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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSETS

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Astrology, 354:that fluidity of mind which is one of the major assets as well as one of the major difficulties ofAstrology, 600:the first solar system. It is one of the major assets of God, the Father and also of the humanAutobiography, 119:western culture and learning and his wonderful assets and gifts along the line of the creative artsDiscipleship1, 119:You brought to this group activity certain assets of a pronounced nature and certain liabilities,Discipleship1, 119:all the group members. My task is to use the assets in the group and to aid you in relinquishingDiscipleship1, 119:path between the pairs of opposites - your assets and your liabilities - viewing them with completeDiscipleship1, 132:two channels. You have, therefore, two definite assets to contribute to world service and twoDiscipleship1, 312:with others. This has been one of your major assets in group work. You are mentally magnetic, andDiscipleship1, 342:independence (which is one of your most precious assets) can become too much emphasized and proveDiscipleship1, 356:one-pointedness which is one of your most vital assets. One thing I would like to point out: InDiscipleship1, 392:state clearly to [392] myself what are my major assets and my major weaknesses? Can I defineDiscipleship1, 437:an active intuition. These are definitely assets and are the hall mark of the advanced disciple.Discipleship1, 454:conscious of the personality) that your very assets as an aspirant seem to you sometimes to standDiscipleship1, 501:physical body is definitely one of your major assets. As I earlier pointed out, much seventh rayDiscipleship1, 554:will, my brother and friend. These are divine assets. As you yourself well realize, you hinderDiscipleship2, 21:racial thought-forms have upon you, and also the assets and the liabilities of your personality andDiscipleship2, 96:of shared responsibility, a recognition of group assets and group richness (again using a peculiarDiscipleship2, 98:of your good and bad qualities, of your assets as well as your limitations. Question 2 Looking backDiscipleship2, 256:dispassionate attitude. Truthful recognition of assets as well as debits. [257] Here also I gaveDiscipleship2, 500:recognized by us as one of our spiritual assets. Work to bring the light of love and of spiritualDiscipleship2, 521:to do for you because loneliness is one of the assets and also aspects of this work of preparation.Discipleship2, 611:liabilities through discipline and employ the assets in active service. These are four of the moreDiscipleship2, 707:And having said all this, let me point out your assets and the valuable gifts which you can bringDiscipleship2, 708:ability to speak, and these are valuable assets indeed when wielded by the soul on behalf ofDiscipleship2, 739:astral sensitivity which is one of your major assets in helpful service, but which under theDiscipleship2, 759:desired), and thus start with greatly increased assets for service. I would remind you thatDiscipleship2, 759:your problems, your limitations and your assets. Every Master needs to have such an understandingEducation, 47:- through hereditary position or financial assets - are regarded as of importance and the rest ofEducation, 51:a very large number. Those who can add to the assets of civilization and culture "the equipment"Education, 58:which can be transmuted into valuable assets if the man is dowered with persistence, if hisEducation, 81:peculiar situation. All children have certain assets and should be taught how to use them; theseExternalisation, 62:use your American phrase) "cornered" the money assets of the world and have turned the tide ofExternalisation, 224:a spirit of joyous certainty are psychological assets of well-nigh invincible potency, but theyExternalisation, 267:Germany, depriving them of [267] their national assets and means of subsistence, and wresting fromExternalisation, 580:scale of related values. National material assets and the needed commodities will all be providedExternalisation, 581:owing to the evil "pull" of the substantial assets and the continued control, even though greatlyGlamour, 224:seen, with a clear sighted perception of the assets and the debits of an individual or a race. TheHealing, 289:and their richness, their defects and their assets, and their general psychic and psychologicalHealing, 623:responsible for defects and limitations or for assets and achieved perfections. The man's conductHealing, 711:constantly to precipitate the needed financial assets on the physical plane. This is causedHercules, 25:to godlike purposes, is one of the greatest assets that the disciple possesses. With the aid ofIntellect, 71:He will need a keen formulation of the assets with which he approaches his endeavor, and an equallyMagic, 16:of its emotional and mental unfoldments and its assets are those which it has succeeded inMagic, 17:and latencies, characteristics and assets which the future will reveal and which in their turnMagic, 119:have his peculiar equipment, and his individual assets and deficiencies. He can nevertheless [120]Magic, 203:earnest student can begin to sum up his energy assets; he can tabulate the forces which he feelsMagic, 624:of the plan; they realize their truly valuable assets and know they have somewhat to contribute.Meditation, 345:capacity, his emotional caliber and his physical assets and then with the sum of the whole appliesPatanjali, 189:producing inertia, but a recognition of present assets, an availing oneself of one's opportunitiesPatanjali, 269:the ladder of evolution, the summing up of one's assets and debits is one of the most usefulProblems, 46:- through hereditary position or financial assets - are regarded as of importance and the rest ofProblems, 52:peculiar situation. All children have certain assets and should be taught how to use them; theseProblems, 63:a very large number. [63] Those who add to the assets of civilization and culture an ability toProblems, 82:Employment Money, the accumulation of financial assets and the cornering of the earth's resourcesProblems, 110:an amazing contribution to make of spiritual assets, cultural values and creative possibilities.Psychology1, 8:justly determine our vocation and service, our assets and our debits, our true value and strength.Psychology1, 354:the centuries slip away. At the same time, the assets brought by the aspirant to the task ofPsychology2, 422:understanding and right use of recognized assets, thus eliminating impossible goals and theRays, 162:and having endowed man with certain required assets - consciousness, feeling, sensitivity, theRays, 439:a wider field of experience, with all the divine assets and qualities so developed within Them thatReappearance, 160:he is and with the equipment, opportunities and assets of which he stands possessed? TheTelepathy, 127:are latent instinctual tendencies and potential assets in the three subhuman groups. This teaching
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