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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRATION

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Discipleship2, 90:certain unavoidable factors: The fact that the aspiration and the development of a discipleDiscipleship2, 97:in the light of his wishful thinking and of his aspiration; the answers should be written down (soDiscipleship2, 115:to the head by means of directed, controlled aspiration - deliberately stimulated, mentallyDiscipleship2, 116:there follows next the concentration of aspiration and of thought in the heart center, imagining itDiscipleship2, 116:(or imaginative) withdrawal of the heart's aspiration, life and [117] devotion into the centerDiscipleship2, 118:of the group members are loving as one. Your aspiration also (through the spiritual awakening ofDiscipleship2, 140:work. Then you will say with love and aspiration: "I strive towards understanding. Let wisdom takeDiscipleship2, 162:realization through reflective meditation, aspiration and devotion. These in time give place toDiscipleship2, 167:meaning arid it ties in with the spiritual aspiration of all men everywhere. There are deeperDiscipleship2, 167:touch, but the clarity of spiritual desire and aspiration is expressed in these words in such aDiscipleship2, 169:useful in linking hierarchical intent with human aspiration; such should be the work of allDiscipleship2, 170:but fundamentally simple. Invocation, prayer or aspiration, meditation - it matters not what wordDiscipleship2, 188:a prayer, synthesizing the highest desire, aspiration and spiritual demand of the very soul ofDiscipleship2, 195:from the world of the emotions and of desire or aspiration and placing you "upon the lighted pointDiscipleship2, 211:of humanity, backed and aided by the deep aspiration of the mystics found within its ranks, andDiscipleship2, 215:inclined man blends personality desire with aspiration for soul relation and contact; he, throughDiscipleship2, 215:or the higher aspects of spiritual, concentrated aspiration - do [216] definitely create that whichDiscipleship2, 221:is active also in organizing the mystical aspiration of the masses of men everywhere which is inDiscipleship2, 221:men (no matter what may be their immediate aspiration) are necessarily polarized upon the astralDiscipleship2, 228:meditation; endeavor to assume an attitude of aspiration, devotion, prayer and fixed intention (inDiscipleship2, 235:They have given a selfish import to human aspiration; they have not taught mankind that meditationDiscipleship2, 268:kama-manasic, which connotes a blend of lofty aspiration, of lower mind attention and focusing, andDiscipleship2, 329:become what he is as a result of his personality aspiration, his struggles in the three worlds, andDiscipleship2, 333:to the disciple's life or condition or to his aspiration and understanding. 4. Initiation is todayDiscipleship2, 368:Let us keep our thinking and its resultant aspiration in the realm of human possibilities. I wouldDiscipleship2, 368:the distinction that can be made between the aspiration which precedes thought and whichDiscipleship2, 377:type of physical desire up to the spiritual aspiration of the man who is seeking liberation. WhatDiscipleship2, 382:part of it through similarity of aims, spiritual aspiration and trained techniques. He is slowlyDiscipleship2, 398:the higher counterpart of the "propelling aspiration" (as it is sometimes called) may assumeDiscipleship2, 452:of supply for that life of service which is your aspiration (I refer at this point to theDiscipleship2, 459:success. My blessing rests upon you and on your aspiration. Discipleship2, 461:the sense of any fluctuation of your spiritual aspiration or failure to progress undeviatinglyDiscipleship2, 494:esoteric implications. Through the powerful aspiration of your first ray astral body (which is inDiscipleship2, 512:an equal selflessness upon the plane of aspiration and of devotion. There lies for you the battleDiscipleship2, 513:of shifting from one ray-to another ray. The aspiration of your sixth ray astral body must beDiscipleship2, 515:as is usually the case. Focus the dedicated aspiration and emotional energy in "the secret place"Discipleship2, 556:the imposition of the highest grasped aspiration upon the normal personality in the form of changedDiscipleship2, 573:energy and effect its fusion with the uprising aspiration of the personality on mental levels. HoldDiscipleship2, 590:the subjective world of human thought and aspiration - the world of ideals and of humanDiscipleship2, 601:discipline would carry you further than a year's aspiration, accompanied as it is (in your case) byDiscipleship2, 603:of a measure of alignment and of conscious aspiration. But the compensation is adequate ifDiscipleship2, 620:dedicated to group work and not to personality aspiration and personality ambition. What then canDiscipleship2, 626:Eternal One. This realization is the soul's aspiration and the goal of its great enlightenment. ItDiscipleship2, 627:their problems of time, character and of aspiration. Write to them, if you care to do so, and tryDiscipleship2, 633:the paradoxical statement with which his voiced aspiration was met: "Go out the door and leave theDiscipleship2, 652:focused awareness where the minds, the love, the aspiration and the spiritual consciousness of manyDiscipleship2, 657:but live within yourself an intense life of aspiration, of questioning and (if I might so expressDiscipleship2, 700:has ever driven you; at the same time, high aspiration has goaded [701] you, and between the twoDiscipleship2, 702:those physical disciplines which will feed your aspiration and negate and render futile all desire.Discipleship2, 741:soul energy and the ascending personality aspiration meet upon the mental plane, and there both ofDiscipleship2, 741:the disciple demands light and has a powerful aspiration towards spiritual things, but because theDiscipleship2, 751:suppressed; you have thrust from you all aspiration towards change, regarding it as a hinderingEducation, 13:and by fanning the flame of their spiritual aspiration, the group may arrive at a rightEducation, 33:plexus, and is carried upward by means of the aspiration till it anchors itself in the love petalsEducation, 34:self-sacrifice, and on emotional levels by his aspiration, his vision, and his ability to expressEducation, 86:imagination will be fired, and his ambition and aspiration evoked along true and right lines; theEducation, 103:The future of humanity is determined by its aspiration and ability to respond to the idealism whichEducation, 128:of [128] man. This consists mainly of desire, aspiration, ambition and mental activity, and all ofExternalisation, 25:to opportunity and not to your own inner aspiration to achieve. I call you to concentrate upon theExternalisation, 32:forth the higher type of desire which we call aspiration. This produces those exponents of theExternalisation, 37:the plane of mind. Already voiceless prayer and aspiration and worship are deemed of higher valueExternalisation, 48:who had not reached the stage of any conscious aspiration) was suddenly stimulated or vitalized byExternalisation, 81:to yours and with the same ideals and spiritual aspiration are to be found in every country withoutExternalisation, 91:vegetable kingdom and its symbolically skyward aspiration)...No further do they reach. Upon the lotExternalisation, 101:a part of your mental equipment, your emotional aspiration and your activities, and when there areExternalisation, 115:and fuller experience, and its spiritual aspiration for change and progress; and secondly, theExternalisation, 119:with moments of high grade desire which was not aspiration and the urge to progress, as we know it,Externalisation, 121:nature and some form of desire (embryonic aspiration) steadily grew during Atlantean times and thisExternalisation, 121:goes under that name. It was in the nature of an aspiration towards a sensed hereafter, for aExternalisation, 123:therefore, dedicated to the life of material aspiration and perception. [124] This nucleus whichExternalisation, 144:no results except a slight stimulation of the aspiration and a small awakening of the creativeExternalisation, 151:of the work that they are doing. The focused aspiration and the unselfish struggle to serve whichExternalisation, 168:be revealed to a race of men who have made aspiration a fact in their outer experience. TheExternalisation, 182:small group is throwing the weight of human aspiration upon the side of the spiritual values. TheExternalisation, 186:ancient persistent fight between man's spiritual aspiration and his material desires. ThisExternalisation, 211:which may be brought about through the aspiration of all right-minded people, plus the intelligentExternalisation, 217:nature is love and selflessness and whose major aspiration is to bring peace and goodwill among menExternalisation, 225:not be possible that through the ascent of man's aspiration and spiritual desire, and through theExternalisation, 228:at least, live at your highest point of aspiration. Secondly, you have been trained in the beliefExternalisation, 287:is known or realized; human intelligence and aspiration can only sense Their essential nature;Externalisation, 299:Deity. Prior to the advent of the Buddha, light, aspiration, and the recognition of GodExternalisation, 324:men have been driven by desire and spiritual aspiration to pray, and have recognized the power ofExternalisation, 328:brought increasingly into the forefront of human aspiration. There is therefore no need forExternalisation, 337:in the life of humanity as a whole. The stage of aspiration, irregular and vague but graduallyExternalisation, 356:throwing the weight of their effort and aspiration on to the side of the Angel, thus restoring theExternalisation, 391:the registration of vision and the spiritual aspiration of the people of goodwill, of the disciplesExternalisation, 395:the outpouring dominant demand of the spiritual aspiration of mankind, plus [396] the demand of theExternalisation, 398:of world servers is to focus the massed longing, aspiration, desire and intent [399] of humanity soExternalisation, 421:of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritualExternalisation, 431:relations, and a [431] spread of idealistic aspiration to all who are fighting this battle forExternalisation, 435:channel. The growth of spiritual desire and aspiration is phenomenal today, could you but see theExternalisation, 463:Speech Right Mode of Living Right Thinking Right Aspiration Right Conduct Right Effort RightExternalisation, 471:Mary, that woman of sorrow, of experience and of aspiration, stands (as ever in the symbolism ofExternalisation, 472:itself is the result of human activity and aspiration; it has been created by humanity. Its membersExternalisation, 483:which will lead to the restoration of human aspiration, right idealism and fixed humanitarianExternalisation, 485:into this human world of chaos, confusion, aspiration and bewilderment. These groups of energiesExternalisation, 505:ready to strengthen and redirect their spiritual aspiration and desire. They are the angels whoExternalisation, 512:of the inner teaching and whose uniformity in aspiration and in technique is one. These innerExternalisation, 606:- have become a part of human thinking and aspiration. Christians are apt to forget that the crisisExternalisation, 649:Christ and His disciples labor. To stimulate the aspiration in the hearts of men so that human
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