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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASPIRATIONAL

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Astrology, 391:expression is linked with the form in Taurus. Aspirational idealism in its highest possibleAstrology, 394:focus. He will be intelligent but not wise; aspirational but at the same time stubborn and set soAstrology, 570:people whose focus is predominantly astral and aspirational, and whose aim is peace and quiet. ThisAutobiography, 283:processes. The need of the more emotional and aspirational types and of the devotees can well beDiscipleship1, 111:and as expressive of divinity as any of the aspirational objectives of the devotee. The psychicDiscipleship1, 235:the lower desire nature, no matter how fine or aspirational. I seek to indicate to you modes ofDiscipleship1, 325:sweep large numbers of people into a higher aspirational attitude and into a deeper spiritual tide.Discipleship1, 409:other lives, your interest is more mental than aspirational. Your keen and active mind (which is,Discipleship1, 713:and simultaneously that this happens: The aspirational intent of the man upon the physical planeDiscipleship2, 90:major intention of this book is to awaken the aspirational public to the opportunity for trainingDiscipleship2, 215:intermediate types up to and inclusive of the aspirational mystic, 2. Prayer; this is the stageDiscipleship2, 221:which is in itself a most potent energy; these aspirational men (no matter what may be theirDiscipleship2, 247:Hierarchy. His suppositions, his desires, his aspirational wish-life, his theories, or whatever youDiscipleship2, 268:not as heretofore, devotional and emotional and aspirational. It has hitherto been kama-manasic,Discipleship2, 296:effect of all the reflective thinking, the aspirational prayers and the meditation work - untrainedDiscipleship2, 368:we are here dealing, because they are strictly aspirational developments and are available as aDiscipleship2, 590:aspiration - the world of ideals and of human aspirational vision. Outward over the world ofEducation, 109:life, national life, to the present stage of aspirational idealistic humanity. This idealism andEducation, 123:intuitive. The gradual upward shift of man's aspirational consciousness by these ideas, hisExternalisation, 144:and is usually so focused in his emotional, aspirational, astral nature that all that he says andExternalisation, 680:approach is not the same thing as the constant aspirational preoccupation of the earnest ChristianFire, 676:the astral currents of the highest religious and aspirational nature, to the little water [677]Fire, 677:Lodge of Masters, whose work it is to build the aspirational forms towards which average man mayGlamour, 69:self. By that phrase, I mean the soul and the aspirational personality. Already you are battlingGlamour, 200:and ceaselessly produced in response to the aspirational nature of humanity and which provide theIntellect, 248:They are curiously alike; they indicate a lovely aspirational spirit; they say no new thing, butPatanjali, 24:is based upon his desires (high or low desires, aspirational or degrading, in its sense of pullingPatanjali, 30:student to remember that heaven, the object of aspirational desire, which is the outcome ofPsychology2, 58:in the Temple itself, typical of the desire or aspirational life. A design upon the tracing board,Psychology2, 72:the intuition requires directed occult (but not aspirational) meditation. It requires a trainedPsychology2, 452:from the environment), from the world of aspirational life, from the mind and from the soul, thePsychology2, 571:pouring in from the heights he has attained in aspirational meditation. The results are veryPsychology2, 688:desire, illumined thought and intense aspirational longing) and by the discipline of the physicalPsychology2, 696:I have presented you. It is more than organized aspirational longing on the part of a large groupPsychology2, 705:only a mental understanding but also an [705] aspirational desire. These together will produceRays, 49:will aspect. It is the higher sublimation of the aspirational stage which precedes the attainmentRays, 224:and which has seemed the ultimate goal of all aspirational effort. The endeavor to see that whichRays, 447:the intuition requires directed occult (but not aspirational) meditation. It requires a trainedRays, 522:has been preoccupied with an emotional and aspirational approach to this Figure of Perfection; itRays, 579:earlier) and a growing responsiveness to the aspirational aspect of the astral body; thisRays, 582:essential divinity), his emotional, kamic and aspirational nature becomes quieter and is moreRays, 674:when manipulated by the Black Lodge, or of aspirational reaction when influenced by the great WhiteRays, 677:him is a great transition from an emotional aspirational focus to an intelligent, thinking focus.Reappearance, 126:hidden truth, some of it the fabrications of an aspirational imagination and some commerciallyTelepathy, 103:and engrossing thought-forms, and from the aspirational desires and longings which have hitherto
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