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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRATION

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Psychology1, 113:supreme importance. The satisfying of individual aspiration, the meeting of the desire of thePsychology1, 233:glory of the human aura. The radiant augoeides. Aspiration which leads to final inspiration. [234]Psychology1, 243:of psychological importance. Instinct. Emotional aspiration. Intellect. Mental one-pointedness.Psychology1, 258:wherein the urge to reach out and on (called aspiration where man is concerned) was the methodPsychology1, 282:stimulated; both material desire and spiritual aspiration will be awakened and fostered. FactsPsychology1, 290:is awakened through meditation, service and aspiration, and it is through this center that the soulPsychology1, 326:really understands the elevating power of the aspiration, he can begin to work with the secret ofPsychology1, 326:sight of the foolish and erroneous idea that aspiration is really an emotional attitude. It is not.Psychology1, 327:"raised up into heaven." The effect of continued aspiration, when followed by right action, is toPsychology1, 327:high grade atoms already present and responsive. Aspiration is an activity of an occult andPsychology1, 327:sidelight thrown upon the phenomena of aspiration that the power to levitate the body, which is soPsychology1, 327:a peculiar alignment of the personality through aspiration and an act of the will. It presupposesPsychology1, 329:type - full of the sense of beauty and creative aspiration. The scientific type - full of the ideaPsychology1, 337:love as feeling, love as thinking, and love as aspiration will come a clarification of man'sPsychology1, 342:must love with wisdom and appreciate the group aspiration before we shall see the next reality toPsychology1, 391:are: The emotional Pattern. This embodies the aspiration of the man, the nation or the planetaryPsychology1, 466:through desire. 17. Desire energy, instinct or aspiration. 18. Ray of Ceremonial Order. Union ofPsychology1, 417:but One.' " SIXTH RAY "Let all desire cease. Let aspiration end. The search is over. Let the SoulPsychology1, 424:glory of the human aura. The radiant augoeides. Aspiration which leads to final inspiration.Psychology2, 11:and their training in the life of [11] correct aspiration, with their subsequent preparation forPsychology2, 12:the New Group of World Servers. It should be the aspiration of the world disciples today. This workPsychology2, 15:higher group concepts and the constant spiritual aspiration to serve humanity, will indicate thePsychology2, 84:but One.'" Ray Six - "Let all desire cease. Let aspiration end. The search is over. Let the soulPsychology2, 112:as the Christ and the Buddha. The aggregated aspiration, consecration and intelligent devotion ofPsychology2, 117:active, through service and meditation and right aspiration. A line of contact between them isPsychology2, 118:humanity from the unreal to the real, and from aspiration to realization are The science ofPsychology2, 122:all this which indicates wrong motives and false aspiration, service of a kind is constantly andPsychology2, 125:imposed upon a person as a desirable evidence of aspiration, functioning from without and basedPsychology2, 125:in outer manifestation. Neither theory nor aspiration will or can make a man a real server. HowPsychology2, 129:monkey nature, and the eagerness of a high grade aspiration can easily mistake theory for reality,Psychology2, 131:spiritual stimulation and the intensity of their aspiration, to be reminded to demonstrate groupPsychology2, 134:He becomes the victim, for the time, of his own aspiration to serve, and of the force which isPsychology2, 135:"I play my part with stern resolve; with earnest aspiration; I look above, I help below; I dreamPsychology2, 145:which are a group word, and embody the group aspiration in an organized movement, which, it will bePsychology2, 155:rest which characterizes the Christian, or the aspiration for illumination which is the demand ofPsychology2, 179:groups which are welded together by a united aspiration and objective. Yet they will be constitutedPsychology2, 206:in various fields of human knowledge and aspiration, politicians, religious leaders, scientists,Psychology2, 207:One Soul, withdrawn from identification with any aspiration of the form life, no matter how highlyPsychology2, 235:a man to throw the weight of his psychical aspiration on the side of these emerging qualities. HePsychology2, 238:it haunts our dreams and our high moments of aspiration. Only when a man can function as a soul,Psychology2, 271:of the world, and transforming their spirit of aspiration into the light of initiation. Psychology2, 272:dimly a deepened urge to rise to better things. Aspiration was born - conscious aspiration, ifPsychology2, 272:better things. Aspiration was born - conscious aspiration, if [273] such a word can be employed inPsychology2, 280:upon the plane of sentient feeling and of loving aspiration, the Christ presides, for this is thePsychology2, 283:takes place under divine impulsion and human aspiration, and both act equally under: The Law ofPsychology2, 291:of a man in the early stages of discipleship and aspiration. It might be well for us to elaboratePsychology2, 306:chosen in any one life. The quality of the aspiration and many other factors. 3. The stage of thePsychology2, 310:and the etheric forces, and in this way a higher aspiration is brought into being. This produces inPsychology2, 321:nature becomes responsive to Desire, Ambition, Aspiration. The fusion of the sentient, astral bodyPsychology2, 328:called: The stage of Appropriation. The stage of Aspiration. The stage of Approach. The stage ofPsychology2, 329:involutionary procedure. The second stage of aspiration concerns the aspiration or the desire ofPsychology2, 329:The second stage of aspiration concerns the aspiration or the desire of the soul to appear, andPsychology2, 329:not forget this fact. We have been apt to regard aspiration as the consummation or thePsychology2, 329:in the last analysis, it might be said that aspiration is the basis or root of all desire and thatPsychology2, 329:we have only used the word "desire" to signify aspiration which has a natural object in thePsychology2, 329:in the consciousness of man, confining the word "aspiration" to that transmuted desire which makesPsychology2, 329:all phases of desire are essentially forms of aspiration and, on the involutionary arc, aspirationPsychology2, 329:of aspiration and, on the involutionary arc, aspiration shows itself as the desire of the soul toPsychology2, 329:and one also upon the astral plane through aspiration, then the third stage of approach takes placePsychology2, 332:Then comes that peculiar stage of transcendent aspiration, wherein desire for individual experiencePsychology2, 333:We see the desire consciousness transmuted into aspiration for the spiritual realities and thePsychology2, 336:in the production of the Mystic, with his aspiration, his sense of [337] duality, and his reachingPsychology2, 342:desire for identification with form changes into aspiration for self-awareness. Later, comesPsychology2, 346:controlling factor is that of desire, ending in aspiration. In the fifth kingdom, the spiritual,Psychology2, 372:Love of the truth must always be. Desire and aspiration, reaching out for that which is material orPsychology2, 424:careful and slow transmutation of desire into aspiration. Reorientation to higher goals and thePsychology2, 428:coordination, pain and distress are symptoms of aspiration, unrealized perhaps but none the lessPsychology2, 449:of men. These results of mystical and spiritual aspiration and of applied occult or intellectualPsychology2, 449:tendency of humanity? Yet never before has the aspiration of mankind been of so high and general anPsychology2, 451:borne in mind, because the trend of human aspiration is mystical and not occult. Hence the worldPsychology2, 489:the contacts made by the aspirant (firm in his aspiration but weak in his mental polarization) uponPsychology2, 489:feed the emotional nature, develop hysteria or aspiration; they may develop the ambitiousPsychology2, 513:knowledge, definite mystical phenomena and high aspiration for divine contact. These conditions arePsychology2, 528:this surges upward on the impulse of devotion, aspiration and enlightened will and thus fusesPsychology2, 531:blended with a true and pronounced mystical aspiration and yearning, and a genuine longing forPsychology2, 534:leads inevitably to struggle, conflict, and aspiration plus constant frustration; this processPsychology2, 568:of energy from the soul through meditation and aspiration) stimulates the solar plexus or throatPsychology2, 570:according to the basic trend of his individual aspiration at the moment so will be his contacts. IfPsychology2, 571:to his inner sight and hearing through his aspiration. Psychology2, 584:Sensitivity This leads eventually to spiritual aspiration and finally to spiritual impressibility.Psychology2, 584:be pointed out that mystical development and aspiration are the way of escape from the highestPsychology2, 586:life and to the expression of an intense aspiration towards the spiritual realities. This providesPsychology2, 597:in Heaven, but as outside himself, and whose aspiration makes Him the objective of all his desire,Psychology2, 597:race is not due in part to the fact that the aspiration and thought of mankind, having beenPsychology2, 599:ideal (personified or non-personified) of his aspiration that he reverses the normal and wholesomePsychology2, 599:the Real". He lives entirely in the world of his aspiration and thus neglects life on the physicalPsychology2, 600:defined thought-form (built year by year through aspiration, worship and longing) ended byPsychology2, 600:that the mystic dies as a result of his aspiration. Where death does not take place (and this isPsychology2, 601:Reality, lying behind the glamor of the world aspiration; they all couch their desire and longingPsychology2, 601:Such are a few of the forms in which their aspiration clothes itself and their sense of dualityPsychology2, 602:and they [602] attract - like magnets - the aspiration of the devotee which follows century afterPsychology2, 604:God. He will know that the power to personalize aspiration must be transformed into the power toPsychology2, 605:the astral body is reoriented and spiritual aspiration begins to take the place of desire. It isPsychology2, 606:yearnings, dreams, imaginative longings and aspiration in the life of the individual and of thePsychology2, 625:new cycle which is opening before us a renewed aspiration, a deepened love and a livelier faith,Psychology2, 663:realm of sentiment, of idealism, and of mystical aspiration and must bring the question, as aPsychology2, 695:in the world today. To fuse and blend the united aspiration of all peoples at each May full moon -Psychology2, 697:as the Christ and the Buddha. The aggregated aspiration, consecration and intelligent devotion ofPsychology2, 699:in Himself the outgoing demand and the spiritual aspiration of the entire planet. This makes aPsychology2, 709:contact with their souls through an intense aspiration and - in many cases - very real desperation.
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