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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSERTION

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Astrology, 293:aspiration and knowledge. Leo - The Lion of Self-assertion. The Light of the Soul. Scorpio - TheAtom, 153:that there is probably an aspect of truth in the assertion. I would personally suggest here thatAutobiography, 269:on kindness, good temper and freedom from self-assertion. These qualities are regarded as basicBethlehem, 130:to give up the laborious struggle for individual assertion in the desire to be the life of theBethlehem, 201:which sin arises is to be found in 'the self-assertion of the individual against the herd, aDestiny, 12:expression, but something which leads to self-assertion (of the individual or the nation) and toDestiny, 79:of the higher principles. The need for this assertion is realized by many in Germany but theDestiny, 83:eternally in the right, and the [83] noisy self-assertion of the United States which leads them toDiscipleship1, 661:is of frequent occurrence) and the furious self-assertion whereby you endeavor to justify suchDiscipleship1, 681:it that they do not hinder by any form of self-assertion, [682] or by the imposition of their ownDiscipleship2, 43:overlooked from very familiarity) that the assertion of one's determination to function as a serverDiscipleship2, 309:could safely be given to the general public. The assertion of this revealed fact was an essentialDiscipleship2, 525:You may declare that it touches you not, which assertion itself would indicate that it does. YourFire, VII:but frequently little-understood assertion that all the teachings she was aiding in producing wasFire, VII:and A.A.B. The stand taken against dogmatic assertion has helped to establish a new era of mentalFire, 88:coupled to a wise abstention from dogmatic assertion, and a recognition that the correspondenceFire, 419:incident upon an earlier stage of intense self-assertion and intense self-realization. This stageFire, 420:is the little realized concept that this assertion of "I am" distinguishes not only man, but is theFire, 420:with his group. When groups make a similar assertion they are beginning to realize their identityFire, 420:and is freed from form. The first occult assertion marks his emancipation from the three lowerFire, 421:the instrumentality of manas. The second occult assertion marks the gradual emancipation of manFire, 421:domination at the fifth initiation. At the final assertion, the initiate not only distinguishesFire, 968:may be. He that is wise always refrains from assertion until he knows. Fire, 1090:be the part of wisdom to refrain from dogmatic assertion, and a too free utterance in connectionFire, 1148:and the wise student refrains from dogmatic assertion on this most peculiar and difficult subject.Glamour, 60:and tendency of the personality to the self-assertion of the little self. These lead a man toGlamour, 153:progress toward its destined goal as well as the assertion of its major hindrances to spiritualHealing, 683:is unfolded. This carries with it the assertion as to the existence of the Hierarchy. The stage ofHercules, 104:lower self and the conquering of individual self-assertion. Originally the zodiac consisted only ofHercules, 212:out of the herd. Self-consciousness. Self assertion. Polar Opposite: Aquarius. An air sign (groupIntellect, 80:domination of the higher or spiritual Self. The assertion of the little or lower self will give wayMagic, 169:of the psychic powers, and their use for self assertion. The aspirant has to grow in all parts ofMagic, 284:Sacral center Reproductive organs. 8. Self-assertion Entire man Center at base of spine Adrenals.Magic, 285:the course of his evolutionary progress. 1. Self-assertion (full development) The coordinatedMagic, 285:a non-physical character. Finally, we have the assertion or full manifestation of the divineMagic, 624:see it and, to do so, fall back on innate self-assertion (which is the outstanding fault of theMagic, 627:degree. The fourth great instinct, that of self-assertion, is also based on fear; it connotes theMagic, 627:We have fostered self-determination, self-assertion and self-interest until we are presented with aMagic, 628:of universal brotherhood. The instinct of self-assertion, in its turn, has given to our modernMagic, 628:and hero-worship. It is leading, however, to the assertion of the Self, of the divine inner Ruler,Magic, 629:3. Herd Group consciousness Brotherhood. 4. Self-Assertion Assertion of the Self Psychology. 5.Magic, 629:consciousness Brotherhood. 4. Self-Assertion Assertion of the Self Psychology. 5. Enquiry IntuitionMeditation, 231:demonstrated, and also an avoidance of dogmatic assertion. These will be your best guides in thePatanjali, 21:certain modification of the mental process or an assertion of the I-am-I realization, the sensesPatanjali, 60:obstacles. When the Master within is known, the assertion of his power becomes increasingly felt,Psychology2, 10:through experiencing the life of the senses. The assertion of individuality through the use of thePsychology2, 11:individuals who will undertake the work of self-assertion in the affairs of today. The massPsychology2, 11:first developed evidence of the emerging self-assertion of the massed individuals must therefore bePsychology2, 11:their powers, he will be lost from sight in the assertion of the many. He, today, indicates thePsychology2, 304:wherein there comes the first great fusion or "assertion of control" by the soul. At this time thePsychology2, 343:of control are realized. A period wherein an assertion of self-control takes place, through thePsychology2, 403:else is responsible for much of the trouble. The assertion of the purely materialistic andPsychology2, 559:d. Curiosity. Enquiry. Analysis plus Self-assertion. Evolutionary urge. Self-control. 2. The fiveRays, 264:and to the factual nature of the tremendous assertion of H. P. Blavatsky that "Matter is spirit atRays, 473:reaction. I simply, make the esoteric assertion; later will come apprehension of the truth and thatRays, 515:between faith and conviction. It is this divine assertion which holds the universe in being; it isRays, 515:holds the universe in being; it is this divine assertion which is the embodied summation of allRays, 515:resting back upon his divine prerogative of assertion. Ponder on this statement. It is the [516]Rays, 516:in the mind of the disciple and signifies the assertion: "I see the greatest Light." This statement
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