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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRANTS

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Healing, 473:also for advanced mental types; the heart for aspirants, for men of goodwill, and for all those whoHealing, 508:The emphasis laid by most teachers and aspirants is upon the integration of the personality and itsHealing, 508:the initial objective before the mass of aspirants and students is, first of all, to integrate theHealing, 509:meditation combined are the factors which all aspirants should employ if they seek to produce thisHealing, 509:serving quality produced by this integration. If aspirants would study their physical plane lifeHealing, 510:This is a hopeful and finalizing unfoldment. Aspirants will eventually find out (when the physicalHealing, 566:for many of the difficulties of advanced people, aspirants and disciples. This "friction" producesHealing, 579:are often attempted today by well-intentioned aspirants; they practice celibacy, strictHealing, 603:can be channeled into the higher centers. Many aspirants can do this with greater facility thanHealing, 661:enjoined so often by me as I speak to aspirants, but a harmlessness imposed by the spiritual manHealing, 664:and through the decision of these successful aspirants, and subject to their continued activity, itHealing, 665:the presentation of a goal to man by the working aspirants and disciples, plus the outlining of theHealing, 668:magnetic field is drawing countless thousands of aspirants towards it. The war struck a mortal blowHercules, 5:discipleship. It is a word in constant use among aspirants in Christian lands, as in the orientalHercules, 19:and colors the thoughts of all the great aspirants and mystics of the world. Note how St. PaulHercules, 19:man has pledged himself. There has been amongst aspirants for many centuries a tendency to decryHercules, 20:his own contacts with life. This is where many aspirants stand at this time. They are in possessionHercules, 22:unfoldment? This is a most common fault with aspirants. Their sense of proportion is frequently atHercules, 51:avoided. There is a danger in the method of many aspirants in inhibiting or shutting off all sexHercules, 70:signifies the lesson which is the first that all aspirants have to master, and one which it isHercules, 70:knowledge of reality. This is often forgotten by aspirants. They rest content with aspiration andHercules, 72:that he has to do in the field of world service. Aspirants need to remember that they becomeHercules, 72:decreases. Second, the physical bodies of the aspirants are in no condition to stand the greatlyHercules, 72:lift the burden off the shoulders of Atlas. When aspirants in the religious field and in theHercules, 73:stages, inevitably to attract the interest of aspirants. Any teacher who has worked with those whoHercules, 74:invincible. Most solemnly, I would urge upon all aspirants to forego all interest in psychicHercules, 109:there. Every nation has produced highly evolved aspirants who track the lion of the personalityHercules, 109:very small minority. Now we have a world full of aspirants; the coming generation in all nationsHercules, 109:entering now, as we are, the Aquarian cycle, the aspirants of the race are in a position to beginHercules, 157:this race that there will emerge that group of aspirants, merging in their turn into a [158] groupHercules, 164:no truth but my truth. I am an aspirant, but all aspirants must interpret truth as I see it; ifHercules, 164:truth as I see it; if not, they are not aspirants. You must believe in reincarnation because it isHercules, 173:sense of proportion and the status of evolution. Aspirants either suffer from an inferiorityHercules, 175:after they died. But now there are so so many aspirants, so many upon the path of discipleship,Hercules, 178:only inertia, the great fault, we are told, of aspirants and disciples. Hercules grasped CerberusInitiation, 166:this can be begun here and now by all aspirants, and as they learn to imprint details accuratelyInitiation, 196:rule for applicants, and may not be violated. Aspirants can choose to eat meat or not as theyInitiation, 215:to which the Master gathers the disciples and aspirants for personal instruction. [216] Atma TheIntellect, 200:question, as to the general suitability of all aspirants for this arduous work, it should beIntellect, 217:should assume. It is the attitude of silence. Aspirants to meditation talk much about theIntellect, 253:mind and ordinary common sense. So many aspirants lack a sense of humor, and take themselves farIntellect, 261:greatly needed at this time, particularly among aspirants and esoteric students. It might be wellMagic, 6:suggestions laid down for their consideration. Aspirants and disciples. They will study thisMagic, 28:Yet one of the main necessities before occult aspirants at this time is to endeavor to think inMagic, 60:these points should be grasped studied by all aspirants so that they may take the needed steps andMagic, 65:that will make the mental vehicle of no use. Aspirants to this difficult work must watch themselvesMagic, 66:from the inner calm is the one to cultivate. Aspirants are urged to remember that the time willMagic, 67:knowledge from the intrusion of other minds. Aspirants must learn to inhibit certain thoughts, andMagic, 76:hence would be faced with credulity - a thing aspirants must avoid in their search for theMagic, 86:which is the problem engrossing the attention of aspirants now, for they are the pioneers of theMagic, 94:the physical plane. It is the function of some aspirants to aid and help those groups which areMagic, 94:are, as yet, on the subjective plane. Only those aspirants who are freed from personal [95]Magic, 111:life. Students of human nature (and this all aspirants should be) would do well to bear in mindMagic, 128:further along the Path of Return than the aspirants who study these instructions, know somewhat theMagic, 129:that part of my work is the steady search for aspirants of strong heart, fervent devotion andMagic, 129:the greatest of the Great Ones. One lesson all aspirants need to learn and to learn early and thatMagic, 133:It might incidentally be of value here to remind aspirants to service that much work done by manyMagic, 134:Work of Sound Fifth: Certain dangers which aspirants must watch as they seek to be of use shouldMagic, 136:of the world and not so much among the lower aspirants. The trouble has not lain in lack ofMagic, 140:the earth. This should be borne in mind by all aspirants and should serve as an [141] incentive inMagic, 141:of the developed and controlled mental body, aspirants become aware of the ideas which the MastersMagic, 158:to experience of truth. Those who are not true aspirants will fail to recognize the hints and thusMagic, 158:assume greater interest. The tendency of most aspirants is to be occupied with their deficienciesMagic, 166:to make perfectly clear to all true and earnest aspirants that, in the training to be given duringMagic, 167:of use in a Master's group and I commend to all aspirants that they most carefully study theMagic, 171:them, especially at first. It is a safe rule for aspirants to assume when they contact a highMagic, 174:and their recognitions and it is valuable for aspirants to ponder them. It should be realized thatMagic, 182:it. The group of Teachers with whom the average aspirants and probationary disciples may be inMagic, 182:control of themselves. They do not work with aspirants because They personally like or care forMagic, 183:of living suffices. It is essential that all aspirants should grasp these three factors and so saveMagic, 184:Occult Meditation and these should be studied by aspirants. c. The downflow of force via theMagic, 188:paramount ones and of the most importance for aspirants to consider now. They are specified so thatMagic, 197:of the throat center. The problem with many aspirants today is that of the solar plexus, for it isMagic, 200:of our training. The reason is obvious. Most aspirants are at the stage of the third and fourthMagic, 235:the inner experience of the magician. Most true aspirants are now at the midway spot, and canMagic, 239:to apply individually. The fears to which aspirants are subject (note the mode of wording this) areMagic, 249:work is that "energy follows thought". If aspirants would remember this they would live throughMagic, 249:and truth or life on the physical plane. Some aspirants are too emotional in their reactions;Magic, 250:experiences. It is here that many worthy aspirants go astray - temporarily it may be, but the timesMagic, 253:in magic, but of symbolic interest only to the aspirants for whom these letters are intended. ThatMagic, 264:several times. See therefore how the life of all aspirants, if progressing with the desiredMagic, 266:Forms Up to the present time the majority of aspirants in the world express the results of littleMagic, 268:path. This is a lesson little appreciated by aspirants. They engage in emotional desire for theMagic, 276:On the physical plane are a large band of aspirants, probationary disciples and accepted disciplesMagic, 297:say "method of direction" not method of control. Aspirants must learn that they are working with,Magic, 299:can well be left to that distant time when aspirants have taken the third initiation, have lost allMagic, 307:path tends to a lowered vibratory influence and aspirants should bear this in mind in autumn andMagic, 308:no need to dwell on this. If there is one factor aspirants recognize it is the need of freeingMagic, 322:little sphere of influence. Therein lies for all aspirants at this time the peculiar effort of theMagic, 322:gather into certain localities those who are aspirants to service. They act as a balance and aidMagic, 322:needed lessons. The effort on the part of all aspirants should not be to resist and repel theMagic, 324:What is lacking as yet with the majority of aspirants is a synthetic consciousness and the capacityMagic, 341:mind that after the valley is crossed (for all aspirants and for all truly spiritual groups) theMagic, 346:and the Future A third class of fears - which aspirants contact more and more as they grow inMagic, 347:most people it is a combination of the two. Most aspirants have no basic doubt as to the ultimateMagic, 347:all that we term "evil" is likewise stimulated. Aspirants should bear this carefully in mind. ThereMagic, 350:to love are counted of paramount importance. Aspirants who seek to be chosen for work as disciplesMagic, 351:gained and wisely wielded. As you go on and, as aspirants, study the hidden laws of nature, youMagic, 353:of their soul. The times are critical and all aspirants are urged also to render themselvesMagic, 353:more difficult. The devas and disciples, aspirants and those upon the probationary path are being
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