced cooperation of the aspirant - a cooperation based upon theory and aPsychology2, 394:nothing except their general nature, so the aspirant upon the probationary path may see the wholePsychology2, 395:things are moving. It is not possible for the aspirant to take these words into his meditation andPsychology2, 396:which to meditate and easier for the average aspirant to contemplate and understand. Perhaps thisPsychology2, 427:into his life work, and also in the thinking aspirant. This is true, whether his thoughts, purposesPsychology2, 469:this type of difficulty in terms of the aspirant who, in meditation, comes into touch with thePsychology2, 471:man and make difficult the lot of the earnest aspirant. It might be of value if I here defined forPsychology2, 473:is overwhelming, and it takes time for the aspirant to learn the rules whereby he can find his wayPsychology2, 473:Probation; and because he knows himself to be an aspirant and even a disciple, that which the [474]Psychology2, 477:consciousness but [477] with the modern aspirant. For him to develop the previous racialPsychology2, 484:work or to meditation practice, and some day the aspirant is led to believe that he will hear hisPsychology2, 489:and is the result of the contacts made by the aspirant (firm in his aspiration but weak in hisPsychology2, 495:include the ability of the spiritually-minded aspirant in the world today to touch the intendedPsychology2, 501:to the longing of the spiritually-minded aspirant to see the Master, the Christ or the Buddha.Psychology2, 507:are Records of Work done. This activity the aspirant carries on at night and when absent from thePsychology2, 513:human unit, and particularly as they affect the aspirant, disciple and mystic. During the pastPsychology2, 522:The problem of the disciple, the advanced aspirant and the initiate of the lower degrees isPsychology2, 525:man is now the highly intelligent citizen and aspirant. He is conscious of the dualism of hisPsychology2, 545:augmented by the foolish things done by the aspirant as he seeks to bring his physical body underPsychology2, 545:of these things, but, in the case of the true aspirant who is endeavoring to discipline and controlPsychology2, 552:of nervous trouble to the mystic and advanced aspirant. The heart center powerfully affects thePsychology2, 558:stage wherein the advanced human being, the aspirant and the disciple becomes steadily aware ofPsychology2, 567:a human being, of a man to other men, and of an aspirant to his soul, his master and his group.Psychology2, 593:clairvoyant view of the adept as He looks at the aspirant or disciple, it causes: The rhythm ofPsychology2, 594:center, between the eyebrows. In the case of the aspirant, mystic and disciple, it is the highestPsychology2, 595:below the diaphragm and the man is not even an aspirant or intelligent, then it will cause thePsychology2, 599:are the recognized prerogative of the mystical aspirant. The mystical literature of all the worldPsychology2, 606:but constitute the specific difficulty of the aspirant or the advanced man or disciple who hasPsychology2, 607:and awake. The problem of power, sensed by the aspirant and seeking expression in his life, fallsPsychology2, 607:of the commonest forms of ambition to which the aspirant and the disciple succumb. One can alsoPsychology2, 609:appearance around the head of the disciple or aspirant. The discovery that there is, at the veryPsychology2, 610:There never need be any difficulty if the [610] aspirant will use the light which is in him for thePsychology2, 614:- these are the three major problems of the aspirant and should be studied and understood. TheyPsychology2, 614:of power to the highest head center. In the aspirant or advanced human being, they affect thePsychology2, 622:through the solar plexus center of the average aspirant. This has led to much of the digestivePsychology2, 623:Hierarchy has to deal but with which the average aspirant need not attempt to cope as yet. As IPsychology2, 688:beings and it is not possible for the human aspirant to keep up so long a period of preparation, noPsychology2, 700:integrated and often troublesome. The aspirant's environing associates. It is useful for studentsPsychology2, 701:hold of the world situation. In the life of an aspirant, such interludes frequently occur. ThePsychology2, 701:the personality. What is true of the individual aspirant is equally true of [702] humanity, thePsychology2, 702:is equally true of [702] humanity, the world aspirant. In May, 1936, a great forward moving effortPsychology2, 706:habit changes in the physical plane life of the aspirant. It will lead to the consecration of thePsychology2, 726:of the ideal on the part of each individual aspirant and disciple. It would involve a rededicationRaysthat the formless world is only entered when the aspirant has acquired somewhat the capacity toRaysnecessarily certain developments within the aspirant's own nature. The demanded contact wouldRays, 10:to each other from the standpoint of the aspirant. The adept can enter the world of form, canRays, 10:the lower voices, comes the opportunity for the aspirant to escape from the dominance of matter.Rays, 32:disciple into the periphery or aura of the aspirant or lesser disciple is - in its degree -Rays, 32:to a period of temporary discomfort. This the aspirant and the inexperienced disciple resent andRays, 33:and the occult paradoxes which confront the true aspirant as he attempts to tread the Way. As weRays, 34:"Way of the Higher Evolution" lies open to the aspirant to the Greater Mysteries, but he is oftRays, 35:have in them the quality which will enable the aspirant to understand and eventually express theRays, 37:that still remains an individual reaction. The aspirant who is seeking to comprehend these Rules isRays, 42:the presentation of the door lying ahead of the aspirant has been made familiar, but that has beenRays, 44:to the seven initiations. The intuition of the aspirant must be invoked if he is to arrive at rightRays, 47:selflessly decentralized grows and develops, the aspirant reaches a point where the group life andRays, 49:recognition. In all the teaching given to the aspirant and to the disciple in the early stages ofRays, 49:a light-bearer in a dark world. This, the aspirant is taught, becomes possible when contact withRays, 71:of consciousness from another. It fosters in the aspirant a sense of duality. It is a wordRays, 84:illumination, and the thoughts of the aspirant become focused downwards into matter and notRays, 85:therefore, that the more rapidly the individual aspirant approaches the third initiation, the moreRays, 88:past, it will be apparent to the understanding aspirant that much evil has been destroyed in allRays, 100:"the second death." It is not detachment as the aspirant practices it. It is the scientificRays, 105:of all degrees freely move. Constantly the aspirant is reminded that time is cyclic in nature andRays, 106:down to the level of the intelligence of the aspirant) it is realized that there is no identityRays, 118:the light of the soul revealed to the struggling aspirant a new vision, set for him new goals,Rays, 147:may elucidate the problem somewhat, and the aspirant or disciple needs to remember that it is onlyRays, 147:and each decade in the future will see the aspirant and the disciple more capable of grasping it. Rays, 157:Nature has become complete, the man becomes an aspirant and begins to come under the Laws of theRays, 175:as the affirmation of a fixed objective by the aspirant to initiation, is nevertheless a mantramRays, 182:into the dense physical manifested world. The aspirant must ever work from the outside to theRays, 195:energies which act as inhibitory factors to the aspirant as he seeks to make progress, and to theRays, 196:The veils remain unperceived by the average aspirant until some light appears through the rents inRays, 197:you that concentration is one thing to the aspirant, and a very different thing to the initiate,Rays, 197:something imposed by the soul upon the hastening aspirant, so that the lessons of consciousRays, 198:sensing of half truths and the groupings of the aspirant in the process of learning about himself,Rays, 198:when he speaks of giving to the struggling aspirant "the treasures of darkness." The beauty of theRays, 210:basic attitudes lies the first lesson of the aspirant to participation in group initiation. TheRays, 223:fourth initiation lies far ahead of the average aspirant or disciple. But groups must have their
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