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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRANTS

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Astrology, 21:when they are casting a horoscope of senior aspirants, of disciples and of initiates. Astrology, 233:Today, the foremost men of the age - disciples, aspirants and the intelligentsia - are being testedAstrology, 233:Scorpio fundamental tests are applied. For most aspirants in the early stages, sex does constituteAstrology, 234:permanently related in the lives of the world aspirants, then we shall see the right handling ofAstrology, 265:nine signs as these energies affect individual aspirants. They are: Leo - The Crisis ofAstrology, 283:as a whole and owing to the large proportion of aspirants and thinking idealists - is enteringAstrology, 310:and this injunction is badly needed by Leo aspirants. It will, when followed, lead theAstrology, 377:the plan as it is grasped by the world aspirants, the world disciples and initiates. Thus are theAstrology, 440:and should speed the work of the disciples and aspirants of the world as they struggle for humanAstrology, 442:to arise in the minds of thinking students and aspirants today. Of what use is all this abstruseAstrology, 445:it passes to that sensitive band of disciples, aspirants and workers to whose hearts and hands isAstrology, 464:physical manifestation and experience. [464] Aspirants and probationers express responsiveness toAstrology, 481:and combination of energies as they affect the aspirants and disciples of the world which mustAstrology, 484:to condition the consciousness of the world aspirants, disciples and initiates. Today, this dualAstrology, 485:Sagittarius is powerfully affecting the world aspirants and leading them towards those attitudes ofAstrology, 486:emergence of thousands of self-conscious world aspirants who are subordinating gradually theirAstrology, 498:will happen where disciples, highly developed aspirants and initiates are concerned. The oldAstrology, 540:not otherwise be capable. The initiation of the aspirants of the world on to the Path of AcceptedAstrology, 568:importance is the Fixed Cross of the Heavens. Aspirants to the Mysteries are steadily increasing inAstrology, 571:but was intended primarily for the use of those aspirants and disciples who are not only mysticsAstrology, 572:correctly oriented attitudes of the intelligent aspirants and disciples. This was necessary beforeAstrology, 574:of the will-to-good of the world thinkers and aspirants, and also the will-to-save of the ShamballaAstrology, 575:the response to world need in the thinkers and aspirants through the medium of the second stanza,Astrology, 587:how it should be employed and in what manner aspirants and disciples who are mentally polarized canAutobiography, X:safeguarding all those hard pressed, struggling aspirants and younger disciples who have come toAutobiography, 169:of spiritual training and the preparation of aspirants for discipleship has also been given. GreatAutobiography, 231:to the spiritual Hierarchy. It is composed of aspirants working towards discipleship under theAutobiography, 234:led and guided by disciples and spiritual aspirants who know no sense of separateness, who see allAutobiography, 234:These are not strictly speaking spiritual aspirants. They are not particularly interested in theAutobiography, 248:however, in the case of highly developed people, aspirants, disciples and initiates who areAutobiography, 254:given to me. To my own group of specially picked aspirants I have acknowledged my name when theyAutobiography, 264:the so-called esoteric schools have dealt with aspirants upon the Path of Probation or ofAutobiography, 271:finds himself responsible for a group of aspirants. According to the measure of his soul contact,Autobiography, 272:so-called esoteric schools which are started by aspirants. They want to help their fellowmen andAutobiography, 273:and their leaders are not disciples; they are aspirants upon the Probationary Path and of no greatAutobiography, 281:change in response to the demanding needs of aspirants, to the unfoldment of the human mind, andAutobiography, 281:for probationary disciples or for devotional aspirants. The Arcane School trains adult men andAutobiography, 297:reached the majority of the sincere and earnest aspirants and disciples in the world. Our knowledgeAutobiography, 297:is to say that we are a group of disciples and aspirants to discipleship, who are attempting to aidBethlehem, 26:and it is the immediate goal for many of the aspirants in the world today. Secondly, there is theBethlehem, 29:which has been such a characteristic of aspirants in the past, has to be transcended and transmutedBethlehem, 41:and teachers direct their teaching and their aspirants towards some great Master Who is supposed toBethlehem, 52:As the race grows in sensitivity, as the aspirants of the world in all the many religions cultivateBethlehem, 53:appeal which goes up from the hearts of all true aspirants to initiation is beautifully embodied inBethlehem, 68:Way to God is engrossing the attention of the aspirants in the world. We are on the Path of returnBethlehem, 78:lies our field of service. Many true and earnest aspirants feel that they could indeed make anBethlehem, 78:of discipleship, the next step to God. Until aspirants grasp this essential fact and happily settleBethlehem, 78:will be given. Many very well-meaning aspirants need also to understand that they themselves areBethlehem, 79:them. None of these difficulties would arise if aspirants would remember two things: First, thatBethlehem, 106:down the ages, and have evoked response from all aspirants to the kingdom. The spirit of GodBethlehem, 115:temptations can be understood very simply by all aspirants and disciples, because they embodyBethlehem, 118:of life or four problems which all disciples and aspirants have to face, and which constitute inBethlehem, 119:This work constitutes the major task of all aspirants to the mysteries. "Illusion" is more mentalBethlehem, 120:These are peculiarly the temptations of the aspirants of the world today. Upon this theory manyBethlehem, 265:lead them direct to Christ the Initiator. As aspirants to the mysteries we must learn the wayBethlehem, 269:inspiration, and this is the faculty for which aspirants everywhere should begin to trainBethlehem, 283:which will transform us from well-meaning aspirants into clear-sighted disciples animated by aDestiny, 49:which is sensed only by the disciples and the aspirants of any nation. This soul ray must be evokedDestiny, 109:these are included in my thought. I refer to all aspirants and to all who have any sense of trueDestiny, 110:energies. Upon one thing all disciples and aspirants can rely and this is the basic and enduringDestiny, 126:interplay between the Hierarchy and the world aspirants. This adjustment must include the twoDestiny, 144:your imagination and widen your horizon; for aspirants and disciples, that is the major value. AllDiscipleship1, X:me to make these instructions available for aspirants everywhere after requesting permission fromDiscipleship1, XI:are saints or perfect. All are, however, true aspirants and will go on to the very end in spite ofDiscipleship1, XII:"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"; these aspirants, working under a great Disciple of theDiscipleship1, XIII:disciple for what is said is applicable to all aspirants. One other reason might be mentioned hereDiscipleship1, XIII:ray. The fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. Aspirants. Struggling, well-meaning people.Discipleship1, XV:to tread the Way and join the great number of aspirants in every country who are seeking to treadDiscipleship1, 5:advance of evolution. Many tried disciples and aspirants (should I have said "tired," brother ofDiscipleship1, 8:affairs of the personality and those misguided aspirants who claim that the Masters are foreverDiscipleship1, 26:light and rest back upon the fact that they are aspirants. Such people need to move onward on toDiscipleship1, 31:the extent of the work in which disciples and aspirants everywhere have been permitted to share? IDiscipleship1, 43:enough to the comprehension of the advanced aspirants and the world disciples so that theirDiscipleship1, 44:become increasingly the way of our present day aspirants. The reason for this is that theDiscipleship1, 53:Servers came into being and the disciples and aspirants of the world, working on all the rays andDiscipleship1, 69:world glamor; it is the responsibility of the aspirants of the world to guide humanity out of theDiscipleship1, 74:These greater Forces can intervene if the world aspirants and disciples make their voicesDiscipleship1, 82:and even when cultivated by well-intentioned aspirants has a selfish basis. Ponder on this andDiscipleship1, 82:humanity are much needed by many disciples and aspirants in the world today, particularly by thoseDiscipleship1, 85:One of the great needs of all disciples and aspirants is the detached relinquishing of pet theoriesDiscipleship1, 94:or for pleasure. An immense number of the world aspirants evidence - through their aliveness to theDiscipleship1, 95:no way unique or far ahead of the senior world aspirants. In that lies cause for encouragement andDiscipleship1, 117:But not as often as you think. It is so easy for aspirants to confound the second ray vibration -Discipleship1, 120:your life difficulty. It is, in the case of all aspirants thus conditioned mentally, the paramountDiscipleship1, 144:are in training as wielder of men and a guide of aspirants in the building work of the New Age uponDiscipleship1, 150:however, work with the intelligent masses, the aspirants and the probationers, through your abilityDiscipleship1, 151:Disciples are prone to two things (as are all aspirants) and these tendencies they should face withDiscipleship1, 154:limited. One of the difficult things for humble aspirants to grasp is that peculiar moment in theirDiscipleship1, 155:clinging hands of well-meaning but weak-minded aspirants. Then, around the star which is your soulDiscipleship1, 163:the New Group of World Servers has in it so many aspirants and some disciples of whom you can knowDiscipleship1, 169:I urged on you the task of awakening the aspirants by whom you are surrounded to an understandingDiscipleship1, 173:a more ready and "approaching" attitude. Those aspirants and disciples, who stand ready to beDiscipleship1, 187:the pioneers of the race or with the thinking aspirants. They work with the quality of spiritualDiscipleship1, 188:that the Great White Lodge is working for the aspirants and that the....... Brotherhood is workingDiscipleship1, 189:have you been chosen out of the many possible aspirants to do this particular work? Partly forDiscipleship1, 219:two major factors of paramount interest to all aspirants and - in your case - the task is madeDiscipleship1, 226:for them and preparing some [226] of their aspirants (whom they have been watching) for the stageDiscipleship1, 232:But I would point out to you one thing that all aspirants are apt to overlook, and that is that theDiscipleship1, 237:brother of old, I say to you (as I say to all aspirants in training for discipleship): Learn thatDiscipleship1, 238:you; this comes from a group of well-meaning aspirants gathered around a thought-form of myself to
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