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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRANTS

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Psychology1, 178:the energy of the first ray. The energies of the aspirants and disciples on the third and fifthPsychology1, 186:word has gone out to rally all the disciples and aspirants of the world to an intensive work, andPsychology1, 197:of the life of the vegetable kingdom. The "aspirants" in the vegetable kingdom, and the mostPsychology1, 304:There is much confusion in the minds of aspirants on this matter, and the injunction as to celibacyPsychology1, 315:and much yet remains to be done; but if all the aspirants of the world and all the disciples atPsychology1, 324:have the work of adaptation as carried on by the aspirants of the world who are theoreticallyPsychology1, 325:of the world, and of the higher types of aspirants, proves helpful [326] as a field of experiment,Psychology1, 330:The division of humanity into three types of aspirants: Those watched from a distance by thePsychology1, 360:of the fusion of soul and body for the world aspirants. The sixth ray differentiates that aspect ofPsychology1, 365:rhythm is what really designates a ritual. When aspirants to discipleship impose a rhythm on theirPsychology1, 367:the year 1955, and they will be seventh ray aspirants and disciples in the majority of cases; theirPsychology1, 367:or at the right time. These incoming seventh ray aspirants and disciples may make mistakes and mayPsychology1, 368:will rest upon the shoulders of the world aspirants and disciples, and will not indicate inaccuratePsychology1, 382:ray which is sensed only by the disciples and aspirants of any nation. This soul ray must be evokedPsychology2, 26:of the world, and the disciples and aspirants, are passing rapidly out of this stage, for theyPsychology2, 53:individual. Sometimes, with the more advanced aspirants, even the physiological crises ofPsychology2, 69:is a simple statement of the objective of all aspirants. When the five energies are beginning to bePsychology2, 85:should distinguish all true believers, all true aspirants and all sincere disciples, whetherPsychology2, 106:the current civilization, it is necessary that aspirants grasp the fact that that salvaging processPsychology2, 113:the opportunity immediately before all groups of aspirants and allied men of good will in the worldPsychology2, 114:time, behind the scenes, stand the grouped world aspirants, working silently, in unison with eachPsychology2, 117:and of individual service. As the individual aspirants lose sight of self in service, and as theyPsychology2, 122:do three things: Awaken the heart center in all aspirants and disciples. Enable emotionallyPsychology2, 126:service and their personal techniques upon other aspirants. They may have become sensitive toPsychology2, 127:first and hardest task, and with this task the aspirants of the world are at this time engaged.Psychology2, 131:the battleground, or the Kurukshetra of most aspirants. We are here concerned with those qualitiesPsychology2, 138:greater facility than will the disciples and aspirants whose egoic ray is out of manifestation.Psychology2, 139:all over the world, and enough disciples and aspirants, that the little beams or threads of lightPsychology2, 140:revelation, must proceed? They have to guard the aspirants from premature knowledge, which theyPsychology2, 141:and finally destroys himself. Many worthy aspirants and disciples in training for service at thisPsychology2, 144:indispensable, and, fortunately, there are many aspirants and disciples on this ray availablePsychology2, 146:under supervision and not yet accepted, and the aspirants of the world. They have selected a numberPsychology2, 156:clear the way of the highly intelligent man, the aspirants of the world and the world disciples.Psychology2, 175:still more subtle and is - for the bulk of the aspirants in the world today, - still a meaninglessPsychology2, 177:separated self. One can therefore easily see why aspirants are taught to pledge allegiance to theirPsychology2, 180:of the Lodge of Masters is now imminent and all aspirants and all disciples can be swung into aPsychology2, 181:point of evolutionary development of the world aspirants. Each has to pour forth love on all, andPsychology2, 187:of the race just how far the disciples and aspirants of the world are ready to submerge theirPsychology2, 194:forward and in which all true disciples and aspirants can have a part. They are brought to ourPsychology2, 197:eight other people. Groups of nine awakened aspirants can then be occultly absorbed in the heartPsychology2, 198:follow Selflessness Etheric or Vital Unity - The Aspirants. 2. Magnetic Impulse World ReligionPsychology2, 199:and then only by the most advanced of the world aspirants. The disciple and the initiate can dimlyPsychology2, 206:benefit of the human family. They are the world aspirants, and those who are beginning to get thePsychology2, 219:amused at the importance which the disciples and aspirants of the world attach to Them, and at thePsychology2, 219:however, a profitless task for the disciples and aspirants to catch the dim outline of thatPsychology2, 236:Servers, as well as all intelligent and active aspirants, have today the responsibility ofPsychology2, 266:nature. This is the immediate task of the world aspirants at this time, and will be the goal of thePsychology2, 286:an aspirant upon the probationary path. 4. Aspirants are now becoming aware of the fifth type ofPsychology2, 302:plexus center is being raised to the heart. Aspirants do, however, love to play with the idea thatPsychology2, 311:upon the astral plane which lies ahead of all aspirants, prior to achieving the goal of initiation.Psychology2, 341:education, the psychological training of aspirants and disciples, and the trends to be foundPsychology2, 344:is the task today of the vast numbers of world aspirants. So widespread is the desire for thisPsychology2, 356:which presents the major problem to the advanced aspirants of today and evokes consequently [357]Psychology2, 361:ancient aphorism, given frequently to third ray aspirants: "Cease from thy doing. Walk not on thePsychology2, 381:truths which will be apparent to two groups of aspirants: Accepted disciples, who will comprehendPsychology2, 386:the first initiation) the personalities of all aspirants to this great expansion of consciousnessPsychology2, 471:forces" to deceive and hoodwink well-meaning aspirants. Many fine people are almost flattered whenPsychology2, 476:of glamor and illusion is required of all wise aspirants and disciples so that they may releasePsychology2, 486:yoga. This is true both of Eastern and Western aspirants. Some of these people are working withPsychology2, 490:and adepts through their working disciples and aspirants to the mental and astral activities ofPsychology2, 495:and cosmic orders of the higher types of aspirants. All, however, come into the realm of Dreams.Psychology2, 504:power of verbal expression. [504] Where advanced aspirants and disciples are concerned, we have aPsychology2, 506:of meditation and the dream life of the world aspirants. Those dreams which are symbolicPsychology2, 506:of teaching received in the hours of sleep by aspirants and disciples in the Hall of Learning onPsychology2, 507:and spheres of activity are very real in nature. Aspirants who succeed in functioning with anyPsychology2, 507:This activity, selfishly performed (for many aspirants are selfish) or unselfishly carried forward,Psychology2, 509:becoming increasingly numerous in the case of aspirants and disciples, particularly in the earlyPsychology2, 515:the esoteric training of the world disciples and aspirants should study the matter with care; theyPsychology2, 515:upon humanity, as a whole, and upon mystics and aspirants in particular, and cause definitePsychology2, 522:to above the diaphragm. [522] That the world aspirants are slowly being energized and controlled byPsychology2, 571:many lands. Such teachers have been and are true aspirants. They have awakened in consciousnessPsychology2, 571:which has been said and thought by the world aspirants of all time - all of it most beautiful, goodPsychology2, 596:negate any such action. The old rule that aspirants must find their way into an esoteric or mysteryPsychology2, 596:schools. Such do Not as yet exist. Today, aspirants and disciples are working in the modernPsychology2, 609:Light reveals". I would point out here that all aspirants and occult students do not see thisPsychology2, 610:impasse to be found in the personalities of the aspirants of the world is due to the fact that thePsychology2, 611:be on record for the future use of disciples and aspirants. I would also like to point out that onePsychology2, 613:experienced disciples and occultists; and many aspirants must continue for some time destroyingPsychology2, 684:and secondly the effort of all disciples and aspirants to respond and bring through intoPsychology2, 685:into and through our planetary life. Those aspirants and disciples who can train themselves to thePsychology2, 686:all working initiates and disciples and to all aspirants of mental focus to cooperate as fully asPsychology2, 686:for an event which can take place if the aspirants of the world measure up to the opportunity. OnePsychology2, 689:with sufficient strength and power from the aspirants and disciples at the time of the May fullPsychology2, 690:a handful of accepted disciples and consecrated aspirants. Its ranks have been opened during thePsychology2, 692:active instruction and mobilizing of the known aspirants and disciples of the world, no matter inPsychology2, 693:take place at the time of the full moon. Those aspirants who can arrange to do so must, however,Psychology2, 695:The call for the help of the world disciples and aspirants, who constitute the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 695:World Servers (composed of all true disciples, aspirants, and men of real good will, no matter whatPsychology2, 696:The establishing of such a channel by the world aspirants is possible. This is a scientific programPsychology2, 697:the opportunity immediately before all groups of aspirants and allied men of good will in the worldPsychology2, 698:time, behind the scenes, stand the grouped world aspirants, working silently, in unison with eachPsychology2, 702:had a threefold effect: The lives of all true aspirants and disciples were subjected to aPsychology2, 702:the intensity of the desire found in the world aspirants and among those who have, on their side,Psychology2, 702:not using that phrase in the ordinary sense. The aspirants and the disciples of the world employ itPsychology2, 704:both individual, group and planetary in nature. Aspirants must learn to work intelligently andPsychology2, 705:tendered provisionally. We must not forget that aspirants are increasing all over the world.Psychology2, 709:of the life, quality and characteristics of the aspirants in the world should be made from thePsychology2, 713:exist, and are built by the devotion of the aspirants of the world, and by the selfish spiritualPsychology2, 713:and by the selfish spiritual ambition of those aspirants. They are not constructed by the disciplesPsychology2, 713:from the publicity-making activities of the aspirants of the world, and also by freedom from the
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