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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRANTS

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Externalisation, 227:- speaking here to a representative body of aspirants and disciples - I would state that the focusExternalisation, 229:of the Hierarchy, working through all disciples, aspirants and men and women of goodwill, is theExternalisation, 232:you the great band of disciples, initiates and aspirants as a band of pacifists, cherishing theExternalisation, 250:on the physical plane had the disciples and aspirants of the world measured up to their opportunityExternalisation, 285:there is any way in which I can arouse the world aspirants and my disciples to a truer appreciationExternalisation, 287:the Hierarchy and the massed demand of the world aspirants and disciples - itself drawn forth byExternalisation, 295:which is evil. The massed intent of the world aspirants is directed towards the world of truerExternalisation, 296:and from the lips of disciples, mystics, aspirants and all enlightened people in all lands the cryExternalisation, 296:the massed intent of the world disciples and aspirants, plus their desire, their activeExternalisation, 300:There was numerically a great influx of aspirants into the ranks of accepted disciples. I haveExternalisation, 302:grasp through its best minds and most dedicated aspirants; They will clarify the vision of theExternalisation, 302:alone can determine that. God grant that the aspirants and disciples of the world will awaken toExternalisation, 302:of the other free peoples and to those of the aspirants and disciples in all other nations. Externalisation, 304:the Members of the Hierarchy, the disciples and aspirants of the world and a few of the men ofExternalisation, 305:of the failure of the world disciples and aspirants to focus this massed intent throughout theExternalisation, 305:for the decision of the world disciples and aspirants; not the decision of poor bewildered, deludedExternalisation, 305:deluded humanity. Will the world disciples and aspirants appreciate the crisis and opportunity?Externalisation, 305:spiritually oriented people - the disciples, the aspirants, the men of goodwill. They seem - fromExternalisation, 308:sensitive, spiritually oriented disciples and aspirants, and thus the inspiration coming from theExternalisation, 308:disciples. The demand for the cooperation of all aspirants is now going forth, because the timesExternalisation, 309:a probable happening if the world disciples and aspirants measure up to the opportunity. Externalisation, 309:and decision. Can the world disciples and aspirants evidence this full life on all levels? Are theyExternalisation, 310:illusion, separativeness and inertia of the aspirants of the world today constitute one of theExternalisation, 310:factors with which the Hierarchy has to contend. Aspirants are preoccupied with their own littleExternalisation, 311:The only requirements today for disciples and aspirants may be summed up as follows: Externalisation, 311:The effort to stand with all other disciples and aspirants in an attempt to call forth the Avatar,Externalisation, 313:do as well, if not better. Some disciples and aspirants are spending their time fighting a psychicExternalisation, 313:I write today to call all world disciples and aspirants to an intensive period of preparation forExternalisation, 316:under the inspiration of the world disciples and aspirants in every land, as they work underExternalisation, 321:three preparatory steps to the group of aspirants with whom I am in touch: The use of the greatExternalisation, 323:task of helping one or other of the groups of aspirants and seekers to be found everywhere, or withExternalisation, 323:quite a large scale. This group is composed of aspirants, disciples and initiates, and isExternalisation, 326:shoulders of the seven men in Germany. Had the aspirants and the disciples of the world realizedExternalisation, 338:occult mantram, the first one to help focus the aspirants from whom it met with full response; theExternalisation, 338:hence made its appeal to the mentally focused aspirants and disciples. I am explaining this becauseExternalisation, 347:upon the sensitive response of the world aspirants. These are to be found in every country andExternalisation, 348:the peoples of the world. His task of reminding aspirants continuously of the possibility ofExternalisation, 350:the spiritually minded people of the world, the aspirants, disciples and initiates; They, ifExternalisation, 351:evoking from the masses and it is this work that aspirants everywhere can aid the Buddha inExternalisation, 352:are years of fulfilment and for that period the aspirants of the world are asked to stand steady inExternalisation, 353:a fact. Today, in the hour of the world's need, aspirants and disciples who are willing to make atExternalisation, 355:the Angel of the Presence. These people are the aspirants, the disciples and the initiates of theExternalisation, 357:is being emphasized and made clear by the world aspirants and disciples who by their attitudes,Externalisation, 362:focused through the world disciples, the world aspirants and the men of goodwill are all broughtExternalisation, 387:imminent and possible. Much depends now upon the aspirants and disciples of the world, particularlyExternalisation, 388:will be effective if the "cold light" of the aspirants and disciples of the world and of allExternalisation, 389:and possible. Much however depends upon the aspirants and the disciples in the world at this time.Externalisation, 390:everywhere, and the problem offered by the aspirants and disciples throughout the world. Can theExternalisation, 392:spiritually minded people whom we call the world aspirants. Disciples throughout the planet. TheExternalisation, 395:[395] the men and women of goodwill and the aspirants everywhere relaxed their efforts; they didExternalisation, 396:minded people everywhere and by the world aspirants between the sacred season of May and June,Externalisation, 414:defined invocation of the spiritually oriented aspirants, the intelligently convinced worker,Externalisation, 415:are they yet either occultists, mystics or even aspirants. They question and seek conviction; theyExternalisation, 423:Situation April 1944 I have written to the world aspirants for many Wesaks now. I have again andExternalisation, 425:under the Christ, are to struggling human aspirants. The power of these evil forces is enormous,Externalisation, 436:of the spiritual sense among the world aspirants who would not normally have become disciplesExternalisation, 439:destruction was directed by the disciples, the aspirants and the clear thinking people of theExternalisation, 442:Guides on the inner side of life, would have all aspirants and disciples follow. The plans outlinedExternalisation, 450:potency. It is therefore essential that all aspirants and disciples throw the weight of theirExternalisation, 469:symbolically indicated to us the way which all aspirants must go. It portrays a picture of aExternalisation, 481:the thinking and the planning of the enlightened aspirants of the world have made - consciously,Externalisation, 484:done by the spiritual people in the world, by aspirants, working disciples and (where possible)Externalisation, 493:on such a wide scale that the souls of advanced aspirants and disciples, and those of initiatesExternalisation, 503:and with His disciples in Judean days? The aspirants and disciples of the world must realize thatExternalisation, 515:can do? What is the condition surrounding the aspirants of the world today? We have a world full ofExternalisation, 516:of the world. [516] Secondly, disciples and aspirants must on every hand live harmoniously andExternalisation, 516:of the present chaos. The living organism of aspirants and disciples can provide a center of peace,Externalisation, 517:Much trouble and stress may be averted if the aspirants of the world measure up to their profferedExternalisation, 518:which the Masters, the initiates, disciples and aspirants are the working and living organism onExternalisation, 523:It will involve also adjustment by disciples and aspirants to the increased stimulation, and theExternalisation, 526:through the minds of all humanitarians, all aspirants, all disciples (of all rays and degrees) andExternalisation, 528:the Hierarchy and Humanity is established via aspirants, disciples and initiates in physicalExternalisation, 530:initiates, world disciples, disciples and aspirants affiliated with the Hierarchy are all at thisExternalisation, 539:potency of thought will act magnetically upon aspirants and humanitarians and, through them andExternalisation, 540:adjustments and alignments upon disciples and aspirants upon the earth; they are the first,Externalisation, 547:the effect upon the esotericists and aspirants of the world has been most successful and hasExternalisation, 561:These instructions can aid all earnest aspirants and disciples to develop this type ofExternalisation, 565:was dependent upon recognition, by advanced aspirants, of the nature of their position in relationExternalisation, 565:of thousands who are not in any way advanced aspirants or in any sense prepared for affiliationExternalisation, 566:one of the Ashrams. Intelligent and humanitarian aspirants and workers in world affairs and in allExternalisation, 568:and maintained with disciples and senior aspirants in the world (through whom They primarily work)Externalisation, 584:present in all these working disciples and aspirants; this is a wide humanitarianism and aExternalisation, 584:to past and present methods. Disciples and aspirants will not be dedicated to purely humanitarianExternalisation, 587:into two main groups: Disciples and convinced aspirants who are today working in the field ofExternalisation, 610:They and their groups of lesser disciples, aspirants and students of the realities stand unitdelyExternalisation, 612:to you - and here I am speaking to all aspirants and disciples. The opportunity is so great at thisExternalisation, 614:endurance, and must therefore be shared by all aspirants and disciples. That is indeed true. ButExternalisation, 616:no longer be a thing of dreams and of ideals. Aspirants are prone to ask the question as to why theExternalisation, 618:new group of world servers, the disciples, the aspirants and the men of goodwill everywhere mustExternalisation, 621:the most common; the release of the majority of aspirants from these hindering conditions wouldExternalisation, 622:to hide behind alibis. It is essential that all aspirants recognize that in the place where theyExternalisation, 647:on the physical plane and to the myriad aspirants in training for discipleship and to the membersExternalisation, 647:human relations under hierarchical impression; aspirants and quite a few disciples have diversifiedExternalisation, 653:imagination [653] of the advanced man, of aspirants, of probationary disciples (as well as that ofExternalisation, 653:The sole task which confronts you and all aspirants and disciples, is to prepare humanity for twoExternalisation, 653:the teaching of the New Age has been given to aspirants and disciples in the world, forExternalisation, 653:searching the world for sensitive and willing aspirants; these disciples are laying their emphasisExternalisation, 657:of the energies listed above. Disciples and aspirants and the intelligentsia everywhere and inExternalisation, 658:this amazing preparatory period with which all aspirants are today confronted. These are,Externalisation, 675:work, gathering around him the needed agents, aspirants and assistants. All these workers at any
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